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🖳 Sunset Room Escape Walkthrough

🖳 Sunset Room Escape

[REPLAY] Sunset Room Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game from Rogue Joker. Escape from the beautiful Sunset Room, find objects to unlock the door and Escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Wow! Keep them coming!

got flashlight by upper bedpost, on the floor

used flashlight on candle holder and got a blue triangle.

It won't give me a blue triangle, :(

NVM, it gave it me afterwards...lol

Hi all just starting

another blue triangle from tv

got another blue trianlge from left window in the scene with the cube thing on display.

got a yellow piece from the sun ocean scene

yellow triangle on top of lamp

anyone find out about the clickable spot in the plant?

ps, 10 triangles, 5 blue & 5 yellow
Put on the door...lol

blue triangle on upper left corner of the white pillow on the bed

got green stick from cube in between windows, click on the base and it turns, looks like a hole in the wall?

10 triangles, i have only 3!

       Anonymous  9/17/09, 9:04 AM  

in the plant you can get a stick. use it under bed

it is not 5 blue and 5 yellow ,, u need red ones too ,, u have to make ur colors

diamond goes in the hole in the wall from the cube, it's pretty bright now, lol

I was just wondering that after seeing the colors, ty v_barthel!

       Anonymous  9/17/09, 9:08 AM  

there is a triangle on the upper right corner of the sofa. But I don't know how to get it

I need 4 more triangles then, colors would be in order for the door I wonder?

there is a knife on the top of the cabinet ,, get that to get the pne from the couch ,, its a red one

it looks like a red one on closets too, maybe we need a knife or scissors?

it also looks like there is a triangle in the orange closet but I don't know how to get it either.

then u can also cut the cabinet for another red one

in the view of the bed with the light shinning on the wall ,, if u use the flashlight on the floor bottom left corner there is another red one ,, and im out ,, yay finished with no help

Knife on closet, i have 6 now

       Anonymous  9/17/09, 9:17 AM  

where do you put diamond?

light up the cube and u will see a hole ,, put diamond there

v_barthel...could you explain where you found that red one again please? do I need to zoom in anywhere?

no dont zoom in ,, just go to the view of the bed when u see the light on the wall ,, the far view of the bed ,, shine the flashlight on the floor on the bottom left ,, its dark look around there and u will have it

8 now and the colorcode for the door

I need a triangle and I am stuck. :(

9 where is the last one? Help please!

I need triangles 8 & 9...anyone? And I can't seem to get that red one on the bed view...maybe I already have it??

I am at the same place as you Carolina. Never found one on white pillow or bottom of bed.

hi, good afternoon. is anybody there?
starting ...

       Anonymous  9/17/09, 9:43 AM  

Use the flashlight where the large cabinets are (zoomed out), on the bottom left. That's where the red one on the floor is. Not on the view of the bed.

linda click on pillows of bed ,, left side ,, look at top left corner of white pillow and it looks like a shadow

the one on the white pillow is on the top left corner...I think. where it meets the other pillow. Make sure you are zoomed into the pillows all the way.

The one under the bed....you need to click on the left side of the bed to get the underneath view and then use the green stick you get from the plant.

make sure u have the close up view

just remember, there isn't one under the bed, just the diamond thing.

Thank you Alexa!!!!!

I am missing second to last triangle...I think it might be a yellow one?

Thanks Alexakaruda. Now I have last red triangle. Out.

alexakaruda Thank you for the 8th one. I am missing the 9th one, maybe I already got the one on the pillow. Anyone remember where the 9th one is?

I'm still missing one, I guess the 9th one, any help or is everyone gone?
I had to take break.....lol

I'm missing the 4th one down. It's blue, does anyone know where it is?

we are all missing the 9th...please help!!

bottom corner dark spot in view of cabinet ,, had the wrong one ,, use flashlight

I have the 9th but forgot where I got it

9th: beneath the table which the red bag is on.

I don't know where the 4th one is exactly but here is what I have so far:

-by candle holder with flashlight
-on tv (you have to turn it on)
-on left window where the cube thing is
-top right corner of couch (with knife)
-in the shadows of wardrobe scene in the shadows on the left (with flashlight)
-on the wardrode towards the left bottom area (with knife)
-on the right window where the cube thing is on the sun
-on the top of the lamp
-on the white pillow on the bed

TY Xenon!

I must have clicked there a thousand times and never got that view!!! thank you Xenon!!

1- zoom in on pillows of bed left side ,, its top corner of white pillow
2- table next to bed ,, use flashlight
3- front of closet , use knife
4- turn on tv its right there
5-top right corner of couch
6- left patio door see looks like a pyramid
7- right patio doors ,, click just lower then the sun
8- top of lamp in view of table with purse
9- under table with purse , click left front table leg
10- view of closet ,, dark left hand corner at bottom , use flashlight

Thanks Carolina, That one on the tv was the one I needed. I didn't see the "on" button.

       Anonymous  9/17/09, 10:11 AM  

i need numbers 3 and 9

no matter what i do, I can't find the hotspot for the stick from the plant, in closeup view or not. I'm hoping the great and powerful POP will get me there...

ahh, works every time...

aff, missing the eight. I'm in doubt, have someone at the table abajour q has a bag on the side?
has, as I take?

I did not understand that the left side of the closet. I can not click there ...

I give up!

ahh, I td d novo and finished!

thanks for the tips, vlw!

ahh, got tude again and finished!

thanks for the tips, vlw!

thanks for all the tips. I would have been stuck forever with some of those.

Watch for where your cursor turns to a hand to see where to zoom in

Click to the right of the back leg of the bed to zoom in -- click behind the leg to get a flashlight
Click the pillows and zoom in 2 times -- get the blue piece from the upper left corner of the white pillow where it looks like a shadow from the brown one (blue piece, #7)
Click the candlestick on the nightstand
Use the flashlight on the table top to see a blue piece to the right of the candlestick base -- you can click with the flashlight in your hand (blue piece, #10)
Turn right
Click the top right corner of the cabinets -- take the knife
Zoom in on the middle of the left cabinet doors and look for a faint triangle shape on the second door from the left. There are 2 columns of squares on that door -- the triangle is in the bottom right corner of the third square from the bottom in the second column
Use the knife the get the triangle (red piece, #2)
Back out until you see the cabinets and TV again
Use the flashlight in the shadow to the left of the cabinets -- there is a red piece in the bottom left corner of the screen (red piece, #8)
Click the black base of the TV. Turn the TV on by clicking the on switch on the bottom right corner of the TV (hard to see)
Take the blue piece (blue piece, #4)
Turn right
Click to the right of the vase of grasses -- take the dark green rod in the middle of the grass bunch
Click the arm of the couch -- see the triangle in the corner of the couch cushion? Use the knife to get it (red piece, #5)
Turn right
Click the left window to zoom in
Take the piece that looks like a pyramid at the water’s horizon (blue piece, #1)
Click the cube between the windows and click the edge of base in the middle to turn it on -- note the hole in the wall
Click on the right window -- get the piece from where the sun reflection hits the water at the horizon line (yellow piece, #6)
Turn right
Click the table’s leftmost leg and get the piece from beside where the leg attaches to the tabletop (yellow piece, #9)
Click the lamp on the table to zoom in -- get the yellow piece from the light reflecting on the gold top (just below the ball finial) of the lamp (yellow piece, #3)
Note the design on the door for the pieces
Turn right
Click by the left front leg of the bed to look under it
Use your green rod to reach the gray thing --- ooh! A diamond!
Turn left 2 times and place the diamond in the hole behind the cube
Turn around and look at the spectrum of colors from the light
These are the color squares you need to make to get out
Turn left and click on the door
Replicate the colors using the squares. You can use 2 different color triangles to make the additional colors
The pattern is red purple blue green yellow
So red/red, red/blue, blue/blue, blue/yellow, and yellow/yellow
Click the handle and you are out! Well done!

hey is my buddy Martin around? only found a flashlite so far

out! great game!

fab game! original and challenging. well done!

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