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Swimming Pool Escape Walkthrough

Swimming Pool Escape

Swimming Pool Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game from stoneagegames. "After swimming in the pool for hours you notice that everyone else has left and you are trapped! Try to find your way out or else you´ll find yourself in a silly situation when the workers are coming to the pool next morning." Good luck and have fun!

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Swimming Pool Escape Video Walkthrough

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Hi all!

Hi Lotus!

got ball, pump and t-shaped thing and now stuck

what's with the dolphin?
I have chopstik(used),Key(used),pump and ball.

Where is T-shaped thing?

you can change the square shapes under the dolphin statue...don't know what for yet

view under chair - why?? don't know what t-shaped thing is yet

lotus, can't exactly remember where i got the t thing from...maybe under chair??

so stuck!

T shaped thing (I think it's the handle for the pump) is in one of the cupboards by the dolphin

that's what i thought it was too David but can't manage to combine the two items...

Set the pump down(where towels are)add handle,,pump up beach ball..

fill the ball with air

got gold coin from dolphin!

near the towels, on the floor

Then you get paper tic tac toe diagram

You can put the pump/handle/beachball on the floor under the three towels, then blow up the beachball, now got a code

and a chair leg

how did you get the coin from the dolphin ?

White Blue Blue
Blue White White
Blue White Blue

Worked for me on the dolphin

hey guys
do you think the open ceiling is important?

Use the last ttt drawing for dolphin code

thanks david

the last tic tac toe grid is the key to getting the coin joana! then you can help me find what to do with the chair leg!!!

Looks like we can only be underwater for 7 secs..

stuck with chair leg also.

i havent found the chair leg yet dideedi !

got it, go into the pool and towards the top right hand corner there's a slightly idffernt coloured tile, use the chair leg on that to get a card

joana use golden coin on a screw under the chair

joana: check the view under the table

i thought i clicked all the pool tiles thanks david out now.

i now have the leg. looking for the tile...

swear i swam in that pool checking for things a hundred times!!! Thanks David!

That was good one...Thanks megipoland

got it

and out

Used coin on chair leg and got weird fishing pole?

go to where 2 blue and 1 red towels are on wall
select pump, add handle then ball.. pump up ball. it explodes you get tic-tac toe paper.
Use last one one bottom, go to dolphin select squares that match the x's no last tic tac toe..
Top= X--
Middle= -XX
Bottom= -X-

Get coin from dolphin
Use on leg of chair, get mar.. not sure yet what to do

have to make one last comment. this was one of the better stoneage games i've played in a long time ;)

cannot find the tile in the pool HELP HELP!

Liefie,the top right corner on the pool ground!!
Stoneage games are getting better!
Bye all

Hi all HELP How do you get the ball??????

pop got it xD

and out :-) thx for the comments above

Better, but not yet good.....

[1] go to streight,get a pump.
[2] go to table,take stick in the plate.
[3] go to the benches,remove right red cousion & use stick,get key.
[4] go to cupboard,use key on right cupboard and get handle.
[5] go in thw swiming pool by stairs,get ball.
[6] go where towels are,set the pump,add handle and pump up the ball.get a code for dolphin.
[7] put the code and get a coin.
[8] use coin under the chair and chair leg.
[9] go in to swiming pool,and towards the top right hand corner there's a slightly differnt coloured tile, use the chair leg on that to get a card.
[10] use card on door lock and U R OUT..........

way better...coin for screw driver, pry bar, key, much better than hunt for hidden objects

For all of those who keep jumping back into the pool: The tile is on the floor of the pool, NOT on the wall!!!

Hello! Can someone help me? I don't even have the basic stuff! ): I'm stuck only with pump, ball and chopstick. Anyone care to help?

Tyla, hope you followed what Sumali had written. :) Fun Game! !!!!ouY knahT

working link:


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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