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The Ballad of Ketinetto 4 Walkthrough

The Ballad of Ketinetto 4

The Ballad of Ketinetto Part 4 is the 4th episode of The Ballad of Ketinetto point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, who is also the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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Yeah, new game....anyone playing?

I found a dust cloth and a net.

Hello jennifer, just started

Hello I am glad someone came out to play!

Got the same, net and dust cloth

so what can we do with this....

I have the hard bread (used net twice) and got the sword

       Anonymous  9/30/09, 7:25 PM  

Take rope, combine with net and do some fishing on both side of the port side. bottle with oil on right and boot on left.

jennifer where did u find the net

take boot and crush the bread to crumbs and feed to fish.

Pull on rope until net comes down.

lol I found it

I've got breadcrumbs...

I try to catch the little fish but it's not working

combine cloth with octopus to create robe

I have net, rope, boot, sword. Where c an I find the bread?

Nevermind - got it from the barrel. Trying to feed the fish with crumbs now.

won't let me open barrel or get the octopus

how do I get the breadcrumbs???

im going to try to catch up

Grrr! Can't get past the monk and his damn fool questions!

use boot to crush hard bread

Me neither Mike

He is a lousy carpenter....

I am totally stuck at servant and directions.....

im so stuck... where can i get breadcrumbs?

@rocker Get bread from the barrel which you open with the sword. Then stamp on it with the boot caught with the net

i just crushed breadcrumbs. and im totally stuck lol

thanks mike i actually got it with out help hee but now im stuck again

How many questions do you have to answer with servant? I made it to four and still going....

aha got it hahaha saw fish nice

FINALLY!!! Past the stupid guard

5 questions

The dolphin flag is north

cant talk to the servant???

don't waste termites & woodpecker... need to start over

grrr stupid monk

grr stupid servant

this monk should do some biblestudy instead of making such a fosh

can't get the monk answers

that monk needs to go back to monastery

draw the orientation on a piece of paper and then rotate it based on the question... past the monk again.. much easier

geeeeezzzz finally

never mind... you need to use the woodpecker and termites on the prisoner door... I'm out

to be continued... there was no monk....???

Here are some of the ones I figured out:

bottle: northeast
window: north
octopus: south

bottle: north
flag: south
octopus: west

bottle: northeast
window north
octopus: southwest

dolphin: northwest
octopus: south
flag: north

octopus: south
flag: north
boxes: northeast

octopus: west
window: east
dolphin: north

window: south
octopus: north
flag: southeast

boxes: south
octopus: north
bottle: west

Where do you feed fish?? can't use bread crumbs anywhere...HELP

I give up. I CANNOT get past that monk...

Completing Elizabeth post:

Boxes SW
Octopus N
Flag S

       Anonymous  9/30/09, 8:47 PM  

You need to answer 5 questions in a row.

Another answer:

Box SW
Octopus N
Flag S

Another answer different than Elizabeth but was correct:

Bottle NE
Window N
Octopus S

Got one


Yahoo...I finally got it!!

walkthrough Please

Sorry insta1234, you're right it's:

bottle: northeast
window north
octopus: south

it wont let me stamp on the stupid bread! and i have the boot. help?

This comment has been removed by the author.

What nonsense, sawfish as a chainsaw LoL

y didnt they say there was a switch lol

       Anonymous  10/1/09, 1:30 AM  

walkthrough??? please

A little help, they hope to understand something!

White cloth on the deck railing of the left

Pull on the rope, until the network down, take

Net cast into the sea, 1x right, 1x left, receive a bottle of oil and a shoe.

Oil Bottle raise the sword and breaks, take cloth and oil, then sword can be made.

Open with a sword and get the barrel of hard bread. With the shoe crush the bread.
Krummel bread thrown into the ocean to feed the fish and then start with the network.

Receive a sawfish and this hatch open. (Scene super, sawfish has a motor)

Below are a man with a dark robe, do not leave one by - on the boxes is take a white cloth, and up on deck

Cloth on the Octopus and dark cloth obtained -

go back down , the man questions:

Thanks to Elizabeth! Answer questions as they described.

When all the questions correctly, the man disappeared.

on boxes is a jar with termites, take and on the door - No result
Up on deck and see a bird, take, go back down and bird on the door - Bird disappeared

sit on the floor taler (Could be more likely not)
It opens the door (scene) and ended.

What to do after answering all the questions?

Sorry, tried the termites and woodpecker also, but don't understand last bit.


take the dollar on the floor, then the door opens

one pirate will appear to speak it with each other and end

This comment has been removed by the author.

Oh, had to speak to prisoner again before pressing switch on floor.
Thanks for posting and all help.

is anyone here still? i still can't figure out how to throw the bread crumbs into the ocean to feed fish :(

pop .. never mind got it :)

Well, radhu, - mind telling me???

anyone here? i can't throw the bread crumbs.

View of the ocean, then Breadcrumb on fish!

finally got it thanks.

That munk can go hang himself, I give up

       Anonymous  10/1/09, 6:47 AM  

Screenshot of ship for those of us that need a visual cheat sheet for the servant's compass points quiz: http://bayimg.com/kaEHGaacD

can't feed the bread????HELP

Please help me get the bread over???

       Anonymous  10/1/09, 7:47 AM  

j_flamm: in the stern ("poop") fish using the rope & net on the starboard side of the ship (left ocean side in the game). You'll get a heavy boot. Use it on the hard bread to smash it to crumbs, then toss the crumbs to the fish.


Thanks for the help with the monk!
Aside from that it was a great game;p




@j_flamm I just started playing, so I couldn't help until I caught up. To use the crumbs, go to the prow. Use it on the fish that are in front of the ship.


A more detailed walkthrough just in case someone needs it

Click the poop deck to zoom in to the ship
Take the dust rag from the railing
Click the rope on the mast repeatedly until you get the net
Click the rope again to get the rope itself
Use the plus in your inventory to combine the net and rope
Repeatedly use the net/rope over the far side of the ship to get a boot (hammer)
Use it again over the near side and get the bottle with oil in it
Try to use the oil bottle on the rusty swords and he will drop it
Use the dust cloth in the oil and then on the swords to get one
Use the sword on the red outlined barrel next to the door to drop the bread on the deck
Use the shoe to crush the hard bread into breadcrumbs
Pick up the breadcrumbs (make sure you put the boot away)
Go to the prow
Use the breadcrumbs on the fish by the prow (front) of the boat -- they will swim up to you and get eaten by the shark
Use the net to get the shark
Go back to the poop deck
Use the sawshark on the hatch door
Go down
Get the cloth on the back wall
Talk to the servant and see that you need to look like them
Go back up and to the prow
Dye the cloth with the ink from the octopus
Go back below
The servant will ask you a series of 5 questions
Stealing the answers from above (thanks all!)
bottle: northeast
window: north
octopus: south

bottle: north
flag: south
octopus: west

dolphin: northwest
octopus: south
flag: north

octopus: south
flag: north
boxes: northeast

octopus: west
window: east
dolphin: north

window: south
octopus: north
flag: southeast

boxes: south
octopus: north
bottle: west

boxes: southwest
octopus: north
Flag: south

After the servant leaves, take the jar of termites

Use the jar of termites on the door
Go back up to the poop deck
Get the handy woodpecker
Use the woodpecker on the door
Talk to the prisoner again, and she will tell you about the switch on the floor
Walk over and step on the round button on the floor
The end!


j_flamm those are all the possible questions he could ask and their answers. You need to pick the ones that he asks you.

If it says
bottle: northeast
window: north
octopus: south

It is for when he says "If the bottle is northeast and the windows are to the north, where is the octopus?" The octopus would be south.

Does that help explain it?

oh got it. If one's right, their all right!!!

omg those friggin directions were hard to remember when it's 12:30 nght. so i kept forgetting what the stupid guard was asking!!!!!lol!

I just wanted to express my anger by saying that if the bottle is north and the flag is south, then the flippin' octopus is EAST!!! not WEST!!! as is suggested in the walkthrough. However, the game does not recognize any form of east(E, SE, NE) as a correct answer. I failed five times in a row on this flippin' question until I succumbed to looking at posts that told me it was backwards day. I just wanted to clarify this to those who play and cannot figure out why boyscouts mislead them.

I still can't figure out what the answer to this is: bottle: northeast
window: north
what is octopus?

working link:


i need help get rop

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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