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Escape the Bathroom 3D Walkthrough

Escape the Bathroom 3D

Escape the Bathroom 3D is a new point and click type escape the room game by GeekMontage. In this escape game, again you are locked in a bathroom and you try to escape the bathroom by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Escape the Bathroom 3D Video Walkthrough

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I clicked the mirror, it turned dark, i saw something spooky, and now I can't find the lightswitch anymore!

Click the geek montage banner and you'll open another window, irritating. Got a paper roll and a paper clip

lightswitch is next to the awkward fluorescent poster, a bit to the left....

how do I use anything in my inventory?

ah, you just need to possess the right tools, use them automatically....

I took the whole toilet!

My inventory is full but i cannot use the toilet to escape by the ceiling.

And I'm out.....weird little game, I don't always know what I used when.

Zazie, you have to actively put it in the corner...

Thx Jitta, i am out too :)

Never been first....pity that the game was too short and too easy.

LOL! i've never laughed so much in a game before! But @Jitta, you're right: it was too short and a bit too easy!! :)

I'm here! Let's play!!

Edit: I just beat the game...wow that was short!

i have 6 things but i dont know what to do past there...

man thats easy... piggielover- once you have the toilet seat you put it in the corner where you look up at the vent and once its in the corner look up at the vent and click it then your out...

BAhahahah I loved this!

Easy! I typed this so you could see why you need the tools. When I first played it, it didn’t look like I used any of them.

Navigate using the blue arrows in the middle of the inventory bar. Click where your cursor turns to a hand

Zoom in on the toilet
Try to get the plunger and you will get a splinter
Look inside the toilet, and learn you will not stick your hand in the water to get something in there
Click on the toilet seat at the back of the toilet and learn it is stuck
Turn right
Zoom in on the top drawer and learn it is locked
Zoom in on the mirror to see a ghost and the lights go out
Turn right and face the door
Look up and see a vent that you can’t reach
Turn right and see the awkward poster that glows in the dark
Click the light switch to the left of the door
Turn right and see the paper towel holder is locked
Look in the trashcan and get the paperclip
Click on the paper towel holder again and pick the lock with the paperclip (just click the lock and it will automatically select the tool)
Get the cardboard roll
Turn to face the toilet again
Click the plunger again and you can get it now since you can cover it will the cardboard roll
Zoom in on the water and click it -- this time you can get the key because you have the plunger
Turn to face the sink and open the top drawer
Get the screwdriver
Turn left to the toilet
Zoom in on the pipe to the right of the handle
Click the screws to use the screwdriver
Back up and click the rear of the seat to take the toilet
Turn to the door and place the toilet
Click on the vent and you are out!

This probably should say not for children in description. It has some things that may be scary and other suggestive items.

it wont let me play!!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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