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[REPLAY] 2KeysGames - Charcoal Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Paskapet for 2 Keys Games. Rupert has been captured, and is being held for Vito the Extractor. Help him escape the torture to come! Good luck and have fun!

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Charcoal Room Escape Walkthrough

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Lets rock!

oh no its a 3 key game. Hope some comes along to help cause I suck at these.

I really did not understand what the purpose of the game and the purpose of farting voice....

use fork to open handcuffs

used fork to get cuffs off

seem to be collecting bullets or lipsticks

gold key under bed

hello larue, Megi :)

ok I guess i should look at the name~lol
bullets~5 so far

hey youcef!!!!do you want to play Bulls and Cows with me? I need an opponent!

I have 6 bullets, how do you get under the be I clicked everywhere?

i`ve got 8 bullets and a key, i have seen a bullet on the pipes by the door but can`t get it, and another one far behind the fence above the toilet

There is a safe under the vito poster

Hi all
I have 9 bullets so far
we need something to place them in to.
I have also the matchbox and can lite a match, but don't know what to lite...

am with u larue ;)

i have 8 too and burned a match

above the bed sorry

How do you get the fork?

I have the TV on and some kind of robot on it, don't know what that means...

lets burn some papers

have 9 now

For the moment i am avoiding to collect bullets because in these games you never have enough space for the items and then you have probs to put them back, not really my sort of games :(

found a paper in the trash with numbers

Bullet nr 10 is under the bed, kill all bugs and wait for a yellow bug. Anyone found something to place the bullets in?

I can't figure out how to get the fork in the first place :-/

how do i get the bullet behind the fence above the bed

There are 3 big arrows pointing to the TV antena...might be a clue?

Zazie, your right
i had my invertory full of bullets, so i start over, don't want to put them all back now, lol

@Dreammama, where did you find the paper?

Alexandra~try the fork on the opposite side of where the key would go

The problem is that i have already 3 bullets by chance lol, one is in the toilet paper roll.

@hanzz, in the trash

you can olny get the fork if you have nothing in inventory to begin with..put the other stuff back

shake the trash a few times, paper will show up at the front ledge of the trashcan

The paper in the trash is a bulls and cows score sheet. the code for the safe??

I will be back later, i have not the nerfs for this sort of games at the moment, lol.
Good luck to everybody.

what do i have to burn

how the hell am I suppose to get the bullet undet the bed? :S

i found the paper, thanks.
now puzzling on the code, i think this is different for each mode you selected at start (easy, tame, hard)

kill the bugs by clicking them

I cant do math. waiting for some to post code. Please post code.

you can open the bullets for powder ~~maybe we can explode something!

how do i get to the safe under the poster

how did you find the safe behind vito poster? I just can lift two sides

need key for the safe

to get to the safe, click 4 places of the vito poster. 2 bottom, 2 in the middle of the sides.
(hope i explain it clearly)
after the 4 clicks you should be able to take the bottom part away and see a safe.

For the code: I selected hard, so i will be puzzling a while i guess...

where´s the bugs?

how do i get to the safe please

thanks hanzz

got it! keep clicking around the poster it falls in pieces

shush Nellie don't jinx it

How do you get the key under the bed? Do you need to use a tool or something?

oke, now i need code

I am on medium, code for me was 103476.... process on elimination basically.

I belive the code is different for each time.. damn!

i have a hard time finding the code

get blue key from the safe... what to do with?

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 1:19 PM  

the code ist alwas the one with 6b0c after it!

how do get the code i don`t get it

cant get the hint from tv

my paper shows no bulls only cows

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 1:28 PM  

oh, ok. i'm playing easy. there was 6b0c already written on it... maybe too easy *g*

never mind I thought the b was a 6

how do i get under the bed?

This is on my paper 806742 2b4c
but i don`t get it

can take the rocket from TV & fill it with powder!

well good luck, have to run to store and buy candy before the trick or treaters get here. Happy Halloween.

have to find an aim now :)

Hi!! I was loosing time with Sakura!!

(I'm not sure if I had managed to post my comment previously so I try it again...)

For me (on medium level) the code was:



well done youcef~aim towards my wall too so i can get out!! still working on my code
~~does the safe just pop open when correct or do you have to back up and use the gold key?

where do i click to get under the bed? cannot find

i have the rocket, what to do with this.
and what to do with the key from safe

larue: u must use the gold key after entering the code.
I menage to fix the handcrafts on the chair (upside down)

scott, at the feed end of the bed, near the ground

Come on guys, we have a Sakura code to crack! Help needed so we can finally eat that chocolat!

ok, i started over and selected easy, have the safe open.

@ scott: first lift both pillows, take away the blanked and then you can see under the bed if you click in front of it (short side)

@larue: you need to back up and use the key from under the bed to open the safe.

I have the rocket too, filled it totally, can't light it and i don't know where to put it.
I have 10 other bullets, but can't take a second rocket.

used bullets and used matches can be trown in the toilet

how to fill the rocket with powder?

scott u have to left the 2 pillow then the caver

youcef, very nice idea!
i made the handcuffs on the chair and moved it, it is now in the door view at the left side.
but, i can't put the rocket on it :(

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 1:55 PM  

ok, i put both cuffs to the chair, then you can move it into the middle of the room
also you can take the glass from the table, turn it around and capture the yellow bug from under the bed...

thanks youcef and hanzz!!!
i hate codes~~~lol i must have selected inconceivably hard!!

break the empty bottle, put it on the inverted chair, put rocket into it... and shoot the door 3 times: now I need more bullets.

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 1:59 PM  

hey, try this: take the empty wine bottle, smash it at the table. you can now put it into the chair, then put the rocket in :-D

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 1:59 PM  

*g* youcef was faster

need the bullet from over the pipe, and that in the wall toilet view

lol mrpitdigger

i don`t remember how i got in fence above the bed, since i restarted

how do you get the powder out of the bullets? mine just move when i click on them?

thanks guys!
for the bullet on the pipe, when you click it many times, it should fall down.

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:09 PM  

bullet over toilet: open toilet-seat and wat-lid then click into toilet, you can now reach the bullet
bullet on pipe: click on the bullet until it falls down, then take away the coal. then get it!

hanzz thnx.. still need the one in the wall

mrpitdigger good job... but guess what: we r still trapped

i shot the rocket 4 times, what`s next.

in 2 of the cans there is something, you can hear it, but can't take it out..
I have shot the door 4 times, have another rocket, but no bullets, BUT: 2 in cans and 1 above bed makes 3...

@ Nelie: to open a bullet, doubleclick so it is in view, click it once so it is horizontally, then click left side and right side.
when you do this wrong, you see some blue circles, they are the location to click.
hope that helps.

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:18 PM  

*LOL*, take the vodka, give to the woman over the bed... :-D

if u zoom on the door handle u can see latters

how do i get above the bed

mrpitdigger: honestly I expected somthing else from the lady ;)

how do i get above the bed, please help

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:25 PM  

:-D well, mine returned...

Dreammama: u have to left the 2 pillow in the same time, then the caver

is there anyone willing to help

mrpitdigger how? what did u do?

got a bullet out of a can.
need 1 more to make a new rocket
i think that one is above the bed, but can't get there...

still 2 items unused, the blue key and the bug in the glass..

i can lift the pillows, my blanket is already gone, i can`t lift nothing anymore

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:31 PM  

hm, don't know... turned around, and then she was back again.

what is a caver

hanzz: where did u find the bullets?

which version are you all playing? I'm on the "easy" one (not so easy for me, lol) and I don't have a yellow bug no matter how long I wait. Also cannot get bullets from any cans. The vodka + "lady" was pretty entertaining, tho

i don't know exactly which one u used of course.
but you can get 1 bullet from the can

give can to the girls, she drinks it
then click her boob, she does 'Oh' and the bullet is in here mouth.
it worked on only 1 of the three cans (the last one)...

dang, i have to go now! good luck to you all on launching your rockets!

@zoz, the bug only appears after you killed all the red ones.

i play also on easy now, but i think it has only something to do with the paper you find in the bin and the code for the safe.

Dreammama its the blanket -in my english at least-
after that u have just to click under the bed

oohh, I didn't know I had to commit bugicide and further contribute to the delinquency of a "lady"! thanks hanzz!

i need a 12th bullet for the 4th shot
found as far as i can remember 11 bullets
-in toiletpaper
-carried by golden bug
-under bed
-on top of pipes
-middle of pipes
-in safe
-wall next to table
-inside toilet water tank
-above toilet in wall
-left of toilet in wall (i guess)
-lying on the table (i guess)

does anybody found a bullet in the ventilation above the bed or inside a beer can???

youcef, i can gat under the bed, but how do i get above the bed

larue thnx and see u soon.

ok, got it from the girl after giving her the beer :-)

i will replay in a new screen and make a list of all the bullets for you, please wait a while

move the pillows so that they are on top of eachother instead!

how do i put the pillows on top of each other

Dreammama: lol I understand now.. but I dont know how to get above the bed :P
am sorry

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:45 PM  

ok, shot the fifth rocket now, still don't know what to do next... but thx to nellie for the pillows :-)

u can put the handcuffs at the chair..and then move him

i cant get the fork, only the can

my drunk ass lady didn´t give me anything? or did I miss it?

well, apparently you have to give the girl all of the cans, one at a time, and you have to go all the way around the room for each can. At least that's how mine went. trying to get the pillows on top of one another. if I can't finish the Sakura, I'm not going to let this one beat me (especially the EASY one!)

mrpitdigger... help

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:52 PM  

@youcef: you mean the pillows? i needed some time, just kept clicking... i think the right one was up first when it finally worked!

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:53 PM  

Hey all:)
I clicked both pillows up and then under the left one and it moved under the right.
Got one bullet from the vent but can't get the second one..

how do I get the bullet in the toilet? is it bt flushing? everytime I click the toilet rupert seem to climb up on it.

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:55 PM  

second bullet over bed: get the yellow bug to walk in... wait... bullet comes!

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:56 PM  

thx mrpitdigger...figured it out by myself

List of bullets

(opening scene (vault):
1. on table, right bottom of 4 sigarrets.
2. in hole under the second D of ACDC
3. in vault

(door scene)
4. on top of pipes
5. middle of pipes

(toilet scene)
6. inside water tank of toilet
7. behind toilet paper
8. in toilet paper
9. in toilet brush (little bulb on left sides moves to right if you click it)
10. in top hole in corner above toilet

(bed scene)
11. under left pillow
12. behind right leg of bed (under bed scene)
13. on golden bug (under bed scene)
14. you get from girl after given here all the alcohol :p
15. above bed behind yellow and grey thing (you have to put the pillows on top of each other)

can't. get. *&^% pillows. STACKED.

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:57 PM  

where is my avatar?...anybody else have trouble posting? always have to write two times before it works..

Hi all!
I shot my 4th rocket and now i'm out of bullets.. and I really don't have any idea where the others are..
Any help or are all at the same point as I am?

cant put the pilows on top of each other

those are some dirty pillows ; )

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 2:59 PM  

yes lol...dirty feets

Yes, the avatars seem to come and go, lol. Nice job with the bullet locations, hanzz!

Forget the stupid pillows! It's been stated several times how to do that part! Will someone pleeeease help figure out what to do once you've used up all 12 bullets, blown 5 holes and have nothing left but cash and a blue key?!

ok, those dirty pillows will NOT stack for me....

meghan obviously no one has figured that out yet....

ican`t get the pillows on top of eachother

awwwwwwwwww, I swear, I can't get anything right today. :o{=]


thank u Meghan this help us to know that the pillows r stupid

Well, you can pick a sixth rocket so lets find some bullets... i have one bullet (dont ask me where i found it, i dont remember) any idea where the other two are ??

YES, finally, the pillows are on top of each other

first lift right one, then i clicked at the left side of the left one

good luck all, took me about 5 minutes :p

meghan, im coming :p

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 3:04 PM  

hey, you can put the blue key into the wall above the toilet, where the bullet was :-)

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 3:05 PM  

ok, found two more bullets, inside this pipe. you can open it with the blue key

update for the bullet list:
number 16 is also above the bed, after you put the bug in there the far bullet rolls toward you.

Nice catch mrpitdigger! I didn't even notice the bullethole was keyhole shaped! Ahh, movement :D

hanzz: cant exprim my gratitude O_O

still haven´t got a clue about my 6 digits, going totally insane after a what feels like a million of combinations...

these pillows are driving me crazy!

mrpitdigger: NICE!
so we fired a total of 6 rockets, now what..

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 3:10 PM  

out, it's easy now :-D

i picked up a 7th rocket, argh!

after 6 holes in the door you can toss out the middle part.
what about the bag of coca flour, and how to open it..?

OUt, The blue key opens something, don't forget to flush any suspicious "powder" and take the money and run!

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 3:13 PM  

@hanzz: i accidentaly flushed it down the toilet *g*, i think it doesn't have any affect in easy mode...

hanzz, thanku thanku thanku for the pillow explanation!
gotta go to the store but i WILL finish this when i return

Although first to post "out" no way could i have done it without everyone's help. Big hand guys, thanks :)

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 3:13 PM  

nice game..thanks all!

haha, thanks all, OUT too.
was a nice one!

no final cartoon in easy mode
going to play a diffrent mode!

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 3:16 PM  

yeah, tryin' hard now

thank u hanzz, thank u mrpitdigger & thank u all I enjoyed playing this game with u, see u the next game :)

For the code:
I noted my 6 numbers down (2b4b..all numbers right)
Then i get off the wrong numbers of all
the 2b0c just have the right ones so u know 2
then u "delete" this numbers and so on..

sorry for my english if its difficult to understand..

great game! as always. hopefully it wont take months to the next one..

try hard now...
the code is harder.. and i think the things are better hidden.. the key is just a small part.

i finished the tame version, now the hard one

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 3:44 PM  

please tell me hoe youu get rocket from tv...i clicked on rocket many times nothing happen it just stays on tv and blows up

shelly, do you have an open spot in your inventory?
then it should be nothing more then what you do, click the rocket when it is coming in the screen.
i can only say, keep trying!

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 4:05 PM  

okay finally got rocket filled it but now i cant get the dang cuffes onto chair...help

how do you leave out??

escape, I mean

chair should be upside down.
the cuffs go on in about 1/3th of the bottom
(do i make myself clear?)

how far are you?
Have you shot the door 6 times?
then take the bag, get rid of it and leave with the money.

put the bag of coca powder in the toilet and picked up the money, but toilet wpn't flush and I can't get the powder back. Tried lighting it but wasn't fast enough and now i can't get rid of the spent match. So close! Helo, please!

zoz, flush the toilet a few times, should work finnaly.

Yes, six times. Have a big hole. Threw the bag in the toilet but I take the money and cannot leave through the door.

nvm, forgot to flush the toilet now I'm done, thanks to all of you!!

tried to flush about 50 times. this is as bad as the pillows! this game hates me!

FINALLY! maybe it was POP, but it was really a matter of flushing with the lid up instead of down, doh! Anyway, thank you everyone for your help and patience, especially you hanzz. Now about that Chocolate room code...?

OMG, Kim solved the Chocolate Room code! I can finally sleep peacefully tonight!

Don't worry Zoz, it's not just you...I finally just got out too : )

haha, i will do the chocolate room in a while, still busy on hard puzzle code..

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 4:39 PM  

Hmm... In the hard mode, I can no longer reach the vent over the bed only by stacking the pillows. Everything else is as in the two other levels of difficulty.

Anyone that could help me before I loose it and start throwing things at the screen?

KP, i have the same thing
i was hoping there would be something in the vault, don't have it open yet.

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 4:50 PM  

No, nothing there besides the things you've seen before.

remember the footsteps there were in the easy modes?
Make them on the bed!

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 5:06 PM  

Aber natürlich! (I wondered where they went :))

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 5:15 PM  

Yep, that worked :)

Thanks, hanzz.

finally made the hard level too.
Extra of the hard one:
girl gets naked !

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 7:25 PM  

how do I light the rocket?

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 7:53 PM  

nevermind. I had to close out the window with matchbox before it would light. Silly me.XD

does anyone know the safe code for the hard level?

lol hanzz!

There is no shame in taking the easy option....its just as difficult (apart from a couple of areas like the safe combo and the vent). Though I love these games, unless you do it correct you can waste time trying to work it out...my bug was lighting matches - you have to flush each one away in the toilet, so you can get another one. I was wasting matches trying to light the rocket....

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