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Escape the Coffee House Walkthrough

Escape the Coffee House

Escape from the Coffee House is another new point and click type room escape game created by Dina Gjertsen from ShattaredGames. "Trapped, again? This time, it's a coffee house. So you can munch on danishes and stay nice & jittery while you look for a way out. Sweet, huh?" Good luck and have fun!

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Escape the Coffee House Video Walkthrough
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errr... yalcin, the link seems to be wrong. It is going to another game lol

Ahh... sorry, i fixed the link. Thanks for your attention kitkatfox ;-)


i'm stuck in the game i need help with the last wheel i need to find because i cant find it so may i please get dome help

I have orange, pink, and blue jewels, red coffee cup, coffee and filter in maker, and datebook.

Missing one jewel, which is in the clock, but I have no key

got key! I forgot to turn on the maker lol

@caleb did you get the one in the cookie case and the one on the light over the table?

need one more jewel

found jewels in the cookie case lamp and clock. where else?

behind wall art. Match the colors to the cups.


you're welcome :) glad I could help

oh, u have to drink the coffee to get a key at the bottom to open clock

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 6:48 PM  

I have all jewels but one in clock, how does it come out?

How do you drink the coffee?

i put the gems in the box thing but nothing happens, what am i sposed to do?

@Dan~view your coffee
@Jenna~did you set your clock to the time to get the correct order of gems?

yay, made it out with no help!!!

i have two jewls i cant get passed paintings how do they work and wat happens?

you need a key to get in the clock

This comment has been removed by the author.

I can't get the yellow jewel on the clock and the key is not working.

are you using the key from the coffee cup?

you have to change the paintings to the correct colors and you get another gem

Hmm. I only have the key from, I believe, the lamp.

Whoops! I mean I got the key from the chair leg.

Cool Game!!!!!

What colors do you change cups in painting to?

never mind i figured the apointment was the correct time. :)

i noticed if ur not sure of the color code click them , back out if it's the right color it will stay , if not the painting goes back to pink so i did trial and error

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 8:32 PM  

haha, cute... be careful to note things and their colors around the room

Thanks Chriscnnr! Still can't figure out the key situation though.

Okay...where's the walkthrough?

That's what I was thinking. If some one has beaten it where's the walkthrough? ;)

1st key(leg of chair) unlocks coffee filter 2nd key from coffee cup unlocks clock does that help?

Hey! I figured the last step! After you open the clock, look at your appointment book. You see the time 7:15. Go back to your clock and press the middle red dot and the 2 clock hands move. Move to 7:15 and you get the order to put the jewels on the refrigerator. Put in the colors and get the key card.
Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot, Joan !

This is one place I don't want to escape from. All the coffee I can drink and all the sweets I can eat. Mmmmm. I'm staying put. :-)

LOL.BuddyB,I agree..Nice, easy & fun game..

how do you get to the refridgerator?

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 9:13 AM  

how do you unlock the clock

Joe_Troh and Miss Emily, write a walkthrough any time you like, everyone will appreciate it!

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 4:53 PM  

how do i drink the coffee

Look at the cup, then click the coffee over the cup and one more click to drink it.

Click behind the counter
Take the coffee bag from the counter
Note the locked cabinet door and the black safe needs 4 objects to open it
Click to the right on the silver espresso maker at the right side of the screen
When you zoom in on it, read the water sign
Back up so you are in front of the counter again
Turn right
Look at the cookie case – see something odd about the top left sugar cookie on the bottom shelf?
The center of that cookie is a jewel so take it
Note the latte sign
Turn right
Zoom in on the table
Note the tea cup
Take the appointment book
Use the ? Next to the appointment book in your inventory to see the about item view
Click the right edge to open it and note the appointment time
Back up
Zoom in on the clock
Note the jewel behind the cover and that you need a key to open it
Turn right
Take the red coffee cup from the table
See the spot on the light shade? Zoom in and get another jewel
Also see the spot on the left chair leg (front leg of left chair near the seat)
Zoom in and get a key
Zoom in on the pictures on the wall
Click them and see they change color
Recreate the colors you have seen for each around the room
(latte sign, coffee and tea cups, and water sign)
Get the jewel after the pictures fall
Turn right
Zoom in behind the counter and drag your key to the locked cabinet
Get the filters
Zoom in on the coffee maker on the counter top
Click the brown part and drag the filter and then the bag of coffee
Click to close it and then click the switch to the left of the large orange one to make the coffee
Fast maker!
Click to take the filled pot
Look at your cup in the about item view
Drag the pot to the cup to fill it
Click the coffee inside the cup to drink it
Click inside the now empty cup to see a key – take it
Back up so you are no longer behind the counter
Turn 2 times and zoom in on the clock
Use the new key to open it
Take the jewel
Set the time to the time in the date book
Note the colors in the large circles at 12, 3, 6 , and 9
Back up and turn 2 times to the counter
Zoom in behind and go to the safe
Place your jewels so they match the clock colors
If it goes in the wrong hole, just click them again to remove it
Get the key card
Back up and turn right to the door
Use the card on the reader and leave

is need help i put the pink and orange jems in the vult and i have the adress book, the empty coffee cup, and the coffee wat do i do next

i got the coffee in the cup now wat

@lex, did you drink the coffee by clicking it when looking at it in the about item view?

View Coffee maker
Grab the bag of coffee
View espresso machine (note the color of water)
Turn right to view the cookie counter
Note the color of the Latte Sign
Click on the Jewel on the white cookies
Turn right to view the table and chairs
View the table
Take the appointment book
Note the color of the tea
Turn right
Grab the red coffee cup
View the light
Click on the Jewel
Go back and click on the left chair
Grab the Key off the chair leg
View the pictures
Change coffee to red, Water to pink, Latte to tan, Tea to Green
Get the jewel out of the wall
Go left 3 and view the cupboard below the coffee machine
Use the key to unlock the cupboard
Take the coffee filters and view the coffee machine
Take out the flirter tray of the coffee machine and place a filter and the coffee inside and slide the tray back in place
Turn the 3 switches on and take the brown coffee pot
View the red coffee cup and drag the brown coffee pot to pour the coffee inside
Click the coffee inside the cup to drink it
Click the cup again to find the key to the clock
Go back to the clock scene
Unlock the clock get the jewel
View the appointment book for time to set the clock (7:15)
Click the clock to change the time
Note the colors of the big circles (yellow, purple, blue, orange)
Go to the coffee maker scene
View the fridge, set the jewels in the same pattern as the clock
Click on the fridge and take out the key card
Go to the door
Put the key car on the lock
Click on the open door to leave

       Anonymous  4/24/10, 8:56 AM  

Why was the key in a fridge, and most of all, a fridge that locks.

       Anonymous  12/17/10, 3:24 PM  

Thnx Everyone for putting effort into helping but I can like not find wwhere to start on the fridge like what is the 1st slot there is tons of orders it coul dbe

There's video walkthrough too (on top of this page).
But it's not that hard; In the book you see 7:15. So put the clock on 7:15 and then look at the colors of the clock;
9 o'clock is cleary yellow and 6 o'clock is clearly orange. So on the fridge the yellow gem goes on left and orange on down.
The other two colors are not that clear, but the purple one goes on top and the blue on the right.

working link:


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