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Ghostscape 2: The Cabin Walkthrough

Ghostscape 2: The Cabin

[REPLAY] Psionic + BubbleBox - Ghostscape 2: The Cabin is another scary point and click adventure escape game developed by Psionic for Bubble Box. You're a Ghosthunter - There are many strange sounds and occurences in the woods, capture evidence of paranormal phenomena and find your way out if you can. You have to investigate and gather evidence about a creepy old cabin in the woods and its aged inhabitant, take photos, use the metal detector, find and read diary and etc to discover what has been going on here and who the old man really is. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Code for gate anyone?

found it.

Hi all just starting

I can't put back the metal detector.

Same here Jamos.

I opened the gate but i still cannot pass, there are some tasks to do, but what ?

Have you taken all photographs Zazie?

If you solve how to do so, please post.

I will Jamos, but I don`t know what to do with it.

Ahh now i can pass, did all tasks.

1907- it's on a grave marker on the left hand side of the scene

code on the grave looking left

I am in the hut now and opened the lock, downstairs now.

pick up a sphere by the leaves on right with metal detector the you can go back.

pick up firewood lamp and red pooy going right

The spheres go into the diagram under the dirt pile, but i have to find more spheres.

Yeah, I even checked walkthrough for exact spot for metal detector, but I can't find anything.

Played this earlier on bubblebox, its was brilliant. Just collect everything on the inventry list to progress.
Got stuck twice, code in the cabin is upstairs on the wall and to get into the cave follow the shapes on the door and put the orbs in the right holes.

I have three orbs - need two more. two with the metal dector, and one in the basement

started again and got it, but have no task list now.
Stuck again with Metal Detector at campsite.

Cannot put the detector away and i cannot get the orb under the sand.

Zazie keep moving it around until the red rings are gone then you automatically pick up the orb

Has anyone found more than three orbs?

finally found a new scene - campsite. I thought I had searched everywhere!


Ok thx i have got it. Two orbs until now.

Can't find Diary1. Anyone found it yet?

finally - 5 orbs!

help! I can,t put down the methal detector!!

just need one more skull....

lissamor - look at comment above

I have 5 spheres and everything (that I know of) except the blade. Any ideas?

nevermind. I'm opening the cave door now lol

what`s the code for trap door? I see the scratches on wall upstairs but they don´t work

i have 4 süheres now, one is in front of the tents.


It is the scratches. Double check you entered them right.

kitkatfox - do remember where you found all the skulls? I'm missing one

gettin aggravated w/the metal detector. worked just fine first two times and now in the camp area, it will not.

I had 5 Ankou sightings, 8 graves, 16 piles of dirt, 8 orbs, and a ring. I didn't find all the evidence, though (there are 5 pieces)

the scratches are 4364 but do not work

Code for gate


Code for trap door


@marijo count again. You only have one right. X3XX

marijo you have to count the line over the 4 lines also, so 5 not 4

still can't find the last skull

Don´t we need 6 spheres ? now i have 5.

sorry, I didn´t count those crossing over the others!

I am missing 3 skulls miles :(

this is so frustrating! I have looked everwhere and left no pile of dirt unturned!

There are two skulls in the wonderful view scene.
One under the left most tree under a dirt pile and one under the right tree.

finally found it. under pile of dirt next to a cave. and out

can't find the last scull or the last sphere or the blade...any help? thx

Places to look part 1

in basement (under trap door) to the right
by woodshed (metal detector)
by tool shed (metal detector)
at campsite right (metal detector)
At lookout point

Wine bottle
in basement (under trap door) to the left

At woodshed (of course)

Hat and scythe by toilet next to tool shed

in attic
In right tent
In tent at campsite left
In basement (under trap door)

I have fire wood and lighter but I can't light camp fire anyone know were to put the wood ?

2 in basement (under trap door)
Outside cabin by stairs
On woodshed
In attic (near window)
At campsite left
In tent at campsite right
In tent at campsite left

obsidian blade anyone?

kitkatfox: are not six spheres needed?

Right of woodshed (under dirt)
2 by caves (1 left under dirt and one right by tree)
2 in tents at campsite right
In tent at campsite left
At lookout point left
At lookout point right

Engagement ring
Lookout point

Poppies, graves, Ankou sightings, and dirtpiles -- scattered around

@wehr no. I thought so too, but just make the shapes on the cave door with 5 or less.

@youcef in cave

@atvcountry wood is for stove not campfire. Look in cabin

We only need 5 spheres.

Hope I got all the locations right. Many, many apologies, if any are wrong. That was a lot to keep track of. :P

I scare quite easily, and nothing in this game scared me. It is creepy, but not really scary.

If you want to lower the creepiness factor, don't play with dolly.

lol thank you kitkatfox what was I thinking lol

@atvcountry come on baby, light my fire

(I hope you know that song :P)

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 11:32 AM  

I still can't figure out the cave door.

thank u kitkat am out :)

@aslanscubs for the up-facing triangle, place one sphere in the top of the star and 2 at the bottom legs. This makes the triangle. Look up and see the door is partially open. Repeat for all the shapes on the door.

thx kitkatfox for shape ifo of door. still stuck w/only 7 skulls

Anyone know where the blade is?

I get all tasks. How finish I or turn back?

@youcef glad you are not the next victim! They had the grave all ready for you, too!

The blade is in cave with stone door

@wehr -- did you see my mini walkthrough for the skulls. It will tell you the area to look

@vbranam1 blade in blocked cave

@cecepons -- go see the man

please where is the wood to make fire?

LOL..had to get in cave

@mary chain at the woodshed. It was the first building you came in by. I think it is down from the cabin

@vbranam1 I did the same thing. I asked and then realized I didn't go in the blocked cave @.@

thank you kitkatfox!!

Oh know, thought I had all skulls..Whew, k, gonna check your list kitkatfox...

Thanks kitkat. Out

glad I could help :)

Did anyone find all the evidence? I opened 3 or 4 crates and got papers/passports (caves in the cave scene and in the toolshed scene), but couldn't find 5.

To the far right at the lookout point is another cave.

I looked through the list of skull findings and still can't find the last one... *sigh*

Ah that was the one I missed evie. Thanks!

If you are really stuck, there is a video walkthroug by psionic in the game screen.

there are 2 crates where there are question marks
one by the outhouse and on on the R at lookout point

Oh wow, that was a great game..Reminds me of psionics older games...Thanks Kitkatfox, was missing the skull at look out point and 1 by cave..

How do you open the door of the cave ? 5 spheres don't seem to be enough.

kitkat: lol... hope will be able to help you someday ;)

I found the last one! Between the first and second caves... ahhhhh....

Make the same simbols, one to one (out scene every time and door opens slowly)

I got it : just follow the pattern of the door and zoom out, then zoom in again.

For the cave door - there are four shapes to create, back up after making each shape the door opens a little more...

Gee, I didn't get a time bonus... hahaha

Nice game. Not too hard and just creepy enough.

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 12:02 PM  

Thanks for the help, KitKat. That was an awesome game.

tool shed? all i see is the cabin, tents, and wood shed

bridget: tool shed to the right of cabinet

oh wow, thought that was the "look right" arrow

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 12:38 PM  

i think this game is buggy it keeps frezzing on me

ok, im just missing the poppys.. which is strange since they are so brightly colored O_O

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 12:41 PM  

was never able to get the metal detector to work. Yes - the red rings stopped. However, the "orb" never appeared. The metal detector just sits there doing - nothing. Also, the walk through that shows this area (right after going through the gate - I guess the second scene) with a different location where the red circles disappear. The place where the red circles disappeared for me were in a completely different place.

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 12:52 PM  

59 minutes and counting.... This game too buggy for me. The metal detector red rings stopped in a totally different place than the walk through and since you can't continue the game until this ORB appears - - - >:(

Too bad. I had to give a thumbs down on this one. Wasted lunch break today. :(

oh, found the poppies at the edges mostly(all the way left or all the way right)

Great game! Only problem was with orbs because I assumed I needed six but one look at the notes from other players clarified what had to be done :)

There is no bug with the metal detector. You have to keep sweeping the ground once you get the close up view until the rings become smaller and the bleeping faster. Then when the rings disappear you are on top of the spot and you just click there and the orb gets placed in your inventory and the close up view closes to get you back in the normal view. Persevere, it's worth it.

Walkthrough part 1
Gate scene
Open inventory (i in the upper right corner of the screen) to see what you need to do
Go left
Take photo (camera in upper left of screen) of grave at the very left of the scene GRAVE 1
Wait for orb (glowing ball that floats by) -- take a photo of it ORB 1
Take a photo of the grave to the left of the gate (cross-shaped) GRAVE 2
Get the crowbar from right of the tree by the leftmost fence post (behind left of the 3 rocks)
Go right
Take photo of the tree face across the gap (over the keep out sign)
Also photograph the footprints below the tree/keep out sign
Take picture of grave under the tree branch GRAVE 3
Get the shovel at the right edge of the scene
Go to the middle again
Click on the gate lock
Enter the date from the leftmost grave
Cross the bridge

Part 2
You are now at the wood shed
Go left and forward
Go inside the cabin
Talk to the old man
He will give you tasks
Look at your inventory
Go back 2 times to the wood shed
Take a picture of the orb ORB 2
Wait and take a picture of the Ankou when it appears in the woods to the left of the shed ANKOU 1
Take a picture of the cross grave (behind the lower tree branches) GRAVE 4
Use the shovel on the dirt to the left of the shed at the base of the barrel (until the pile disappears. Three clicks, I think) DIRT 1
Hover your cursor in front of the shed (see the area asks for more searching)
Use the metal detector there (move the detector around until the red circles completely disappear under it and then click. Get the sphere (about top middle of the screen) SPHERE 1
Scroll right
Get wood from top of woodpile
Get poppy from right of screen POPPY 1
Take picture of the grave at the right of screen GRAVE 5
Get the oil lamp from the upper right of the shed, under the roof LAMP 1
Use shovel on dirt at the corner of the shed and get a skull DIRT 2, SKULL 1
Scroll left -- get poppy and photo grave (left of screen and under tree) GRAVE 6, POPPY 2
Use shovel on dirt below the grave DIRT 3
Go forward (at cabin)
Take a picture of the orb ORB 3
Get lamp to the left of the stairs LAMP 2
Take photo of your open grave GRAVE 7
Get poppy from beside the grave POPPY 3
Get picture of Ankou when it appears in woods to the right of the arrow going forward ANKOU 2
Scroll right
Use shovel on dirt to left of the large right arrow (to tool shed) DIRT 4
Scroll left
Dig dirtpile to the left of the open grave DIRT 5
Go left to campsite
Get picture of orb ORB 4
Dig dirtpile between to 2 tents about in the middle of the screen DIRT 6
Get photo of Ankou when he appears to the right of the right tent that is right of the forward arrow ANKOU 3
Scroll left
Get the lamp at the base of the tree LAMP 3
Dig dirtpile from right of bottom campfire DIRT 7
Go inside the second tent from the left (partially behind a branch)
Get skull, diary, and lamp SKULL 2, DIARY 1, LAMP 4
Scroll right so you are centered again
Use metal detector in the middle toward the right (in an area worth searching) and get another sphere SPHERE 2
Go inside the right of the 2 middle tents (right of the forward arrow)
Get skull and lamp SKULL 3, LAMP 5
Scroll right
Get poppy from the bottom right corner of screen POPPY 4
Go inside the second tent from right and get the skull (right edge of screen) SKULL 4
Go inside rightmost tent and get diary DIARY 2
Dig dirtpile at bottom right of scene DIRT 8

Part 3

Go to center and forward to the lookout point
Use shovel on the dirt to the left of the right bench -- get ring (bonus task completed!) DIRT 9, RING
Photo orb ORB 5
Scroll right
Use shovel at base of tree and get skull DIRT 10, SKULL 5
Just below the right arrow, see the cursor turn to a ?
Click there (slight jump scare as bats come out of cave -- they will keep coming while you are there)
Use crowbar on crate and get evidence EVIDENCE 1
Back and scroll left
Get the poppy (bottom left corner) POPPY 5
Use shovel on 2 dirt piles that are to the right of the tree trunk (one has a skull in it) DIRT 11, DIRT 12, SKULL 6
Use the metal detector to the right of all the equipment to get a sphere SPHERE 3
Scroll to center and go back to the campsite and then back to the cabin
Scroll right and go right to the tool shed
Get the scythe at the front (task completed!) SCYTHE
Photo an orb and Ankou when they appear (Ankou will appear over the shed roof toward the right side) ANKOU 4
Use the metal detector near the left corner of the screen to get a sphere SPHERE 4
Take a picture of the orb ORB 6
Scroll right
Get the poppy by the edge of the shed and the right edge of the scene POPPY 6 and POPPY 7
Get the hat from the corner of the toilet (jump scare) (task completed!) HAT
Click where the cursor turns to a ? between the shed and toilet -- use the crowbar to get the evidence (bats again) EVIDENCE 2
Scroll left -- get photo of grave by the corner of the shed (bonus task completed!) GRAVE 8
Go left to the cabin
Enter the cabin
Note the locked trapdoor to the left of the table
Scroll right
See the fireplace? One task is to light a fire
Open the door, place the wood and use the lighter (task completed!) FIRE (might be a jump scene here)
Go upstairs
Get the diary from the floor in front of the chair DIARY 3
Get the lamp from the window LAMP 6
Scroll left
See the scratches on the wall, there are 4 sets
Count them
Scroll right and go back downstairs
Go left to the trapdoor
Enter the numbers from the attic
Go into the cellar
Photo the orb ORB 7
You can zoom in on the creepy doll and pull its cord if you want (but not necessary)
Get the lamp from left of the post by the doll LAMP 7
Get the diary from the chairs (task completed!) DIARY 4
Scroll right and get the sphere from the bench (bottom right corner of the screen) SPHERE 5
Scroll left and get the lamp and bottom of wine from the dark corner of the room (jump scare) (2 tasks completed!) WINE LAMP 8
Go upstairs
Go forward out the door to the caves
Photo the orb and Ankou (he will appear at the cliff top between the 2 bottom caves) (two mini tasks completed!) ANKOU 5, ORB 8
Scroll right
Get the skull from the bottom of the tree SKULL 7
Go inside the right cave (bat scare) and get the evidence from the crate EVIDENCE 3
Scroll left
Get the poppy from the base of the tree (bonus task completed!) POPPY 8
Use the shovel on the dirt to the right of the tree and get the skull (jump scare) (task completed!) DIRT 13, SKULL 8
There is another dirt pile down left from the large cave DIRT 14
Go into both caves (bat scares) and get evidence (you now have all evidence -- bonus task completed!) EVIDENCE 4, EVIDENCE 5
Scroll right to the cave with the door in it
Zoom in on it and use the shovel on the 2 dirt piles (bonus task completed!) DIRT 15, DIRT 16
Zoom in on the symbol on the floor
Note the places for the spheres to go
Look up at the first symbol on the door
Recreate the up triangle using 3 of your orbs
(top of star and 2 bottom legs)
Look up and the door is partially open
Repeat this for all the shapes (look up to reset the spheres)
((Spoiler if you need help:
1 = top of star and 2 bottom legs
2= arms and feet
3 = arms and middle
4 = top, arms, and legs))
Enter cave -- get the knife from the altar (task completed!) KNIFE
Go back the cabin and talk to the man
He will let you take a picture of him
Use the camera on him and learn he is a ghost
The end!

Waaw kitkatfox
Your walkthrough is even better than the video one.
Great work.

the codes for the gate is 1907 now email me at soradarkheart@gmail.com to give me some unused microsoft point codes

argh im extremely annoyed! i chose to back out before entering the cave and it wont let me even view the cave again! stupid bug, i woulda given this game a 5/5 because its awesome, but because of that i will only give it a 3... that ruined it for me, making me start all over from the beginning :@

and im out, i loved this game, and it wasnt as scary as i 1st thought itd be.

i just hated that bug that forced me to restart -_-

i need 2 skulls and 1 lamp :D

any help?

Obsidian blade... - Get 5 spheres first

Hey where are the skulls?

how do i get the obsidian blade??

I only have 7 Oil lamps =/

I'm still missing one sphere and I've looked everywhere for them >-< help

I only have 7 skulls, Can anyone help me???

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