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Halloween Night Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Night Escape

[REPLAY] 123Bee - Halloween Night Escape is another point and click type room escape game by 123bee. Your friends want to test your bravery and so they have bet you to stay in this horror filled house for a night. So you got to get in and come out of this house successfully. Prove your bravery to them. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Halloween Night Escape Walkthrough

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let's go

an axe and a candle for now


hi there, i'm so stuck - clicking everywhere but no result, only that sound...

a skull

took a scull


I'm into church

Where is the candle?

Nvm, got it.

got into the church, but have to go now - good luck to all the escapers from me

Where is the skull?

I'm with you, Ivan : I click everywhere and nothing happens !

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:19 AM  

place scull on grave, collect ash piles, put in pot.

Got the skull also. How did you guys get into church?

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:19 AM  

you can take the hook from picture now what?

Oh, finally, I found THE pixel to click to get the axe !

why would you say that you got the skull and not say where? please share...

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:20 AM  

Set the scarecrow on fire with the candle for the skull

To get the skull you use the candle by cuting the pumpkin with the axe to burn the scarecrow

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:22 AM  

Put the skull on the middle grave to the right of the first screen.

Thanks so much Debsrabbit.

I have got an axe and a candle (from the pumkin). Stuck now.

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:22 AM  

and now a rope from left scene

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:22 AM  

In the church you can get a board, a hook and a weapon. No clue what to do with any of them though.

Put all 3 ashes into pot to get key for church.

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:23 AM  

Where did you get the rope ranya?

Take rope with axe and add hook. Put at table and get a secret box with gosht.

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:23 AM  

I have put the ashes in the pot. Now what? I still can't get into the church.

get rope from cauldron room and attach to hook. I have the pitchfork, axe and candle in church, but am stuck

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:24 AM  

left door into the church

WHat do you do with the Skull? And what is with the Pot? Is that where the skull fits?

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:24 AM  

what about the death man in right door?

What to do with spiders?

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:24 AM  

I've clicked the rope with the axe and can't get it. Where do you click the rope?

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:24 AM  

My scarecrow must be fire proof!

put skull on grave

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:26 AM  

click rope without the axe

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:26 AM  

I've done that too. Still no rope.

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:27 AM  

I tried chopping off the tree limb to get the pot but that doesn't work.

In the church and I got a message about casper and I almost had to change my pants lol

Its Casper. Hahaha

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:27 AM  

hook goes in the open book

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:28 AM  

put the candle at the scarecrow's feet.

Have a evil weapon

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:28 AM  

Please share how or where to light the scarecrow...

Put candle at feet of scarecrow to burn him.
Be sure to put all 3 ashes into pot.

put ashes from grave in pot

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:28 AM  

i found casper behind the table with book

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:29 AM  

TY Phoenix!

Hook ? Skull ? Rope ???.... Where ?

And if you go to the right you see the grim reaper
I have tried killing him with the evil weapon but it dosant work (maybe I need the "heroic weapon")

Make fire with wood + candle at cauldron

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:30 AM  

How do I get into the church??

weapon goes on picture in pot room

I've got a jackolantern, 2 spiders, and the candle and axe still.

I found Casper! Use the weapon on the little boards behind the table.

Once you've find ghost, you can get alot of other stuff :D

Left Room:

- Click to zoom in cauldron, and take 2 spiders
- Move hat and take Sword
- Put sword on the Right-Side Skull picture

And stuck ....

@ Pascale:

Church: Use candle to burn the Grass Doll, and take the skull from his face. Click on the three gravesstones on the right-side to zoom in. Put skull in middle, and take all three ashes. Zoom out and zoom in on the small cauldron behind the graves, and put all three ashes in it! Take the key, zoom out, click church door to zoom in, use key to unlock and enter!

Hook: Click on the picture, Right-Side on the middle room inside Church and take the hook once zoomed in!


where is wood

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:33 AM  

What Wood? Where do I get wood? I've been trying to chop everything but no luck.

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:35 AM  

put spiders in scream faces eyes

Started cauldron on fire and lost axe and candle.

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:35 AM  

ok, got the wood off the wall with the axe and it fell to the floor or floated away. Whatever happened to it I can't find it. I hate 3Bee games!

And now get a bat

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:38 AM  


       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:39 AM  

If u highlight the hook it lightens the rooms

Got bone

Put bat to cauldron

I cant get the wood off the wall in the witches room as i call it, it seems theres screws on it, has anybody found a screwdriver?



       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:41 AM  

I'm done. Lost my wood, can't start a fire, can't proceed. No more 123Bee games for me. Can't stand playing a buggie game.

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:42 AM  

wood is under shelf now...use axe again on it

Found the wood, it's above where the Skull Picure was (where you got the Pumpkin)

Use Hammer to get it :D


Take wood with axe, no screwdraver

Pry wood off with axe, it falls to the floor. Chop it with the axe and put under cauldren, set on fire.

Another room and no escape!!!

Im trying to use the axe on the wood to pry it off but nothing happens, do you have to zoom in on it or somthing?

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:46 AM  

where do you use bone?

I think im out put key in door by the reaper but now just a black screen with casper sitting there?? Not sure if it crashed or not :(

Ranya, how did you put spiders in "screams' eyes?

Where do you use the bone?

Use bone on the blood in the main room

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:48 AM  

i took one by one and put them in each eye

Maybe i have to find casper first but im tried using the weapon in the table and "secret door" and nothign happens

Now yes: I escape at end!!

Have you used hook and rope yet?

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:51 AM  

i put it in blood now what

Put bone over book

where's bone? share...

Use it on the spooky book :D

bone on book

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 7:53 AM  

who's your master!?

you get the bone once you put the bat and pumpkin in the lit couldren

Finally found casper

You get bone fron cauldron, after put in it the bat and the pipkin.

pipkin=pumpkin :))

pumpkin room with lamp; now what?

Thanks a lot, Prid. Anyway, I have tried several times to burn the grass doll with the candle, but it must be fireproof...

How to get the BAT and to put SPIDERS ON THE "SCREAMS"/MASKS EYES!

Click on the Mask on Top-Left Wall in the Cauldron room. In your inventory, drag the LEFT-SIDE Spider on the RIGHT-EYE, and the RIGHT-SIDE Spider on the LEFT-EYE!

Zoom out, and a bat will appear. Take him once he stops!

Hope this helped :D


put candle on scarecrow toe

Brad, put pumpkins in order and get a light.

@Pascale: Have you tried to drop the Candle on his feet (his bottom-part)?


This comment has been removed by the author.

Put light in lamp now stuck.

I got out! WHat were they whinking with the diologe when you put the stuff in the pot? And the sound off the door unlocked Scared me and this time i came really close to changing my pants

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 8:04 AM  

I have the wood under the cauldron but can't light it with the candle. I only have 2 pieces, one under each foot of the cauldron. Am I missing some wood?

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 8:05 AM  

what to do afer the lamp?

@Debsrabbit: There are 3 Pieces. So you are missing one!


Have the fire going, have the bat and pumpkin - can't put them in the pot...

stuck with completed lamp?

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 8:07 AM  

Yes I was missing a piece of wood in the dark. Sorry

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 8:07 AM  

i light the lamp and now?

to put stuff in pot, change view; zoom out then click on fire

       Anonymous  10/29/09, 8:09 AM  

you dont help at all

Key inside top of lamp. Its a very small pixel area.


YAY, Finally out ^^


once i got in the church all i can get is the hook and weapon.
i am so stuck!

Where on rope in church to use axe?

power of posting..
found the rope used it with the hook.. found casper.. got a sword and pumpkin...

i can't place the wood under the cauldron, can someone help me please? where EXACTLY should i place it?

Sweeti, where is the rope? Can see one hanging grom ceiling but cannot get that.

power of posting, i found out that you can zoom in - silly me :)

Arrgh. I can't find any wood now!

Walkthrough - Part 1:


1. Click on the Hammer, left to the Scarecrows/Grass Dolls Pumpkin head! Once zoomed in, take the Hammer and zoom out!

2. Click on the Pumpkin Light on the Left-Side of the screen near Bottom, to zoom in. Use Hammer on it's rope, to cut it, and and take the light from inside Pumpkin ... and let us not forget to zoom out!

3. Click on the Scarecrow/Grass Doll in middle, to zoom in. Use Candle on the Bottom of the Scarecrow/Grass Doll [on it's feet/toe] - watch it burn! Once a Zoom-Out-Arrow appears, take the skull from the Scarecrows/Grass Dolls Pumpkin head, and zoom out!

4. Click on the 3 Graves on the Right-Side, to zoom in. Place the Skull in the middle grave, and once it turn into ashes, take all of the 3 ashes ... you can see a black pot in the background from this point of view ... zoom out!

5. If you look closely, you can see the pot you saw earlier behind the graves, on the tree. Click on the pot to zoom in, and put all 3 ashes in it, and take the key ... zoom out!

6. Click on the Church Door, to zoom the Church in. Use Key from the pot, to unlock the door, and get inside!


7. Click on the book shelf to zoom in, and then the Blue shaking Book, and watch the short cut-scene!

8. Zoom out, and click on the Dark Picture on wall [Right to the Book-Shelf], to zoom in. Take the Hook, and zoom out!

9. Move Left! Look on the ceiling, and you'll see alot of ropes. Click everywhere on the Top-Rope, and you'll get it (make sure to click on it, not outside of it)! Look on the Bottom-Right side of the room, and you'll see a red Weapon (looks like a trident). Click to take it, and Move Back!

10. Click on the Hook inside your inventory, to zoom in. Attach the Rope to it, and close zoom window! Click on the Table to zoom in, and place the Hook with Rope on it (left to the book). Click on the rope to automatically get zoomed into the Candelier. Move your cursor on the top of the Candelier, and then zoom out!

Read Next Comment For Next Part!


Walkthrough - Part 2:

11. Click on the end of the rope (the one on the secret door), to drag the table and reveal something secret! Click on Table, and then the Square-shape behind the table to zoom in. Use the Red Weapon (look like a trident) on the "Box", to open it and talk with Casper!

12. Zoom out, and Move Left! Click on the middle-Spider to zoom in, and take the 2 Spider (one on Left-Side and the other on Right-Side - but the middle one can't be taken)!

13. Zoom out, and look at the Bottom-Left side of the room, and you'll find a hat. Click on the Hat to move it, and then again to zoom in. Take the sword, and zoom out!

14. Click on the Mask [Top-Left], and put the LEFT-SIDE Spider in your inventory, on the RIGHT-EYE. And the RIGHT-SIDE Spider in your inventory, on the LEFT_EYE! Zoom out, and take the Bat when it stops flying!

15. Click on the Pirate-Picture on the Right-Side wall to zoom in, and place the sword to open it. Take the Pumpkin and zoom out! Look above where the Pirate-Picture was, and you'll see a wood - click to zoom in!

16. Use Hammer to knock down the wood, and zoom out. Now the Wood is below where the Pirate-Picture was. Use Hammer on the Wood again, to break it into 3 pieces. Take all the 3 pieces, and click at the Bottom of the Cauldron, to zoom in!

17. Place all of the 3 wood pieces under the Cauldron, and use Candle to put fire on it. Throw the Bat and then the Pumpkin inside the Cauldron. Casper will appear, talk with him. Once he flies away, take the Bone from Cauldron, and zoom out!

18. Move Back! Click on the Bottom-Right side Blood on the floor, to zoom in. Dip the Bone in the blood and take it once it's covered with blood ... Zoom out!

19. Click on the Table to zoom in. Use Bone on the Book's Left-Side, and watch the bloody scene! Once the Book closes, click on it, and the Secret Door will be opened!

20. Enter the Secret Door! Move all of the Pumpkins around a bit, and find the Largets one. Place the Largest one in the Bottom-Middle of the screen. Once that is done, find the one smaller than the Largest one, and place it above the Largest one. Do this until the Largest one is on the Bottom, and the Smallest one on the Top!

If done correctly, a light will appear on the Top of the Pumpkins. Drag the Light inside the Lamp and look at the Top of the Round Lamp-Glass. You'll see a Key, click to take it, and move out of the room!

Move Right [AWESOME GRIM REAPER]! Use Key on the Door at the end of the stairs, and escape through it. Watch the HAPPY HALLOWEEN text, and you're done :D

I really hope this helps, I used alot of time to write it and I haven't written text walkthroughs in a few days. But I also hope this one is helpful ^^


Thanks Prid

Thanks a lot, Prid !

ummm wow? Did I hear the Spanish accented Casper say "shitty smell"?


wow, navigation's a little buggy, innit?

Which bone? I dont see a bone anywhere can someone help me!??! I cant find the bone!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

my game interrupted twice with the message: "play full version, click here" :((( first time in front of the death, then i clicked the full version, game freeze in church... then i played it again, now i'm with casper, got a lot of stuff... boooom: "PLAY FULL VERSION"...

Have cauldron lit and have bat and pumpkin but they are frozen in inventory. I could move them for a second but then they won't proceed bast the inventory bar....a definite bug...too bad!

really all of you guys have eagle eyes because i can't see anything it's too dark I click everywhere and i dont get anything

really all of you guys have eagle eyes because i can't see anything it's too dark I click everywhere and i dont get anything

I cant stand 123BUGEEEEE games. was making progress, inside church and then got screen that says..Play full version, WTF, wasn't i doing that to begin with.... I should know better than to play their games...not starting over.

Wierdest point and click game that I ever played.lol

"I cant stand 123BUGEEEEE games. was making progress, inside church and then got screen that says..Play full version, WTF, wasn't i doing that to begin with.... I should know better than to play their games...not starting over."
I'm with her, the music(?) bites and I won't play it.

not completed

BUG objects stuck in inventory :(

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