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Japanese Halloween Escape Walkthrough

Japanese Halloween Escape

[REPLAY] Japanese Halloween Escape is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by TwoRiddles. In this game, you are trapped in a hall with a bunch of different doors. Your aim is now to locate the exit key and to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles at this place. Explore what is hiding behind the doors and collect treats for the ghosts to get a coloured candy in return. There are two different endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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am with u ;)

hi guys. so let's go.

I have no real idea what I am doing. I have use the bone and the thing from the freezer and gotten a white and green coin.

a bone, a paper with a clue for outside and way too many doors

I am just starting !

Got pink "dot" with "b" on the back, a dogbone, drop of water (?) and a note with a clue about the door with the dead wooden path..

stuck with the tree paper...have placed a white and a green disc in green box.

where is the pink dot? We need 4 dots to put in the box with the locked doors. Each person behind the doors seem to want something specific.

what a straneg game ... got a something (used) and a bone

the ghosts will give you dots of you give them the right item..

hmmm - I got a yellow and green coin with an s on it with the bone

ah i did not use it. it was just selected ... and i found another something in the fridge ...

ive only got green and white dot so far.

I'm with you Herm. If the others tell us how to get the pink and yellow, maybe we will do well!

it seems coins go in the wall game

got the pink one from the skull on fire. i think...

got three balls or dots and used them ... missing forth one ... where did you find the key?

I have white and green. Where is a third Nadia?

I have no key so far

Round thingy is candy:D
First, collect four candies and then solve puzzles.
2 endings? in this game.

I have nothing to give the fire skull :(

I only have white and green and what burning skull ?

maybe we have to translate whats written

got all of them from ghost by giving them stuff

2 endings probably is due to the 2 locked doors to choose between

can't find the yellow though.. anyone?

im still in the same place kitkat, let me know if you find anything..

I have nothing left to give. Where are the other prizes?

@Zazie she means the ghost behind the right door of the pumpkin face with no bottom teeth (top in your view)

i got some ice drop? from the refrigerator and a bone from the wall..used both already...cant find anymore things for exchange.

zazie: go to times to the left. Door to the right. I don't remember what i gave him. Something from the first picture i think. Was the first thing i found and i found it fast..

Siljepilje or Nadia -- what do we do with the cross?

ghosts just say give me something then give you a candy.

any use for the paper?

what am i supposed to find to get the yellow dot? and where? ;)

totally stuck now :(

I found what looks to be a waffle in one of the corners

Ok i have got it now lol. but i gave my bone away and also my drop, all i have now is the tree paper.

sorry Nadia and Siljepilje -- you seem to be farther than I am

I'm with you Zazie.

i don't know what to do at the cross ... maybe there is something to find in the trees ... hum

thank u Xenon.. this dont help much at the end!!o_O

kitkat: haven't found that out yet. tried clicking the cross the way the lines were, but nothing happens.. tried pixelhunting, but i must have overlooked something..

ok KitKat..on the first screen..click the right door then the right corner.. should be something on the floor.

xenon: what does it say when i click the tree? I wish i knew japanese... it would make the games a hole lot easier for me. :)

ok now just need the yellow..has to have something to do with the trees/cross.

no no, You don't have to search anything in trees.
just solve the puzzle.

Thanks Herm!

Now missing one candy. Thx Herm for the hint !!
And where is the key someone talked about ?

yes Herm: same with view with 3 doors

I got all the balls so now what?

Me too, i put them in the green box, but then ?

where is the last ball Pam?

now I can move the triangle but dont know what for

I got one of them from the man, there is a waffle in one of the corners that you have to give him

xenon... you are SOOOO loving this... this is torture! ;) anyone found out how to get the yellow candy?

ok got the lantern!

got key from trinagle! Had to touch it twice and it opened

find key in triangle :)

kkf there is something in the corener right of the 3 doors, click right door and then corner. Give what you find to the boy....

looks like a lego ghost in one of doors.. im am so lost. someone have a walkthrough?

halloween-town ending are there more than one? still a locked door unopened.

Ok opened other green box with key and i guess we must enter the face code like written on the paper, running to the trees to look.

thank you zazie :)

that was a nice game.

how do you get the candy with the 'w' on it? only one I'm missing

am out :)

halloween-town ending are there more than one? still a locked door unopened.

with happy Halloween in "sweet village"

i got a sweet village ending.

Found orange pumpkin argg

greenmama I can't remember which is which, but one is with the frozen thing from the freezer, one with the bone from the corner, and 2 from food on the floor.

Herm, you had to choose between the 2 doors, so I think you just replay for the other door

Got sweet village ending :)

1/ one from fridg
2/ one from the corner
3/ one in first view (green square): right door, then right corner
4/ one from view with 3 doors: right door, then right corner

i have tried giving the waffle to all of the ghosts, but noone wants it. Not even the boy.. this is just weird.

I don't know Siljepilje? The human boy took it from me.

how do you get key from the triangle? I touch it once and it goes in a circle. Nothing happens on the second touch

second end is in "halloween town'

at the second touch, touch near the flat bottom to find a hidden key.

I think i clicked it again while falling and it went back on the wall with key to take, but i not sure....

My brain is too fried to figure out the tree code. I think I will try this again another day. I have a headache. :P

kitkat: this time I did it before ur walkthrough lol

thanks kitkat... i'll try twenty more times.. ;) oooo... csi on tv...

good thing youcef or you would still be stuck

kkf same here, i have a hadache too. Too much games today LOL. Also i have cought a cold, arrghh...

kitkatfox: for the code u have to memorise the figures on the 2 trees corresponding to the paper, and for the ball: it must be at the bottom

the boy doesn't like me.. csi do. I'll wait for the walkthrough, try again then. good luck guys!!!

the rest stay unchanged then?

I even made a drawing of the tree figures, this is what i call obsessed :)

sigh. I thought I had to change them all.

kkf find the right two trees (like on the paper) and draw their faces (or keep them in your mind if you can) then enter the same figures in the green box with the ball down.

thanks Zazie. Out! (finally)

Evening all. What do I do when I get the pumpkin head lantern?

Go to the cross behind the trees.

Oh bugger, I just refreshed the wrong page. lol. Thanks though Zazie, I'll whizz through to there...

Thanks Zazie, I'm now in a Sweet Village, slurp, chomp :-)

I'm having the same problem here as Siljepilje

This is strange Truus, i did not have any problems here.

Well, I don't know why, but whenever there are any problems in a game, they seem to hit me!!! lol

You are in a room with a bunch of different doors. The goal is to find the treats for the ghosts, get the colored candy in return, and finally to get a key to get out.

You start facing the box you can put the candy in
Click the mouth over the door and see you can pick between the two locked doors
Click the right door and then click the corner -- get the donut
Go left to face the door again
Turn right
Go into the middle door and go all the way down the path to the fridge
Open it and open the freezer door to get the ice thing
Back up until you face the 3 doors again
Click the right door and then click the Lego ghost for the paper note with trees and a cross on it
Close the door but don’t back up
While still zoomed in on the closed door, click the corner -- get the waffle
Go left, back up and go right so you are facing a corner -- get the bone
Go back left to face the 3 doors and give the clown ghost behind the left door the ice-- get the white candy
Turn right 2 times and note this box is locked
If you go in the left door, you will see scary trees with a cross at the end of the path (the same trees as the note!)
Click the right door and give the skull ghost the donut for the pink candy
Turn right and click the left door and give the boy the waffle for the blue candy
Click the right door and give the ghost the bone for the green candy
Note that you can zoom in on the triangle nose
Turn right and click the green box to place the candy
Look at each one in the about item view and click it to see which letter it has
White, blue
Pink, green
Click the good button and activate something, but what?
Hmmm...turn left
Click the triangle nose to zoom in
Click it again to knock it down
It will go back but upside down, click the nose just above the flat bottom to find a hidden key -- take it, of course
Turn left and use the key on the locked box
There is a puzzle box with faces in it
That’s the same types of faces from the trees!
Go into the left door and compare your trees to the note -- I held my fingers over the drawn trees to mark the ones I wanted
(by the way, the trees are the exact same in both parts of the path, so you can use either)
Remember the faces
Back up and zoom in on the green box
Move the purple ball in to the bottom cross position by clicking the first yellow circle
Now make the 2 faces look like the trees
(both are angry. The left has the top lip curved down and the right has the top lip flat)
Hit okay and get the lantern
Note the clue about the cross
Go back down the tree path and use the lantern on the cross glass
Get the key
Go back and then go right to the 2 locked doors
For ending 1 -- use the key on the left door (Halloween Town)
For ending 2 -- use the key on the right door (Sweet Village)

truus, any chance you are offering the donut instead of the waffle?

I think my boy is on a diet, I restarted and still he doesn't want my waffle.....

Truus i had to give up the Trap House escape game because the door did not open although my drawing was right...so you are not alone lol.

o.k. I'll try that kitkatfox

Nope, the nasty little bugger doesn't want anything from me.

Guess what, he took my frozen waterdrop!!!

so the gifts change?

LOL, he is making a diet....haha.

too many waffles from everyone else. He had enough sweets ;)

I'm out!!
Oh my, I just read your walkthrough, (which is great as always btw!) and I'm ashamed to say I might have got my boys mixed up...

lol truus. You did much better than I. They practically had to carry me out of this game I needed so much help!

Aaaww, thanks kitkatfox!! You just made me feel a little less stupid.

Nice Game,,Thanks For clues every1

There's nothing like a little Halloween flash game to get you into the spirit.

       Anonymous  10/12/09, 1:58 PM  

What would we do without kitkatfox? Thanks again for a great (and funny!) walkthrough. This was a fun game - great graphics.

       Anonymous  10/27/18, 11:15 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

Halloween is very soon...!
(just look at the daily games the devs create atm ☻)
therefore the next time, we will provide also replays with a Halloween topic - enjoy, mwahahahahah ☻!
(btw, the game isn't rated - yet...!)

ありがとう for all your creations, 2R ☺
& thx KKF for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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