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Kidnapped by Ghosts Walkthrough

Kidnapped by Ghosts

[REPLAY] Kidnapped by Ghosts is another new point and click type adventure game created by Selfdefiant. What happened? I knew it wasn't a very good idea to go exploring this spooky house.Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Kidnapped by Ghosts Walkthrough
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ohh first

ok, let's give it a try

hope this is better than shmily!

hi all

use purple X to pick lock on wardrobe drawer

green square corresponds to chess board in room B, but I don't get the clue

don't know where to use key i found in the picture

Hi guys!

oops, nvm, i didn't read the top caption. green thing is chalkboard.

good evning E.B

key from chess board is for the bathroom

hi everyone. how is the game so far?

am i supposed to give that flower water? don'tknow how to get water from bathroom there- need a cup or something-

used key from picture for the door beside stairs. found more romms.

lit candle by bookshelf - really don't want to click on all those books

ooh - hidden passage behind bookcase

got a crystal ball... and purple flower on chalk board...

so many rooms!

@nadia, use goblet to get water from bathroom

how do you get behind bookcase? lighted the three candles,now stuck. clicking around.

which picture had the key?

how do you get out of the are behind the bookcase?

Shreyas just keep clicking til you see some stairs, then go up

has anyone used the doll yet?

use candle in room C to find order for picture

Hello everybody. Finally, a LIVE game :D

And it looks like am TOO FAR behind everyone!


hm, can't find goblet. do you remember in which room it was?

and out...

one of the rooms has a pic of doll.. use in that room

goblet was behind bookcase

@zoz, put doll on pillow in room D

zoz: found the key in the so called chalk board bye just moving all the ghost in one place. was just a try at the ver beginning.

goblet was in the cellar - passage behind bookcase

ok shreyas, so that is my problem. i still didn't figure out, how to get there ...

my chalkboard is getting full. maybe near then end? Can't keep track of any more rooms

After putting in the red heart, a purple triangle is blocking a door. Now stuck.

after you light all the candles next to bookcase, click one of the books (start from the top) to open the hidden passage

zoz, i was wrong. the chalk board is the thing i have got. i found the key in the picture with the ghosts in one of the first rooms.

For the Bookshelf, click all the YELLOW books, and it should open.

I have a crystal ball, and don't know what to do with it, YET!

Also I can't get the doll on the picture, how?


Ruff... there are clues you find which tell you what color the different parts should be

can anybody tell me please how to get behind bookcase?

ok, just seeing the answer to my question.thanx

@nadia, click a yellow book to get behind bookcase.

where is the heart?


@shreyas, thanks for the hints.

thx everybody, cool game

Go into the bathroom, and fill glass with water. Pour water on every flower you see, to get colors!


cant figure out what to do with crystal ball??

Shreyas - can you give another hint on the triangle? Do I need 4 floweres?

@youcef, go to dungeon, put crystal ball in machine, a box containing heart will come out.

put the crystal ball into the machine in jail than appears heart

Oops, sorry! Don't pour water on every flower.. There are different clues to get those colors!


PURPLE: In ROOM F, light the purple candle
RED: Fill glass with water in bathroom, and pour it on the red flower outside


oh duh - nvm

out - great game!

got purple and red flower on chalk board. are there more?

Once Heart is put inside the shape-heart, the code for the magic field is the flowers shape + color! Try to figure out how to get those other colors, so far RED & PURPLE!


thnx Nadia& Ruff I'd completly forget about that machine :P
see u in the next one

ah, third one is without color. solved the triangle.

ah, that was it already. out. i liked this game

The last one is black, but I think it's easier to figure it out!

The RED flower has 8 leaves, and the color is red. The PURPLE flower has 4 leaves, and the color is purple. The leaves shapes are the same on the puzzle! If you change all the leaves that looks like the red one, to RED color. And all the leaves that looks like the purple one, change to PURPLE color! And you can guess those 4 dots





Nadia - you also need a black flower

Nadia: in fact the third is black :)

in the passage behind the bookshelf, use the crystal ball on the hole in the machine producing boxes

and out....very nice...logic ...and easy.

thanks for all the help. see you guys next time. i have to go to sleep now.

yeah, thanks. did not see if it was black or transparent but i thought it was the color of the flower i could not do anything with. think it was already dead, so grey or black. solved it anyway. thanks and bye guys.

Just click the four bright yellow books to get behind the bookcase.



1. Move the Pillows, and take the X-Shapes Hair Sticks. Move Right/Left, and talk with the Ghost.

2. Take Chalkboard inside box, and use Hair Clips to open the bottom Drawer. Take the Key, and use to get out of the room (use it on door)!

3. Enter "ROOM B", on your Left-Side. Click on the ChessBoard, and remeber the 4 positions (where the black pieces are). Move Right, and remember the YELLOW book, especially it's COLOR, and get out of the room!

4. Go "Down Stairs", and Move Twice Left. Enter "Kitchen", on Left-Side! Click on the Chessboard, and place the 4 pieces as seen before on "ROOM B", and if you don't remember, just check your Chalk Board! Once done, take the key and move out of the room.

Here is a little Guide for the Chess:

You see that there are 2 white squares on top of the chessboard. If you look one step below it, you'll see 3 white squares! Place 3 black pieces on those 3 white squares. Look two steps below the row where you places those 3 pieces, and you'll see another 3 white squares. Place the last piece on the middle white square!

5. Move Left, and use key you just got, to get inside "Bathroom"! Move Left/Right, take candle on shelf, and get out!

6. Move Twice Right/Left, and go Upstairs. Get inside "ROOM C", on the Right-Side! Light the Candle on table, and look at the ghosts positions (click the drawing to get it on your chalk board). Get out of the room!

7. Move Downstairs, and click on picture on wall with those ghosts! Place the ghosts as shown on the table. Once done, take the key and Move Left. Use key you just got, to get inside the door, next to the stairs!

Guide for the Ghost Picture:

Put all the ghosts out of the picture, on the left or right side just to sort things.

- Place HIGHEST Ghost in the middle
- Place the one shorter than the HIGHEST one, left to the HIGHEST Ghost
- Place the one who's in middle of Short & High, left to "the one shorter than the HIGHEST one"
- Place the one shorter than the "between high & short" ghost, right to the HIGHEST one
- Place the shortest one, on the most right-side

Read Next Comment For Next Part



8. Move Right. Get inside "ROOM F", right ahead! Take Crystal Ball on shelf, and light the Purple Candle on table. Once done, the Purple flower will grow up. Remember the shape of the flower's leaves, and the color Purple. Get out of the room!

9. Move Twice Back, and then Move Left! Light those 3 Candles, and click on all of the YELLOW books (remember the yellow book on the shelf, it was a clue)! The shelf will move, revealing a secret door. Get inside!

10. Move Right, and put Crystal Ball inside the Machines black hole (Bottom-Right of the Machine)! Take Crystal Heart from box.

11. Move Left, Move Up, and pull the Left-Side chain to open the cage. Take the Doll (still don't know why), and Move Back. Take the Goblet/Glass, and Move Left, and then Move Twice Up, out of the cave!

12. Move Left, and enter "Bathroom" on Right-Side! Move Left/Right, and fill Goblet/Glass with water from the sink, and move out! Pour the water on the Red Flower. Remember the leaves shape, and the color RED!

Move Twice Right, and enter door on Right-Side. Get inside "ROOM D" on Left-Side, and place the Doll, Left-Side on the bed. Once done, the BLACK FLOWER will bloom, and remember it! Move Twice Back.

13. Move Right, and put Crystal Heart inside the Heart-Shape behind the table. The Wall will be opened, and it will be blocked by a magical frield!

14. You remember the PURPLE FLOWER which had 4 LEAVES, and the RED FLOWER which had 8 LEAVES, and the BLACK FLOWER which had 4 LEAVES. Use that to crack the code for the Magical Field!

Change all the LONG spike-like leaves, to RED COLOR. Change all the 4 Leave-shapes between those LONG spike-like ones (not the dots, but the ones looking like 2 leaves joined togehter) - change them into PURPLE COLOR. And remember the BLACK FLOWER, from the room where we put the doll on the bed, and the BLACK FLOWER bloomed, revealing BLACK DOTS as it's LEAVES!

15. Once done, just enter the door. Congratulations! You just beat another Flonga sponsored Selfdefiant Escape Halloween Game :D

Please tell me if this walkthrough was helpful or not. I really hope this one helps, because most of you people prefer text walkthroughs instead of video walkthroughs :D


I will play it tomorrow, too late here right now :( Thx Self !

Yes, another great game by Self Defiant..Love his games!!!

Prid, your WT was great..Thank You

Wow, That was easy and fun and I didn't need any hints or clue help. I like these little type of games.

       Anonymous  10/13/09, 12:47 AM  

The Doll went on the bed with the doll pic on the wall....I never did get the locker with the glued shut doors open!...

       Anonymous  10/13/09, 12:48 AM  

Very very nice game, these are the ones i really enjoy. Couldn´t make it through this labyrint of doors and rooms without looking at the comments.
Very good walkthrough Prid, tnx. ;.)

Huh...that was pretty simple. It's not bad.

Now, this is a fun, doable escape game. More like this, please!!

thank you prid for your walkthru you sure got me thru i just about had everything but didn't know what to do with them until i came to your wt

       Anonymous  10/14/09, 6:46 AM  

GREAT walkthrough, Prid. Thanks!! I love this game, too. Logical and fun!

really great game!!!!!! i enjoyed it:)

Liked this game . Little different than the others but I liked it . (:

Ooh..an old SD game I haven't played before. That chalkboard is a spiffy idea!

thanx SD, ithink I have to play again

nayana, India, 03/01/12 16.36 ist

just as much fun second time around

I'm pretty sure I did play it before, but fun to replay anyway.

working link:


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