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The Sherlock Holmes Riddle Walkthrough

The Sherlock Holmes Riddle

The Sherlock Holmes Riddle is another online riddle game from Riddlex. Another change the URL type riddle game by the creator of Alice Riddle with 20 levels. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: Please don't post exact answers. Just post hints for the levels.

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Hi, is anyone there?

i'm here and already stuck on the 1st one

same here

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 7:21 AM  

Oh no, an UCG...

it is supposed to be a 5letter word

i've tried teddy (as in roosevelt) and santa but no go

is it a holmes character or an actual person?

Holmes is a character. Anyway, his help is - Every journey has a beginning. Must be the clue.


Use first letters of paragraphs.

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 7:36 AM  

Very Smart Christopher, thanks... ;.)

just say what you see? cop car hat? cop car bonnet?

copper car bonate

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 7:56 AM  

Wow James, good finding..lol

in Holmes England, a cop might be known as 'copper' also, it helps to spell things wrong occasionally ;)

thanks. The next one is a bit tougher

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 8:01 AM  

Yes, third one is tough, i don´t even understand the question
Must work on my English........lol

study around the violin for something out of place....in AD 1880-1910!

i can not figure out reagent. any help?

add copper to car to bonnet(spell differently)

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 8:08 AM  

The picture´s too small for me, can´t see anything out of place. Other hint James?

I see a calculator but it doesn't work

i can't tell what that is n i can't zoom in

no zoom...that stinks!

what are you seeing jon?

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 8:11 AM  

Zoomed in using Microsoft office picture manager , it´s a calculator

has anyone checked the source clue?

Check the page source

something to do with adding I would assume. I used addingredients..no good.


http://regex.info/exif this is a great riddle aid!! use in FF for best results

James, i am trying to decode the source code

thanks, I got it.

in source:
8 - E
8 - J
0 - 1
0 - 7
P + 1
0 - 7
L + 7
8 - 7
L + 7
0 - 1
L + I

I saw that too Jon...very peculiar.

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 8:22 AM  

Too hard for me and i guess it´s gonna be tougher further on in the game. Going to pick up my son from school now

Good luck!!! ;:)

it's pretty sad that outta 20 levels we're all stuck on the 3rd one

so...8 - e = i

how did you get that Jon?

think how the digit 8 looks on a calculator and how the letter E would appear, subtract the letter e from 8, i am thinking out-loud on this, with this method i have gibberish as an answer: ifclalotoncu, i am now looking for a way to code that!

those letters spell calculation f...we are getting warmer Jon!! Great work

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:09 AM  

The answer is: flocculation!
Using Jon's answer, I unscrambled it!

great work elastic

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:15 AM  

The next one is confusing.

brilliant EH! wonder how to word the next one?

the name of this riddle?..hmmm

Is the thing in the left corner a magnifying glass?

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:18 AM  

I don't think so.
The name of the riddle?

There are lenses in the telescope thing...

is it something to do with a mermaid? there is a tiny ship, a cannon and a telescope - all 'ship' things....

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:28 AM  

There was a table top magnifying glass on the previous page.

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:28 AM  

Hmm, but what's the name of this riddle?


hmmmm - something to do with the sea...?

I thought the name of the riddle was simply "the magnifying glass" so I zoomed in on the page, without any results

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:45 AM  

The words "The magnifying glass" are at the top of the page, under the words chapter 4.

I've tried Chapter4, top.

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:46 AM  

I've tried those, too!
But it says where....
Where, oh where?

@ cricketer

Thanks to your comment I figured it could be "under the sea" (C from chapter) but it's not

Kelly ur a genius...there is something on the image - down the left hand side by the edge of the book - some sort of code...? can't figure it out.

morse codes!

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:51 AM  

Yes! It is morse code!

it starts with under

under receipts

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:56 AM  

The first word is under, but the second is...

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:56 AM  

just receipt

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:57 AM  

But it doesn't work.

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 9:58 AM  

Nevermind, it is receipts! But Kelly, it doesn't work!

good work team - now onto the timetable....

it does work - UNDERRECEIPTS

I have to refuel now.

Good luck!

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 10:03 AM  

Yeah, it does. I probably spelt it wrong the first time.
Anyways, I've found some timetables. But they are too tiny to read.

i think it's something to do with the train itself...not solved it yet though!

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 10:06 AM  

Well...there are the numbers 5553
and there is two t's that looks like the railroad crossing thing.

Wow....this next one is difficult!

think i'm onto the answer but can't get the right url...try looking at the train as if it's a clock!

tried 5x5x5x3 and came up with 375 or 4:15 but it doesn't work

Looks like hands of watch, front of the train. I have tried 06 30, nothing

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 10:09 AM  

I see it!!

0730, nothing, 0830 nothing

also tried 8:30 and 830 (arms on front of train) w no luck

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 10:10 AM  

it looks like 8:30

doesn't work spelled out either

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 10:11 AM  

I tried writing the whole word. Not working.

i think the clock is showing 7:30 but can't crack the url

Consult Holmes: You need to find more information.

I thought there might be an old time table on the wikipedia entry on the Reading to Plymouth Line which started off at Paddington, but no;
neither does the museum of the great western railway, which served this line.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I found this, but +.čé is not working
This is the 1.40 a.m. Paddington to Plymouth express, which covers the 225 ¾ miles in 265 minutes, an average throughout speed of 51.1 miles an hour. At present the Great Western time-tables feature no fewer than 53 passenger trains, covering 4,359 miles each week-day, travelling at start to stop speeds varying from 55 to 69 miles an hour, a really fine performance, of which any railway might well be proud.

This comment has been removed by the author.

sorry, 1,40 is not working

So, I guess I didn't miss much

lol kelly - not really - we're battling with the timetable....

think carola is onto something but not sure what url might be

have googled "fastest train from pad to ply" "train 5553" "pad to ply timetables" etc and getting nowhere!

@nikki, I googled and found the page Lubka just copied and pasted...

but did the time work?

140am, 140, 0140, 0140am all didn't work
Maybe onefourty

i'm not finding any times that work

This comment has been removed by the author.

the cornishman WAS the fastest train b-t the two in the early 1900s.left at 10:15

ithink it is 10:15am, arrives plymouth at 1:50pm but 10:15, 10:15am, 10.15, 10.15am don't work for me

found another site - says train left at 10:10 july -sept. http://mikes.railhistory.railfan.net/r017.html

and remember it says no punctuation in the answer

in The hound of the Baskervilles: another adventure of Sherlock Holmes, there is a note related to a 10:30 train from Paddington leaving only on Sunday and "tomorrow" in the riddle is actually sunday.
Hope can help

I was thinking, maybe it's a year. I tried 1890, the first year the train ran. Well, that's not the answer

There is also "The 4.50 train from Paddington" by Agatha Christie.

ok lets recap...

The riddle indicates "the fastest train to Plymouth from Paddington tomorrow" - this does seem to indicate The Cornishman. This departs either 10:15 or 10:30 am (changed in 1895 according to wikipedia). But no attempts to turn this info into a url (e.g. 1015.htm, 1015am.htm, tenfifteen.htm, etc) seem to work.

anyone got any ideas whatsoever...???!!!

I tried the british way "half past 10/ten" "15/fifteen past 10/ten" etc

maybe 5553 mean the time on 5/5/1953

The stuff in the source all looks like gibberish to me

i AM ONLY thinking... would Sherlock Holmes take third-class train?

ok call off the hunt folks - there is an actual timetable hidden on the site - use the code in the source to locate timetable1.jpg, then change the 1 to a 2....

there is a timetable to look at!

still can't figure out how to write the url though...!!!!

you know, i tries timetable1.jpg.. never thought about turning it into a 2

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 11:48 AM  

The name of the image on the page contains a 1, timetable1.jpg. None of the other images have a number. Very first timetable?

The only other difference is the directory of the htm files has changed from briar to cane.

I was never good with timetables..

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 11:52 AM  

Corbu, well done!!

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 11:55 AM  

1057 is fastest for Sunday.

1057 and tenfiftyseven don't work.

1057 does appear fastest but it's also a misprint - do you think that's on purpose...?

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 12:03 PM  

corbu, Good point, the last leg of the journey is over an hour on the other trains, but it's only 13 mins on that one.

a misprint?

yeah it is a misprint - if you look at leg of journey between Tiverton Parkway and Exeter it goes back in time! lol

HA like I said, I'm not good with misprints. If that timetable was real life, I'd be screwed :D

This comment has been removed by the author.

and when I said misprints at 20:10 I meant timetables..
Yeah.. I'm leaving. It's old horrormovie night!

@Kelly lol - mind you it seems to happen at other times too. perhaps i'm wrong. anyway cricketer is right - 13 mins from exeter to plymouth is impossible!!! it's about 35 miles, implying an average speed of 160mph!!! not on english train lines methinks....


is the current timetable. The legend explains the 'backward times': the light type denotes a connecting service -> change trains, probably in Taunton.

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  10/26/09, 2:37 PM  

Look at the front of the train.

There is 5553 and TXT. Put these together for another file name.

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 2:43 PM  

On to the level 6. Holmes clue says "You will need Holmes crossword clue".

In the source code it says. Not a jpg. The image is called crosswordclue.jpg. So far tried, gif, txt, doc.

excellent cricketer!! ignore the mistake on the timetable(time travel) and go with your instinct!!

right... I have been fiddling with the TXT ever since I got here (same time as you guys... lol... but I had three hours sleep in between) But I can't for the life of it find any clue in the source, or find a way to put 5535 and txt together to get a timetable image or page...

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 3:38 PM  


In the source code for the page is the file name timetable1.jpg. Change the 1 to a 2 in the URL and hit return. This gives you the timetable.

5553 is the file name, txt is the suffix. Just put them together with a dot between and that gives you another file in the same directory. Paste that into the URL and hit return. This gives you a clue.

whats the extension for the Xword puzzle???
I can't figure it out! =[

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 5:21 PM  

A hint for 6.

You need "holmes crossword clue", the suffix isn't jpg.

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 5:28 PM  

can someone just say in plain english what the answer for level five is please?

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 5:34 PM  

level 5


Thanks so much cricketer... turned out I was using my numbers in the wrong order!

Anyone on 6?

       Anonymous  10/26/09, 10:52 PM  

Anyone on seven? We're stuck with the map.

Marcello, i'm no good at cryptic crosswords! Can you give me a hint on the clue:
"Unsettled comedian lacked the energy to be funny (7)"

It's ok, I got it!

Try this website if you're stuck:

Stuck on 7. Have found "the map", but don't know what to do next? Any help marcello?

This comment has been removed by the author.

got coordinates, but not sure how to get an answer from that

       Anonymous  10/27/09, 2:45 AM  

natasja, try the word(s) of the location rather than the coordinates. I went through and tried all locations.

hmmm.. I got it, but I don't know why. Which is not very satisfactory. I linked all the coordinates to the locations (one coordiate short though) Thanks again anyway cricketer :o)

ok so what's with the map. i've got the map, i've cracked the cypher, i can see they're coordinates and one is missing. but i've tried every url i can think of and no luck! any hints anyone...?

       Anonymous  10/27/09, 11:02 AM  

corbu, are you on level 7? All I did was try each of the place names in the URL and got it by brute force. I didn't work out the semaphore type images.

If the place has two words try both the first word, and both words. If you do that with each one you'll eventually find it.

       Anonymous  10/27/09, 11:06 AM  

Hint for level 8:

Think of "right way up" and "upside down" as yes, no, yes, no .....

Use this and Holmes hint.

       Anonymous  10/28/09, 2:17 AM  

While trying to decipher level 9, I've found the d****** m** and see what you mean about the coordinates. The coordinates of the answer aren't the missing ones.

LVL 9 is stumping me. I've got the right c****r i think and the necessary k**s and know what i'm trying to decode but can't seem to get it to work. Any pointers....?

       Anonymous  10/28/09, 5:13 AM  

Same here corbu,

I think k*****d is m*******o, or s*******n(latin to english translation), other k** using Holmes clue, is one of three possibilities.

Word to decode in s*****?

I think I've tried every combination.

       Anonymous  10/28/09, 5:27 AM  

Holmes hint,

Last letter is also key.

Tried t,o,n(from latin to english), also tried y for last letter of 'key'.

       Anonymous  10/28/09, 5:41 AM  

corbu, I've just thought. Try converting any of your answers to lower case before putting in the URL.


cricketer, thanks for the input. i've managed to crack it. you need to translate the key to english....also 'last letter' is literal ;-)

completely stumped by level 9,,, any clues?

@ D S

1. Check the source
2. read what Holmes says
3. look at the pic (and think what the translation of this might be)

The 3 things you find need to work together to get your answer. You just need to figure out which c****r to use.... :-)

       Anonymous  10/28/09, 9:15 AM  

corbu, is the key m*******o, so in English s*******n?

I'm assuming the answer will be a real word.

       Anonymous  10/28/09, 10:16 AM  


Dozy me LOL!! I'd used a translation site and kept using that as the translated key, not what it really meant. If you see what I mean.

Thanks for the last letter tip.

Finally on to level 10.

Level 10 is a tough one ...Best hint is what is the word *This* in the Holmes hint.......and the answer is 9 letters?? Hmmmm

hey anyone around? stuck on 14 if anyone's got that far!!!!

ok 14 cracked - 15 hmmmm.....

15 done. 16.....

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 12:02 PM  

corbu, I'm stuck on 13, could you give me a hint please.

You will need the two clues that Lestrade gave Holmes.

I don't know where to start. Nothing in the s*****.

Level 16

Snakes and ladders you need to play the game .....and watch where you end up!

       Anonymous  10/31/09, 4:23 AM  

Carol, do you have any hints for level 13. I'm totally stumped.


       Anonymous  10/31/09, 12:30 PM  

nvm, I've done 13.

       Anonymous  11/17/09, 3:29 PM  

still cant figure out who the visitor was #1 very begininng. help anyone? clue.....?

whats #6 "the crossword clue".......... any hints or answer

still stuck at 6....

Where do you write the answer?

plss help I do not know what to do on chapter 11

stuck #6

@ zero; Help us get past lvl 6, and when we get to 11 maybe we can help you.

can anybody help me I'm stuck on 6 I got the energy clue from holme's words but it doesn;t work

on 6 sorted that is correct please try again but where?

Up to 10 ... ...

Working on 12.
Any help available here?
I have read all 7 pages of the Riddlex forum; checked, rechecked, followed as far as I can but I still cannot get some of the stuff that other people are getting.

What am I missing?

Level 13 is even worse!

Nothing on the forums so far helps and I can't even get a starter ... ...

Any help appreciated.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Could anyone please answer the level 6...

For #6 it says sorted, please try again.html
read closely please try AGAIN.HTML
type that in your url but lowercase
im stuck on #7 cant get the map

anyone please help me with chapter 8!!! any clues?

completely stuck on level 9 any helpful tips???

I'm stuck at Chapter 6. I would need a hint to find Holmes' crosswords clue. The only thing I have found is "not a jpg" and I don't know what to do with this.

okay i am stuck at the first one -_- can any one please help?

#7, where is the map? Someone please help.

arey bhai....can u give me d answer for level 6 ?

can i get the answer for level 6?

Where's The MAP on chapter 7 please help!!!!

stuck at chapter 9.. please easy hints..

for chapter 9..the 3 hints are:
marevirgo which means MERMAID
last letter which is "Z"
and the letters in the page source - LZASOBUFOKLDT..

but i really dont know what to make out of these! PLEASE HELP!

You have the correct translation for MareVirgo, and your last letter. THe letters in the S***** are a C****r. You need to correct one to decode. Anyone want to give help on Chapter 10? I think I have all of the K*** I'm confused on the fact that one of them is not an actual word..

Stuck in ch 7.. wrote d word p*****s and its sayin 'close'..Not able to find d right word..someone plzz help...

Can anyone say wats da 3answer I have been stuck in it from 2days

Your hints for #9 aren't making sense!
I don't know what you mean by C****r K*** & S*****
Somebody please help me!

If it says that you are "close" that means you are physically close on the map. Keep guessing nearby options.

think about the phrase "a map"
look at the hint sherlock gave you
think about how this is a URL replacement game
"a map"
the hint
URL.file extension

Help with Chapter 9! What c****r should I use?

I've started banging away at this. Too bad I'm so late to the party.
Chapter 9
Use the Keyed Caesar Cypher.

Actual Size -
Thank You! I think that is literally the only one I didn't try.

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