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The Ballad of Ketinetto 6 Walkthrough

The Ballad of Ketinetto 6

The Ballad of Ketinetto Part 6 - The Totem Island is the sixth episode of The Ballad of Ketinetto point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, who is also the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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The Ballad of Ketinetto 6 Video Walkthrough

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here we go!

made the potion, but i cant drink it for some reason

here with you but can't find eggs

Just starting (loading)

no eggs for me either...

lose branch from below the skulls

click the area that says coast, zoom in on the beach, and poke around in sand w/the stick to find eggs

       Anonymous  11/27/09, 8:01 AM  

found a bottle and mixed with cocconut


       Anonymous  11/27/09, 8:02 AM  

wheres the eggs?

All i have is plant, coconut and bottle and stuck...

I can make holes in the sand lol

third egg is driving me crazy!!!

yes Zazie! thats how you find the eggs

Sarah touch treasure to find kinetto.

there was one kind of under the right side of rock, and one in the middle of bottom along edge of game i think

       Anonymous  11/27/09, 8:07 AM  

anybody can say me where i find the eggs please????

made the potion but can't drink it either

Drisana Thank you! ive been here for twenty or so minutes trying to figure that out! lol

sorry ketinetto ... :)

I found the eggs, one was a bit to the left near water.

Hi all!

       Anonymous  11/27/09, 8:11 AM  

nevermind... found myself

How do you open the eggs ?

So now she is tripping

Zazie...just use the rock under the palm and the add/combine symbol with the bottle

Ahhh now it worked....

Stuck with the tree. Got a lot of things, put the plant in the hole left of tree, can move the cloud...
Trying to catch the fly with the "flying fish" (playing in spanish and don't know the english word) but no luck

i have pollen, 5 leaves and plant and stuck...

Found stick, coconut, bottle, plant, egg. Combine bottle, plant, egg and coconut to make a potion.
Now I only have bottle of potion and stick and stuck.

have pollen, four leaves, fire stones, can make a bee appear as well as bubbles, have no idea what to do

You can pick up fire stones and release a fly to feed to the lizard by clicking rocks.

Cannot drink it either, how ?????????

use leaves with fire stones on a rock...

       Anonymous  11/27/09, 8:16 AM  

drinking the poison...

Move hand to where the treasure is. Be sure she has the bottle. She will drink then.

hi all! i have 5-6 leaves(dont remember the count), fire stones, pollen, bottle of potion and stick.put the plant in the small hole.maybe something goes in the bigger one too...

       Anonymous  11/27/09, 8:17 AM  

Did u get it yet, Zazie? Maybe I'm having a bug problem...

Use the pollen on the fly to put the lizard to sleep.

i think we have to make rain...

Made fire, now the cloud is grey.

Nooo Amber won´t take my bottle !!

Other scene. What must we to do?

cloud gets darker if it stands over fire

put the cloud over the leaves and burn!

Hi all just starting, found three eggs, a bottle, a cocnut and a branch and stuck, what to do with the eggs???

oh eggs in the bottle...weird

       Anonymous  11/27/09, 8:20 AM  

Ah, Thanks Cynthia. :)

Combine them with bottle like the other stuff too.

which rock do we use leaves and firestone on?

Finally i have got it ! Thx..

Sarah most left stone

i can only find 4 leaves, any hints on the other one?

how to get water in the bottle, guess i have to break the coconut, but how ...

click on the stone with the fly coming out then put the pollen on him.lizard eats him and goes to sleep lol

on the big rock under coconut tree gabi

well done notty..

found it, crashed the nut on the big stone

if you release the fly again it gets eaten by the big plant on the right

i still cant find the 5th leaf, hmmm....

Got green liquid in right flower (when reptil is sleeping, click the fly again and click the little white flower so it is under the "big" flower on the side)

Free fly again

we need to catch the gam for the tree?

sarah, i remember there was one near the plant from which you get pollen and i think another top right near the tree.theres another close to amber too..

Thank you Notty! found it! :)

can't pick up green liquide

TY Sarah, i am a little late in this game, looking for leaf now

I cannot see any fly ?

Zazie, click small stone under big stone on the left side of screen

your welcome gabi! :)

If you play around with the bubbles, the eel, and the cloud you can get the rain to fall and apples to grow!

your welcome sarah!
i'm trying to see if the fly can change direction again and maybe go to the plant on top...just an idea

Fly below stone

Thnak you Sarah :)

my kinetto says: "I am waiting for the bubble at 9:30" what does that mean???

ah great job ergaster!..got myself an apple!

lol notty.

And now what?


I'm totally stuck.

I am stuck with the apple now.

ergaster you the best, but what to do with apple?

and i'm out! or atleast done with this part..
feed the apple to the other plant and you get gum

place the black cloud to the lest of guy in tree, click stone with bubbles and right fter that the eel - the eel will fly to the cloud - click the eel again and itll rain

       Anonymous  11/27/09, 8:38 AM  

lol he really waited for the bubble...thx ergaster! Out...

i dont know how, but there was some lightening and thunder, then rain, and now i have apples!

give the apple to the upper big plant, out, TY all!!


Thanks notty! Done!

thank you ergaster and Gnouche!!! finally OUT!

Now there is some red liquid in the plant but how to get it out ?

No problem! I'm usually the one who's completely hopeless at these.....

zazie, if the green liquid is already in it then i think you just have to click it

To be continued..

Upps notty i have no green liquid lol

POP i found green liquid and out.
Thx everybody for the help !!

and out! yes:)


Thank guys for all your hints.

is there anyone still? I feel stupid, but I already gave the gum to the tree and nothing happened... ketinetto is still waiting for the bubble, and it seems I can't do anything else!

power of posting... I got it! I never got the plant behind the tree...

I don't open the egg's, i use the rock under the palm, but nothing happens. Sorry for my english!

I have no idea whereto get the plant needed for the potion. Help please?

@Lori drag your mouse to the far right of the screen, just below and to the right of the palm tree and big stone, it will highlight the plantitux-psy (the little green stick leaf looking thing) just behind the far right white circle in the sand.

@Umi - combine the eggs with the bottle in your inventory, then crack open the coconut on the big stone under palm tree (I had to do this a couple of times to get it to work)

Thanks kndm!

such fun!

Thank's Kndm!

where is the fire stones

walkthrough any one??

Coconut is in palmtree


- first of all you have to make the potion. click on the skulls to find out what you need..
1. get the bottle lying in the seawater
2. plant(plantitus whatever) is on the stone thats right of the palm tree
3. on the palm tree between 2 leaves you can get the coconut.use it on the big stone to break it
4. on the stick that the skulls are on, you can get a branch (more to the bottom)
go to the coast (thats left of the palm tree) and use the stick to make holes to find the reptile eggs
5. combine each of the items with the bottle and you got your potion.
- click on the treasure in the water to drink potion

- so now you're in a strange trippy looking forest..click on the branch of the tree and you find out it needs fruits.
click on the mouth of the tree and he wants gum..click around on the stones..one gives a fly the other bubbles.cloud and eels move as well

- get pollen from flower on the left
- get plant on the right of tree.you can put this into the hole at the back of the tree..clicking on it then gives you some smoke..
- get fire stones just right of amber's foot
- there are 5 leaves around the scene:
1. left of the flower on the left
2. left of amber
3. on the big stone left of the tree
4. right of the eel
5. on top of the eel

- click on the cloud till its on the left of the scene
- put the leaves on the stone on the left (you cant pick this one up) .use the fire stones on it and get a black cloud
- click on the stone which gets out the fly and put the pollen on him.the lizard eats him and goes to sleep
- click on the same stone again and now the flower on the right eats him and gives some weird green liquid into the flower

- now you need some rain..click on the cloud till its just left of ketinetto or above the tree
- click on the stone that gives you bubbles and just after that click on the eel...the eel goes up
- click on the eel again and you got rain.take the apple
- click on the flower twice.it should be inclined at the bottom now
- give the apple to the eating flower on the top. this one gives you red liquid that goes into the flower
- click on the flower and you've got gum.give it to the tree
- click on the plant in the hole and a bubble pops out which brings ketinetto down

end of the nightmare....you're out!! for now atleast :)
hope that helped :D

cannot find the game, link doesn't work?

can't get the gum..help...

working link:


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