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Dinx - Lost Treasure of Ergotten Walkthrough

Dinx - Lost Treasure of Ergotten

Dinx-Lost Treasure of Ergotten is another new point and click type adventure game from Flonga. You will be heading to an undisclosed location where someone has reported the great treasure of Ergotten. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone else here?

Just waiting for it to load up.

Not a big fan of these sort of games, will sit on the fence till someone makes a walkthrough.

Yes Keldos, let's see what we have here

hey, looks like we have to find corks to put in the wall

Looks like we need 8 of those cork things, but I can only find one. Any figure out how to move bricks?

I've taken all the creepers, but they keep reappearing. Bug?

       Anonymous  11/2/09, 1:20 PM  

There are 4 corks, and a map behind the grass to show you where they go.

I'm stuck with a bar and a plank and can't figure out how to move the one brick with the square hole or break through the wall with a crack in it.

Something isn't right. This game I think. Got one cork and a stick.

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got 4 corks used on wall but dont know what it done had pole used and now have plank of wood and torch now stuck

use stick on crate and get a log

seems like like plank of wood should fit, but it won't go in

and can't get him to get the blue thing!

       Anonymous  11/2/09, 1:31 PM  

You can also use the pole/bar on a cracked wall, the room farthest around counter-clockwise that has the wood spindle thing. If you turn that 4 times a cork will drop out.

From the crack I got a green triangle shape, but I have not seen a triangle hole anywhere.

got bomb used on the crack in wall

Icusd, how have you got so far? I can't do anything with the bar or the plank of wood.

       Anonymous  11/2/09, 1:36 PM  

A bomb? From where?

       Anonymous  11/2/09, 1:37 PM  

I'm stuck at the moment with a bar and a plank of wood. Sounds like we are at the same place.

Bomb!!!! Where?

the wall were you put the pegs in once you have them in click on 1 of the pegs and you get more pegs from it put these in the rest of the slots and it will open the other door

i put the corks in the right place according to the wall but nothing happened. i also can't reach the blue thing or move the bricks.got a triangle, the kid is holding a pipe, but stuck now.

This game is rather cute so far.

I'm having a little bit of a hard time with how dark the background is.

I'm gonna start again. I can't do anything. Grrr

when i put the corks in i pressed the 1 to the further right at top and got more pegs

Oh bugger, automatic save. haha.

I'll try again

       Anonymous  11/2/09, 1:48 PM  

Thank you! I would not of thought to take them back out.

I can't get the bomb into the crack in the wall... just isn't happening.

and done i will try to help anybody that needs it

evie if you click the bomb then drop it then it will work

       Anonymous  11/2/09, 1:50 PM  

Kid finds lost treasure! I'm out.

Got it, thanks!

keldos, I have 1 cork, a bar and a plank of wood. I can't get the blue thing and I can't do anything with the crack or the vent. Give me a clue for pity's sake. :-)

if you got to the room with thing on floor you need to put code in it which is on 1 of the wall blankets you will get in another room where you will get another cork and cant mind what else

green gem?

Oh silly me. I just found more rooms. lol

the green gem you get from solving the puzzle in the room with the large mousehole a ball rolls out and you have to put it in the pillar that has the round hole in

thanks keldos, i didn't find that room either!

       Anonymous  11/2/09, 2:07 PM  

It's an OK game. Pretty easy step-by-step type of puzzle game. I would love a more extensive world to explore, but I'm content with the size in the game. All in all it's a nice little time waster :)

how do i turn the three things so that i can get the green square?

thank you & out

do i need the pipe again?

michelle you have to turn them at different times just got to play about with them and the gem will gradually lower

nvm got it.

cute game out! needed a little patience for the way the character walked around the place :)

       Anonymous  11/2/09, 2:43 PM  

im so close.. but now im stuck...i got the blue gem.. and i cant get the triangle gem.. and cant figure out the O X code thing ..

Follow the directions until you are at the computer
Click to read the email
Close the window, leave the room, and go left
Once outside get in da choppeh!
At the new location, go right until you see a level
Click it
Go all the way left and see another lever
Click that one, too
Go right
Go inside the now open gate
Note you can click the map in your inventory to open and close it
Note that if you go to a vine and click it, you can to remove it
Go to the torch and get it
Go through the door
Note the crate is nailed shut
Go to each torch and light them
Go right and light those, too
This opens the door
Go through it
Note the blue thing out of your reach
Go toward the left block that is sticking out and get the wooden peg from the floor next to it
Go up through the door
Note the crack in the wall
Go up again
Get the metal bar from the large green stone
Go left and see holes for pegs
Go left again (behind the wall)
Remove the vines and see where the pegs would go. You need 4, but you only have one!
Note the letters on the banner
Go down
Get the peg from behind the green pillar base with the hole in it
Go left and see a locked door and a puzzle on the floor
Go down and see another locked door -- also see a peg you can’t reach
Go back up and click on the floor puzzle
Use the letters from the banner (click the circle to turn the pointer and click the center to light the letters
Go down and the door is open
Get the peg
Go down and right
See a small crack in the wall
Go to it and use the bar on it (just click it-- you automatically use the bar since it is in your hand)
Get the triangle
Go to the wheel on the pole
Click it until a peg falls out (5 times)
Get the fourth peg
Go left, up, up, right and up -- this is back up to the room with the OX banner and vines
Note where the pegs go by looking under the vines
Go right
Drag the pegs from your inventory into the correct holes
SPOILERTop left, bottom right, and left and up in the middle rowSPOILER
Once you placed the 4, click the upper right peg you placed and get another peg
Fill in the rest of the holes one at a time until the torches go out
Go left, down and left and see the door is now open
Go in and see the bomb, but you can’t reach it because the bridge is out
Go back down, right, up, right, right, down, down, down, and left to the crate and use the metal bar
Drop the bar (click it in your hand)
Get a plank from the broken crate
Go right, up 3 times, left 2 times, down, left, and up to the bomb room
Click the blank part of the bridge
Get the bomb
Go down, right, up, right 2 times, and down
Go to the large crack and click the word drop in your inventory
The bomb will automatically light
Go through the new hole
See the green rectangle in the upper right corner
Turn the wheels to make the banner the rectangle is on come down
(I think it was right left right middle)
Get the rectangle when the banner is touching the floor
Go down
See the hole for a triangle on the right wall
Put your triangle piece to good use!
Get the red gem from the pillar
Go down into the mouse hole room
Click the circles on the floor based on the number of points on the stars over them (if you get it right, they raise up)
Get the pearl that rolls out when you do them all
Go down
See pillars for gems (you can place the red one)
Go up 3 times, left and down
Place the square in the hole in the block
Go to the right block that is sticking out and click it too
Get the blue gem that falls
Go up 2 times, left 2 times, and down
Place the white ball in the hole
Get the green gem when it rises up
Go up, right 2 times, down, right (through the bomb hole), and down 3 times
Place the gems
Go left through the now open gate
Click the treasure

       Anonymous  11/2/09, 2:52 PM  

thank you SOO much !!

you are very welcome :)

lol~sorry i was calling things by their wrong name~thought i had the whole screen in my view~didn't know they were written at the top!

V nice game, with logical actions. Slightly spoiled by the tedious navigation. Thanks for posting.

The door does not open for me with OX.

Got it, I tried the wrong door.

       Anonymous  11/8/09, 6:16 PM  

Warning!!!! Don't use pegs in wall until you get all 4! Cause one of mine vanished when i left it in wall..

I can't get the star thing to work even though i read the walkthrough:((

Game no longer works.

you can play the game at the flonga homepage

...but even there the game does not work fine; the first half works, then the navigation breaks down and doors do not lead to the correct rooms anymore

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