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Escape from the Green Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Green Room

[REPLAY] 10ColorDots - Green Room Escape: Escape from the Greenish Room is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by 10 Color Dots. In this game, you are locked in a green room and you try to escape the green room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you able to escape from green room successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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Green Room Escape Walkthrough

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Here we go again ...

first?(I bet I'm not...lol)

Hm .. can't open de box ...

No you're not Simona '-)

color code doesn't work, even when rotated 90 degrees?

@Simona good bet ;)


Hi, just found a green box

This game is touchy. You have to repeatedly click stuff to realize it worked.

I did well up to the notepad. Now I'm stuck.

By the way, my last comment didn't load right, so that's why this one is so close.

Rudi, I've tried every possible way but it doesn't work. You are right.

stuck with the green box too...no colour sequence worked...

opened drawer, got notepad, red -> yellow? stuck.

SPOILERgreenorangegreenorange does work

I think I had to click near the top of the box to get it to open

You're stuck with me now Rudi!

Simona and Za. Put in the color code and click the back line of the box (furthest from you)

Good thinking kit !!! Thanks

great kitkat

blind clicking, Za, lol

oh thanks,I did it...stupid box...now stuck again with notepad...

we haven't opened the green box yet ...

If we read the note the other way, the colors would be yellow, red, green, orange. I tried switching the red and yellow. For red yellow green orange, but no luck on the box (or I click the wrong magic place)

ops:we didn't open the box!!!!we just looked behind it!so the notepad has to do with the REAL colour code...

kitkatfox, before i even tried to put in a color code i clicked behind the green box and found a key, so i dont think green, orange, green orange is the code.....

when you click the back line you'll see behind the box ... an I wrong?

Where is the box?

Sarah :-) I am thinking the same thing

sorry, i must have posted to late lol

yes you all are right. The key was behind lol.

Still can't get the box open. I tried starting with green. So green orange red yellow, but no luck

Never mind.

i swear i think ive tried every combo of colors and nadda! lol

I am getting color blind !!!

Tried replacing red with yellow so I had 2 yellows, but I didn't seem to get it to work. I didn't try all combinations, though.

strange. when paper is turned left by 90 degrees, we have the sequence yellow, red, green, orange. replacing red with yellow should give y,y,g,o. doesn't work, neither does exchanging red and yellow. anyone?

pfffff, tried all color possibilities, i'm
getting tired and i want to get out...

sorry, Rudi. I tried that, too.

Rudi nope .... like I said, I've tried every combination ... We have to think out of the (green) box, I guess ;-)

we need Xenon to translate!

i know i didnt do all the combos lol, but i feel like i have im just not understanding the clue, it seems like we swap the red and yellow but i have no idea lol

i agree kitkatfox!!! :)

tried shifting all colors the number of clicks it takes to change from red to yellow (3x), still nada.

reverse them on the box

reverse which?

zinc, well done!

change the r to y and enter right to left

from right to left: y,y,g,o

nevermind got it!

code for box

orange green yellow yellow

Thxs Rudi!

nice job zinc and Rudi!!

okay do arrows read backwards in Japanese??

That is the second game where the arrow looked from left to right, but the code read right to left.

and finally out!

Where is the green box your all on about been around and no box

Bottom shelf kitty

why reverse .... I really don't get it.

well done, zinctrader...thanks!

I think so Kit ....

thanks Zinc!

Japanese books read right to left. What looks like the word NO above the arrow made me try the reverse.

You are probably right Zinc. The code goes from right to left because that would be the natural way to enter it to someone from Japan. What makes it very challenging is that sometimes they use left to right (for more of a world audience maybe?). I wish it was more consistent.

Anyway, great job!

Note the colorful picture over the chair
Turn right
Click to the left of the bookcase and get the note
See the locked door on the bookcase and the table has a screw in the top
Turn right
There’s your door with some nice windows. Nothing in the trash this time. And we escapers are such good trashcan divers.
Turn right
Note the locked desk drawer
Open the right one and get the trusty screwdriver
Click under the desk against the left “leg” section and find boxcutter
Turn 2 times
Zoom in on the small table and unscrew the top
Click the top of the table to lift it
Get a picture (look at it by selecting it and then hitting the about item button)
Hmm..looks a bit familiar
Turn right
Click between the windows and see darker square
Use the boxcutter on it
Now use the screwdriver to remove the plate
An always useful key
Back up and turn left
Use the key on the bookshelf
See a color box
Click the top edge of the box to look behind it
Another key!
Back up and turn 2 times
Use the silver key on the desk drawer
Get the note pad
Read through the note pad and see it talks about red and yellow\
Turn right
Look at the note you have and see that you need the colors from the picture
Remember the note is rotated (see the ripped top?)
(so you want the colors from the bottom left corner up to the top left and then one right)
So the colors are yellow, red, green, and orange
But remember the notepad? It talked about changing colors!
Turn right
Enter the color code from the picture, notepad, and note
The order is backwards (I suppose because Japanese is from right to left?)
So from left to right SPOILERyellowyellowgreenorangeSPOILER
Click the silver bar and get the large key
Turn right and use the key on the door

That was a great game !

kitkat...i can't say it enough..... YOU ROCK!!!! i hope you know how much you are appreciated :) if it weren't for your hints and walkthrough's, some of us would be so hopelessly stuck we would end up trying to escape the insanity that some of these escape games cause...lolol!!!!! some days are just "special" *lol* and it is a challenge to pixel hunt for my brain, then find logic, common sense and some grey matter to re-install in my head *lol*...so thank you thank you for helping me get through "those" days ;) i am going to create a title especially for you :)))

kitkat... you are *Room Escaper Extraordinaire: Level 10* :D

That was quite a good game. I was stuck on the code for a while, though.

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