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Escape of Purple Door 6 Walkthrough

Escape of Purple Door 6

Escape of Purple Door 6 is another new point and click type room escape type game created by Twinkle, the creator of Cindrella Escape , Escape from Pink Door , Escape of Blue Door and Escape of Yellow Door, Escape of Little Red Riding-Hood. Good luck and have fun!

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Escape of Purple Door 6 Video Walkthrough
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here we go again hope better than last 1

i hope so too

yes i hope so

if this one's buggy I say we stage a revolt

yikes! what's up with all the games today! I'll get nothing else done @_@

uh oh melted my icecube in tube and now magnet is stuck in drain:(

oh noooos, they want a doracon ball!

okay definitely need a screw driver . have tree magnet , pink key and melted icecube with magnet stuck inside drain...

Im stuck...:(

foundscrew driverand a pink letter A on wall

filled tub with hot water to make steam, but no code revealed yet

opened up side of sink cabinet with screwdriver in kitchen got some kind of "weight"

How did you get the screwdriver?

got a boy doll from shelves and notice an arrow on the picture behind couch..hummm also aroow on boy doll..hummm

open the drawer by the key and get a sissor

screwdriver behind book shelves left side near floor

scissor for tape on bottom of book shelf get anther wieght thingy

also a pink A on the wall where you get SD


is the yellow thing from bookcase a videotape???

melted ice in tub, then used screwdriver in drain, but can't get the bell thingy out...

@ zoz, I think it is, but it wont go into tv. Im trying to open cabinet under stove and figure out the math code under tv, but nothing so far.

so i have scissors (used once), a piece of paper, a video tape, an ice cube? (melted in bathtub?), screw driver (used once), a doll, a mushroom, a bottle, and two weights. Anyone got anything else?

I have scissors, a paper with a code and numbers on it, melted ice, screwdriver, doll man made of shapes, plant food, 2 weights, and string. Pink flower has purple S, blue flower has red R, behind picture is a place for weights, white circle has pink A, and computer and sink cabinets need code.

paper on flame to reveal code

got vhs tape from book shelf pulgged in tv inserted tape and it is trying to give me pc code by the shapes coming out of the chimney on house but haven't figured it out yet, anyone else figure it out?

click by tv cabinet to turn on tv. put in vcr and get pc pass in symbols...

zoz it is a tape, i got it to go in meryl, and it says 'pc code' and the clouds from the chimney make shapes but idk where to put them.

where'sthe paper?

ah! magnet from fridge and string in bathroom gets a weight!

whered you get a string?

get under the bed a botle

string from meat on top shelf of fridge. Use the scissors

@assuma that's cactus food

michele, paper under the pillow on the bed

Wheres the magnet?

where is the video tape?

the pc code has to do with the shapes around the house the calender had a shpe with an R in it, the bottom of the bookcase has a circle with an A in it , looking around room for other shapes now..

aah thank you kkf

magnet on the fridge door when closed

oh ok get magnet on it(i think it is magnet )

I can't get the video tape into the tv...?

top oc cactus has shape with s on it after you feed food to it.

@evie where is the tape?


kkf the tape is one of the things in the bookshelf

I think the code may be S_4R, but looking for the water drop shape for the blank

ah, mwp, well done!

grrr...I had clicked those lots of times. I missed the right spot. Thanks!

Third number box below TV has math symbols too...?

OMG help with the next pc code
here is is
star - square =triangle
heart + triangle = moon
circle = circle = triangle
square - triangle = circle

ok folks help with this i'm always awful at these!!!!!!!!

Oh great now math AND symbols to figure out!

Im thinking that has something to do with the tv code. The oven code I still havent gotten yet.

Wait a second here:

The letter A is in a white circle.
The letter R is in a blue star
The letter S in in a pink star

Did anyone find another letter?

there are four star shapes on the picture frame, there are 3 squares o the hanging beads things leadin into kitchen do you all think that this might be the values of the shapes...counting all the shapescuase there is a lot of firiggn circles around the rooms ugh...

top of cactus click pink u get a shape and letter

Burnt paper code has to do with the door beads
Pink circle 7
Blue circle 4
Green circle 6
Red square 3

burn the ppaper by the gas and then got code 7463 and above it 3 circles and a square and sorry for my english

no meryl, but i just guessed using the 3 letters and it was the word STAR for the pc

Also - 7463 is circles and squares which correspond with the number of hanging thingies in the doorway of each color...

anyone figure out what the shapes on the tub wall are for we can click them, but?????

@ michele, I thought I was onto something there, lol.

But Im at a loss with the tv code and the oven code.

Additional pink circles on mushroom on PC, lamp cord and top of pink hat

oh, and 3 more on coat rack

i think the 4 on the picture is a hint about how to make it fall down, or maybe get the calendar down...

I got the picture down, by clicking the corners, calendar I dont think is coming off. lol

btw on the 3rd line of pc code problem it was circle - circle = triangle NOT circcle =circle=triangle, sorry

pink blue green then turn on stove!

Michelle, isn't it circle + circle = triangle?

@ zoz Thanks! I had that a few times, just didnt realize you had to turn on the stove. Now onto the tv code...

Anyone got any hints for me to get the damn video into the TV? :)

darn, I have to leave in a couple of minutes -___-

@ evie, you have to plug it in first. Click to the bottom right of it to plug in.

duh! thanks Zoz :)

where do we use the weights and the doll?

now the raindrops... tried 7x4x3=168 but 0168 isn't it

michele-with-pug . the shapes are the little wooden man we have ??

omg guys, i'm soooooooooooooo sorry i kept mistyping YES it is circle plus circle!!!! my head is spinning from all these puzzles, sorry all for mistyping..

Thanks... agh, didn't need it anyway, sheesh... :)

and there is the leter T in a circle

no problem Michelle. Just thought maybe my notes were wrong lol

meryl howd you get the pic down, I cant get it down?

We know the shapes in the bathroom are the same as the man doll.

The computer code I believe has to do with where the weights on the wall go.

daz, i don't thk i understand ur question. there are shapes on the weights, there are shapes on the wall and clendar and top of cactus with the letters in them for the code on the pc. the doll is made out of shapes, but i'm not sure what his relevence is yet to all the puzzles...

the shapes in the bathroom coincide with the shapes of the wooden doll

@ashdelynn click the corners of the pic. They will keep tilting if you have it right. If you get one wrong, it will straighten out

@ ashdelynn I started with the upper left corner and then just kept clicking corners. You know if its the wrong corner when the painting straightens itself out. You want to keep it on a slant when you press the corner.

If that makes sense, I forgot the order I clicked.

have to go! good luck all

I do see that the chimney puffs on the TV for the password for PC were shapes. The ones on the PC are circles. Makes me think the circles are the clue!

a ha got the last weight thingy by pressing the order of the dalls shapes into wall on bathroom. start with his circle head and continue down,his tirangle hat is last!

anyone solve the tear drop pussle under tv yet??

@ Michele, where does the weight come from? Im doing what you said, but getting nothing from it.

mwp thats not working for me :(

the picture is : top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, bottom right again, top right, top left

@puzzle-see lots of typos lol!

meryl it's tricky, don't forget to seperate his "bell" body into two shapes :) then a tile opens up on its own and the weight is in there

The numbers in the bath courtain (pink, green and blue). I think so it's for the tv cabinet.

thanks zoz got it!

@ Michele, got it! And I didnt need the hat.

Ah ! got the last weight. that seems a little ridiculous that his body is two shapes, but I guess someone figured it out. so its possible lol.

juli "bathcurtain"????

alright gamers help me out with the tv cabinet!!!!!!please!

tried circle, circle, trapezoid square trapezoid, triangle???

somebody help me with the code for the br wall!

Sorry for my english...

In the left side there's a yellow thing. This is a curtain with letters

so far I know that if circle = 1, then triangle =2, square =3 and star = 5. don't know about heart and crescent

Oh I see it Juli, never saw that before.

And our raindrops!

This comment has been removed by the author.

oops ignore my last post, wrong curtain!

hey all, my laptop just FROOZE!!!!!!! so i can't continue, switched to anthoer computer...have to start over, hang in there and i will try to catch up! Michele-with -pug

ok circle, bell, trapezoid, square, trapezoid and voila!

ive been trying every single combination and getting nothing out of it...:(

So I'm just stuck.

Im thinking that this has to do with the calendar. It just seems to be jumping out at me.

have all but one weight anyone get into the safe yet?

The yellow shower curtain gives us the T for STAR... lol...

No, were still working on the TV code:(

Meryl, TV code is from the paper


make sure you plug your tv first

For bathroom shapes to work, make sure you have the water on!

pink is 4, green is nine, blue is eight, but i'm still not in

@zoz, following your assumptions of:


and crescent=6

I can't get 7463 to work...?

I mean the code below the tv, with the raindrops.

Yes! 83 X 6

@ evie, plug your TV. look at the back

@zoz - how did you get those numbers for the colors??? 83x6=498!

Yay! That worked, finally!

I got the code under the tv.
We have to see the colors on the shower curtain (look at the colors pink green and blu and get his letters to form the nembers)
And then we have to put a count that the results the number formed

that's what i'm thinking dada, i just need to open the darn tv cabinet to complete the set!

Now the weight placements...

does anybody know where to use the weights?

okay caught up but still don't have code for underneath tv

I know where, I just dont know which order.

seriously whats the number for under the tv

for the wights to balance-

circle and crescent should be together and triangle goes with the star.

my problem is where to put them...

i still cant open the tv cabinet, juliana?

83 X 6 thats what you put in the bottom of the tv.


got cabinet opened!!!! now placing the weights..ughh!

How on earth did you get that Meryl? btw Thank You!

Where is the star weight?

thats only three numbers??

you need to put the x in there

weight placment anyone?

Got nothing yet.

do we still need the heart weight? does anybodey have it?

I have all weights.

Working on the weights - what seems like it should work isn't working.... agh....

Back! Wow. You guys have done great!

@Dada, I have the heart weight, but can't remember from where

aha, out

the far right must equal 12, and each of the two on the left must equal 6

@ zoz, what was it?

So I'm bad at math. But there's 24 total. so we've got to have 12 on each side. right?



I have ORU NOMUU END, but i think isn´t the one


uh, oh, got ora nomuu end. I hope that doesn't mean there is another one! This was really a team effort, you are all great!

Got the same thing! We all helped out each other on this one!

sorry i can't remember the exact order, but Sara seems to have it
circle is 1
triangle is 2
square is 3
heart is 4
star is 5
crescent is 6

Hey... Where is the star weight?
I just have the other 5

yeah i was just getting that the sum on each side should be 12, but taking way too long to figure this out!!! :(

got it. finally

where is heart weight?

Yay! Whew, I'm tired.

i'm sure if i sat here a few more minutes i could figure out the placement , but seeing is how i had to restart the game , would you all be so kind as to list the shape of the weights from left to right :) plsss.?

I want to say heart weight is either under the stove or under the TV...?

After getting the ball, I could click on the PC and use IE to go to a webpage, but I still got the same end, so I missed something

so we are now officially the Warriors of the Purple Door, lol!

mwp did you see Sara's post above?

lol, so the ending we all got is not the good one? Uh oh...

Probably under stove how do you open stove?

I used Sara's circle-star-square-circle-triangle-triangle-heart-moon

zoz, sorry missed it, thx all..

@redsox15fan zoz got the stove: pink blue green then turn on stove!

On stove - colored buttons pink-green-blue (or pink-blue-green) then turn on fire then open door.

got the dragonian ball but before i leave, i have on more empty nspace in my inventory...hummm....

I would like to know how 764 = 83x6.
According to my colors pink is 7, green is 6 and blue is four.
From where do you get 498??

@ellie - look at the colored letters on the yellow shower curtain and rearrange them to spell out the numbers.

I missed the crecent one...anyone remember or will do a list of where they all were? Maybe?

Thanks evie, but I can't see a yellow shower curtain at all. Which one do you mean? Where is it?

Yellow shower curtain is on the right edge of the bathtub screen.

Ahh, found it finally!! Thanks!
I never looked so far to the right of the tub.

How and where on dragonian ball Michele? and anyone know whewe the crecent one is? thanks!

Bells (as I can remember):

To left of stove, use screwdriver to open panel.
Under TV
Doll Code in shower wall
Inside drain in shower scene
Under stove - use color code and turn on burner
(can't remember last one)

Just found it in earlier comments...side of sink cabinet...What is dragonian ball?

That's what you get when you solve the weights puzzle behind the painting.

Thanks for help all...Did you fill that last spot in inventory, Michele-with-pug?

Wow, I got here kind of late. xD I don't know if anyone noticed there's an arrow on the face of the wooden man with the pointy hat. Sorry if that's a repeat.

he's a hint for in the bathroom!
I think everyone left and I can't finish!!!

Complete walkthrough anyone?

am just dropping by here. need help?

I'll try - give me a few minutes.

Where are you guys stuck? I can try to help! But I have to go by memory, so forgive me if I'm not TOO much help. :P

came bac to check anyon need help?

whoops guess alot of us came bac to help lol!!!!

Take key from coat pocket.
Go left.
Use key in dresser - get scissors.
Get plant food under bed and paper under pillow.
Click to bottom left of computer and plug it in.
Back up and go to the next scene to the left.
Take yellow video tape from bookshelf.
Use scissors on bottom door, get triangle weight.
Take brown doll from bookshelf and notice shapes it's made of.
Close doors and click to bottom left of pink bookshelf, get screwdriver and notice A in circle.
Next scene to the left.
Go forward into room with yellow wall.
Click bottom left of sink and use screwdriver to remove panel, get crescent weight.
Back out into scene again, turn on burner and use paper on burner.

Hi, michele-with-pug.

Got 4 bells. Now stuck with bath room wall codes. Please help!

notice numbers and shapes on paper now, back out so you can see the open doorway to the yellow room again, count the numbers of each color of thingies hanging in the doorway (does that make sense?) - anyway - it gives you the color code for the stove (pink-blue-green-red) to open the door below the burner, and get the heart weight
Go into the yellow room and use that code to get the heart weight, then go to the scene to the right.
get mushroom magnet off fridge
open fridge - use scissors to get string from meat
open bottom part (freezer) get ice cube
feed cactus food in bottle to cactus to see letter/shape on top
go into shower room

I'm going to have to wait for a walkthrough. I'm colorblind and I can't tell ANY of these colors. There's no hope of me figuring out the codes. :(

Kinoko end


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