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Extended is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from 709709.com. Try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Extended Video Walkthrough
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green blobs everywhere...

hmmm, not sure how to navigate this one, but it looks interesting. if i could just figure out how to pick things up (like that key!)

well I have a clue for the box, two locked drawers, some balloons and a key i can't pick up, and a lot of ? ... and what looks like string.
Can anyone help me?

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:07 AM  

have two pieces of paper but havent figured it out yet

hi zoz. I'll give this a try, but if you're having problems, I'll be worthless.

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:08 AM  

got a key.. but unfortunately it was trial and error

got a piece of paper from behind the wall poster...

chmena, what did you click for the key?

ff there are two pieces behind the poster, one in the non-close up view

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:11 AM  

a magnet (used) another key (used) and now the famous screwdriver.. don't know where to use it.

have a key from the box

where is the magnet chmena?

someone give me a clue, i'm getting frustrated with this

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:12 AM  


4123 (wish I knew why though lol)

nvm got it

I thought I was getting on fine then all of a sudden - nothing to click on? I only have screwdiver that I haven't used yet??

ah, its from the spade, heart, etc clues. backwards from the straight flush!

where do we use screwdriver?

strange game... i can not grasp it...

And what is that blue thing in the wardrobe???


where are the balloons. stuck with screwdriver too

a shy blob,lol?


look in the closet for balloons.

this can't be too hard, I'm just not used to it!

zoz said balloons earlier

@Lotus, what did you mean by "shy blob"?

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:21 AM  

zoz.. I still don't get the hint (I know the box is open but can you spell it out for me?) lol..it's bugging me

Has anyone noticed we don't have a door?? Guess we need to removed sticky green stuff off window lock.

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:23 AM  

I think lotus was just joking since the "blob" in the closet seems to hides when you open the door

When you turn to the closet it looks like the baloons are backing up,so I think it is allive!

where do you use the magnet?

to get the key next to the colset annaby

annaby, for the key at the side of the cabinet

sorry bookcase

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:26 AM  

magnet to get key beside locked box

thanks chmena - I already used it but forgot!

I have clicked everywhere! I'm getting crazy here.Does anyboddy know what to do with the screwdriver?

@chmena, here's the best i can do: the clue with the spade heart club diamond implies that you press II, III, IV then I, because that is the order of the cards in the poster. the other clue crosses out the word 'ROYAL' leaving straight flush (because the cards aren't all the same suit). As to why you begin with IV (or King) rather than II (Jack of spades), only the maker knows why that is!

i think the green blob on the right is on the door. why can't we just scrape it all off with the screwdriver!

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:30 AM  

take the lid off of the box

got a piece of wood and what looks like a mirror

symbols on back of box lid

thank you george!!! now another clue i can't decipher, lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

put the mirror on the poster on the word Royal

Where's the mirror?

mirror in box after removing lid and screws

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:42 AM  

thank you zoz lol


241 star, then you put the treat on the shelf in the closet and watch the movie

it won't let me put the mirror on the poster,how zoz?

straaaaaaange little game!

Lotus, click on the poster first, then highlight the mirror and click the word Royal

I can't get the lid off the box??!

does not work,what am I missing?

ah! now I will have nightmares!!!!!

POP - must have tried 50 times before...

my mirror can't be placed on the poster :(

it looked like a huge bug larva, didn't it kitkatfox?

Dada did you go to the poster closeup BEFORE highlighting the mirror?

maybe i have to restart...

I'll go back to see if I can help with the mirror

yes zoz, i did but still can't eveb after restarting the game :(

I just played a dirty trick on the tea leaves game, lol. hope no one gets mad.

even after restart the poster doesn't take the mirror

any chance of getting the same medication as the designer of this game?

So how does the mirror on the poster and the shape clue get you 241?

Oh and yeah, nightmares! X(

same here Lotus

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:54 AM  

241 is not working for me?

lmao, Rudi!
I went back and played again and the mirror went right onto the poster when I clicked the Y in Royal.
as for the 241, I started with 2 for the box and I in the third position and just kind of bulldozed it til the box opened

Too bad,can't finish like this.
Have to go,will try later.Bye All and thanxxx

did you hit the star after 241, evie?

oops, i mean chmena

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 7:58 AM  

yep ???

ok. i give up. i restarted 3y and still can't put the mirror on the poster.

I can put the mirror on the poster but what do i do with the code afterwards?

@Dada maybe you need the picture from next to the poster to do it? The picture has the Royal crossed out because that is the place to put the mirror

I still do not see how to play this ,,,the hints do not say HOW to get started...I have clicked the hand and just get a different noise but it Does nothing...any help?

guess i just have to wait for your walkthrough, kkf ;)

Note the 2 drawers of the desk are locked
Click the box at the bottom of the bookshelf and see it needs a code
Also note the key to the left of the bookshelf, but you can’t reach it
Turn around (use either arrow)
Open the closet and see something inside is hiding from you
While looking at the closet doors, notice the poster on the right wall -- get the paper from the right edge in this view
Now click the poster to zoom in -- get the note from the left edge
These symbol clue plus the poster tell you what buttons to push on the box
Look at the paper with the symbols on it -- you want to go from 10-Ace
The 10 is the diamond according to the poster, and your note says diamond is the 4th button
Turn to the box and enter the answer (you need to use your hand and not the paper to do this so be sure to click the hand symbol in your inventory)
(diamond, spade, heart, club, star so SPOILER4123STARSPOILER)
Get the key
Use the key on the top drawer of the desk and click the drawer to get a magnet
Zoom in on the box again and use the magnet in that view to get the key
Turn to the desk and use that key on the bottom drawer
Click it to get a screwdriver
Zoom back in on the box
Close the lid
Use the screwdriver on the bottom right corner of the lid to remove it
Use the screwdriver to take out the 2 screws
Put the screwdriver away
Enter the same code into the box again and get the green thing -- you’re looking at the back of the mirror
But where to use it?
Aha! The second clue from the poster tells you! (The one with the word Royal crossed out)
Turn around to face the closet
Click the poster and place the mirror on the word Royal (just like the picture said) -- it now says BOX line diamond star
This clue I don’t get at all. There are shapes on the back of the box lid that you have in your inventory, but I can’t figure out how they relate to diamond, line, star
The code is 241. While I can kind of relate a diamond to a box, I can’t understand the star meaning ball. Let me know if you decipher this one!
Zoom in on the box, close the lid, and enter 241 Star
Get the food from the bottom drawer
Turn to the closet
Place the food on the shelf with the blue blobs on it
Close the door and then open it
Click through the ending scenes to see the creature smelled the food you had locked away in the code box, hit you on the head when you came in, and then trapped you in the room

anyone still here? having problems to remose the lid. Does the box have to be opened?

mine shows box diamond line star and 241 does NOT work.

HELP!!! Anyone else have that problem? My mirror shows something different than the walkthrough.

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 8:24 AM  

If 241 doesn't work.. it may be because you didn't look at the symbols on the flip side of the piece of wood in your inventory (that you got with the mirror) .. that was driving me crazy too

If I remember right the box has to be closed, and just click forever on the lid - I think it was towards the lower right of the lid...

This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG chmena many thanks. that was it. rediculous.

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 8:29 AM  

did that work cakes.? (my mirror showed the same as yours)

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 8:30 AM  

oh... great !

Ooh, maybe I get the 241... the box is the second spot, so that's the 2... then a diamond has 4 sides, so that's the 4... then the I is a 1... maybe?

sounds good to me, evie.

Very strange game. I'd like a dab of what the creator had. Whheeeeee. lol

       Anonymous  11/6/09, 3:38 PM  

On the box lid, the 'box' is in the second spot. On the note with the care suits, the 'diamond' is in the fourth spot. Then the '1' is just a 1. That is how you get 241. Also, in the zoomed out view of the closet and poster, you can see a note tucked behind the poster's right side. Click it. Look at it. THEN zoom in and place the mirror on ROYAL. Sorry, that's a little backwards, but I hope this answers some of your questions.

i know how to use the screwdriver its simple

Hahaha, my god that ending was funny! I knew that blue thing was alive!

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