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Funny Classroom 3 Walkthrough

Funny Classroom 3

Funny Classroom 3 is another point and click game from Games2win, who is also creator of Naughty series games. Click on various objects on the screen to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on two or more different objects. Some objects will get stored in the Inventory Panel, click on these objects to use them. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, loading.....

i am too bad

Keep on getting busted

don't like this one, good night

Funny? I don't think so.

only do the stuff when the temp stands still...

This game is cool and not at all tough! :)

i actually liked this one :) hehe

Cool game! I wish that I could have done some of these things to only my mean teachers when I was in school:-)

Make sure the teacher doesn't see you or it's game over....

Scene 1:(IDK CLASS)
Click chair then the floor the click the map when the teacher is by the door keep holding the map until the bar is full.Next, pick up green book from blue bag.Click the book again from your inventory.The girl will rip off a page from the book and now you have a paper ball.Click the teacher until bar is full(When the teacher reaches the door thats when you start to click her).One of the students will leave(i have no idea why..).Click the shoe of the guy(with glasses) beside the girl with a red shirt.The shoelaces will come out.Click the girl who was doing all the evil stuff from the beginning then click the shoelaces again keep holding until bar is full.(Do not let teacher see you!)Then watch what's gonna happen next!:3

Scene 2:(MATH CLASS)
Click the blue pencil case on the girls' desk and something will be on your inventory.Click the 'thing' on your inventory and then click the globe.Keep holding the globe until bar is full.
Click the pepper from the red backpack.Click the lunch box next to the girl to get a sandwich.Click the pepper from your inventory then click the sandwich.Click the guy with purple hair.(Reminder once more,DO NOT LET THE TEACHER SEE YOU!!!).Click the pen from that guys' desk.Click the pen from your inventory then use it to the water cooler.Now click the teachers' purse to get 'something'.Use that 'thing' to the only girl on the front row(to make it easier, the girl with the red shirt).Click her until bar is full.Watch whats gonna happen next!:3

Scene 3(ART CLASS):
Pick up glue on teacher's table and duster from the lower part of the board.Use the glue on the duster.The duster will return to it's current place.Click the duster and it will get stuck on the board.Now pick up a piece of chalk from the chalk box.Use the chalk on the board.Keep holding board until bar is full.Pick up eraser from the red shirt girls' desk.Use the eraser on the bird.Pick up the orange feather.Use the feather to the boy in front of the girl who started it all.Pick up craft book.Click a piece of paper from a board with lots of paper.
Use the piece of paper to the craft book.Now there will be a box, you must click the pieces of paper in the right sequence to make a paper airplane.Use airplane on the teacher.Keep holding teacher until bar is full(You must click her when she stops walking).:3

Sorry for my bad english and also hope you enjoy!:3♥

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