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Icecream Room Escape Walkthrough

Icecream Room Escape

Ice Cream Room Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Sakura. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi to everybody! I have green and yellow balls, cutter, scissors, and magnifying lens (this one used)... I still have to find the blue key and I don't know where to use scissors and cutter... you may zoom on the couch, but apparently there's no use for them here

Lordy! I figured it out on my own! yay me!

Franza - there is a use for the cutter on the couch.

I still can't work out the cutter on the couch thing, have you managed it yet?

uff...no brain-wrecking code this time :)

Tammy, I sware I clicked every single pixel of that couch! Where exactly do you use the cutter?

Click first just to the right of the left arm of the couch. Once you're zoomed in, click your cutter on the left side. You'll get the blue key.

Power of posting! I found the point!

And out! The code was quite simple this time...

ehm.. quite EASY, sorry!

whats the code???

happy you are all out...not getting the code at all

did it all by myself... almost~

Where is a red key?????

I'ts great your out but how about helping us that are still stuck please

I'm out...

And out all by myself :)

Code is

5692 (BGYR)

find a scraper on the sofa and use in the bin for red kay

help me to find a red key?? please

Thankyou Zazie

the red key is in the garbage...

Hi everyone - still trying to find the red key. I have some sort of scraper, but where to use it?

Thank bigtank

Out. Very easy today.

not at all...

...and out. Thanks to leh and Zazie. Can someone explain the code, please?

Put in the spheres like in the book (where you have to use the magnifier) BGYR, then you put the blue squares together in your mind (for ex. Blue forms 5 etc, the yellow one i only guessed but the other 3 were easy to read.

At last, a code that was decipherable without resorting to cutting up shapes or exploding my eyeballs trying to imagine what they look like.... or as I usually have to - cheating!! And we got something good to eat at the end.

Wow! The first time ive finished one of these games without cheating!!

Where is the green ball? How did you get the present?

Finally, I found the code without help. It has been a long time since the last time I did that.


Go right to sofa and get CUTTER from waste bin and SCRAPER under sofa.

Use scraper in waste bin for RED KEY. Use cutter on the left arm of the sofa for BLUE KEY. (see comments if you cant find the hot spot)

Right to locked cabinets and open red and blue cupboards. Use SCISSORS to get RED BALL and collect BLUE BALL.

Right to tall cabinet and coffee table. Click under coffee table to get STICK and use stick to get present and click to get GREEN BALL. Get MAGNIFYING GLASS left side of tall cabinet. You can use on the book near the door, but have no idea why.

Decifer picture on box on coffee table to get YELLOW KEY. Open yellow cabinet and get CROWBAR. Use on picture above sofa and get YELLOW BALL.

Now we place them indivually in the panel by the door to get the code. No idea how they got the number, but all you need is in the comments above.

To get the code, first put in only the blue ball and the yellow ball. Then combine the same colored blocks to get the first and third numbers. Remove those balls and place the just the green and red balls. The numbers are very clear this way.

ah..another enjoyable food game..one link - now busy, try again later.
alternative link - not available.
I looove these games..

Same thing here, Anna.
I know that I'll be able to play this game only in 1 or 2 days, maybe more.

everytime! arghh i figure out everything except the last code, i hate the way the designer arranges the number codes...although this one was abit easier than the others...

"Server busy", again and again ! That SUCKS !

I ate all the icecreams. Perfect end. :)

Shall I be able to play this game one day ?...

First time I didn't need help with the code in these games, woohooo!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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