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Paris Hilton Scary Game Walkthrough

Paris Hilton Scary Game

[REPLAY] Paris Scary Game is another point and click type adventure game developed by Inka Games. It's Halloween and evil Pigsaw will force Paris to play his diabolic game and face the deadliest terror villains of all times. To assure Paris will play the game, Pigsaw has kidnapped her beloved pet 'Tinkerbell', whom she will recover if she finishes the game. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Paris Hilton Scary

Paris Hilton Scary Walkthrough
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I'm not alone.

These aren't my favorite.

is this a room escape game? very different. So far anyway.

Went thru a portal.

Yea I already died once.


Yeah. I'm dead, too.

Ok im stuck.

Me, too. This isn't fun. Think I'll move on... Good luck!

No its not fun. For anyone else still playing, I already used the three items on the guy in the mask. and cant figure anything to do in dream world without dying.

Al fin en español!!! i can help....now to save tinkerbell

i can get freddy to come out of my dreams...
and i'm assuming i have to make him and the scary mask guy fighting?

The clue says that you have to put your enemys one against the other.

So i entered to the dreams portal, wake up freddy and run to the portal again...

ah ok i couldnt get out of there quick enough thanks

Then hide behind the door and enjoy the show!...

but he still comes after me...

u welcome, i'm new, and my first live game...sorry for my english

you have to press the button, so the guy in the mask comes out, so you press the botton and quick, hide behind the door

thanks i figured it out. now im stuck in the chucky room. I have the blouse, wig, and perfume on the mannaquin...

there's something behind the brown wig

oh now...samara is next...scary

well im stuck again. room with tv and room with well.

there's a video tape next to the well...

now i'm stuck...

I put the wig, the perfume, the blouse, on the mannequin and I set it on fire. Stuck now, tried putting it on the skateboard to push it across chuckie's path..........didn't work.

nm, just had to press the action button....duh

And out...

light the mannequin on fire

how'd u get past the girl in the tv room?

just push the mannequin

Walktrhought: (my first one)

First Room:

-Go to bed.
- Dream portal opens
- Wake up Freddy with the "fun box"
- Go back fast to the room
- Press Button, and hide fast behind door.
- Grab Mask, and go to the second Room.

Second Room:
- Put mask in the right spot
- Go to the other room

Third Room.

- Go to left and grab; wig, mirrow, perfume, lighter, and pink t-shirt.
- put blonde wig in manikin, t shirt and perfume, then put the "manekin" on fire, and push it.

Room Four

- Get video tape from well, and put it on tv.
- answer the phone.
- Run! an put skate in the other room with the well. Samara falls!

Last Room:

- take mirrow fast.
- grab potion behind owl, "brush" ( la escoba),
and the bottle under spiderweb.
- Give the "brush" (sorry i can't remember how is in english), to the frog-witch.
- fill the bottle with green liquid.
- Take the pumpking potion, "Tomar", and then Fast talk with Mike.

And Out.

sry my english was reeeaaaally baaaaaad xD

umm where EXACTLY do i place the skateboard in the room with the well?

I can't get the skateboard to work either

Game don't let me get behind door, I keep on dyeing...

after entering the well room, i put the skate at the entrance
@Chris6753~push green button and walk to the right past the door to the right and it will open automatically when Freddie goes by the door

Quit that one. Not very good.

That's odd... After the fourth time trying to place the skateboard in the pit room, i was clicking like mad and some how Paris froze and I gained control of 'Sammy'. I tried to throw myself down the well but couldn't, then the game froze so I quit.

how do i beat the guy in the room after witch?

Looks like some extra rooms appeared in this game.

Use scissors on skeleton to get wire, wire in plug, and stuck again.

And there's an extra glass in the cauldron (witch) room, fill that with blood in room 5 (dispenser wasn't there in original game). I suppose you'll have to fight a vampire later on too. Still stuck in room 7.

mace the owl

add the red liquid to the wire

Thanks Marieke, tried that several times, it just only worked now. So no vampire to fight or seduce with a glass of blood.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I´m stuck at the room with the phone. Has a cable into the plug but don´t know what to do next

Linda, in the witch room, find a glass. In the next room, fill it with blood. Pour the blood over the wire. Then answer the phone.

Back and I am still stuck in the witch room. Evertime I go into next I get deaded. How do i beat the guy in skeleton room after witch?

i dont get the point in the guns but

Hmmm...silly skateboard worked this time with no problem. Did I do it wrong the first time or was it glitchy?

Here's the rest of the walkthrough

Witch room
Quickly use the mirror to block the witch's spell
Get the broom and use it to push the witch frog into the cauldron
See the potion behind the owl in the window?
You can't get it while the owl is there, so use the pepper spray on it
Get the potion, but don't drink it quite yet
Get the glass from by the bookcase and the bottle on the bookcase
Fill the bottle with the cauldron poison
Drink the pumpkin potion

Go right
Mike won't kill you because you look like a pumpkin
Talk to him so he drinks the poison
You will return back to normal
Fill the glass with the blood from the dispenser
Take the skeleton hanging from the ceiling

Go right
If you answer the phone, you will only have 10 seconds to act, so instead do everything first
Get the scissors from the floor
Use them in your inventory on the skeleton to get the wire
Place the wire in the plug
Dump the blood on the end of the wire to make it dangerous
Answer the phone and talk with the killer
He will get frustrated with you and come through the window to kill you
He get's electrocuted

Go right and rescue the rat, oops, I mean the dog.

by the way, I love all the MSG_English notes where there is no English dialog lol

Ahh, I gotta get rid of owl. Just kept getting a bubble saying 'msg english' when I tried to get potion of windowsill, but i thought that meant it had too much salt in it for her(kidding, had no idea what it meant.) Will play again tomorrow maybe.
Thanks kitkatfox
PS what does 'tree' mean when I click cauldron?

It won't load for me. :/

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