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🖳 Tesshi-e Escape of Santa Claus 3 Walkthrough

🖳 Tesshi-e Escape of Santa Claus 3

[Replay] Escape of Santa Claus 3 is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-e, who is also creator of Mild Escape, Escape from the Underground Room and Escape from the Forest of the Fairy, Ground Escape and many other games. In this game you have to search around to find items and solve puzzles to escape the room. good luck and have fun!

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Escape of Santa Claus 3 Video Walkthrough

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woo hoo, another one! anyone still here?

2:00 am in L.A.

Yay! Found nothing!

its my lucky day. second live.

Found sticks next to cabinet.

Screwdriver behind presents on shelf.

lol could not even started

i have a pile of wood, 2 long sticks, and a piece of paper... i am going to need some string or something to bind together...

Spade key in Mild Escape 2 book.

now i have a screw driver and a key

Shovel, hook, and a locked box next to fireplace.

found key, a screwdriver and some wood.
and a clue on the piano, i thought that this was the way to let fall the painting with the house, but it doesn't work...

got a present from santa! awww

i have made a ladder...

When you rock the chair a red glow appears in the background but don't know if this is relevant.

Hil where did u get the hammer?

ok, we have to get a cross, star, heart, tree and a hexagon for the box. i have already the tree with the ladder

on the piano hint for the painting but not working for me:(

the hammer i thougt in the cupboard, just clicked everywhere, but i'm not sure...

between the books is still a piece of paper to code the lower cabinet

Sheets of paper on cabinet give the code for bottom right cupboard. # of dolls; # of snowmen (outside the window); and # of books


hammer is in the right cupboard with the 4-number code, clue is on the paper

and the key is for box of nails

Use ladder to the left of the windows in view with rocking chair. Reach the high shelf and get club key and escape towel.

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:22 AM  

when you switch off the light you see numbers on the plate...when you back out you see letters..

Turn off lights. Turn right and notice the word nut on shelf. Turn back to switch and notice Santa Clause and corresponding numbers. Use the numbers that spell out nut on the bottom left cupboard of cabinet.


don't know how, but i got the cross from the green and red puppet, just clicked randomly left and right...

Retraction: don't turn right.

i know how i did it, clue is on the books in the shelf

left, right, right, left, left, right right

Heart ornament on back of Santa bag found in bottom left cupboard. Use club key on piano and find tree ornament.

where is nails??

nails are right of fireplace

After unlocking piano use new number order on picture.

i need help with the painting its driving me mad

we must have the clue for the painting and i'm curious about the thing on the fireplace, i think that will give us the hexagon if we know what to do with it

gordo, i've tried that, but that didn't work?

same here Hil

shoot, i have to go, good luck everybody, when i come back, i hope you all have escaped....

The order of the picture is still 12345 but the corresponding numbers of the dolls change.

the only thing I find right of fireplace is 2 fireplace tools

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:36 AM  

top right
bottom right
bottom left
bottom right
top left

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:36 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:37 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Spoiler for picture:

top right, bottom right, bottom left, bottom right, top left

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:39 AM  

I'm always too slow...

great now you guys can help me cuz im stuck

thanks guys - i knew how to do it must have made a mistake .

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:40 AM  

look at the fire place..

and out

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:42 AM  

anyone knows what that black thing from the fireplace is? Or where to use it ?

full clean it with a towel

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:43 AM  

Haha Das, thank you......

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:44 AM  

Out...nice, very nice game ;.))

I've looked all around fireplace, tried everything everywhere! I'll try again tomorrow!

Anyone can tell me what should I do with the fireplace?? Nothing works...

skyjourney; Box of nails, is located in the drawer, right where firefork hangs

I got a shape from he fireplace but it's the wrong one??? What do i do?

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:57 AM  

Linda, as Das said: clean it with the escape towel

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:58 AM  

turn it around Linda, after cleaning it..

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 2:58 AM  

Yaggus, use the 2 tools from the right of the fireplace at the fireplace itself

LOL thanks George, i'm sure i clicked everywhere!!! I knew the towel was for cleaning but nothing else worked. I tried using the screwdriver on it but alas nothing happened ^^

Code for red and green man does not work, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks Full, but first I guess I had to put out the fire. Which I actually did but do not know how lol. Already out.

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 3:04 AM  

I'm curious, why was the game rated with only 1 star in the beginning? Even the weirdest ones start with 5...

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 3:05 AM  

Yes Yaggus, otherwise you would burn yourself

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 3:09 AM  

Sylli, look at the doll books in the shelf..
green books 415
red books 6237
now click
1 green
2+3 red
4+5 green
6+7 red

Yes Full, :D :D

thanks george! it worked

how to make a ladder?

I can´t take the piece of fireplace.How use the tools?

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 4:18 AM  

the fire must be out (this happens when you got the other 4 shapes), use the hook first, then the shovel

I have the HAPPY COIN!!!

Santa Claus's bag, select it, and click where the thumbwheel, get a ball, opens with the screwdriver, and KEY

The key is for the box of Figures, in his left side, there is a lock, there's the HAPPY COIN

pardon my english, greetings from Spain

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 4:49 AM  

I have the gift bag, a screwdriver, a box complete with figures and a golden key, do not know what to do! help please

my son go out .........
before, take the Happy Coin, as put up

click in the spinning wheel, above the fireplace, whit the gift bag
catches the ball, open it with the screwdriver, you get another key
open the side of the box and take the Happy Coin

and with another key, click on the door

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 5:02 AM  

Thank you for the coin, Sisli!

thank all
I am glad to find the coin myself, jeejejejejee

the end, you can choose a gift, the three had on the shelf

Merry Christmas!

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 5:10 AM  

Sisli, very grateful, had no idea of having to go back to the piece over the fireplace.
OUT - kisses

lovely game...thanks all for help!

good game at last.

Yes, thanks for the happy key Sisli. Well done!

       Anonymous  12/18/09, 5:44 AM  

In the end there are 3 different things in the gift boxes.
In the first is a Christmas cake,
in the second a key with jewels,
and in the third a box with wine...

combine the 2 large sticks with the pack of smaller sticks first. Then nail them together.

I'll make a walkthrough, unless someone else is already busy doing it?

Heh, the red and green dolls do the "surprised kitty"! Thanks for the help, everyone.

Go to the left to view the fireplace
Click right of the fireplace
Take shovel and hook
Take blue box (in drawer)
Zoom out and click in fire. Take pile of wood next to fire. Zoom out.
click on box on top of fireplace with two puppets
Click on puppets -- they move! Could the puppets be the key to open the box under them. Oh yes it is!
We don't have the code yet, so let's move on for now.
Zoom out and notice a wheel on top of the fireplace. Zoom in and notice it is missing a handle.
Zoom out and click on the painting. Click on a corner, hey the painting moves! We'll go back to the painting later
Zoom out and go to the left
Click on top shelf of library
One of the books has a hidden key in it. Use the key on box you took from fireplace. You now have nails.
Second shelf: move the boxes sideways until you find the screwdriver
Zoom out
Notice a white stripe just above the lower closed cupboards. Click on it.
You have a piece of paper now. Click on the piece of paper until 3 shapes appear.
The two cupboards underneath need a code to open.
Sheets of paper on cabinet give the code for bottom right cupboard. # of dolls; # of snowmen (outside the window); and # of books
Take hamer and box with shapes
Zoom out
Click between library and wall (where the library is supposed to be against the wall).
Take the two sticks
Zoom out and click on picture on wall at your left. Click on green button, lights go out and numbers appear.
Zoom out while lights are still off and notice three letters on library.
This is a hint for a code. Use the numbers that spell out nut on the bottom left cupboard of cabinet.
spoiler: 873
Take bag of santa out of cupboard. Click on the back of the bag and take heart. Place heart on box with shapes.
Put the lights back on.
Go to your right to the piano.
Notice how the puppets hold their arms. It is a clue for the painting. Now to be honest, I cheated.
Painting is top right, bottom right, bottom left, bottom right, top left
take handle and use it on the wheel on top of fireplace; Take ball and use screwdriver on ball. Take star shape and place it on box.
Go to box on top of fireplace with two puppets. I got the box open by randomly clicking it, but someone said the clue is on the books of the library.
left, right, right, left, left, right right
Take cross shape and place it on box.
Assemble from your inventory the two large sticks with the small pile of sticks. Now combine nails with the sticks to make ladder.
Place ladder next to left window so you can reach the high shelf. Take key and towel. Use key on piano and take tree shape. Place tree shape on box.
Your last shape is in the fire. But as long as the fire is on, you cannot take it!
When your fire is out, use the hook to lift the grid. Then use the shovel to take the shape. Clean the shape with the towel. Use screwdriver on shape to open it and take smaller shape;
Place shape on box. Open box with ... guess :-)
Go back to the wheel and make it turn. A new ball falls from it; Open with screwdriver and take key. Click on shape box, on the side. Use key to take happy coin.
Go to door, use key, out. Wait a few seconds and choose your gift.

I don't understand how the puppets on the piano are a hint to remove the picture on the wall !

I'm sorry.

Could someone explain how they understood the picture solution?

I understand the men pointing in certain directions, and I got the number which changes the sequence. However that new sequence doesn't work.

I'm looking at the starting number here, 3, and I'm looking at the solution posted as saying that you start from Top-right. However 3 is Bottom-right.

It seems you're basing if off of a reflective property, yet I see no clues indicating that this is what you do.

Could you explain instead of just giving the answer to the puzzle?


Don't be sorry Catalyste ! I would like also understand how the books give a hint for the puppets on the fireplace !

Well, the hint for the picture seems to be in the piano.

Pascale, it's based no color coordination! :)

One doll is green, the other red. When you click the doll on the book shelf and zoom in on the books, they are numbered 1-7. Go in order of the numbers when clicking the color of the respective doll.


1 (g), 2 & 3 (r)

For this you would click on the Green doll once and then twice on the red doll.

Catalyste, thanks a lot, that works !

Darn it. I meant ON...not "no." lol

Well I got the hint. But the solution that was posted needs to be explained as I'm not understanding how they came up with it. To me, it doesn't seem to make any sense. I don't see those clues saying that the it's based on reflective properties.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Catalyste, are speaking about the order of the corners for the picture ?

Yeah. How did they get that order as a solution? It doesn't reflect the original even if it was re-sequenced.

What I meant is that it doesn't reflect the new order of the directions given.

Anyway. Cute game!

Thanks, Sisli, for explaining the Happy Coin ending and george for explaining what's in the boxes at the end. :)

The hint in the piano says : 3 1 4 5 2

It means that you must click in the direction pointed by the second doll, then in the direction pointed by the last doll, then in th direction pointed by the first doll, etc. ie top right corner, then bottom right corner, then bottom left corner, etc.


I'm sorry, but I still don't understand the pointing dolls. I'm sure there is something very basic I miss, but still:

"the hint says 3....
It means that you must click in the direction pointed by the second doll..."


If I need the direction of the second doll, why not start the hint with 2??

I think that I didn't explain properly.

1st doll corresponds to number 3
2nd doll corresponds to number 1
3rd doll corresponds to number 4
4th doll corresponds to number 5
5th doll corresponds to number 2

So, you must click the corners of the picture according to this pattern :
2nd doll
5th doll
1st doll
3rd doll
4th doll.

Ahh, of course! Thank you Pascale!!
You did explain it well the first time, I was just so sure that the numbers on the piano told which doll to look at, not that they actually numered the dolls.
Feels stupid, but am in a better mood anyway, like always when I understand how to get a code.

Oh I see! Your second explanation cleared that up for me. Thanks Pascale! :)

So basically it's an assigned sequence. Let's see if I can explain it...just to!

1 2 3 4 5 = Dolls in order on top of piano.
3 1 4 5 2 = Numbers assigned to respective dolls.

Placing the assigned numbers from 1 - 5 will reveal the actual sequence of the pointing dolls.


ooh! I love Tesshi-e games!

I always end up needing help, though. And then I get mad I needed help because the solutions are usually so logical I should have gotten them on my own lol

You're welcomme, Ellie and Catalyste (-:
I'm glad to be able to help, it happens so rarely.

well, I didn't do too badly. I got out with only help with the doll order. :)

For the second ending, I found the second key, but needed help finding where to use it.

I forgot to say thanks to Pascale for the doll order and to Virginie for where to use the second ending key. So....THANKS!

       Anonymous  12/19/09, 3:19 AM  

Help: Anyone knows until when the fire will be out??

@ I:

The fire goes out after you've taken down the picture.

       Anonymous  12/19/09, 3:59 AM  

Thanks Catalyste.
I've taken down the pic already. I only see the fire goes out but not exactly...
Should I use shovel and hook?

       Anonymous  12/19/09, 4:08 AM  

got it. didn't check two puppets on the top of fireplace...how stupid:(

       Anonymous  12/20/09, 8:41 AM  

These games have fantastic graphics! A little complicated, but very entertaining. Thanks Tesshi-e

I'm so late with these Tesshi-e games. I'm just now going back to catch up by playing games that were 2-3 years old!

       Anonymous  11/2/17, 4:30 AM  

caught this one from the random section

thx Tesshi-e for all your premium quality games ☺
such a joy to play them

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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