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Plane Escape Walkthrough

Plane Escape

SAG Plane Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from stoneagegames.com. You find yourself in the middle of the desert, best way to escape is by airplane. Like always you need some things before you can escape. Good luck and have fun!

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SAG Plane Escape Video Walkthrough
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who hoo! i feel like less of an idiot whenever i play sag games, haha


WHAT in THHEEEE...There is a parachute. Only have the barrel and the shovel eeeek

I have needle, backpack, and barrel. placed barrel in spot on plane. backpack didn't want to go, must have to do something. tried clicking backpack on chute, but no go. hmmm?

oh...and a vest

is that a needle or a missle?


i think we have to fix the parachute. i found a needle, thread to get somehow, and a yellow stripe on a tree... just need scissors or a knife or something...

use shovel on left rock for goggles. We need a scissors, I think


needle was lower right corner barrel in hut. forgot where pack was. where is knife? probably need to repair chute?

HAHHAHHA...We got this annaby :?)

that darned gazebo is pissing me off lol...where do I shovel?? Where do I cut?? I just know I'm missing something. PS...That darn string is hard to pick up

you dont need to shovel or cut in the gazebo. just take the barrel. where's the knife?

zoom in on left rock, dig left of rock.
but where is knife?

nope...tried that on the parachute...no go. Havent found the needle but the knife is where she said the needle was???

oh...forgot...wish they would freeze places we've been lol

Needle in shade of lower right bush

Knife, Zoom in on plane, right to the three upstanding poles on the right.

knife is on plane wing, hard to see

AAAAAAAGH...I cant find the needle but I dug at a rock to find the knife

thank you, sneaksnake!

Needle, Zoom in on bushes bottom right, tthen bottom left of screen.

ty ty ty sneak...just remembered that the needle was middle right on the gazebo

got it - thanks SneakSnake.
Can;t get thread and needle to work on parachute

oops i meant knife

have string with needle, but can't repair rip in cute. anyone have any luck? am I just clicking wrong area?

Scissors from gazebo!

have to use the scissors to cut part of the chair - you sew this to the parachute and then pack the parachute pack before you can put it in the slot

where is the helmet then?

omg...WAS it on the wing??? I can never remember when I get in a fervor HAHHAHA...k stuck with you guys I think. :?(

we have to do something with the beach chair too, i think... it has black dashes like stitch marks, but I have no clue what to do with it!

cut chair with scissors, use that as patch to repair chute

we probably still have to dig somewhere. I miss the good ol detector days hahha

whoa found scissors!

Stryboh - where on gazebo? I've been clicking all over


right side post

Helmet, zoom in on bushes top left. Hard to see.

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Well well SNAZZY...a well deserved name you have :?)

helmut in bush upper left.

annnd out!

now do help and tell us WHERE ARE THE DARNED SCISSORS???

I'm sure you need the scissors b4 you can get the helmet? I tried


and the scissors are on the front right post of the gazebo, you can just barely see their outline at the bottom.

Scissors, zoom in on gazebo, in front of (at the bottom of) right pole/post.

@Muse scissors on bottom of right side post of gazebo.

nvm - found it

I've got everything, but I can't finish. My backpack won't go in place?

and you dont need the scissors for the helmet. That was the 2nd thing I picked up!

I clicked on that stupid bush about a million times! finally found the helmet ty everyone

ty ty ty....sneak...im sure i hit CLOSE to that spot grrrrrrrrr

fantum - same here

This was a fun one...hate the word but teeeeammwork...nice....Merry xmas

sneaksnake, once you cut the fabric, sew it on the parachute with needle and thread. then place backpack over the parachute and it will be all set to put on the plane!

Do you have to do something with the backpack?

how do u pick up the needle?

Ah, thanks @drk.

sneak - did you repair and then pack the parachute first?

finally out!

@Lauren, it's very pixelly... just keep clicking all over the needle until you get it.

Found glasses left of the leftmost rocks (in down left corner)


I did repair my parachute. I didn't see the logic, why to put your backpack over the parachute, but now I guess it's the way to pick up your parachute.

these sag have improved a lot but they'd be a lot better if they weren't such a pixel hunt

Anyone wanna write a walkthrough? I wanna have a break now, but if no one does, I will.

And out :)

im guessing u use shovel to get glasses, but i cant see where the glasses are (even with zazie's clue)

Pixel hunt... I don't like those games very much.

Lauren - yes, use shovel to left of rock on the left

oh, i found the area. its ridiculous b/c there is no indication of the spot. its just the sand to the left of the rocks.

Goggles, Zoom in on the rocks and the tree at the bottom left. Use your shovel in the sand (to the left of the rock and in front of the cactus.

uuuuuuuh..walkthrough? There goes my xmas spirit...HAHHAHHAH....I have tooooooo...WRAP PRESENTS :?)

I found a shovel (used to find goggles), a barrel, a backpack and a helmet. I can see the parachute, but I don't know where is the stuff to repair it.

Believe it or not I couldn't find that dumb parachute! OUT

Pascal - needle in the shade of lower right bush. Scissors bottom right post of gazebo. Knife on right side of plane. Use knife to cut yellow thread from tree. Scissors to cut patch from lawn chair.

To repair parachute, you need scissors ( zoom in on gazebo, in front of (at the bottom of) right pole/post) and then zoom in on chair. Use the scissors there to get a cloth. You also need a needle and a thread.

Stryboh - I kept losing the parachute!

I still can't find parachute!!

Click around on the far right side of your zoomed out screen.

Thank you!

Parachute, far right side of your screen, at the height of the tail of the plane.

Thanks a lot, Annaby and SneakSnake ! I had to click at least 20 times to get the scissors...

Now, my problem is to find the thread.

Well, I'm out, finally.

Thread; Zoom in on the trees at the right. Use your knife onthe the left tree (on the light stripe) and pick up the thread from the ground.


- Zoom in on the bushes on the bottom right. The needle is on the bottom left of that zoomed in view (in the shadows of the leafs). Take it and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the rocks (in the shadow) at the right middle of your screen. Take the backpak and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the plane. There is a knife at the right side. It's at the bottom of the right standing up pole from the wing. Take it and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the gazebo. Take the barrel (in the middle) and take the scissors (at the bottom of the right post/pole) and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the chair and use your scissors to cut out a patch (on the dotted line). Take the patch and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the bushes on the top left. In the bushes (at the left side of the left upstanding branch) there is a darker green spot. That's the helmet, take it and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the top left rock. In the shadow of the tree (to the right of the cactus) there is a shovel. Take it and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the rocks and the tree at the bottom left. Use your shovel to the left of the rock to dig up the goggles. Take the goggles and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the trees at the right. Use your knife at the white stripe on the left tree. A thread drops on the ground. Take it and zoom out.
- In the inventory combine thread and needle (put thread over needle, might take a few times, pixelhunt).
- Zoom in at the far right side of your screen at the height of the tail of the plane. There's a parachute with a hole in it. Put the patch on it and use the needle/thread to sew it on. Put your backpack on the parachute to take the parachute and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the plane. Click the front window to see the place to put stuff. Put backpack, helmet, goggles and barrel in and escape.

Another stone age game that I wish I could give a -5 star rating....

yikes. Thanks for the walkthrough. I needed help finding the darn scissors.

@sneaksnake - I think the reason you had to cover the parachute with the backpack to pick it up is because it was a backpack made to hold a parachute (not just a normal backpack)...

I am liking these SAG games a lot more lately...

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whew out
only 45% of the game i did myself =]
thanks for hints everyone

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