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Santa Escape Walkthrough

Santa Escape

AddictingGames - Santa Escape is another Christmas themed point and click room escape game created by Dina Gjertsen for Addicting Games. In this game, St. Nick broke his sled, right in your living room! Use your best escape skills to help the fat man get back to work. Good luck and have fun! Merry and Happy Christmas!

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Joepie (dutch), first

Whoo hoo!

New game on Christmas Day!

Rock! on!

And out.Just keep on missing 1 ginger bread man.

Found it. Nice easy game.

where'd you find the 10th gingerbread man/

there is one on the door, a bit faint.. you might not see it straight away.

There is another one on the Christmas Tree too.

Whats the word for the game? I have tried everything from Santa to Xmas!!!

Also can't get the marble in the machine...grr! Merry Christmas everyone :)

one in right leg of table

Still missing #9

Snow flake puzzle

straight across click out 5 4 1 2 3

@jojo: above the door?

Snowflake puzzle
is the positions of the Space Invaders

Note them and then use that on the snowflake puzzle....

Still stuck on the word for the Toy
(Educational Toy)

snow flake puzzle - look at the space invaders screen

space invaders? where is it?

Find the game and than you can see the space invaders on t he screen

Space Invaders game is
on the screen behind the table with the game console on it.

You need the game cartridge, then when you put
in the cartridge, then space invaders game shows on the screen.

I cannot find out the code for that edu..toy, tried xmas (merry ... from the viewer), merry,santa, claus but nada

still stuck on the word

my cartridge is missing? has anybody seen it :P

I opend it
Pushed the blok (dont know the word in englisch) things were are no letters on and than de right strange blok

found something, open that edu..toy and got a battery

where is the cartridge?

and out!!

and out

push top right button to open the toy

Found it!!!

That word

live games suck. just bunch of people writing that they are out and no clear answer what to do

Ho Ho Ho!

Got me a sleigh ride


Anyone wanna know what that word was?

people who out themselves, post a walkthrough to prove it!

There is no word, i told you already

I was busy trying everything on the toy.

Thought it might have something to do with the
Rubik's Cube

But no...


Scroll down


cartridge is in round classic game. Click the colors of the cube (on the round game): Y-Y-R-B-G-R-B-B-Y

judging from the contradicting postings about the game solving none has really passed the game
people just right "out" for the hell of it

You must have had a bug

Some of us found all 10 gingerbread men ages and ages ago.

Got stuck on the toy.... it WOULD NOT OPEN
all it kept saying was "Game Over".


Mine only opened after I put in the Word

then it popped open.

When the game opens.. you can take the battery
and put it in the mechanism of santa's sleigh

Then the ball will go in too.

Marina thanks. I still dont understand the logic, but guys who manage to crack these things, you need to go work for some secret services for a bunch of money!

I just checked back to see if anybody needs still help and i must read to hell with all people....how rude Anna, it is Christmas time!

ok. where is the ball?

oh. ok. found it. at the right bottom cornet of the screen or whatever it is

Played it again and the word is indeed Merry form the vieuwer. First time it did not work. Then I pushed the blanks and it opened.
Thats a bug i think.

Second time I played Merry worked at first attempt

sorry, Rubi. I am from the country where Christmas comes in couple of weeks only. you can say hell on 7 of January if you want revenge. only I still wont be offended!

walkthrough anyone please? so stuck here.. =]

finally out =]

merry christmas by the way =]

For the record : i could pick up 116 candy canes

Merry Christmas

out without help, easy game and was fun

... but i only found 9 gingerbread man, gonna search these comments to fins the last!

found it on the xmas tree thx to someones comment! it was tiny, no wonder i missed it

out with special end.

Merry Xmas everyone. I still dont know where to put the battery and ball. Someone said on the sleigh, where on the sleigh please Thanks

battery on the left, ball goes last just drag it around the middle somwhere

when you open the sleigh with thw snowflake puzzle, you put them on the mechanism

do u know what to do with the puzzle cube? ı finished with 9 cookies but wihtout using the cube

I totally agree with Anna. All of those writing they're out and leaving us stuck...mind to share??? Happy Xmas to those who believe

helloooo? anybody wanna share their success ? pleaseeee

use the wrench on the back wheel of the tricycle to get the wheel and put it in the sliegh.

Talk about a trip down memory lane!

i have done everything, the only thing i am stuck on is the marble wont go in!!!!!

I did the snowflake like the space invader 54123 it doesnt open up

in and out - very good game - now to find the last gingerbread man ...

finally, 10th gingerbread

to turn over the puzzle, see exactly the positions of the pieces in the game of video game

men ginger 1 window 2 fireplace, 3 blue gift box, 4 ball in the center of the Christmas tree, 5 next to the flower pot, 6 under the table gifts, 7 at the foot of the table of the video game, 8 foot right sled, 9 in the lock of the door 10 on the door in the red ornament.

Out !!!!! sled motor repaired
Santa Claus flying jet!! hohoho

Walkthrough please!

Here is a full walkthrough....

Gingerbread Men:
Front Door Handle
Above Front Door
Window In Main Room
Christmas Tree In Main Room
Fire Place In Main Room
Plant Next To Sleigh
Bottom Of Santa's Sleigh
Right Leg Of Red Table
Under Table By Riding Toy
On Top of Desk Next To Riding Toy

1)Grab Present Under Tree, Click To Open It
2)Click On Etcha Sketch and Push Knob For Diagram
3)Click On Fireplace In Main Room
4)Grab Cube From Stocking and Simon Game From Fireplace Behind Present
5)Click On Cube From Inventory and Make Note of Colors Starting At Top From Right To Left (Y,Y,R,B,G,R,B,B,Y)
6)Open The Simon Game From Inventory and Press the Colors From Cube In Order
7)Grab Space Invaders Game and Place In Game System
8)Grab Marble From Television in Bottom Right Corner
9)Make Note of the Order of the Characters on the Screen and Solve the Puzzle on Santa's Sleigh. Start With the First Row Going Down Highlighting the Snow Flakes in Green. (5,4,1,2,3)
10)Grab Slide From Inside Sleigh
11)Grab Slide Viewer From Desk
12)Go to Desk Where Game System is and Open Left Drawer and Grab Wrench
13)Use Wrench to Take Rear Tire Off of Riding Toy
14)Place Tire Inside Santa's Sleigh
15)Go To Room With Riding Toy, Click On Table and Grab Educational Toy, Type "MERRY" Into Game and Press Red Button On Top Right of Key Pad
16)Take Battery Out of Toy and Place in Santa's Sleigh in Top Left Corner
17)Place Marble In Funnel of Santa's Sleigh and You Are Done!!!

can someone please explain the snowflake puzzle? i clicked 5,4,1,2,3 but nothing happens...

I had the same problem. You start at the top click down 5, nest row click down 4 and etc.

Eddie thanks so much for the walkthrough, it was great, Could not have done it without the walthrough. Very nicely done Thanks again

This was fun! Thanks. BTW I did not play the Gazzyboy Santa game. Even tho it got good ratings. Agree with Suicune...

For the star puzzle, you need to make the first five stars green going from the top down in the first column. The second column will have four green stars going down, third has only one green star, fourth has two green stars and fifth has three green stars.

Great walkthrough, Eddie!!

oops, I mean snowflakes, not stars....duh.

OUT!got 10 cookies and got 110 candy canes in the end!

113 Candy canes at the end! wow

the word is merry

were do i get the marble

115 candy canes for me =)

good game most wont find the gingerbread man on the table with the game console the bottom right leg.....

i keep typing in the color sequence into the puzzle game but nothings happening. what am i doing wrong?

I can't get the wheel off...Help

I got 115 candy canes!!!!!!!!!!!

Complete Walkthrough-

1. Getting all the gingerbread men is optional- if you want to get them all it's up to you but ur going to have to find them on your own. (Hint: one is on the tree)

2. Get the red present under the tree

3.To save you time, click on the snowflakes on the sleigh in this order:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
~ ~

That should open the panel.

4. Get the ball from the bottom right corner of the TV screen.

5. Open the present you got earlier. Inside should be a toy. Type in MERRY and then click the top-right button, then it should open.
Take out the battery in the bottom left corner

6. Go back to the table with the game device and the TV.
Open the left drawer and take out the wrench.

7. Use the wrench on the back wheel of the Tricycle. Put the wheel and the battery in the sleigh.

8. Drop the marble in the sleigh.


10. If you got all of the gingerbread men you will get a ride in Santa's sleigh. Collect as many candy canes as you can!!!

Okay so, I just cannot get the panel open.
I used this way:

and Nothing happened. Help?


1.Go to Fireplace
2.Get Rubiks Cube from Stocking
3.Get Colour Memory Game form behind green Present
4.Go back
5.Turn left
6.Go to Table
7.Pick up toy
8.Type into toy "MERRY" then press top-right button
9.Take battery
10.Turn left
11.Open left drawer
12.Take Spanner
13.Go back to the tricycle
14.Use Spanner on back wheel
15.Use Colour Memory game
16.Do combination Y,Y,R,B,G,R,B,B,Y
17.Take Space Invaders cartridge
18.Go left
19.Put cartridge in console
20.Take marble from bottom left of the screen
21.Turn left to face sled
22.Snowflake puzzle: ~~~~~
~~ ~~
~~ ~
23.Put wheel on the arc, put battery in square at top left, put marble in top right


For snowflake puzzle click:
** **
** *

Cookies are:

0 On door
1 Above door
2 On tree (ornament about halfway down)
3 In window
4 Under sleigh
5 Behind poinsettia
6 By fireplace
7 Under table by trike
8 Under gifts on table by trike
9 Under video game table (click the legs on the right)

out with help for my last gingerbread man. Hard to see him on the tree. Thanks all!

i cant get the space invaders game to go in and i followed all the instructions on how to open the puzzle on the sleigh and nothing is happening i have all the gingerbread cookies and the battery i cant get the ball from the tv screen and i have got the wheel i cant seem to get the wheel into the sleigh either please help me!

116 candy canes. :-P

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