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Alice is Dead Episode 2 Walkthrough

Alice is Dead Episode 2

[REPLAY] Newgrounds - Alice is Dead: Episode Two is another point and click adventure type escape game developed by Hyptosis and ImpendingRiot for Newgrounds. Venture further down the rabbit hole to answer old questions and meet new friends in this second episode. Make sure you’ve played the first one before playing this one, or you will be lost. Good luck and have fun!

Alice is Dead Chapter 2

Alice is Dead 2 Walkthrough
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hmm lets see what we got here

doh! I was here before but was not signed in! :-(

Ohhh I remmy alice part one.

Her we go

Hi guys, so far i have magical nut, button, bell, and a piece of glass which i combined with a tissue from bed.

Hmm, got a shard of glass in a cloth and a bell. Can't seem to do anything with them though.

Used the nut on the dead guy.

Hi everyone lets go

Hello everybody !

Lewis doesn't seem very hungry. !!

A button and a nut from the toilet

Now i am in his body and freed a worm which i killed with my glass knife.

A bell from the bed

Turn on light, borken glass

Okay got shard and rag+knife, talked with hatter, cut open cellmate and ate nut. killed worm in his belly and key was stuck! Came out and I have a bell but No idea where button is... looked around but cannot find next step... hmmmm

There are other rooms now with many dead people, creepy.

How Zazie?

Broken glass from the mirror

Cut bed to get a cloth

Use cloth on glass from mirror to create a knife

Use knife on dead guy, his body openes

I have the evidence from the safe but I cannot figure out what to do next.

Place nut inside dead guy

Ohh gross, I'm in his belly!

Use knife on bottom right part of the stomach

I am typing on a screen but no progress with the right command

tons of posts while i was playing the last 20 mins lol

ok where is the nut and dont tell me i bloody flushed it caus eright off the bat i flushed

Got out, now im near an elevator

what to do at the picture of dr burr?

anyone solved it yet?

Yes, it openes a purple door where you can leave. Need to find more evidence though

Not yes Suicune.
And what code outside which hole ?

The nut was in the toilet.

had a bell refreshed can remembder where i found teh bell...

ah, now i finally solved the painting after a lot of trial and error... wish there was some clues to solving it instead of trial and error :(

top- rooster head
middle- red badge
bottom- i forgot :(

Stuck as hell


watch the outside for long enough and youll see a code appear, takes like a minute or so.

Yes i have a door now over Dr.Burr.
It was chicken head, heart was a white thing and the hands just try, i cannot remember.

I saw a word outside for like a second but cannot remember what it was... "obsolete" I think.... anyone else know?

Got the code

I had a white patch where heart should be.

Oh I think I am out.

Got outside, and then clicked some button
game said perhaps I shouldnt have...

then the credits and to be continued.

Did I miss something outside and end up
aborting? or was that it?

implausible dancing irrefutably accentuating checkles


the 2nd letter of every word there spells "march" but its not working on the computer

Is there another ending? I pressed the controls and fish began falling from the sky. I think it said maybe I should not have done that.

This is very weeeeeeeeeird.

the word outside was OYSTERCLOUD

so how are you guys escaping? i cant find any way to get out.

I could not read the word from the hole "oystercloud" or something like this ? And where to use it ?

Zazzie, there are other messages too

Type "unlock _____" in the computer to open the safe, I think. Fill in the blank with the password.

Zazzi use it on the computer after "unlock"

to anyone who got the safe open or got "out", can you please tell how? thanks...

OYSTERCLOUD goes into computer but now ?


TY!!! no wonder march wasnt working. i solved the code on my own but i didnt know i had to type it TOGETHER with unlock lol i kept trying SEPARATELY!

Strange ending.. raining fish ?!?!

A very nice game ! very good graphics and gameplay, great story too,
I would only expect it to be longer / harder


seems the only thing i was missing was HOW to type in the password, rest was easy.

i think there is only 1 end, its a to be continued series after all.


as for the oystercloud thing, i guess its just to give some background info on the plot, its not needed to escape.

In the context of this game, raining fish isn't so strange. In fact it's to be expected. And that bloody music......

I tried everything, also unlockmarch, doesn´t work, help.

Wow that was odd...


unlock march not unlockmarch

its like using a realistic command prompt interface, type the command followed by the parameter :P

Ok i got it now.

you have to type " unlock march" with a space and it unlocks the safe ... "unlock oystercloud" gives you an entry to read...

Finally i am out, strange game lol.

Hi...been trying for minutes to cut the cellmate's stomach open...can't find the exact spot.

Help anyone?

Cut somewhere on the right side of stomach ....

Poke the stomach around where Zazie said and you will find a soft spot, then you can cut.

I also, can't find the spot to cut and i click everywhere on the right side...

Help anyone?

If I type, unlock oystercloud all I get is, command not recognised.

cant get in body.just says im not a butcher

Hi Martin D & Zazie...thanx, but I swear I tried to poke every millimetre of the right side of his stomach...problem is, after every attempt I have to highlight the knife again, so I can't just keep poking around :-(

Would any of you care to replay the game, and find the exact spot? Apparently I'm not the only one who's unable to open the stomach...

yes, i can't find the right spot. it's annoying that you have to highlight the knife over and over again...

Ooooh I enjoyed the first one. Let's have a go!

This is soooo annoying - can't find the right spot on the stomach and have to highlight the knife again and again. I'm about to give up, it is so frustrating!

Kate, don't give up just yet...think I solved the problem...first go to the Mad Hatter, and go through the whole dialogue with him...then go back to your dead cellmate and cut his stomach open...it worked!

HI Ginger,

thanks - but I finished talking to the Mad Hatter already 20 minutes ago and I still can't find the right spot. I also can't find the nut in the toilet - or do I have to cut open the stomach first before the nut is there?

Kate, I think you have to flush the toilet first, and then look in it...the nut will be there...

By the way, I'm stuck again...will wait for you there lol

ok guys.

you cannot cut the guy open until after you BOTH talk to the mad hatter, AND have the nut from the toilet.

hope this helps!

Finally found the nut - after having flushed the toilet about five times!

Thanx Suicine, I found out already. But I'm stuck again now...what to do after having typed in unlock march? What to do with the evidence, the button and the bell?

when you have the evidence, go to the painting and change the 3 panels on it randomly until a purple door appears.

there isnt and clue on how to outfit the painting, so its all trial and error. fortunately, there arent many options to "brute force" it with.

well, if i recall, the top part should be the rooster head, the badge should be the red one, and the hands, just keep trying, but i think its the one where 1 of the hands is backwards.

okay, got it: once you get the nut, go back to the Hatter and talk to him again; then it works!Now stuck inside the stomach!!

Hello, I have only a bell and a button.
How to get the keys and how to keep open the door of a lift?

Thanx Suicine...I'm out. But i never wanted to kill Alice, honestly, I didn't...

Kate, just kill the worm inside the stomach, and then move out, explore the rest of the scene, and enjoy the music lol. Sorry, but I have to go. If you get stuck again, just follow Suicine's hints...o, and don't forget to type in 'unlock march'...that will open the safe...

Have fun & see ya!

ah, had not seen the arrow next to the lift

What does "unlock march" mean ? How did you find it ? And I don't see any "oystercloud" !

hey all , this was a great sequel , the first one was longer and more challenging , but this still rocked! nyhow, the tip for the painting was the record playing this.."dr. burr was a coward " hence the chicken head. and" has a big heart" therefore u put a heart in his pocket , and "until he lost his money" put a hand losing money at the bottom.. but actually it doesnt matter wat u put at the hands ,the door cums down anyways. hope this makes sense..

Suicune - there is a clue to the order on the painting! If you click the painting and listen to the description it says he's a cowardly man with a big heart who lost all his money. Translation - chicken, heart, hands with coin falling out. :)

D'oh, didn't refresh before I posted that. You beat me Groovychick :)

Does anyone know what the button and the bell were for?

lol daisyjane.. great minds think alike ;).. no i didt use either of them

Hmm.. perhaps they will feature in the next one! :)

i dont play with sound in these games, i always listen to my own music. i guess thats why i had a problem with it.

ty for explaining though!

This was excellent! :) A very nice sequel. :)

(and I managed to get all the medals on my Newgrounds account. yay!)

Cell -- bed view
Click the bed sheet where it is folded down to get a piece of sheet
Click the blanket to get the bell
Click the mirror to get a piece of glass
Note the toilet flushes
Turn right using the red heart symbol

Cell -- Lewis view
See poor dead Lewis
Rip the old poster with the man’s face on it
See the hint about a button
Look at Lewis’ hand and see his finger is on something -- get the button (I tested this, and you don’t need it to leave)
Pull the light switch cord and then click the bulb to break it (this doesn’t seem important)
Note the X-rays show Lewis swallowed a key
Turn right

Cell -- Hatter view
Talk to Hatter -- to do this click him and then select reply in the red text area. Which replies you choose don’t seem to matter.
Learn about the magic nut
Turn right

Cell -- Door view
See the locked door
Turn right again

Cell -- Bed view
Flush the toilet and then quickly click inside the seat to look into the bowl
Get the nut
Back up using the left red heart symbol
Turn 2 times

Cell -- Hatter view
Talk to Hatter again (again, your choices don’t seem to matter)
Learn you need to cut open Lewis
Turn left

Cell -- Lewis view
In your inventory, click the piece of bed sheet and then the glass shard to make a knife
Use the knife on Lewis’ belly (ewwwwwwww!)
Use the nut on the opening.
You are now…

Inside Lewis!
Your cursor is a flashlight
If you click the stomach, it will tell you it is hard. Click towards the right, and you will find a soft spot
Click to get the key, and a worm will attack you
Kill it with the knife
The key is permently stuck, but something is going on outside in the cell
The nut will wear off and you are…

Back in the cell
Turn right

Cell -- Hatter view
See Hatter is gone
Turn right

Cell -- Door view
Click the door
Hatter opened if for you
Now you are …

Outside the cell
Click the opening in the bricks
Keep watching until you get a code word (this takes a while so be patient)
Leave the scene by clicking the left heart
Back in the hallway, click the black door opening to the right

You are in the elevator room
Ewww. Poor squished guard
Turn right and you are in the …

Computer room
Offer the button to the guards -- no, you don’t have to do this, but I thought the humor was funny :P
Click the newspaper and read about Hatter and his codes
Use the left arrow to back up and click the paper taped to the right wall
Use you knowledge of the code to read the codeword Hatter left you
Click the computer

Type in help and hit enter
You will learn that there are 3 commands you can enter (other than help)
Type help lookup and hit enter
This will tell you that you can learn about the inmates
Enter list inmates and hit enter
This will get you a list of the inmates
Type lookup lewis (to read about him). Repeat for the other 2 inmates to learn about them.
Type help unlock
Learn about the lock to the safe needs a password
Type unlock and it will tell you to enter the password
You have the password from the clue Hatter left you
This is based on reading the second letter of the words Hatter wrote on the bloody note on the wall
Type logs
See a list of logs
Type read log 202 (or whichever log you want to read)
Type OYSTERCLOUD (the code word you saw from looking through the bricks) to learn about that programs
Use the heart arrow to back up
Turn right

See the monitors
The safe at the bottom is now open -- get the evidence
Turn right

If you click any of the 3 buttons by the picture, you will change part of the image.
You need to find the right combination to create a door
The description of the man says he is a cowardly man, with a big heart, and who lost his money
Click the buttons to get the rooster (chicken) head, red heart, and 2 open hands with coin falling out

Click the purple door to leave
Outside, click the red buttons to make it rain fish

I loved this game. Out without help.

And thanks to Groovychick and daisyjane for the explanation of the picture. Like Suicune, I don't play with my sound turned on lol


Premise: Escape the prison with evidence

Bed Scene (going clockwise):

Click bed sheet to get cloth strip. Click blanket to get bell. Flush toilet and immediately click toilet bowl to collect magical nut. Click mirror to collect mirror shard. Click cloth and mirror shard to combine into a makeshift knife.

Body scene:

Click on X-ray and picture of key (if you don't click on picture of key. Mad Hatter will tell you to come back to him until you've figured a way to escape.) Click on old poster on same wall and unveil message. Click under the body's finger to collect button.

Mad Hatter:

Talk to Mad Hatter.

Note: If you're trying to collect the medals for this game, you have to play this on Newgrounds. In order to get the first medal, you have to use all the top (polite) replies to the Hatter. The message he leaves you determines whether you've left a nice impression or not.

Body Scene:

Use knife on body, same with the nut. Find the soft spot on the stomach located to the right. Use knife. Click on key, kill giant worm with knife. Now you will hear a commotion going on. You can't get the key and the nut wears off.

Mad Hatter:

He's left you a message. Go right and just leave out the door.

*Hole in wall:

Note: The purpose of this is to collect the Secret medal on Newgrounds. It's not needed to complete the game. Look into the hole till the creature is staring right at you. It will phase out and a password will appear. This is to find out more information on Dr. Raymond Burr.

Go through door, go right. Pick up paper and read it. It says that the Hatter's notes are cryptic. Solve them by taking the second letter of each word. This spells out a word.

Zoom out and read note hanging on shelf. By taking the second letter of each word, it spells M.A.R.C.H.

Go to the computer and type in Help. This triggers a list of commands: Lookup, Logs, Unlock.

Note: If you want more background information then you can type Help Commands. This gives you info on the inmates and data logs.

Type in Unlock March. Zoom out, go Right twice, take photos. Go right, click picture and listen to narrative. It says the doctor is a coward (chicken), has a big heart (heart), lost his money (coins leaving hands). Change the picture to match the story. A door will come down. Click it. Then click the machine.


Dang it, kitkat beat me to it! lol

@Catalyste no worries about 2 walkthroughs. Plus yours tells some more about how to get medals. I didn't mention them at all.

wow. this rocks!

Lol...yeah...the medal thing....

Newgrounds owns my soul in regards to that...lol

My name is Alice... should I play this? am I dead?

@a I am so sorry EG24 had to bring you the bad news. :(

The bright side is, you look fabulous, considering!

NOTE: There are 4 Newgrounds Medals you can achieve in the game, to your NG Account. The Walkthrough for NG MEDALS is after the Main Walkthrough. However, keep in mind that I won't reveal the Secret Medal!

Walkthrough - Part 1:

1. Look at the Bed on Bottom-Middle of screen. Click on the Bottom-part of the White Bed Sheet, at the Right-side part of the Bed, to get a PIECE OF CLOTH (click on Left-side of Bed Sheet, to get Bell - Unnecessary)!

2. Look at the Right-Side of Bed, on Bottom-part of screen. You can see a Toilet! Click on the Flush (Just above the Toilet Seat), and then quickly click in the Middle of Toilet Seat, to zoom in. Quickly, take the NUT in the Middle before it vanishes (if you fail, do the same again) - Zoom out!

3. Click on Mirror, above the Toilet, to get a PIECE OF GLASS! Move Right, and look near Top-Left of Game Screen. You can see 2 X-Ray Pictures. Click on the Right-Side one, to let yourself know that there is something Shiny inside the Creature on floor, probably a Key!

4. Move Right! Click on Mad Hatter on Right-side, to talk with him! Reply with whatever Answer you want [LOOK NG MEDAL WALKTHROUGH AT BOTTOM - MEDAL #1 AND/OR #2] - once Conversation is over, Move Left!

5. Combine the Piece of Glass with Piece of Cloth, by clicking on either of the Items, and then click on the other one to get a KNIFE! Use the Knife on the Creature on Floor, cut him in the Middle of his Chest! Use the Nut on the Scar you made, to enter. You can see a Big Gut which is really big (It's in the Middle and Right-side). Look at its Bottom-Right side, and you'll notice cracks. Use Knife on several places between Bottom-Middle and Bottom-Right - you'll find the right spot, and crush the Gut! Click on the Eyes inside the Gut, and use Knife on the Worm Monsters Head. Listen to what happens outside (Mad Hatter escapes and kills everyone) - once Music starts playing, you'll automatically be transformed out of the Creatures body (Click on Poster above Creature on Floor, and notice that it's saying that a Button is under Right-side arm of Creature on floor. You can take the Button, but unnecessary)!

Walkthrough - Part 2:

6. Move Right, and read Mad Hatters Message for you. You'll get a Negative comment if you replied to him with Bad Words, or you'll get a Positive comment if you replied to him with Compliments! Move Right, and click on Door to enter [LOOK AT NG MEDAL WALKTHROUGH - MEDAL #4]. Click on the Open Door at the end of Right-Side Wall! Move Right, and click on Newspaper, near the Red Arrow that is Pointing to Right-Side - Read the Main Article and notice that Mad Hatter leaves a secret code on his notes, every 2nd Letter! Zoom out, and click on the Light-Blue Note above the Newspaper, on 2nd Level of Shelf on Right-Side. Note that if you take every 2nd Letter from each word except the last one, which is his Signature, you'll get: "MARCH" - zoom out!

7. Click on the Monitor on Left-Side Machine, to zoom in. Type: "UNLOCK MARCH" - a text will appear: "SAFE OPENED" - zoom out! Move Right. Take the PHOTOS/EVIDENCE from inside Safe, and Move Right!

8. Click on the Picture, to hear a man say: "Dr. Raymond Burr was a COWARDLY Man with a BIG HEART, until he LOST all his MONEY" - Click on the Top Red Button, on Right-side of Picture, until the Head turns into Chicken/Hen (Cowardly). Click on Middle Red Button until Chest Pocket changes to a Red Heart (Big Heart). And click on Bottom Red Button until Hands changes to Hands where Right-Side hand is losing a Coin (Lost Money)! Funny Music stars, Machine appears - wait a few seconds and a Purple Door will appear. Click on Door to leave, and then click on the Red Button, near Screen [LOOK AT NG MEDAL WALKTHROUGH - MEDAL #3]!


Medal #1 [HAPPY HATTER] - 25 Points
When you Talk with Mad Hatter [Main Walkthrough, Step #4], always Reply to him with the Positive Responds (The ones on Top, when you choose)

Medal #2 [HATTER, MAD] - 25 Points
When you Talk with Mad Hatter [Main Walkthrough, Step #4], always Reply to him with the Negative Responds (The ones on Bottom, when you choose)

Medal #3 [SOMETHING FISHY] - 100 Points
Simply Complete the game!

Medal #4 [SECRET] - 50 Points
It's a secret. I'll only reveal a hint - Look outside through Hole on Right-side Wall after entering Door when Mad Hatter escapes!

I really hope this Walkthrough was helpful. I know that I've been gone for a while, but I am busy with School and very tired. I'll try to write some Walkthroughs when I can :D

Type: Extremely Detailed Walkthrough + NG Medal Walkthrough | 8 Long Steps / 4 Medals
Time Used: 1 Hour & 15 Minutes
Written By: Prid

Prid...I already revealed the Secret medal on my walkthrough. lol

nice to see you back prid, wb!

and its nice to see that OYSTERCLOUD had a small purpose in the end, though not for me since i dont have a NG acc :P

I love these Alice is dead games! Make many many more!

my finger is in the button
oystercloud / unlock march

type :
1º list inmates
2º lookup rabbit
3º lookup alice
4º lookup hyptosis
5º lookup andie
6º lookup tomamoto

The bell and the button :

the button gets jammed in the machine, Nice job

Oh great, the one thing they didn't take from me...

Kill the rabbit, Why does alice want's me dead?

2 letter of every word

I'm loving this game!!!!

messing around with dead bodies is definitively not my cup of tea!

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