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Inspector Kloo 3 – The Hut Walkthrough

Inspector Kloo 3 – The Hut

Inspector Kloo 3 - The Hut is another point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. The thief is hidden in the hut. But you have to enter by surprise to catch him! Good luck and have fun!

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Nice! Hope I´m not playing on my own? Hav hammr+nails, broken ladder 5 wood pieces and shovel.

@stone puzzle now...

great, did all the work solving the broken stone and it doesnt even work :/ i dont see any other clues around on how to order the numbers! i hope its not gonna come down to a guessing game/brute force

Find a place to dig above the truck

nvm POP got it :)

saw a hint that totally was over my heard before, look at the CRACKS

volker where did you find the nails and hammer.

and out, that was so easy lol

only hard part was realizing that you had to follow the cracks

Good question. On truck, at windmill or left of house? Anyway, inside house now!

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 5:49 PM  

what to do wit de rocks i dig up?

replaying now, gonna see if i can refind some stuff to help you jenny


join them together. select them and use them on the road to the house, to view them on the ground. i took a screenshot of them so i will post that in a sec, if anyone doesnt feel like doing the stone puzzle themselves. if you do, then dont bother clicking the screenshot

Funny one...out.

@carriage: You can add/puzzle with them at beginning of path.

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just in case anyone wants it. you probably should do the puzzle on your own that as thats part of the fun, but this spoiler is here just in case anyones in a lazy mood.

And out finally, had some problems combining items.
First select hammer/nails then wood.
When in the house first select pool balls then bag.

I have all the balls plus a bag now. I wonder what is next.


combine them, then think what that new item could be used for

Ha I got it I wonder why I didn't think of putting them together. That wasn't so hard now that I think about it. Interesting game.

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       Anonymous  1/29/10, 6:13 PM  

i out. very nice game.

use tones=use stones

Ok, need some sleep now. Been a pleasure escaping with you here!
Congrats to suicune for flying through this game! And I tought I was pretty fast...


-get wood under truck
-get hammer+nails on front of truck
-take wood on the left next to mill
windmill view
-take broker ladder on bottom of mill
-take wood on mill
-take wood on the left next to mill
click stone on right side of house
-take shovel
click stone on the very left in front of tree
-take wood on top
-use shovel (around 1 shovel length up from bottom and around 5 from left/a third or a quarter from left)
-take stones
use stones on beginning of path
solution later...
-combine wood and ladder
-combine hammer and ladder
use ladder on window above gate
click window
-enter code from stones
click open window
-take billard balls
-take bag (left bottom)
-combine balls with bag
-use bag on rope





goodnight volker, nice job on the runthrough, and dont worry, you are fast! i just... got lucky lol.

Thanks Suicune for that pic it wasn't going together for me LOL then I needed help on the sequence rough night on solving things... thanks Volker you saved me :)

your welcome, now im glad i took the time to post it, i didnt think it was gonna get used lol

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 8:31 PM  

I love these games and its probably the only thing i am good at in life and yet i can never catch them live to help you guys GRRR

This comment has been removed by the author.

this is my perfect chance to pull a sneaksnake! :D

hi tinta! i dont beleive weve met, welcome! if you would like to improve your odds of catching live games, then here is a...


1- MAKE SURE you keep refreshing the EG24 homepage every 5 minutes or less. this is VERY important, and is considered to be the "GOLDEN RULE" of making it to live games. by doing this, you maximiaze your odds of catching a live game, by making it impossible to miss one as long as you are not sleeping or whatever.

2- try to be awake around 6AM-2PM EASTERN TIME. this is when about 75% of all live games come out i notice, within these 8 hours! this further maximizes your chance at catching live games, and combining it with step 1, you are pretty much GUARANTEED at least a couple live games a day!

3- pray to the gods that luck is on your side!

4- if steps 1-3 work like a charm and you are able to catch a lot of live games thanks to this walkthrough, then CONGRATS, you beat this game! please go on to step 5! :)

however, if you miss an entire day of live games, you need to seek SERIOUS professional help... SKIP TO STEP 9 IMMIDIATELY.

5- if you are here, it means you won, congrats. enjoy your live games, but you better remember to thank me for helping you with this walkthrough though... OR ELSE! >:(

6- see step 10, and make it snappy i dont have all day! oh, and, give me that screwdriver you got in step 8 as payment for my trying to help you!

7- see step 6

8- see step 7, picking up the screwdriver along the way.

9- see step 8

10- if you are here, it means you have MISERABLY LOST the challenge of catching live games. you poor thing. boo hoo. just know that everyday is a new opportunity! now go redo steps 1-3... AND DONT MESS UP THIS TIME!!! OR I WONT HELP YOU ANYMORE!!!!!


DISCLAIMER: only step 1-2 are serious. the other 8 steps are a joke. i just wanted to pull a sneaksnake today, as i said :P if you want SERIOUS advice on how to catch a live game, then please look at step 1-2 ONLY, because they DO work. me, ellie, sneaksnake, and edgar are LIVING PROOF that it works, since you can see us in pretty much every games comments! so you know we have to be doing SOMETHING right. just try it, and if this "walkthrough" helps you catch live games, let me know, k? :)

LOL @Suicune! I would like to add that step 3 is of some importance as well... Yesterday I waited for a game but no new ones came out, then i had to go away for a while and... bang!... 4 games solved and walkthroughs written when i came back. Fine...i wait some more...and then this game comes out 5 mins after i decide to get some sleep :D However, this is a walkthrough of great importace, so it goes into the Museum lol!

About the game, thanks @Suicune for "following the cracks", i tried to put the numbers by size! Thanks @Edgar for teaching me how to combine items, it was hard to use those balls!

Thanks @Suicune, I couldn't have caught a live game without your wonderful walkthrough.

Back in the old days I was just sitting at my desk, completely numb staring at the screen until somebody told me; you can also turn on the computer. And then it all started and I discoverd EG24 but then I got stuck again. I wanted to play live games but all I could do was staring at the screen again but nothing changed there. I did restart the computer to see if this was the way to find live games and sometimes it worked. But I almost did give up on this (thought it would be bad for my pc) but now you saved my life.
Now I'm sitting 20 hours a day in front of the screen clicking every five minutes. Thank you so very much for that.
By the way; sometimes I refresh after 4 minutes because I'm so excited and anxious to know if there is a new one on. My question is; Is that allowed? If not I won't do it anymore.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

The link apparently doesn't work anymore :'(

Pulling a sneaksnake. Nice expression and great walkthrough suicune!

If I may I´d like to add another approach how to catch a game live:

This is a timed game! So if you don´t act quick enough you´ll have to restart!!

-Take Ellie, Suicune, Sneaksnake and Edgar by clicking them with your mouse or asking politely (beware, in contrary to the usual escape games thay DO change their locations! I advise just to ask them here where to find them...)

-go to a remote place with a closeable room or similar facility

-take the escapers from your inventory and place them inside

-click to close the door, roll stone before entrance, etc

-now it´s time to act quickly!! go to EG24 and play as many live games as possible. You might notice that they are live for a much longer time now as well!! (so refreshing every 15 minutes should do)

-However this effect will only last shortly until they escape your prison. So be sure to play the 2-3 live games you can catch until they are back...

General advice:
(1)To make sure you´ll get enough time to catch your live game use longer passwords to avoid brute force techniques!
(2)Don´t leave a screwdriver
(3)A bit of luck

DISCLAIMER: Please don´t take this too serious! Without their brilliant advice and walkthroughs we would all be terribly stuck in here!! Also I heard rumors that (even though they are escapers) to imprison them is highly illegal...

I don't know how I missed this excellent exchange, but I suspect it had something to do with not following Suicune as SneakSnake and volker's advice and actually being stupid enough to sleep for a few hours.

Just one question for the three of you: What happens if you have to use the bathroom? I can see that taking a laptop along would be advisable, but what if you have one of those unwieldy cpu/monitor/keyboard jobs? That could actually become dangerous!


i guess that is where step 3 in my walkthrough would start to matter!

but in reality, just try not to take longer than necesary in the bathroom if youre expecting a live game soon.


LOL your version is quite a bit different than mine. i liked it though, it was fun to read.

btw, your prison better be VERY complex, or we could end up getting out in less than 5 minutes, leaving no time for even 1 live game :P


yes refreshing every 4 minutes is allowed. anything under 5 minutes is allowed, but 5 minutes and 1 second is a SERIOUS infringement!

@suicune: Thanks and I know...not an easy task to make it complex enough. But maybe a maze within the prison could help to confuse your "senses"? ;) Btw anyone asked for your location yet?
@zoz: Sleeping? That´s crazy! Hope at least you have to escape rooms in your dreams? And the answer to your question is time management. You just have to time your bathroom visits to the maximum allowed 5 minutes!!
No, can´t really help you on this. Miss more then enough games myself. That´s why I thought of a different approach to keep games live for a longer time...


lol cant beat me with me own trick! :P ill be out of there in less than a minute!

and btw, my location is in my maze dungeon, devising a sinister plot... but only the best escapers will get to... oops i better stop before i give away too big a SPOILER

lol, sitting in a maze and devising sinsister plots? I try to imagine that picture in my head!!

I know that my approach had some flaws left. But the good thing is: if you can´t catch any live game you can just press restart: collect the escapers and try again!! (don´t wanna know the travel expenses though)

@volker the ideal prison would consist of a 123bug game. Everyone would get stuck! And throw in some navigation resembling the Library Labyrinth for good measure. Oh, and lots and lots of red herrings. Make everyone find the numbers as in the Gamershood Missing Numbers 2 and cross reference them with the SSSG crystals to derive codes. Finally, write "Gazzyboy" everywhere so Suicune will get so mad he'll forget all about escaping!

       Anonymous  1/30/10, 12:12 PM  

-.- you guys..are epic.

LOL ZOZ! thats so true, probably the best way to handicap our escape is to write "gazzyboy" everywhere in your "maze" because i dont play gazzy games so i wouldnt bother trying to crack those codes :P

also, beware my brute force reputation, make sure your codes are at least 5 digits or more. mabye throw in something like the tower of eternity has, where 10 wrong guesses gives a dark end, that would slow me down too :P

@zoz, @Volker and @Suicune...ROFL!! Where will this end?? I can totally imagine the frustration of being trapped in that kind of buggy/red herring room with a mad Suicune, needing a quick escape to catch the live games...lol!

@Suicune, I think that you should give the new gazzygame a chance, it was really nice to play! No bugs, impossible codes or a lot of cold hotspots.

the one with 280+ comments huh? the comment count alone worried me a bit lol, that seemed high even for them. thier old games used to get 150+ comments all the time because everyone got stuck with pixel hunting and impossible codes.

idk i just dont feel good about opening a gazzy game anymore, and then you have the EXTREME advertising which gets annoying on top of that. used to be able to use gamershood to remedy that problem, but then they pulled a 123bee.

This time the 280 comments wasn't because of pixelhunting or impossible codes, just because it was a long game :) Noone was stuck for very long, but I guess it would have been much harder without reading the comments...lol
But this was just a suggestion, if there are no new games to play. I know why you don't like gazzy, i just wanted to tell you that this one wasn't bad at all.

ty for the suggestion then, i might have a look at it later, depends how i feel

@zoz: Nice idea! The gazzyboy should take care of Suicune at least. No need to even close the exit! I´m sure there would be something for the others as well. Might have to update my walkthrough...
@ellie: Scary thought. Hope you can still sleep well? ;)

But too something useful. I also avoid gazzyboy but for a different reason: At some stage in most of that games I get a message that the full version is on gazzyboy site and can´t continue. Very frustrating! Does someone has a clue why this happens?

I have no idea why this happens. It never happened to me, and when I use the link from EG24 I never get the advertisements either. I always sleep very well, btw :D


thats just like 123bee, gazzyboy has literally COPIED that extremely annoying thing from them, in order to pull in more visitors and revenue, since we MUST go to thier site now, and cant play the swf here or at gamershood anymore without getting interrupted. its all related to thier aggressive advertising as of late- its all to maximize thier money, but imo they are failing miserably since a lot of players are stopping due to the annoying ad harrassment, so they COULD be getting a lot more money. i for one am happy to stop being 1 of thier "money pigs", by not playing thier games.

yes, i called it HARRASSMENT, because its THAT bad. i never get hit by that kind of heavy advertising playing any other authors games!

Ok, actually might have to do with me blocking coockies from gb (just checked now). I´ll give them another chance.

Thanks for the quick response. Seems you definitely follow suicunes 5 minute-rule!!

And of course mighty to hear you still sleep well!

oh, if youre playing on THIER site and still having that play full version problem, then yes it could be that you were blocking cookies or something, but i wouldnt know for sure. ive completely forsaken gazzyboy

@Suicune, I never get the "play full version" even if I dont go to their site.

this game was easy, though I did need the crack hint, but the comments are fantastic! What a great read. thanks all

Now I am picturing all the sleep- and bathroom-deprived escapers up all night, refreshing the screen heeheehee

well, i might go to gamershood later and try thier new game since you said it was good, but kitkatfox said that lasst time she tried to bypass thier ads by using gamershood she got hit with "play full version"

Sitting at computer nodding off repeatedly, legs tightly crossed, but still no new game for hours, checking every 2 minutes to be sure. How did I become this way? I should join Escapaholics Anonymous. But I don't want to miss a new game!

LOL @kitkatfox!

@Suicune, yes it might be true that there is a play full version if you go to gamershood, i dont know. I just click the link on EG24 and that link takes me to the game on gazzyboy site, but without the pop-ups that you get if you go to their site first and try to start the game from there.


i been refreshing a lot today too with to no avail, but its the weekend so probably not gonna be anything today. not counting the hidden object/number games, i think there was only 2 escape games today: gazzy and games2rule.

tomorrow probably wont be much either, but monday and tuesday are usually the hot days. and friday too i guess, since thats usually when sakura and tower games post i noticed.

LOL @zoz, you are not alone :) After reading the comment from kkf, I too can't stop picturing the page-refreshing escapaholics all over the world...rofl!

Did you all lost your minds somewhere. This game started about 22 hours ago and was solved (with a walkthrough in 42 minutes) and still the comments keep coming.

yes we lost our minds. happy now? :P

@Sneak, I am sure that you are right, but I just can't find my mind again without a screwdriver, and that one is lost somewhere in the maze.

Ok, it seems it really just had to do with cookies. Could have thought of it before...
The gazzyboy was actually nice and fun suicune. I was positively surprised. Btw, thanks Ellie for the WT.

Ok, have to go refresh the screen now. Please don´t disturb!!

Not good to hear that most games come during the week. What about the insane people who pretend to work?


hmm, mabye its time for me to use the force! the screwdrivers gotta be in that chest standing there next to us!

I think you all do not realize that you are locked up in @volkers maze allready. Everytime when it's quiet for a while he tactically posts a comment. That's the way he tries to keep you away from a new live game.

Too bad the code consists of 12 digits! That could take at least 7 minutes.

@Sneak, don't worry, I learnt from you and still update every 4 minutes or even down to every 30 seconds, while Suicune bruteforces that chest (I do hope its not just a red herring).

oh dont worry, im still checking for live games, the evil volker cant get me that easily!

...just dont tell him i already found a secret exit to his maze, im planning to jump the next live game using it, and totally take him by surprise!

So far I found;
He posts after 2:01, 0:54, 0:42 and 0:03 after the last comment, there must be a code in it somehow.

@SneakSnake, re: volker's maze - it's working

re: did we lose our minds somewhere? Speaking for myself, oh yeah. And I never even played this game!
Quoting Mose Allison: If you could be so kind to help me find my mind, I'd like to thank you in advance.

@SneakSnake, great! I think you found something!! If we use that clue together with all the upper case letters he uses we might be able to solve the symbol puzzle you see if you turn 180 degrees when facing the hidden basement entrance.

hmmm... I wonder how long it will take for yalcin (aka "dad") to jump in and make us all go to sleep?

ps, yalcin i hope you know I love u

@Ellie, don't forget about standing on your head...

Sound! They start losing their mind...this is not getting out of control at all!

@sneaksnake: Seems you need to be distracted. How about a tale-/poem-/swim-/crawl-/jog- or historybooklike-walkthrough for all old Minoto games?

Btw, the GB symbol is Marvin from hitchhiker´s guide? Have to watch it now. Cu at another escape...if you make it live!!!

btw you´re great code breakers!! lol

The answer is 42...but what´s the question?

OMG SneakSnake, you're onto it! Taking the last digits in order, the code is

SPOILER 2:01 0:42 0:03 0:54 SPOILER



what is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

do i win yet? if im 1st out, mabye i should do the walkthrough for your maze!

Thank you @zoz!! I never would have found that out!!

Oh, Suicune, don't you know? You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. THAT'S what it's all about!

I think I found something. If you look at the comments and put them in the right order (thanks to @zoz) and take every first word (without the names he uses) you get;


I think we're getting close now.

@Sneak that shall be my official sign-off, as I am in danger of perishing from hunger.


At least it seems to be a very pleasant password/clue! I wish i wasn't stuck in the swamp, though. I left the chest to try to find the secret exit that Suicune mentioned before, but I should have waited for that screwdriver. It seems like I need my mind back to get out of here. Or...I just go to sleep for a while...LOL!

By the way I think this goes much more deeper. It's a sinister, devious and cunning game THEY play with us. Did you check the recent comments? @cece posted a comment on some obscure game from years back and I think it's half French, half Spanish. And I think @volker is German and somehow I think they work and communicate together in a secret code.

time to call xenon to translate for us?

and @ellie

as for the secret exit i found, just follow me when the next live game comes, ill lead us out of here, but SHHH lets keep trying to solve that chest so volker thinks were stuck!

I noticed that as well, cece actually posted two comments like that from different suspicious games. I even tried to play that last one to get a clue, but I was shot after a short while. Everything is so confusing right now.

@Suicune...I'll keep it a secret!

I think we need some secret code as well to keep communicating before @Yalcin (somehow my intuition tells me he is involved as well) cut us off.
I suggest to place a comment on the first, second, fourth, eight, sixteenth etc. game ever published on this site and do that every 5 minutes. Starting now.

Is 4 minutes allowed??

I KNOW!!! Just got back home and no new game yet besides the one bred from @volker's twisted mind! Was just trying to play a practical joke on you guys... but I've been following your misery, lol.

Still here? I´d love to see a walkthrough for that!! By the way, don´t live in Germany anymore if that helps somehow? Wish you bad luck escaping and we´ll play the next live game without you. If we get stuck at least we know where to find you all for our questions...

BTW, it's the only amusing thing I've had this evening so far.

@Edgar, if it makes you happy I went to see what game you were talking about (yes @Volker... I still have a way of reaching the live games..woahahahe), only to realise that you had lost your mind as well LOL!

I think our secret code should be TNOL (for Thanks-Nice-OK-LOL, of course). The first, second, fourth, etc idea is good until a new game is posted and then it goes all to hell. The TNOL could be used kind of like SPOILER. In the middle of a post we could insert TNOL volker is watching! TNOL, for example. No one would be the wiser.

@zoz, don't forget he posted again and now 0:00 after the latest comment, and it starts with Still. So if 0 goes before 1 we have;

god @Ellie, is that your professional medical opinion? If so, I sure need help... meaning you're way far from getting any, but I still consider myself able to have a light of hope at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps a few sessions at Escapaholic Anonymous suit fine as @zoz suggested, as ,long as they have a good internet connection of course.

@edgar: there is not only a light, there is a Full mOOn at the end of the tunneL!! (btw I once heard exactly this "Saying" on a eurosport commentarY...funny people there)

nice to knOw how easy it is to create games. stUpid me thought the Way to go would be to Invent and programm compLicated things. Luckily uNneccEssary. VolkER´s maze is too hard to ESCAPE!

btw hope spammers don´t get banned here?

That's my medical intuition speaking. I dont think there is a true diagnosis for this kind of insanity, but i have a feeling that it can easily be cured...perhaps with a new live game??

That creates a problem... we will not be able to get the full code until Volker stops posting. Or, at least we have to fill in the words at x:x5, x:x6, x:x7 and so on...

Great idea to use the TNOL-spoiler. Or maybe it should be STNOL now. We can change between them to make it more confusing for Volker. Naturally we start with TNOL and after a while it is STILL-TNOL, STNOL.

@Volker, at least i hope we get a warning before we get suspended. Or that could solve our escapaholic problem...

I did get @volkers last clue. It is;
Fools you will never escape.
But it's 11 minutes after the last comment, so probably there are 6 more comments to come.
And the last one started with THERE so that will be word 11.

So am I correct in assuming that we now have TSTNOL? Could this mean.... SLOTTON?

By the way; I think @volker lives in Ireland now and originally comes from Germany.
@cece was writing Spanish and French and if @Yalcin is involved we got Turkey as well.
But so far this leads me to nowhere. I'm stuck.
It's now 24 hours after the first comment and that's enough for me. I'm off to bed.
You win for now @volker, but it ain't over til the fat lady sings.

Or we will just have to wait for an O to get NOT LOST!!

@Volker- Yes it's true that Only hardcore gamers are as Unrelenting As we aRe, but you must rEalizE how Very Invested we are in soLving every problem!
We will triumph!

Obviously! I´m highly impressed! (thanks for a way out Ellie!!!)

@sneak: You know too much!! ;)

! I´ll take that as a compliment zoz. Thanks! Weird day, time to finish it. Good night all...

some poor person is going to see this game has over 100 comments and think it must be quite hard


oh, and thanks for the fish!

lol more comments doesnt ALWAYS mean a harder game though (but yes, usually more comments means people were stuck a lot)

eighth room had like 150 comments and it was extremely easy. theres probably other easy ones that had 100+ too but i cant think of them atm.

but if comments alone are an indication as to how long and hard a game is, then i wonder just how many comments my new game is gonna get (if i ever finish it). my 1st one had 750 and it was considered very long, but my next one is gonna have about 7x as many explorable ares and codes than my 1st one did... lol... just hope i can finish it 1 day, then i can get revenge @volker for doing this to us, as he will be the one stuck in a maze instead! :D

@Suicune I know more comments doesn't necessarily mean harder, but it is a decent indicator.

I loved reading y'alls comments above. We have played similar made up escape games in the chatbox. It is always hard to explain to new people that we aren't actually commenting on a real game lol

I plan to attempt to beat your game and loom escape tomorrow while snowed in here. I think me brain will be dead afterward!!!!! :P

lol good luck!

btw i didnt find loom dawn that hard tbh, just long and fun. i actually completed all of it without help, though the puzzles did take me a while to think about, and the game itself was pretty long. the only time i REALLY got stuck on it was at the computer game puzzle, that took quite a while to think about, but eventually i got that on my own too.

...well, i probably was just having 1 of my "good" days when it was live, mabye thats why i didnt find it hard. other days even a short and simple game can get me lol. i was the one who did a walkthrough for that game though, 35 long steps, 6 parts... longest walkthrough ive written on this site ever so far.

actually looking back on it, the reason i probably did really well with it is because the clues arent as cryptic as some other games? i really dont know anymore.

working link:


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