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Isoball 1 is an addictive and challenging brain teaser physics based puzzle game. Get the ball in the hole by building a track using various blocks. The objective is to build increasingly complex tracks with more unique blocks to assist the ball in reaching the destination hole. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Added new working link!

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Isoball Walkthrough

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1st.. but this isnt my kind of game :( i hope i can play something where i can escape from other than that 4 hour unuccessful tick-tock game....

lol i didn't last in tick tock for an hour no fun when u can only solve like 2 of the puzzles

Going to try it. Kim's hotel escape in the process :P lol

I normally really enjoy this type of game, but this one has a timer and you have to start from the beginning if you fail......totally destroys the game for me. I like to think!

I agree, it would be better if it wasn't timed. Another thing, I can't go back to replay any level I'd like... have to start from 1!!

I have huge problems with this game. Sometimes the red ball is stuck even if I place the correct pieces (i know they are correct, because it works after restarting). Sometimes, the next level doesn't start when i finished one level, so I have to start from the beginniing again. Getting tired of first level, and think I'm quitting this.

This is annoying. If you don't solve the level quick enough it times out and the ball moves, crashes and it's game over. You have to start at level 1 again.

Logic games like this shouldn't be timed.

It's a shame I usually like this sort of game.:-(

Exactly my point @cricketer.
It would've been a very good logical game, with the enough time to think of a better strategy. Quitting.

I got past level 4 and the menu has changed. It said checkpoint reached, so I'm wondering if I fail now will I end up back to level 5?

Yes, failed on 6, game over and could start at 5 next time.

You can turn the direction of the arrows by clicking them.

Hi all!
I`m on lvl 18!! Expert!!! lol

Hi, I finished this. There's a check point at every 4 levels. If you fail a level you only go back to the beginning of the current 4.

You can turn the arrows and slopes by clicking in the inventory before you place.

After level 4 there's a mini tutorial showing how to place the bridges.

Picture through.

Some of the levels must have more than one possible solution. I didn't get 'perfect' for the piece bonus each time and sometimes had pieces left over.

Level 1:


Level 2:


Level 3:


Level 4:


Level 5:


Level 6:


Level 7:


Level 8:


Level 9:


Level 10:


Level 11:


Level 12:


Level 13:


Level 14:


Level 15:


Level 16:


Level 17:


Level 18:


Level 19:

You need to place the arrow before finishing the blocks.


Then finish building the slope


Level 20:


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