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LOLCat Escape Walkthrough

LOLCat Escape

LOL Cat Escape is another point and click room escape game from FlapJack Games. In this game, you try to find 9 hidden to complete the game. "I love this place! The yard is full of LOLCats. But you've got to locate the kittens insited the house. Use your bestest escape skills: For Teh Kittehs!" Good luck and have fun!

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LOL Cat Escape Video Walkthrough
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a morning game, let's see what my eyes can do..:))

yes,Madde you are!!

wow i just got up, missed 3 games, and another game out already

Just found a cat nothing else. What about you?

some disk, a key to open the door, a laddre..

This comment has been removed by the author.

and a mousse

@alkmar where?

and 2 cats

Found the key under carpet

and number 3

okay @ madde!, I just wanted to post it

I use the laddre at the frontdoor

This comment has been removed by the author.

use the bulb for the basement

I put my 2 discs at DVD and TV starts but can´t see anything on screen. Where is the trird disc?

Why do I find everything just after posted a question? Now have a bird on TV and cat came in

Use mouse upstairs

cleaning the hairballs

use broom on the litter box and get 4th cat and 2nd key.

use 1 disk for the thing to clean the floor( I dont know the name for it)

got the black cat from outside

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wow 1 of the popup cat screens is actually IMPORTANT lol!

give the mouse to the one that says catnip toy broke.

got 7 cats now, and used everything cept 2nd key

where you found the broom?@ Suicune?

I have 6 cats but no broom and found nothing in basement. Help...

I got to go....I try after, good luck!!!

hmm i cant find the hidden attic or where to use the 2nd key.

the broom is under 1 of the towels, lift it then youl see a brush like thing

the yellow towel to be precise (just went back to check)

@suicune Where is broom?

ai...I cant leave..just found cat no. 7..and now the key...where to use....

TY Suicune.

This comment has been removed by the author.

lol....do you think we have to clean the mirror???in the bedroom?

Late hint but the TAB key works ;-)

okay...now I have to run..lol...see you!!!

double D...rofl...yes you are late!!!( dont you think we figured that uot before :-P)

@ Suicune, sorry...just saw your post.

@Alkmar :p

i cant find no way to get to the attic.

the 2nd key says "chest key" when you click it, and there aint no chests around so im guessing there must be a chest in the attic but we need to figure out how to get there 1st.

perhaps we are missing an item somewhere.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Upstairs, minimise the menu to find the attic.



ill stick around to help people.

can't find second key

use broom on litter box, broom under yellow towel.

I´m missing a cat and don´t know what to do with the tong?

cant find broom, and cant open the doors up the stairs?

Found the attic a while ago, but couldn't find anything in it. Should I? Still need 2 cats.

Oh, I see, canopener.


its a can opener. use it on the tuna to get last cat.


lift the yellow towel in the basement

as for the door up the stairs, you cant open it, you gotta enter from outside, by using the ladder at the front of the house.


there is a cat in the attic

TY Suicune

I though i tested the opener at everything in the house but appearently not. TY everyone. Couldn´t done it without You all.
Suicune - You are the Master

Back..but I see you found the same...lol..just wanted to post for the attic!..oh..I am out to..:))

gl guys i hope youre ok now, i gotta go play the new gotmail game!

@Suicune, how do I lure the attic cat. I don't think I got him before. I'm out of inventory items. Had 8 total, with 3 unused inventory spaces. Have 8 cats now.

Ah, finally found it! And out.

Thank you, Suicune!

i can't find the cat in the attic.. found the can opener though.. can't find the mouse either :(.. anyone here who can help?

don't know where to use the vacumm cleaner too

found the mouse in the kichen cupboard.. where's the cat pic that says catnip toy broke?

ok used the mouse and found the cat.. need only 1 opener.. guess it has to do with vacuum cleaner.. no clue where to use it

oops i mean need only 1 more cat.. not 'opener' lol

@radhu it's upstairs to the right but I haven't gotten the mouse to do anything

vac where the hairballs are

guess all have left.. i've been talking to myself!

wow.. did it.. shows how lazy i am! lol.. if anyone had been here i wouldn't have tried so much on my own.. used the vacuum cleaner.. got one more cat.. the last one! yippeee! lol

thx D.. just saw ur post.. give the mouse to the cat in the pic that says catnip toy broke.. its upstairs when u cllick the right hand side door.. & u'll see the cat when u close the pic

i better do a walkthrough.

This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG my two addictions rolled into one: I Can Has Cheezburger AND and Escape Game?! I think I'm going to love this one - I hope I can do it without help...

yayzz! I didz the game all bys mesef!!!

lol, zoz. Iz out wit no help, too! Luv teh Kittehz!

I wonder if Blackcat made this game? ;)

Well, I do love cats....love them,but not this game...a little annoying...just me , i suppose...

And out as well!
About that mouse: You don't give it to the painting, you just put it down on the carpet in that view with the fish. A cat comes and get the mouse.
It workes with the painting as well, bacause the hotspot for putting down the mouse is still there, behind it.
Thanks for the help finding the attic @Suicune!
I thought about hiding the inventory earlier in the game, but then totally forgot about it.

ah i hadnt realized that, but you are right, the popup screen is irrelivant, nice find ellie!

i LOVE the ending of this game...LOLOL!!!! fun little game...great break from Gazzyschmazzy...haha!!!

@suicune...as always, thank you so much for the walkthrough :) @ellie...you also helped me in a few spots :) love you both!!!

@kitkat...lolol!!!!! when i was playing this game i wondered if Blackcat had made it too...!! all the mischievous little critters lurking in the grass and the pictures... ;) some very cute felines :)

       Anonymous  1/16/10, 3:20 PM  

Yeah! Loved this game! I'm not big on 'cute' but lolcats pushes the cute barrier into the realm of Wonderful Silliness!

Nice challenging game with great silliness - and I got out all by owness!

I don't like this game, to mutch simple grafic

       Anonymous  1/17/10, 2:15 PM  

I have 7 cats... In my inventory I have a key. I can't seem to get anywhere else... help?

       Anonymous  1/17/10, 2:26 PM  

oh cat in the attic!!! out!

where is the 2nd key?

       Anonymous  1/28/10, 1:35 PM  

how do you get basement cat?

This reminds me a lot about I Can Has Cheeseburger lol.

where iz light bulb??

grrr, i'm stuck only has 5 cats

working link:


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