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[REPLAY] Akarika - Loom Down Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by Akarika. In this game, you are locked in a room and you need to escape the room by collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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and here we are, glad i woke up not long ago!

This could be a good one!!
Found a key and numbers after turning the lights on, but can't find where to use the things.

Number 7 is possible to highlight.

a save feature, hopefully its a long one, i could use that today!

i get a feeeling after the recent drought, todays gonna be a good day for escape games.

i also predict a 123bee game out later on today lol

Im trying to find out which of the keypad buttons on the wall that should be purple.

Found a clue for that!
To everybody starting this game: it is good to write down the order of the numbers on the wall!

hmm i cant seem to figure out the codes. tried dialing "pazzledy" (the word on the wall) into the telephone but nothing happened, also tried both sets of numbers ive found, but nothing.

i've started it, thought it didn't work, but now i see that it's just dark. Found a key and lot's of numbers on a wall

huh keypad buttons?

i cant seem to do anything else after revealing the buttons on the floor, i guess my brain isnt working yet

Hi all,
Only found a key and not enough light. How do you make more light?

@Suicune: Lift up the "thing you speak in" and press button.

what phone? is there a light somewhere, can't see a thing

@Sneaksnake & Hil. Highlight number 7 on wall!
Use telephone. Light comes little at a time

nvm POP!!!!!

figured out floor button code. perhaps im slow since i just got up an hour ago

17432 works for panel, table reveals

       Anonymous  1/19/10, 2:54 AM  

Hi all.

I have key and numbers too. Can't see anything else.

lol solved the keypad puzzle quite easily compared to the buttons on the floor. it was kinda obvious.

3rd wall lit now.

I got the desk, with a code on the wall, a 'map' on computer, but I think I need one mor battery for the thing in the drawer.

a 'map' on computer is for phone

After you have key and numbers, highlight 7, this gives a telephone.
Lift speaking thing, that gives you pink box under telephone.
Open with key, get blue ball and press buttons on the floor, some should be yellow, clue in room.
Then you have a keypad on the wall. Clue somewhere in the room to which buttons to press.
After that you get a desk and several new codes, I'm stuck there.

@Mop, thanks!

I have an announcement to make!

I'm in love with this game <3

There. It's official.

Don't know whether I'm halfway through this or what, but man, what a L-O-V-E-L-Y challenge! Katak appreciates <3

got a red square now, codes have been pretty easy to solve so far, havent needed help yet!


i`m little bit stuck with red square

now im trying to solve a puzzle on the computer and its tricky!

I don't even see a red square yet. Got some kind of powercord, but havn't found where to connect it yet.


put it where those 4 colored buttons and pipes were

Where is the hint for the 4 color symbols code pad?


under the table
first you should to place 2 batteries

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks @Mop, forgot to use the batteries.


i don`t understand how to play this computer game

wow this computer puzzle might take me a few hours. its really HARD!

After plugging the "power cord, take the small light under it, it's a key.

And, now I have the red square.


i do, but its still very hard even when understanding it. basically, you have to place blocks and try to create a path for the guy to reach the star. but the catch is that you cant control what direction he turns! that makes it hard!

I don't understand the red square. Nothing happenes, what do I do with it?

Btw, undr the pink box under the telephone is a note, turn it around and you see some kind of map. It that what you need?

I'm stuck with the computer game. Damn :)


place it where that "safe" was
that had the 4 colored buttons.

good luck after that though, youll need it with the computer puzzle which i cant even get CLOSE to solving yet!


i think thatll be for another puzzle later. that map doesnt seem to work for this computer game

@Suicine, I placed it there, but nothing happens when I click buttons. There are just four red lines that don't move. Should I just keep pressing buttons on top?

       Anonymous  1/19/10, 3:15 AM  


I found the paper with a hint for keypad. Turned those pink but nothing happened. Do I need to do something else? I found a 4 digit number, tried that too.

What's wrong with the keypad? Numbers from the sheet of paper do not work. Or I do something wrong? Help...

got it!! will try to make screenshot

im close now... ALMSOT can get the star, but not quite. i at least figured out how to send him up the left passage, which i think is the key.

@cricketer: Just use that number hint, but remember where the numbers on the wall were before?
(That 9 and 6 might be the other way around)


you have to solve the 4 buttons 1st before the square works i think

@Suicune: did you open the right locker under the red square to solve this?
Or did you just move the buttons above?

@Ellie, All you have to do is turn on the pc with the white button.

WOOT solved it on my own!

now theres a star puzzle!

im proud of this lol

I tried every possible combination, but nothing. Do I need to press somewhere as well? Od did I just miss a combination?

       Anonymous  1/19/10, 3:20 AM  

Ellie, thank you.

I don't know if everyone else has found it. There's a 4 digit number on the wall where the light from the open blind lands.

k, at last i see the door!

cant open it yet though

Ah!! Thank you @Sneak!!!

Does anyone finish to solve the computer game?
Stuck here for an hour already...

I can't figure out the keypad on the wall. I wrote down the numbers from big to small and tried it both ways. I also tried switching 4-2 (could'nt distinguish the size well) and 6 -9. Neither works... Help anyone?

Suicune, did you solve the computer game? If so, help, please... :D

Or are the wallnumbers ment for the telephone?

for comp game

dunno what to do next, theres an "060" code on the red lever, and 2619 code on the 2nd wall still unused...


i knew mope would be posting a screenshot, thats why i didnt bother to post 1, but if i recall, all i needed was 3 or 4 blocks. send him up the left passage, not the right one.

       Anonymous  1/19/10, 3:27 AM  

I only have one battery. Where was the second one.

where did u find the power cord? i too have only 1 battery

       Anonymous  1/19/10, 3:29 AM  

help, i can't open computer game, just screen with code 4 phone

ahhh! i was on such a roll too got this far without help but now i cant find what to do after solving the computer puzzle!

how to solve star puzzle? im about to bruteforce it

The pink buttons to press is from note under pink box. Press 17432.

Ha! found a not under the pink box!

What to do after finishing the computer game ??

Thanx Ellie, Just did!

After you placed the red square, press white button on computer.

       Anonymous  1/19/10, 3:33 AM  

speel, the wall numbers change the position of the numbers. So bottom right is 1. Here's a screen shot.


please help me with the purple numberpad. i've tried different 17432's, but non of them worked... :-(

someone help pls

remember that the keypad looks like


you need to use the phone 1 more time :)

i love this game omg so many tricky puzzles more escape games should be like this!

what to do with the star after solving the pc riddle?

.. the star on screen...


the star puzzle was a red herring?

       Anonymous  1/19/10, 3:37 AM  


The wall clue earlier gave the positions of the numbers on the keypad.

So it's bottom right, middle left, middle right, bottom left, top centre.


@ ellie: thnks, i onnly wrote down the numbers in order of their seize...

well after getting out the door there was an option to go back in, saying "try to turn on the light and see what the room really is"

so mabye if i solved that star puzzle id get another ending? not sure yet.

I agree with Suicune: all escape games should be like this. Although I'm still wrestling with the computer game xD

please someone tell me where 2nd battery is & where the power cord is.. thx

Thanx Cricketer9999, now I've got it!

where is de second batery?


i guess its not over yet!

Still trying to dial the right number...
@radhu, you get a pwercord after solving the four colored buttons.
Don't remember about the second battery.

new mail on computer too... wow this games awesome.

Can't figure out the second phone code?
And also on the other side of the note under the telephone is a drawning and there are several black and white blocks around the room?

Combine three numbers from the room!

@Sneak: Use them. Which one should be in the middle?

hmm i have a bunch of clues unused (like 5 or so!) but theres no other puzzles i can find to complete...

Phone dailed
then WHAT

Thanks @Ellie.

@sneak you have the order mixes up lol, note the hyphens, theyre important!

@Suicine, after I got the color code from cell phone, I still cant change the colors on door handle. Is there something else to do?

thx ellie.. but how do i solve the 4 colored buttons?


after you dial the phone look for a cell phone!

also ive finally found another puzzle i havent done yet.


you have to change them indeed, but you cant do it directly, think of something else that has the same colors :)

@radhu, you see them under desk after using both batteries in left drawer.
Im sorry, but I don't remember where i got the 2nd.
Anyone else?

how to start the new game on the computer?

@Suicine, thanks!

revealed a secret compartment behind the purple button keypad!!!!

im on a roll with this game lol

Out, and back in!


i dont remember where the 2nd battery was either, sorry :( (thats why i havent been answering that question)


click the star, but i havent found a way to solve it yet, i think it comes after you escape, and come back to find the true ending, since you dont need to solve the star puzzle to escape.

oh ok thx ellie.. now back to my 1st question.. where's the 2nd battery pls? anyone?


if youre lost now, look for 1 new puzzle to do, and 1 new clue

@Horst, press white button.
@radhu, I know it wasn't difficult to get, look around and see if you can find it.

oh dear that 2nd battery is really elusive!! for the life of me i can't find it..

k ive solved the "puzzle" behind the wall keypad now too. looking for what to do next

ellie, nice job, youre almost caught up to me lol

on the star from solving the 1. pc-puzzle vou can make the 5 inner dots black but no idea what it means...

@Suicune, found a new file ion computer, but will keep looking for the new puzzle.

recharged phone, YET ANOTHER puzzle to complete. this is the best escape game ive played since icho, and 1 of the best ive ever played EVER.

@Horst, You need to press them in correct order, and then the middle one, but I don't think anyone solved that yet.

Ok, I have tried and tried and tried to enter in the first number for the phone. Am i missing something. Handset up or down??, press the green button first or last....I am enjoying this game but frustrated i can't get past the first phone!!!

Is there any way to add horizontal lines to the 'box with 4 lines' ?

sorry i can´t start the 2. pc puzzle..

Hint, please @suicune, where is the new puzzle?

@Suicune I can't change the pink keypad anymore, is there another puzzle to solve to open it?

And sorry all, but don't know where that second battery was too?

solved new puzzle, pink laser shot to the door

@Horst, you need to put the red square on the wall first. Did you get that one?

I'm wondering if I've missed something, since I haven't found a code 060- ? Where should I look for it?

FINALLY solved the star puzzle. i think its the last one, because my entire room is lit up now!

you can only solve the star puzzle after you figure out how to keep the door open without going out it.

@Katak, thats inside right electric box on wall under red square, after solving computer puzzle.

@Suicune, I haven't been able to find the new puzzle after I got back in. Help please?

yay the night is over! thats all i think, nothign more to do, and cant zoom in on anything anymore.

so escaping was only the secondary goal, the main goal was to light up the entire room lol


ok, its where you found 1/3 of the 2nd phone code.

if you need another hint, or just wanta spoiler, ill give more info


red lever, 2nd box of wall "safe"

it should be unlocked when you see the robot kill your "character" on the computer.

How to enter the secret place behind the keypad ?

I put the two objects there and yet nothing happens

Ah, thanks. So, before someone posts the solution to the computer game, I can't proceed ;) That's just not my type of puzzle, can't figure it out myself...


youve already found it. now you just gotta solve it, putting the 2 objects in was the 1st part, but theres another item you need now.

check back to my earlier comments and youll probably find what i did next.


Моренкова posted a screenshot of the computer puzzle soloution a while back...

i can make another if you want, gimme a moment.

@Suicune...feeling stuped... do you mean where I found the 1st of the three codes? Well, nut much I can do there, except trial and error with top buttons. I don't see any new puzzle, and don't have any new clues, so, well, yes I have to admit I need a further hint (no spoiler yet).

       Anonymous  1/19/10, 4:07 AM  

I swear I've clicked every pixel hunting for the elusive 2nd battery. I even restarted the game to see if it was there before the first lights went out.

I've recharge the phone already
but what is the order of those 4 'black dots' ?


if by 1st of 3 codes you mean 060, then no, thats the wrong place.

also even after you find the new puzzle, youll need to find the new clue to solving it if you havent already

Suicune, yep, finally noticed. Gee I feel stupid now xD


there isnt just 4, you will need 6 dots there if i recall.

check on wall near computer, and then check the 4 spots that are indicated by symbols, then find them and note the black/white positions.

2nd battery:
Use computer 'map' on telephone so its dialing.
Get new stuff on another wall. Press button in left locker, and press last button by the roof, by 'electric box'. Then zoom to the left of computer, see the battery.

@Suicune, nothing I can do by 1734, or 2619 either...:(
How are you doing, SneakSnake?

I found a new clue in computer earlier, I guess thats what I need, but where to use it? Hm...

Not good @Ellie, but I didn't really look because I was replaying it to find the second battery to help others but you allready did.

@SneakSnake, yeah I'm so stuck anyway. Just can't do anything new anywhere.


i never did use that e mail. it seems it had no purpose other than to look pretty.

as for not being able to do anything by those spots you mentioned, you CAN, but mabye you need to see the clue 1st before it lets you, im not sure.

theres a new game thats been out for a while now, already 100 comments, i wonder if i can catch up on that... i doubt it though.

Ok, before you leave, please, where is the new clue?

want me to post the answer?

tyvm ellie for that 2nd battery.. at the pc game now

its by the 1734. but as i said you might need to have seen the clue to be able to do anything.

check around the door for anything odd.

Yes @Suicune, Im getting nowhere, sad to admit, but I tried clicking everywhere for a long time now :((

I have already seen the 3 squares on the handle if thats what you mean.
I cant click anything by 1734.

I saw the new clue !!!!


its not the 3 squares on the handle.

its a cleverly hidden clue, and its probably where youd least expect it, since youd be so focused on escaping.

Turns out you really have to see that clue before its possible to move anything!
@Sneaksnake, have you found it?

I still don't. It's a bad day for me.

Solved that one and got the secret compartment now.

@Sneak, just tell if you want the answer.

i should do the walkthrough since i solved everything in this game without help, but theres other games out atm, so ill do a walkthrough when the action comes to a standstill, unless someone else does it 1st.

@Sneaksnake, its a bad day for me as well...lol...now I have the secret compartment, but nothing I can do there rofl!
Need to look around some more.

Do I have to look zoomed in, zoomed out, or with the door open?

this thing still live?

       Anonymous  1/19/10, 4:33 AM  

Thanks again Ellie. Got the drawer open and a red box now.

suicune.. am waiting for ur walkthru.. completed the pc puzzle ( ofcourse with the help of the screen shot) .. got the cell phone which has run out of battery.. no clue what to do next or how to recharge it :( ur walkthru is my only hoe.. thx in advance :)

I'm getting somewher :) Have the telephone!

@rahdu, put it somewhere.

@radhu, look at the colors on the cell phone and that's how to change the 4 color symbol thing to open the door.

ok guys, theres new stuff to get after getting the compartment open.

theres the phone, but you will also need..........

hint, look at the shapes in the circular alcoves.

qwhats the clue for teh purple keypad on the wall wel purple lights

Solved the star puzzle!

@Ellie, @Suicune, still didn't found the clue. Do I have to look zoomed in, zoomed out or with the door open?

Is there anything more to do after the room is fully lit?

The rest was easy after finding that new clue! That took me a looong time :D

Where is the second battery please?

@SneakSnake, sorry i didnt see your post.
Zoom in on something while door is open.

im gonnacome bacl to this game i think

@K have a look at my post 13:12.

Finally POP found it, but thanks anyway @Ellie.

@ellie.. i don't seem to be able to pick up the phone to charge it

What a fantastic game, although I had problems with the computer game. But a beautiful, funny and witty piece anyway :) Has to be the best I've ever played <3


congrats! :)

for me, the hardest point in the game by FAR was the 1st computer puzzle, it was the only point i got stuck, but managed to solve it after some thought. as for the new hint, that took me a bit of time too, and its probably the "sneakiest" point in the game.

and no, there isnt anything else to do after rthe room is lit, if you exit, it tells you to light up the room still, which youve already done. thats the true objective in the game, to restore light and see the whole room. congrats!

@Radhu, sorry, thats later on.
Look at the colors of the battery.
Look at door handle.
Use 4 colored squares to be able to escape,
but don't go too far if you want to solve everything.

@Suicune, I didn't have that much trouble with the computer :) THANK YOU for your patience with helping me finding that clue!!

I cannot find the so called "060" inside the electric box! i cliked the red lever but it wont come down! I solved the computer puzzle already. Can someone pinpoint the exact location to click or did i do something wrong?!?!?!?

Have some patience more with SlowSnake please. I did put the red and blue thing in and found the new black&white boxes clue, but now...???

@Chris, my lever went down when I clicked it.

@Sneaksnake, use the clue behind the computer, to the right.

Okay POP again, the cell phone.


you arent slow! ive seen you be the 1st to solve some tough puzzles, everyone has off days, i know what its like, it happens to us all. having an off day doesnt mean youre slow! youre still 1 of the best escapers i know.

now, as for what to do next... look for 4 clues that are like bars with 3 segments, youve probably seen some around. then, look at the wall near the computer to see a clue on the order which they should go.

@Ellie : I didnt know where i went wrong then. I cannot turn the red lever no matter how many times i clicked.

@Chris, I'm sorry about that, I clicked the upper part of it.
I don't remember if i did anything else before that.

@Suicune, thanks. I allready found it all, but the only thing I didn't was pick up and place the cell phone.
Sad, such a good game on such a bad day (for me).

But are we really completely out. We didn't do anything with the clue on the backside of the note below the box below the phone did we?

Can someone please help? I cannot turn the red lever in the right side electric box. I have completed the maze computer puzzle already. I do not know if i have missed a crucial step.

@Chris, did you put all the switches, levers and plugs on and in, on all the other places?

@SneakSnike, I'm thinking of that too, and that fits with the new note on computer. I think there is one code more to solve.

@Ellike, think so too, but we I think we have to start over for that because we can go back in but zoom in or click anything anymore.

walkthrough PLEASE!


those 2 clues do fit each other, BUT i wasnt able to intereact with either of them. also, if they were meant to have a purpose, how come it doesnt let us zoom in on them anymore after the lights are on?

thats why i think they were just to look pretty, or the author was gonna add 1 more puzzle, but never did.

By the way, as you could see; If you mess with my name, I'll get you back @Ellie.
Sorry, just a bit of fun on my bad day.

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