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SAG Pharaoh's Tomb

StoneAgeGames Pharaoh's Tomb Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Stone Age Games. "Lost in ancient pharaoh's tomb there seems to be now ways out. Escape before the air runs out." Good luck and have fun!

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I cant belive

lol theres 2 entries for this game

Going in.

lets go

You complete a wall mural and flip a switch...

I've completed both wall murals. Have lever/torch thingie and TNT in inventory, now stuck.

gah, HATE it when i get far but theres that ONE piece i cant find on my own :(

where is the 3rd cat doll? i only found 2.

Got some piece from statue at the left of door.

It's the missing lever for the wall mural!

Edgar...where at left of the door?

hey everyone!

ah, found a well hidden trophy to the right of the doorway as you head in the tomb room.

still need 2 more cat dolls though. and dont know what to do with trophy guess theres more to this game than i thought.

2 statues placed have 3 tnt and lever or something

3 TNT add with rope
2 figurines
stones with "fire"
What more there is?

use trophy, flint, dynamite, and stick all on boarded up wall in tomb room

wow i am way behind all i have it torch/lever thing and then tnt used the two pieces to complete the murals and stuck

where's the stone with fire?:p

didnt like how i had to do the wall puzzle by trial and error. but got silver cat doll from it, now just 1 more to find...

@Suicune, you can light your torch and the dynamite.

the doorway between the murals. NOT the big one leading to the chamber.

I have a cat from the tomb chamber. Where's the other one?

@Suicune I don't get the wall puzzle do you remember?

And out!!


I am obviously missing something.. what board? puzzle? say what?:p

where did you place everything at for the boarded up room suicune? i can't place them anywhere


its all symmetrical


and those solves it

omg.. I just navigated around.. and I accidentaly clicked somewhere and my flint is gone.. where the hell did it go? ;<

that being said, stoneagegames is finally stepping up thier game it seems. i made it out without help but i really thought i was gonna need some help for this one, and it was indeed tougher than the "old" stoneagegames used to be.

nvm tried using it on the wrong wall

Solving puzzle

Just found it but thanks anyway @Suicune.
You have to form a woman symbol.

where's puzzle? how to light tnt and torch? lol, this is great isn't? HELP!!

So am I, Marcus. I have 3 dynamite sticks tied together, some statues, an unlit torch, and that's all. I had stones with sparkles, but I don't know where they are, now !

hey are you still there?i put tne cat figurine in a pedestal,but when y went back it dissapeared¡¡ someone else?the same?

I think I'm out. Is the mask the end?

POP got it!!!

I just searched the whole place.. 3 times, cannot see where my flint and tinder went :(

was there a hint in game on us having to form that symbol specifically though? i dont think there was, and making us do it by trial and error isnt good.

still better than the usual stoneagegame though.

yes sneaksnake, the mask is the end

@pat-e, I think it didn't. There are four places for the cats you probably looked at a different place.

hint for cats:

look at the rim of each pedestal, you have to place the cats in the correct order after you obtain all 4- there are 4 pedestals.

pat-e - yes, my cat figure comes and goes

and out

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 10:12 AM  

I wonder why the title page's text is in futhark, the Old Norse (rune) alphabet?

OK, have 4 cats in place and nothing left in inventory.
Would someone mind to show me the exit door, please?
Thanks, lol.

@Suicune, like I said before the wall puzzle is a female symbol in the end, so maybe there was a clue for that somewhere!?

I'm not seeing 4 pedestals - though the navigation in the chamber has me dizzy

and out!
thanks @suicune for color order for the cats.

@Edgar I think there is an order for the cats. When it is the right order you're out. Don't know the order, for me it was luck.

ahh,yes sneak s i just relized that there are others pedestals¡¡¡i get lost there are so many places to search,annaby¡¡there are others pedestals¡¡¡tk


the navigation isnt perfect, but it still beats that roguejoker game. in the tomb rooms just keep turning right 1 screen at a time, and hitting the bottom bar of the screen to "turn around". do this for every frame of the room and youll see 4 pedestals eventually, thats how i did it.

can't find the sand looking cat i guess...i have something in my inventory that looks like a big circle thing but don't know wat it is

@SneakSnake thanks. Now I'm going through the game again looking for a hint for that puzzle.

thanks pat-e and Suicune

i think the "pale brown" cat was behind the rubble to the right of the door, as you go in.

figured it out i had to place the circle thing in the lions paws at the entrance to get the other cat...so it matched the other lion on the left

@jennifer_kary09, if the sand looking one is the dark brown one, you get it by putting in and pushing the lever you found on the staute. It falls down on the entrance.

I hope someone does a walkthrough...i am lost in a very dark tomb..and so scared...help me?...lol

There's no female shape in that puzzle.
It's a ptah symbol, but still can't see anyone around.
Still looking.

Anyone gonna write a walkthrough?
I did allready two today and so did @Suicune and he is working on a third one.

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 10:24 AM  

same here jennifer

hey suicune,will you post a WALK.... as you always do?because when a was looking on a wall that it seems to have wooden placs i had a tnt and a figurine highlighted and they dissapeard¡one and after another,i ll be waiting thank you so much for yours WALK...¡¡¡

@Edgar, I didn't see a female shape in the puzzle, but all pushed in things form a symbol for women. You know; that cross with a cirlce on top (I think it represents a comb and a mirror). Like there is one for men too (the shield with the spear).

       Anonymous  1/29/10, 10:28 AM  

found it... finally figured what that "round thing" was, then couldn't find where to put it... all the "dog guards" had that on their heads, didn't see the left lion had one until.... Thanks, jennifer

You could be right. There's no reference to Ptah anywhere in the game.

for the cats, I think the color of the thing around the pedestal coresponds to the color of the cat. There is a reddish one, a grey one, a black one, and a sandy one.

@Edgar, this symbol ♀

Yes, that's a female symbol, but if you look closer it might also be an "ankh" associated to the god Ptah.

I've had no luck finding anything related to one thing or the other to be used as a hint for that wall puzzle.

I am randomly clicking here and there...some things appear in the inventory and some other things disappear...this is very hard to follow as the majority of screens are too dark to distinguish anything. I try to follow clues but I have no idea the navigation or what I used on what to get the other what...LOL I give up unless someone can make order out of this mess for me.
Thanks all ...it was looking so cool to begin with ...

so no in game hint that told us to use the ankh/female symbol huh? thats kinda lame

I agree with you. It seems the only way to solve it is by trial and error, which it sucks in my opinion.

Dear Escapegames24 players!
Please write here about the "error" you find with the symbols.

Thanks and good luck!

Dear @Stone, there was no error, no bug, but we couldn't find a hint/clue how to solve the wall puzzle and did it by trial and error (we can). But if there is a hint somewhere please do tell us.

SneakSnake, help! :) I got only two statuettes and put one down (grey) can't find space for other one as the pedestal colour does not match. I have no idea where the puzzle is. Lost... completely. Dankuvel.

can anyone tell me where the black cat is? I have found all the others

as sneaksnake said, there isnt a bug. the "error" we are talking about is known as "TRIAL AND ERROR", which is a process that makes one try random stuff, until something works, and solve the game that way. but if the puzzle was not meant to be solved that way then please do tell us where the hint to use the ankh symbol was in the game?


black cat: light your stick on the fire and blow up the cracked door to reveal another chamber. go into that chamber and use the lit stick to light it up and see the black cat.

Ok, can do a walkthrough if no one else has one ready...didn´t see a hint for Ankh symbol either but was my second guess. Most typical egyptian one.

awesome game.. I'm out

@volker it's all yours I didn't start one, maybe @Suicune, don't know.
@Brenda and @Tania I will play again to look for the cats, but you can also wait for @volker.
And @Tania to find all the places to put the cat you have to go to other views of the room and click down.

nah i didnt start 1, im eating, i cant do 1 for every game lol and i just spent about an hour doing 1 for the long tesshi-e game

i got 2 tablets ( used) a torch? and a stick of TNT... stuck

- Dark brown cat, put in lever (you found on the big statue next to little entrance you don't use) in the hole on the view where the boxes are. The cat has fallen down in the real entrance view.
- The grey cat you get by putting the skull (round thing) between the legs of the lion.
- The black is in the dark hole in the wall in the room (you have to use your torch).
- The white cat you get by solving the wall puzzle.

@Sweeti click the lever next to where you placed one tablet and take another lever (big thing doesn't look like a lever) from the big statue and put it in the hole next to the other tablet and click that lever as well.


cant use the tnt until you get 3 of them and tie them up with a rope.

the 2 tablets should go into the wall murals to complete them

@Suicune is that a new suicune picture you use or is my mind/memory playing tricks on me?

huh? i havent changed my picture ever lol

hi all again. I'm off work and at home right now, wondering if I could be of some help writing a WT fo this game, but it seems @volker is on it right now.
@volker, would you mind confirm that?

Okay @Suicune, it's a fact now, I'm going loco, gaga etc.


To make directions easier I assume we start heading north.

Front room:

Heading north:
-take torch on right side of floor
Heading south:
-moon pic on right side of door (bottom)
-take peak of spear
Heading east:
-take dynamite on bottom of tnt box
-take sun pic behind tnt box
-put moon pic in free spot on wall
-use peak of spear in round opening and as a lever and click it to head down
Heading west:
-put sun pic on space on wall
-click lever
Heading north:
Take red cat that fell down from the skies! (ok, before someone complains about skies in egyptian burial grounds...I think they at least painted one.)


Go up the stairs twice (North)
-take dynamite in left crate/wood
Go up once more
-take like trophy looking jar (for inner organs?)
One step further up (north) brings you to burial room.

Burial room:

Head south east:
-take round thing in corner
Head south west:
-take dynamite in corner
Head north east:
-take rope (on skeleton under stones)
now use rope with the 3 pieces of dynamite - creates one big piece of dynamite


Go out of the burial room back down stairs
-take flintstone on right side before skeleton

Front room:

Just go down the stairs (south) and turn around (head north)


Once up the stairs and you can see 2 statues, the left one has a round thing in front.
-use round thing you found on right statue - you receive cat

Burial room:

Head north:
Go up the stairs and in burial room head north in front of an empty wall.
-use flint stone on bottom part of wall
-use "trophy" jar on botto part of wall
-light torch and dynamite in fire
click wall
-solve wall puzzle (solution at the end) - receive grey cat
Head West:
-use dynamite on half open door
-use torch and enter room
-click to light room
-take black cat

To finish the game you need to head into every corner of the burial room and turn around to the middle of room. In every corner is a pedestial for one of your cats. Match colours to colour on pedestial! And out...congrats.


puzzle riddle.
You have to create an ANKH symbol

Will look like this:

4 6
4 6

nah you arent, we all make mistakes

ive made stupider mistakes than that i can tell you that now

Question more than answered, lol.

good job on walkthrough volker!

About the puzzle - as you have already noticed this was an female symbol of ancient Egypt culture.

Thanks for everyone helping to solve this. Sadly caught the game a bit too late to be live.


Btw does someone know how to create a space in the beginning of a line? I just hit space a few times but when posting everything appeared at the front of the line.

_____ You can use underscore like this
_ _ _ or this. But it isn't really space like you want. I guess it can't


there is no way to do that, blogger will automatically remove excess spaces, i dont understand why. the only thing we CAN do is something like this:


and so on, or for some other puzzles this works too:


and so on... basically replace the spaces with something solid thats easy to tell that its "blank"

okay I am aware of what it is I HAVE to do.... but I can't! I have 2 TNT, a flint, and 2 cats. I've put the cats in their correct places. I tied the 2 TNT's I had together to make it one piece in the inventory, but I can't light my torch? I tried combining it with the flint but it isnt working :( Help anyone?!

Something in between then? No female nowadays symbol and no ancient Egyptian Ankh (life) symbol?

With all due respect, Mr. Stone; was there a hint for that symbol given somewhere in the game? Where and/or how exactly if there was any? Tanks in advance for your reply.

@edgar: Just to let you know. Was writing the walkthrough. ;) Sorry, saw it a bit late.
@suicune: Thanks. Will try to improve readability next time though. At least I found out how to write in bold now...


there should be THREE tnt, thats why its not working for you. after the 3rd it should all fall into place

*Thanks, not tanks, lol. Sorry.

dont worry, my diagram didnt have any better readability, and i think people will still understand what it means anyways.

and it took me a long time to learn how to use bold and italics too btw

By the way, the answer @Stone gave us is a bit lame. There are a lot more ancient Egyptian symbols, so how did we suppose to know to take that one.

But anyway mr. Stone, thank you for responding so quickly, real nice and polite. We had to complain for months before mr. Gazzy answered us.

oh I see! I cant seem to find the 3rd one... I had one on the main floor, one in the broken boxo n the stairs, do you remember where the last one is? I'm sorry to ask for help I don't normally, but its driving me nuts!!!!

Right, thanks suicune. Fill space out with something will do the job. Don´t seek for perfection here.

@private spoon:
You miss trophy jar. Use flint and this on north wall in burial room to create fire and think you need another stick of dynamite as well.

I lost all my TNT UNLIT with the rope at the half open door. If I remember well, the rope was still apart and I had two TNT.
So I had to restart.

THX Volker I really needed a walkthrough.I couldnt make fire.

@private spoon: last dynamite in one of the corners in burial room (upstairs)

arrrghhh I used the flint on the north wall as you said but it disappeared and now the TNT is missing from my Inventory aswell! What the deuce? This started off so positively but now its gone a bit doolally on me, boooo :(

volker, sorry but the burning wall has a cat pic when I press it i see several symbols but if I press any of them I get the cat back, no way to complete a puzzle, perhaps I don't understand what you are saying?

no problem my friend, nice job btw :D

This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG, I finally understood the puzzle! With 5 you mean 'press the cat' then you get a line, then you select figures 4 and 6 counting from left and that gives you the next line! I was pressing cat, getting line and presing 5 so of course I was taken back to start...


i agree that stone has at least been way quicker to respond than gazzy, but i dont think the 2 companies are even comparable lol, almost anything beats gazzyboy :P SAG is way more sophisticated than gazzy for sure, and they should be proud of that.

that said, stone still hasnt given us the answer we were looking for, but im over it now, it was a good game, except for having to use "trial and error" to finish it. its like those games where theres a language barrier and the only way out is to bruteforce the code... except nowhere as extreme


Here´s an improved spoiler for the wall puzzle (thanks suicune)

If you click the correct symbols line after line will show up below until puzzle is finished. See below for complete solution.



@Private Spoon, the flint is supposed to disappear, then put oil on it with the jar and it will burn.
The tnt shouldn't disappear, maybe your inventory is bigger then you think, there are arrows left an right to show all.

This comment has been removed by the author.

In case someone is still having troubles with the wall puzzle, here's my little contribution to excellent @volker's W/T, a screenshot of it:

okay I understand now, sorry to be an absolute pain in the wotsits... but where the devil is the jar? I started again because it was peeing me off, I have 2 cats, 3 TNT tied together, I've put that circle thing into place with the Lion, and a flint. I am about to light the flint and am aware that it will now disappear, but I can't find a jar anywhere. Also, since loading this game it has made my computer go a bit silly but I think that might just be mine, considering no one else has voiced the same problem.

@Private Spoon
Jar is well hidden behind one of the statues on your way to the tomb chamber. Look for it before entering into it completely.

@private: You find the jar when heading up the stairs. Behind the last statue on the right side. A bit hard to spot...
@edgar: nice one! Will be hard to fail this now.

@Private Spoon,
Go up the stairs three times (so you're not in the room yet). The jar is behind the sphinx on the right.

I go away for 4 hours and there are 4 new finished games:) Well, I'll just start playing lol.

Wow, there you go @Private Spoon, 3 answers in a row. What a great site this is isn't it.

And out! Thank you so much for your help everyone! It's a good game (better than alot I have played) but I think it could be improved! Still enjoyed it though :)

aint that the truth. lets take door cracker for example. all the users on it from EG24 have solved everything, while some other users who arent visitors here still havent solved all the doors, but have found all the magnifiers etc lol.

there really is no better place to find answers to a game than here at EG24, im convinced of that.


       Anonymous  1/29/10, 12:31 PM  

I had the same problem with the TNT- I used it before it was tied and all three were together... I had to restart to complete the game. Otherwise I really liked this one

@ suicune I agree completely. I've been playing escape games for a while now and I always come to this site for walkthroughs, although this is the first time I have actually commented. I think I may do it more often, what a lovely bunch you all are!

That was a nice game although i had some difficulties. First I didn't find the trophy jar, thank you @Volker for the walkthrough! Then, of course, I didnt find a clue for the wall puzzle either (even if i have spent a lot of time looking for it). Thank you @SneakSnake for showing the numbers to press!
It took me some time to get the three TNTs together, until I realised that you first click rope, then one TNT. It seems like it disappeares, but just click the next one, and they are together. Click the last one and you have all three of them tied.
@Tosca and @ktkelley, I think that was your problem as well.

i agree with you there ellie, it was a problem that there was no distinction between the single tnt, and the single tnt with rope. some people may be lead to beleive its a bug, the creator should have just added a minor modification to the item sprite to indicate there was a rope attached, rather than use the same sprite for both images.

@Suicune, the inventory is buggy. The tnt wasn't even there after i clicked the rope (the rope was still visible but after i clicked on it again it totally disappeared as well. After I read your comment i went back in to check, and this time i had 3 tnt:s, but that was when i clicked the rope first, and then a tnt. I tried yet another time, and if you click the tnt before the rope it disappeares. Leaving only two tnt:s until you clicke another tnt. And I tried to scroll the inventory, but there was nothing left (i even had one empty space).

And I can also make two of the tnts go away...leaving only one tnt and a rope. Until you click the last tnt and the rope again...

hmm, well thats bad then. SAG was never known to be buggy, until that ruins part 4 game, and ever since that, there seems to be a lot more bugs with them lately :(

dont get me wrong though, 123bee and gazzyboy are still the gods of bugged games, and probably always will be. SAG is probably just having an off-month, im sure it wont become a regular thing with them. and since SAG games have been getting a bit more interesting, it somewhat compensates for the bugs, but yea the bugs do need to stop.

Maybe we play different games. For me no buggy and I try it 3 or 4 times more and any bug. God game for me, congratulations Stone.

Let's just consider this bug issue as a minor (and even necessary) mistake from SAG's in their effort to make longer and more complex games. I'm pretty sure our comments are a good feedback for future games made by them... and the interest shown by Stone here today is a good proof of it.

@Edgar, yes I'm not that bothered with bugs (even if i didn't understand wher i used my tnt)...lol. I just wanted to tell since people restarted the game because of this, and that's not neccessary.

@cece, it wasn't buggy for me either as long as you click the rope before the tnt. If you did the other way and still didn't get the bug, well thats great. Maybe its only my computer :D

i personally did not get any bugs in this game, im only going by what ellie said, and i trust her word

Same here, and I did go back to the game trying to find any but no (bad) luck... except for that thing in inventory that made people confused about not knowing if they had got or used an item or not, and that eventually made everyone think it was a bug.
That, and the wall puzzle confusion about its resolution were the only "buts" (single t, lol) I could mention about this step SAG has taken today. If they're big enough to make the game unplayable or not enjoyable... well, it's a personal matter.

@Edgar, as I said, I don't think its a big thing, and I enjoyed this game! I think it is worth playing even with this minor confusing inventory thing. And most of the players didn't even notice that. I am not complaining about the game and I better shut up before i say something else that might sound like a complaint. I like what SAG is doing :D

I don't think you're complaining at all! I'm saying it because of someone else's comments... and if I know you the way I think I do, I'd know you enjoyed the game as much as I (and many others) did, lol.
Hey, let's stop taking some things personal around ok? and let's have a big and deep breath... one, two, three... ahhhh.

@Edgar, lol! Feels better with all of that oxygen :D

@Ellie. It sure does... and now I'm in the mood for a brand new escape game. Hopefully there will be one soon.

out with only one hint, and a heck of a lot of blind clicking. I did a lot of things that I didn't know how/why they worked. lol

almost did it myself except for the wall puzzle. Thanks volker for wt !

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