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[REPLAY] Usakame is another Japanese point & click adventure type escape game developed by Twinkle. In this game, your objective is to help the tortoise to beat the rabbit in the race by finding and using items and hints for solving just one puzzle. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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thanks Megi..for the game!


Cute looking game.

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:25 AM  

morning :)

Morning, Megi thx for a new game :)
So far i have shovel, rope, axe, carrot and a spray bottle, i need to put out the fire...

be back in few minutes...

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:27 AM  

i can't pass the fire, don't know what that spray stuff does...

how to put out the fire?

so far i have an axt,a bottle, a carot and a rope, need water!

we are all in same position...I think

And a pink balloon where is used bottle and rope on.

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:29 AM  

found a baloon, the spary is actually helium

same here, to much fire for the little turtle

Where did you find the balloon?

a balloon...where..??? :))

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:31 AM  

near the tree trunk, you can zoom in there

balloon is in front of the trunk from the cut tree.

nvm...got it..

Japanese escape games are my favorites...they always sooooo cute.... :)

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:33 AM  

sooooo...are we all stuck in there? we need a fresh mind to think outside the box:P

found a bucket

balloon + ropes...but i can't tie the turtle?

a bucket...great for to put water!! where you found it?

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:36 AM  

missed the bucket...where is it?

found it!

at a tree...in the 3rd pic

Found a bucket, filled it from the pond in the first screen and put out the fire.

Where ?

same screen where you dug the tunnel in the dirt first tree on the right near the bottom of the tree zoom in

the biggest one..

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:38 AM  

i swear i clicked there a billion times! :)

Found it, after this you can connect balloon to the turtle.

we need a code...at the end

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:39 AM  

ohh dear...a code for the box...

got it the code...paper found on the couch

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:40 AM  

I can't find that balloon .. been clicking like mad on the felled trunk....

Balloon + airpump + rope, tie it to the turtle

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:41 AM  

ah darn, i clicked the left arrow again and the rabbit won the race :( i won;t play it again

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:42 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

out nice game, TY Megi

Can't find balloon either. Clicked all over felled tree.

think your supposed to get whats in the box first then put it on the carrot then give it to the bunny

the balloon is near the stump on the right of it

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:44 AM  

Jamos, it´s the trunk, not the tree itself

out...cute game...thanks for the help!!

Happy End. Yay.

Code box :


2 endings happy and bad ends

@zazie...weird..I got different numbers

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:47 AM  

Ahh the stump.. finally got it thank you! Now to try and catch up...

maybe each game got his own numbers?

in the box is sleeping medicine. the turtle has to be on the stump to access the balloon ;)

i have the same code....btw, cute endings...

This is possible alkmar (different numbers) but i won´t start again, waiting for the next one lol.

lol..zazie..the same point for me! but I wrote it for the others...so they know they have to count the clouds, leaves and stars

oh..but bunga got the same like you...

       Anonymous  1/26/10, 1:53 AM  

Got the bad end :o( but thanks for all the tips! Will come back later and try to get the turtle to win - he's cute!

two endings! 1st rabbit wins, 2nd turtle wins

both endings involve the carrot...

The moral of the story: Slow and steady doesn't win the race...CHEATING does!

You are the tortoise and need to beat that darn rabbit in the race!

Get the axe behind the tall middle tree
Note the pond
Go left
You need to cross the gap
Use the axe to cut down the tree to make a bridge
Get the shovel
Go left
Get the helium tank beside the left tree
Click the bottom right corner of the right tree trunk and get the bucket (thanks Sun and Alkmar, I missed that)
Use the shovel to make a tunnel through the large dirt pile
Get the string from the tunnel entrance
Go left
Get the rightmost carrot in the garden plot at the bottom of the screen
Note the raging fire you need to put out!
Go right 2 times
While your tortoise is on the tree stump that you cut, click just above the right root tip -- get the balloon
Go right once more
Use the bucket in the pond
Go left 3 times
Use the bucket of water on the fire
Go left and you see another gap, but there’s no tree to help you cross this time!
In your inventory, click the balloon and then click the about item button to get the about item view
Add the helium tank and then add the string
Click the back button to close the view
When your tortoise is stopped, add the balloon/string to float across
In the next scene, you find the rabbit just waiting for you
Click under the bench and find a paper with shapes on it
Go left

Ending 1
Go left again (ignore the code box) and get the bad ending -- you lose!

Ending 2
Use the paper shapes to enter the code in the box and hit OK
Get the bottle
HINTcountclouds,flowers,andleaves you have seenHINT
Look at the carrot in the about item view
Add the liquid from the bottle
Go right and give the rabbit the bright orange carrot
Go left and then back right to see you knocked him out with sleeping potion
Go left 2 times and win the race!

Such a nice game! had to peek for the hint about the whereabouts of that bucket!! Loved it :D

cute game! easy but likeable.

Short and cute game (unless the cheating of the tortoise)! Thanks @Zazie for the balloon, and thanks @kitkatfox for the walkthrough!

       Anonymous  8/25/18, 1:02 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Twinkle ☺
& thx KKF for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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