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Warface 2 Walkthrough

Warface 2

Warface 2 is the second part of Warface 1, point and click shooter type adventure game. Walker is back in Warface 2. This time he is stuck in a snow storm in the middle of nowhere and has to deal with some freaky stuff. Action, adventure, peace pipes and bow and arrows! Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is not suitable for younger players!

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ok i am not sure what use i will be

great a new game. Let`s try

Yet another one!!

still loading

Hi all. My first live today :D

Long intro...

Shock behind house...

they are not kidding when they say not suitable for younger players

Tab is working.

Bear rug inside

woo hoo here towards the beginning

Talking to an old man inside.

He asks for the shock.

Give shock to the man

Shock thing old man needs is behind the house.

oh dear just died in a cave, hint for bear skin , it will keep you warm

Going to the wild is not a good idea right now.

You can put on the bear rug.

Oh...dead!! Don´t just go into cave!

I camoflaged myself with the bear rug in the wild

Oil bottle in camp.

do u know how do get rid of the man blocking the way?

Some more talk...and the indian smokes some kind of code??

@Delight, I haven't met a man. Is that in the camp? I went to the wild.

LOL. Exchanged my oil for a wrench with those girls.

you can not hit him with the crowbar lol

I died in the cave, too. :(

I ignored him for now, and finding some more stuff ahead.

I smoked with the indian and got a bow.

crowbar beneath burning barrel

I went to the wild (with my bear rug on) too.
You can take the pipe there and do smoke signal thing.

Have an empty gas tank now.

I went in to the cave, then I saw your comment kitkatfox.
I dont want to die, so I fled:)

yes the camp..I skipped the wild and went to the camp first..maybe I should try the wild first

use the wrench on the floor of the caravn

I filled the gas tank from two yellow snow mobiles, I didnt even know I had an empty one.

hey im stayin in the tent watchin those girls lol

Nothing left in the camp but the guy blocking the way, going to the wild now.

I cant find the way back from the wild, just keep going into a cave. I want to go to the camp now!

I picked that empty tank at the end of the camp. Have you already been there?

Oh, had to click lower right corner, when in front of the indian to get back.

Ellie, nvm. You've just answer that to me :P

got tube in dungeon under trailor

No, I havent Edgar, but when I clicked a mobile it gave me a tank and said "you filled your tank with gas"

got full gas tank and explosives. i want to try the cave now, but im worried ill die and have to start over.

ok filled my truck with gas.

What kind of game is this with those two girls doing the wild thing in a tent!?

wont let u drive till u kill guys in cave. so i guess im off to try and do that without dieing lol

Is there a specific sign to chose when smoking the pipe?

Bow and arrow (in caravan) now...

@Edgar copy the smoke signs from the native.

filled the car with gas, will not leave until he has killed everyone lol

#$#%$%$% died!

Thanks SneakSnake.

Anyway, I gave those girls body oil and they gave me a tool (a wrench). Body oil was in the camper.

Killed man in front of house...door jammed. What a useless kill!!

Geez, missed them and can't go back. Spoiler?

I went under the trailer.
Its difficult when we all are on different places.

Arrgh, i don´t like this game.....cu soon everybody and gl !!

do not advance to the group of guys or you will die. you must do something at the 2 guys.

I cant find a gas can in camp, I guess thats because i got it from the wild.

@Edgar, don't know if it differs but mine were;
+ 0 + triangle O triangle O O

@edgar: triangle,x,o,x,triangle,o,triangle,triangle

Not sure if it´s the same for everyone though.

Trying to kill people in cave with bow now.

Oh, I am dead :( Tried to shoot the man before the camp, but he got me first.

Tank was on last tent, after the girls' one.

shoot the guy in front of the camp with bow and arrow before he shoots you!

It does differ, but I got another shot after a few wrong tries, thanks anyways SneakSnake & volker.

My smoke signals were different!
You need to watch how he does and do the same.

Dead again. Could kill 2 guys in front of cave...no chance against the 3 behind.

out! kill 2 guys in cave quickly, then use explosives on the rest! sweet!

That tent was empty to me!
I have now restarted because of my tragic death.

Where are the arrows? Indian just gave me the bow.

Used tube on the snowmobiles outside the cave

Arrow in caravan. You can only take them after you got the bow.

@Edgar, arrows are inside trailer in camp

Where is explosives?

After I restarted I went to the camp first, and the gas tank was there!

@Fienchen explosive is in cabin behind camper. Kill him first and the use your crowbar to get in.

I filled my truck with gas, but can't go away. Do I have to go back to the cave and fight?

get bear rug in house -
get shock right of house -
give shock to guy in right side of house -
put on bear rug -
ride snow mobile -
go to camp past guy blocking way -
get crow bar by fire in front of trailer -
go in trailer get oil and remove covering in middle of floor -
leave trailer go left 2 times, give oil to hot lezzies in tent, get wrench -
go left again to next tent get gas can -
to back to trailer, use wrench on floor, enter get tube -
go right back to snow mobile, then right to wild -
smoke with indian, watch his smoke signals, take pipe, use same symbols, get bow -
go back to trailer get arrows on wall -
go to guy blocking camp, shoot with bow and arrow before he kills you -
use crowbar on stuck door -
get explosives -
go past indian to cave, don't go in -
use tube and gas can on 3 snow mobiles -
go back to very beginning and fill up your truck with gas -
go back to cave and go in -
kill to guys up front with bow and arrow quickly before they kill you -
use explosives on the people in back -
try to go back to lezzie tent but can't.... :)

They are inside that house with the man outside on the way to the camp. Shoot him with bow and arrow, and use crowbar on door.

@SneakSnake THX

@SneakSnake yep, you have to kill them

Got out, didn't like this one. Didn't like the music and didn't like the sex and violence.

I died because I tried to use the bow on the 3 guys. I don't feel like restarting AGAIN. Maybe I'll come back to this later.

Out ! Thank you all, for your help

This game is confusing!
And it obviously was a bug when I got the filled tank the first time. Now I had to use the tube.

Its almost nothing left Kitkatfox, just use the bow and arrow on the first two, the dynamite on the rest, and you are out (not worth playing again imo). And dont forget to fill you car with gas.

Thanks Kenneth for the walkthrough!

I remember that warface 1, it was terrible! Much worse than this.
But I didn't like this very much either.

@Yes Ellie, buggy game. I was able to get my tank filled with gas without the tube.

Good straight forward walkthrough, @Kenneth. But why go back to the girls they obviously don't need/want you (presuming you're a dude).

Didn't like this one too much either, but at least I could go out without being killed, thanks to your comments and warnings. See you.

just some lame humor. phew, at least it wasn't just me they wanted nothing to do with :)

ahem, didn't they invite the main character to join. And he was a he.

Yeah @kitkatfox, but just to give him a big tool. But let's stop we're as bad as the game now.

Wasn't real impressed with the language.

liked it till the getting killed part. Had to restart twice. Not into it enough to do 3. It is starting to become boring.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@a I agree, couldn't they give us a save feature? :/

One question: what do you mean with "tabs working"? How does it work?

@Isabel A. hitting the tab key in some games will make a box around all the hotspots you can click on a screen. It is useful for a game with lots of tiny hotspots, but it doesn't work in every game.

@Isabel: In some games you can click your tab key on the computer and it will show you a marking on where it is possible to click. In that case you don't need to do that much pixelhunting for stuff.
I most of the time don't get the tab key to work, even when it does for other.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you, Ellie and Kitkatfox!!

I guess i'm in the minority here but i thought it was pretty funny.

Especially the Indian wearing a Nike shirt listening to an iPod

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