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MEG Winter Escape Walkthrough

MEG Winter Escape

MyEscapeGames Winter Escape is another new point and click type room escape game from My Escape Games. Try to escape this showy decor and return safe home, to the cozy, warm fireplace. The frozen scenario of a wild winter will try to keep you prisoner in the woods. So search for clues in every corner, and pay attention to all the white little details in the snow. They hide things you might find useful in your adventure. The key to your escape is actually in your ability to light your way back home. So find the missing item them will be the guide to your return. Good luck and have fun!

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Winter Escape Video Walkthrough

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I wait an easy game, please

Let's do it

I need more snow

What a lot of games today, I can't keep up.

Let's go.

good song to sleep

Evening all, first live game for a while, let's hope it's a good one.

Got all my snow and buttons and arms. Stuck.

Tab key works.

So far I found;

- Button in the first screen.
- Branch in the first screen.
- Button on the sign with home (2x right from first screen).

Gotta key, some snow, a button and a branch.

Have some coal for the eyes

- Snow (1x left from the first screen).

And out. Cute game

- Snow, below home sign.

- Snow to the top right of the home sign.

Think I'm missing one button. Only 3 so far.

You need a carrot

- Snow on top of the the middle mountain.

Only 3 button

@thanks cece, looking for a carrot now.

Carrot near snowman, use branche

- Key on branch of left tree in first screen.

Yes, out, thanks @cece
Follow the footprints for carrot!

Edgar, carrot is behind snowman, make three sets of footprints.

Snow on branch of tree in middle front (first screen).

and BTW @cece, no need for branch to get the carrot.

I can't find any button in first screen.

Button on roof of house (bottom left).

- Snow on bottom right of door of house.

Out. Thanks everyone. Tab key helps.

Thanks anyways @Rambler, I managed to find it on my own.

Short and sweet, just the final bit of snow held me up for a while.

Thanks SneakSnake

- Carrot, make tree pairs of footprints to the top left of the snowman (you got to make).

@ Jadefox, click on the lowwer left part of the roof a couple of times.

Oh, well done anyway.

wheres the carrot for the nose?

my snowman in more than halfway made, lol.

@crromig, see previous comments.

- Use key on door of house and take plates, put them on snowman you made with all the snow. But I guess it doesn't matter because everybody is out already.

thanks Rambler, got it.

i'm not out, lol.

don't know how to make footprints around snowman. i feel so, uh, dumb, lol.

I have my snowman built won't let me do anything. I think I have everything on it: hat, eyes, 2 buttons and arms.

@Jadefox, find some hotspots on the ground behind the snowman and follow the footprints.

@cndljen, you need three buttons.

Did anyone of you quick escapers notice you can put the candle light thing back on the snowman again and take it back and put it back again, take it, put it back etc. to get a lot of those things?

Was missing last button from roof and carrot found them and out

@ cndljen, i think u need more buttons, maybe 2, i only have 3.

Thanks Rambler found them and out before I saw your post!

i did that Rambler, but still trying.

I'm sure i'll be out in a minute.

well, i take that back, this is so embarrassing. i cannot find that dang carrot, lol.

Can someone please list the areas where you can pick snow up? I have got enough snow for body and legs but not for head so I can't finish the game :(

@Tania, I did, see all my previous comments.

Sneaksnake, I found all those bits of snow but still missing the last part to make up his head :( My tab key does not work for some reason. I got everything else except for a light that someone mentioned. This is such a frustrating day with games not being finished (still struggling with the one with codes and rings...)

Sorry @Tania, I probably missed one and other people didn't care to mention them, but I'm writing a walkthrough so wait a moment and they will be there.

YaY! Good man/woman SneakSnake :D

my snow man is complete but he wont move. is that right?

nevermind. I didn't even think about clicking the sign. lol

well, at least I'm not the last one done again, lol, I haven't found the two pieces of coal for eyes yet and I have search everywhere, and my tab key DOES work!!!

Me man @Tania, You woman, said Tarzan to Jane.

@Jadefox: click again on the chimney

@ Alexander, I've tried clicking on that chimney countless times, but I'll go try again. Thanks!

SneakSnake, well, yes, but you can see my picture which is a good indication of my gender whereas with lots of fellow players with strange nicknames it is hard to tell who is who. :) Now, for that walkthrough please...

I tried it again and no coal for the eyes. I guess I'll just have to wait for Sneaks walkthrough and see what it says. I just think something is wrong, a glitch in my game or something, we'll see, but thanks anyway.

Since I can't finish the game, I think I will take a little nap cuz the music on it is making me sleepy lol, jk, no sleeping here, gonna find a better game!!!

@Jadefox: Sorry, my mistake, click on the smoke after you have used the key.

for lovely Tania

First Screen
- Snow #1 from the right branch (a bit to the bottom) of the tree in the front on the middle
- Take the branch (the only one that's brown, click it two times) and take Snow #2 that fell down while taking the branch.
- Click Snow #3 on the bottom branch of the tree on the left (or the second one from the bottom, sorry I clicked too fast.

House View
- Take Snow #4 from the bottom right of the door.

Home Sign View
- Take Snow #5 from the right branch of the third front tree from the right.
- Take Snow #6 from the bottom right of the home sign.

Trees and Mountains View
- Take Snow #7 from the top of the middle mountain.

And I think that's all the snow to gather.

OK got out finally! My last piece of snow was in trees to the right of pathway where we made footsteps. Argh! But at least ONE game finished today!! Hurray :D

Thank you Alexander! I finally finished the game, thanks to you! Have a nice day!

Tania, are you still here?

This comment has been removed by the author.

You're welcome ;-)

@SneakSnake: After you haved opened the door, click on the smoke coming out of the chimney, then you get the coal.


Only Trees View
- Take Red Button #1 from below the second tree from the left (it looks like black and white goggles).
- Take Snow #1 from the right branch (a bit to the bottom) of the tree in the front on the middle (by the way you can use your tabkey to find the hotspots).
- Take the Branch (the only one that's brown, click it two times) and take Snow #2 that fell down while taking the branch.
- Click Snow #3 on the bottom branch of the tree on the left (or the second one from the bottom, sorry I clicked too fast) and also a key will fall down. Take the Key.

GO RIGHT, House View
- Click the bottom left part of the roof to reveal a red button, take Red Button #2.
- Take Snow #4 from the bottom right of the door.
- Use your key on the door and take the Red Plates from the window.

GO RIGHT, Home Sign View
- Take Red Button #3 from the O of home.
- Take Snow #5 from the right branch of the third front tree from the right.
- Take Snow #6 from the bottom right of the home sign.

GO RIGHT, Trees and Mountains View
- Take Snow #7 from the top of the middle mountain.
- Now put all your snow on the hole in the ground to make a snowman.
- Put your branch(es) on it for the arms.
- Put the red plates on it as a hat.
- Put the three red buttons on it
- Click a bit left of the snowman (on the height of the arms) to reveal footprints.
- Click to the top right of those footprints to reveal new footprints.
- Click to the top right of those new footprints to reveal more footprints and a carrot.
- Take the Carrot and put it on the snowman.

GO LEFT (2x), House View
- Click on the smoke coming out of the chimney Thanks @Alexander. And take the Coal that fell down.

GO RIGHT (2x), Trees and Mountain View
- Put the coal on the snowman.
- Take the Lantern from the snowman.

GO LEFT, Home Sign View
- Click the home sign and you're out.

Sad I missed this one, it was very enjoyable although I'm a little disappointed that despite the fact I managed to escape - it is still winter here!

Oh well, I also got some amusement from Sneaksnake having to say that he is male, I happen to think Sneaksnake is a very masculine name :D !!

easy game, out without help, but the lantern bug was funny

All to All liars :p i got nothing lolzz.....

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