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Wood House Escape Walkthrough

Wood House Escape

Wood House Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game by 123bee.com. You've been trapped inside a Wooden house, which is in the middle of a beautiful lake. First of all you'll have to come out of the house and then call for rescue to escape from the place.The clues and objects found at this place will help you to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Ok. It's alive game

Knive and thermometre


for what it's worth, I always play the game directly from 123bee.com so i don't encounter the timeout after 10 minutes...

cut curtain and cut couch

@reddy - where on the curtain did you cut?

stuck with code for box 4 digits

A box and a rod

thermometer behind left floor vase

on both ends take rod hit planters get mud put out fire get key

There's a key in fire

ok...need code for thing in box

stuck on code !

This comment has been removed by the author.

Can't get code either... trying to place thermometer everywhere... also if you zoom on the right door in the 1st view, you can see a grey line on the wall to the left of the floor vase, but can't do anything with it.

I got my knife back also

Well!! I pass 10 min. and I dont must restart!

The colors on the code panel are similar to the colors in the paintings... maybe a code there?

put thermometer in fireplace and use the temperature to open the box

stuck in bathroom...

I've been trying that... how did you do it?

Ty lilia. Another room

POP - right of fire... ugh. thanks! :)

just in catching up..

Refreshed wrong page... oops :)

Crush bathtube

hi everybody.

I can't put the thermometer into the fire... how exactly did you do that?

Another key in bathtube but I cant get up

how do u crushed the bathtube?

Thermometer at right fireplace

now stuck with paper

wet paper says i see a clue

how do i get the key from bathtube????

there's a puzzle under the bedcover that gives u a code for the drawer...

Is the code from the thermometer 8526?

and magnet

from bedroom get the magnet from the clock

Get magnet from clock

henk the code is 8030

Henk: 8030

@Henk - 8030

Never mind. Got it!

@Henk click on thermometer to put it back in your inventory, then look at it to read code


Crush bath tub??? How?

i feel pretty stupid now, because I still can't get the TM into the fire... not even after a restart..

crush bt with rod
hit at the right side

Nimis - between fire and right wall. Took me several tries to find the right place

POP again... rod @ right side of bathtub.

TY lilia - would have been clicking for an hour

how do you get magnet from clock...I've clicked everywhere

magnet at center of pendulum circle

magnet at the metal part of the clock

nm, found it! i had to put out the fire first ;) thanks anyway

has any1 gotten the key from the tub drain?

nevermind.got it...now I can't use it

i cant get the key from bathtube or do anything else in there....

OK dumb question how do you get the key from bathtub? Tried the magnet and I cannot get it, also how did you get the paper wet?

Stuck in bedroom. Opened the drawer got the paper, got the magnet. Now what, where's the bathroom?

evie where u get rod by tub

You have to put the wet paper on the mirror


Never mind found it...

@reddy I meant I used the rod we already have on the right side of the tub to break it...

Can't get key out of tub... can't get paper wet either... stuck.

wet paper under shower head then place it in mirror

There is a separate view of the mirror behind the bathtub, slightly higher view than when you closeup on the bathtub itself. Been trying to break it but no luck yet.

john where did u put the paper and how didi u get it wet?

wet it on the close up of shower head on right and then [lace on mirror in close up

Ahhh... thanks reddy... i see a code... 992 or 9921

when i zoom in key in tub i see wat looks like fishing pole i guess we need to get key glitch

you need another item before you can get the bath tub key


I did everything on my own except find that darn magnet! I thought I had clicked all over that stupid clock, too. Sigh.

oh such clever folks at 123bee, lol. I see = 1299

how to crush the BT?

please share kitkatfox of how you used magnet

@kkf... spill it!

Other blue key

you need a fishing pole to use magnet, try going back to the bedroom

Fishing rod

Get key from bath

Does the blue key fit the right door of the dresser? Or somewhere else?


Key fits door to the outside. You need to find the fishing pole

Happy new year everybody!! How did you get the magnet from the clock?

Blue key other door of first sceene (back)

The note in the bathtub mirror (I SEE) has a number before the 9221 part. Use that in the bedroom

what do I use the code in the mirror for? How do I get key out of drain?

where is this silly fishing rod???

@Gnouche click the dark spot on the pendulum

where did u find the fishing pole?

why can't I see the key in the bathtub? Or wet the paper?

@zoz outside the house

@Margaret in the dresser with mirror in the bedroom

@Nimnis you will find the paper in the right nightstand by the bed. The code is the puzzle under the bedspread. You have to enter the code while zoomed in on the bed NOT the nightstand

@Nimnis part 2. You can find the key in the drain hole after poking a hole in the side of the tub with the long pole

ah, kkf to the rescue again! i never saw that extra "9"

@ kitkatfox

thanx, but i knew that already. i just can't wet it... and i can't crushthe bathtub either..

by the way, sorry for leaving everyone for a few minutes there. I thought others were already out lol. I was working on the walkthrough!

And Happy New Year!

@Nimnis wet it using the shower head.

The bathtub is a bit tricky, you need to be right of center while zoomed in

@zoz it took me a bit to see that darn number. I was trying all sorts of combinations first >.<

I'm outside in the dark on a pier. I can't find anything out here??!!

found it!

TY, have it but stuck with code only four digits on the papers and we need 5

strange ending, but it IS 123bug, after all.
@Nimnis, i had some trouble wetting the paper; you have to place it below the shower head in the zoomed in view.

Out, thanks KKF! :)

Guess this wasn't exactly a "room escape" game, since we got out and had to go back in, lol...

Oh hey! Guess I could have read the intro... :)

where's fishing rod ? it flashes on tub but can't get it.

@Gnouche, see kkf's comment above; there is a fifth number on the clue sheet

Out! What's the purpose of the last item?

Code for dressing table is 99921 - look closely at the reflection of the paper.

Out - really needed a lot of help of that one. Thanks all.

@Margaret, i thought the last item was for me to shoot myself for playing another 123bug game.

@ Margaret: Maybe we'll know that when we figure out how you can break a tub with a curtain rod and why there's a shower head without a shower.

And out!

KKF thanx for your help!

lol zoz - didn't think of that!

Finally got it! but stuck again, attached the magnet to the fishing pole but still can't get the key out of the bath tub!

Gun = call for rescue, according to the intro.


@Gnouche Try clicking directly at the top of the drain.

lol evie :)

Has anyone open the door on dressing table with key hole?

the gun make the pretty fireworks at the end. Better than flares, I guess.

Guess it was a bug; Finally got the key, thank you all for your help!!

Click the door to enter the house
Zoom in on the table with the fruit and get the knife
Back up using the down arrow
Get the thermometer from next to the left flower vase
Back up
Zoom in on the pink couch
Drag the knife to the center of the seat cushion and it should cut the couch
Get the locked box
Back up
Zoom in on the orange curtains
Use the knife on either end of the curtain rod (this is a 123 game, so it will be picky about where you place the knife to get it to cut -- I think I placed it just outside of either end)
Once the curtain falls, take the rod (don’t ask how the curtain falls and the rod didn’t)
Zoom in on the chandelier
Use the rod on both the hanging flower baskets (I placed the rod right of the left one and left of the right one)
Back up
Get the 2 piles of mud that fell
Back up
Zoom in on the fireplace
Dump the mud to put out the fire
Get the extremely hot key that doesn’t burn you :P
Click the box in your inventory
Use the key in the lock and see the code box inside
Close the about item view using the X in the corner
Now that the fire is out, you can place the thermometer
Drag it to the right side of the fireplace
Click it to take it back
Now click it in your inventory to see the highlighted numbers
Click the box again and enter the numbers
Get the purple blue key
Back up
Zoom in on the right door
Drag the key to the keyhole and enter the ….

Zoom in on the bottom of the bed
Click the ugly bedspread
Click the puzzle and solve it for a code
It will be upside down, but clock the about item view and click the puzzle again to see it right side up
While still zoomed in on the bed, enter the code into the nightstand (this will NOT work if you zoom in on the nightstand)
Get the blank paper
Back up
Zoom in on the clock over the bed
Click the black spot on the pendulum for the magnet
Back up
Note the mirrored dresser on the left needs a code
Go into the door on the right into the ….

Zoom in on the shower head on the right wall
Drag your blank paper to the top of the towel bar and see a clue lol
Back up
Zoom in on the side of the tub
Drag the bar to the side of the tub near the bottom of the tub and equal to the 6th floor tile from the right
It will poke a hole in it
Back up
Zoom in on the mirror over the tub
Drag the paper to the mirror and see the reflection has numbers!
Careful, there are 5 numbers!
While still zoomed in, click inside the bathtub
Click the plug and then the drain cover to see a key you can’t reach

Back up 3 times and you will be in the bedroom again
Zoom in on the dresser and enter the code from the bathroom mirror
Get the blue key
Back out of the bedroom and into the living room

In the living room, turn around and use the key on the back door
Go outside into the dark
Turn right
Get the fishing pole
Turn left 2 times and see the small window that is locked -- you don’t have the key yet!
Turn right once and back up into the house (don’t ask why you can’t use the door when facing it)

Turn around and enter the bedroom again
Go right and enter the bathroom
Zoom in on the mirror and then look in the tub
Click the fishing pole and add the magnet to the hook
Close the view and then drag the fishing pole/magnet combo to the center of the tub
Click the key

Back up 5 times and go outside
Turn left and zoom in on the locked window
Use the black key to open it and get the flare gun
Whooohooo! Awesome escape!

@Ginny the locked dresser door seems to be a red herring.

for a 123bee game, this was actually on the GOOD side- i didnt mind this one at all, and did most of it without help. also bug free from what i found.

but im tired now so goodnight! (or should i say good afternoon lol)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I don't find any blank paper in the bedroom. Where is it, please ?

The problem is that I can't enter the code on the right nightstand (736) : it doesn't seem to be activated, there are no numbers, only black rectangles.

@Pascale don't zoom in on the drawer. You want to zoom in on the bottom of the bed.

You can enter the numbers from across the room somehow. :/

what a pain finished the whole game only to get ouside turned left could only zoom in on a door(not a window) but was so dark i gave up on finding where to put the key....AAAARGGGGG!!!!

@shelly-bean it is a small door/window hatch thing. the keyhole, I think, is in near the bottom right corner

"Congrats! Awesome escape?!!???!" !! Really? Really? Not an awesome game however! Typical 123Bee game. You have to pick a pixel in the object in your inventory to grab it...and if you drag and drop this pixel item on the wrong pixel in the game screen, you have to pixel grab all over again...SO frustrating! If a game is hard only because you have to hunt pixels with pixels....you are not making good games. IMO

@kitkat...thank you again for the great walkthrough :) the pixels had pixels!!!! yikes!!!!

@margaret...last item is to shoot author(s) of 123buggy games...lol!!!! i think they torture us on purpose!!

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