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123Bee Ghost House Escape Walkthrough

123Bee Ghost House Escape

123Bee Ghost House Escape is another new point and click type escape the room game by 123bee.com. "Unfortunately, your friend has got trapped inside a Ghost House and is counting his minutes as death stares in the face of your friend. Now you'll have take up the challenge to find the place to rescue him, and make an escape from the place by using the clues and objects found at the place. " Good luck and have fun!

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123Bee Ghost House Escape Video Walkthrough
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it's been ages since i tried a 123bug, but since i broke down and played the gazzy game, i'll give this one a shot

New game! I only have a short time to solve this... will give it a try though. Remember to start from the home page of 123bee!

Hi @zoz!

Oops, found a bomb by a grave close to the church.
And a shovel in the left tree.

hey Ellie!

let's blow something up!

Use the shovel to get a rod from the flat grave with a horizontal cross.

did you see the map of sorts on the left tombstone? not sure whether to believe it

Oh my... hope is a short one or I'll be late!

Use the rod to dig up the blue lever in front of a grave.

@zoz...im trying...im trying... No explosion yet :(

Hi everybody, i have shovel, rod and 4 bombs

Hi @Edgar!
We'll have to make it short. I need to leave soon as well lol.

Use rod to take the blue lever.

Take leverbox off the right grave by using rod.

honestly, we had a shovel, why did we use the rod to dig out the lever?
Hola, Edgar!

Use the rod to dig up a lever box as well, from the small right grave in the background.

Hi @zazie!
4 bombs?? wow! Need to dig them up?

Found bomb sticks on the far left side

Use rod to take the lever box.

No Ellie they are lying around somewhere on the left

This comment has been removed by the author.

I found the 3 bomb sticks now. Thanks @Saima!

OH no "play full version" i have to start over grrrrr

stuck with three bomb sticks, another bomb, shovel, rod, lever and lever box

anyone have any luck putting the bomb together?

I'm trying to place stuff everywhere and build the bomb, but no luck so far. Don't even know what i want to blow up.

Hola @Zazie
Time is running out and still stuck. Think of something fast... anyone!

same here, Ellie

Ok 10 minutes and screen closed. I knew it. But the last time I played 123Bee I didn't had to go to their site, so I gave it a try.
Maybe EG24 can do something so we play directly at that site!!?
Anyway, I have to go so it doesn't matter to me now.
Good luck all.

@Edgar, you might want to think of blowing your work up instead?

there are two views i haven't been able to do anything in: zoom on church and zoom on the crypt with two skulls.

Lol i caught up already and i am stuck with you guys :)

@zoz, and then we have the clue on the left grave stone, with the arrows...

Lol, the whole facility actually @Ellie... if only I knew how to make the bombs to explode!

       Anonymous  2/18/10, 6:50 AM  

And you can zoom on the tombstone with a crucifix or something hanging on it - but can't do anything...

The flickering light is driving me nuts ....

i am in the same place as everyone else too! yay

there's another new game - i'm tempted to put this one on hold while I try my luck there.

Nope, no explosion and I have to leave :( See you later!

Hi guys, i'm stuck like everyone...

lol I'm stuck, too

And that's a showel, not a shovel.

been clicking everywhere... i think. lol

made it into the tomb

a little help Jill please

@Jill how?

I just used the shovel near one of the two crosses with circles, but of course, I can't find the spot again!!

Ok, found it... bug again... I dug the ground to the right of the right of the cross next to the tomb

@Kaury while zoomed in or out?

Dug a hole to the left of it and inserted lever box and lever, lever opens tomb

AH! got it! Dig where I stated above... zoom back out, then back into the hole you've just dug. Then put the lever box in, put the lever in, it'll move back and forth, and the tomb opens

excellent Kaury! and i thought the lever was for the bomb

@kitafox - sorry... zoomed in

       Anonymous  2/18/10, 7:17 AM  

can put bomb and one stick of explosive in the tomb... and take a rope. Stuck again...

Then blow up the walls of the tomb and hang rope on hook,,,I am stuck in one of the rooms now and have no idea whats next

all that for a rope?

I've got a rope now, and placed the main part of the bomb, but can't figure out where the sticks go

Can't find it. Where exactly do we have to dig ????

I can´t find the spot where to dig, help plese ?

the sticks won't place anywhere for me. can't decide if i need to go pixel hunting or if i am way off... where did you put the 1st stick?

       Anonymous  2/18/10, 7:19 AM  

Oh all the sticks go above the bomb? But how to set it off?

haha POP! again. 3 sticks at the bottom of the stone walls.

@Jerome @zazie - when in main view of the graveyard, click in between the tomb and the cross to the left of it.

sticks against each wall

dig btwn tomb and headstones

click rigthto the small cross in the middle of the screen... then you´ll see another cross (with circle)... dig at the right side

Excellent @Kauru
Got another short break to continue :)

Thanks @kitkatfox. I'll never ever use a shovel again lol.

Thank you Kaury !

so I have bomb and dynamite at the bottom of the walls, but how to make the boom?

       Anonymous  2/18/10, 7:21 AM  

Ah I think I have goofed.. put all the sticks together by the back wall, and now they won't come apart. My explosive desires are thwarted :o(

Jill, I am in the same room as you. I have done everything possible and can not seem to get out of this room! I combined a few things in my inventory, but I can not use any of them anywhere!

my rope is on the hook... and now???

so the bomb uses wireless signals lol

Now at the puzzle door

Thx Kaury !!!!
Now i cannot put sticks, where ?

@Andy poke something with a stick. You'll see the light lol

after placing sticks against each wall, click on the main bomb several times and BOOM!
then hang rope from hook in next room

i´m in a puzzle room... i guess we have to solve them

use stick on light after hanging rope on left path. got door to open. now have axe, hammer, screw, 2 hooks, 2 ropes. have to build something. stuck

in the room with the skull in the window, have rope on hook, have hammer, have some other dumb hook and something i am assuming is a nail

in second room with a hammer now

Jill, do you have the wood? You need to combine them and make a cross.

found an axe

I made the explosion argg

lol now I lost the axe, just disappeared in thin air

Oh, I placed all of the sticks on top of each other, and now two of them are gone... restarting :)

Use rod on the light on ceiling

jill did you go back and get the rope from the first hook?

stuck ith new rope, hook, axe, hammer, screw and handle

In my inventory, I have a hook with rope, a rope, two more hooks and a cross...

cant go back, wont let me

ok, got a wooden cross

Hammer, axe, wood where ?

created grappling hook , hook with rope, cross.


think I may have to start over, be back in a bit

ah, i had not seen that we could look around the room. Tricky little arrow

stuck with guy hanging from ceiling

@Zazie past the first puzzle door

In the second room, you can turn left

lol you hammer in what looks like a screw

Can someone please figure out what to do next in this room? I have been stuck here forever.:(

Found hammer, hook and nails now, opened puzzle door by chance.

got knife 2 hooks hook on rope and 2 bags tied togethr stump

@Reddy, how did you get to hanging guy?

@reddy: how did you get a guy hanging from the ceiling?

now put bags on lever

use axe on drum (?) to get another hook

can cut drum with ax (sorry if someone already posted this)

lol cut guy down he looking at me funny

cant remember think i had to get 2 eyes then put in door too open

where is the knife. I can't find it

can take eye from deer heads

thx for the hint withh the eyes

banish ghost with cross

ah, found knife. It was in the third room

Thank you Reddy! I had been stuck in that room for a half an hour!!

Now i made an ancre with 3 hooks and rope and stuck again.

ah the old "eyes from the deer head" trick

Argh... my axe disappeared before I used it. Restarting again :)

All i have now is hook with rope, ancre and cross, what´s next ?
And what ghost ?

click on the wall where you found theknife and a new lever appears

I'm totally stuck... lol

I've got the rope on a hook, rope, two deer eyes, two hooks and a cross.

@Zazie ghosts and man are in the next room.

Put deer eyes in the door skull

the guy is free... what now?

ok, im back, cant get rope back of hook, afraid to proceed, afraid i wont get back, lol

u hang sand bags on that lever then u can cut down guy but havent been able too do anything since have 2 hooks and hook on rope

Zazie, you´ve to go to the next room... take the eyes of the deers ofer the door

so now the man is free, and I have rope/hook and three staple-like hooks

suck with you reddy

sorry, i meant STUCK with you :D

THX KKF :))))

@reddy there are 3 hooks plus the rope one

strange... i´ve a rope+hook, another rope and two hooks

@Zazie your welcome. I'm glad I was able to help somehow in this game. I'm not doing well at all in it!

I only have one rope (on a hook). There is a second one?

I have 2 different rope with hooks and a knife. Can't cut guy down. used bags on handle


guess im missing a hook if there r3 u can take a piece of rope behind thing u cut with ake tink it was a drum

use the three single hooks and the rope to build a new rope+hook

the knife thing was pixelly.

I had to cut the right ropes at his wrist first. Then the other wrist. just keep trying.

@reddy I remember one hook was on the right door in the second room (where you got the wood) and one was in the drum. Sorry, I can't remember the third.

I'll go look for my rope now. Thanks!


You can cut the guy down once you used the bags on the lever !

click click click. I finally got that darn rope. Thanks again!

Im trying to catch up again, but I cant find the wood to build the cross, and I cant put bags together with the rope.
I cant put the eyes in the door to make it open.

cant find third hook

@reddy did you get the one from the door?

I restarted, and could never get the first rope to stay in my inventory after it was put on the hook. Might have to wait for the walkthrough on this one.

to get out, go back to the room with the deers oiver the door. zoom to round window in the ceiling and use the first rope+hook and then the second to climb out

and cant go back into other rooms just 1 b4 guy

Ellie the wood is on the door with planks in front ..you have to use axe or hammer on the wood.

out! phew. thanks for the help!

holy frig! finally out! lol

After combining the 3 hooks and the second rope (which you get next to the drum), the first hook and rope hangs off the deer head in the last room, then you can climb up it, throw the second hook and rope and get brave end.

damn lol

I can see the right door with a hook, and some wood on it, but I can take neither. Trying to use the hammer. What should I do instead?

I am out too.
Thx Andy for the hint with the window :)

grrr darn conflicting edits!!

@Ellie -- in the second room (the one with deer skulls) go left. There is another part of the room.

The wood is from the right door in that part of the room. You'll need an ax.

The bags are in the third room, so don't worry about them yet.

You will need one eye from each of the 2 deer skulls. You have to zoom in on them (and not the view with the window above).

Thanks @zazie! My hammer doesn't work, and my axe disappeared after I used it on the drum. Might have to restart AGAIN...

@reddy all the hooks you are trying to find are in the room before the guy. You don't have to go back any farther.

Thanks @kitkatfox!

When i get the conflicting edits, I just reload the page and click OK, and the comments still go here :)

I lost my axe, so I'll restart.
I have both of the eyes, but they don't go on the door.

Sorry Ellie for this, it was the axe you need to get the wood :(

@Ellie -- I can't remember for sure, but the ax may be behind the pile of skulls. You can click 2 of them away to see behind them.

@Ellie thanks for the tip on the conflicting edits. I'll try that since it is a pain to rewrite everything!

@reddy, thats where you can find the all the hooks and the window to get out

about the door hook -- it took me a lot of clicks before I got it. Keep trying! (you may need to get the 2 pieces of wood first)

Did not realize this was still live or i would have been posting..im out thanks for all of your posts :D

and OUT!

Thanks for all your help, everyone :D

poor Ellie will have to see a doctor. She has a bad case of 123bug. It makes things randomly disappear :(

Restarted for the third time. Question, after the explosion, how do you get the rope off the hook after you use the rod on the ceiling to create more light? (I don't want to start over for the fourth time.... LOL)

I never had to take the fist rope and hook back. Just went on to the puzzle door

I had the axe from the beginning, but it's a bad bug. First time i lost it without using it on anything. Next time it disappeared after I used it on the drums, but finally I could keep it to get both the wood, the hook and use it on the drum. Phew!

@Seawall this is probably much too late to help, but you don't keep the first rope (the one from just inside the door to the tomb). You get 2 more ropes later.

I am sorry I didn't see your post earlier. :(

LOL @kitkatfox... still struggling with my disease though :)

@Seawall oh! I was much too late to help the first time (times?), but maybe I saved you from another restart!

Thanks Kendra and KitKatFox; thought I was going crazy there for a while! Trying again....

And I have a cross!! Yay!!

lol no problem.The best ting to do with the bug is to click and drag the item you want to use then just let it go instead of trying to click with it. Let it go back into your inv. on it's own.It helps a little but sometimes it goes away anyways :(

anyone writing a Text walkthrough?

I'm stuck again...
I have the rope and hook, I have the other rope with anchor and I have two eyes.
I'm trying to put the eyes on the empty eye spots on the door skull, but they won't stick there. Should I do something else first?

Now, I've lost the axe. Don't have the heart to restart again. Bit by the bug!

@Seawall, I'm so sorry! I know the feeling lol.
If you decide to restart anyway, use the axe to get the wood first and after that on the drum. Worked for me.

With the eyes you have to try both of them in one socket.Only a certain eye goes into one side.

@Kendra, thanks! I swear i tried both of them in both eyes hundreds of times but now it worked. Power Of Reading!

whoa, had a long phone call and there are so many new posts! I only have 2 hooks, so i'll start looking for no. 3.
123bug lives up to its name once again, eh, Ellie?

Is anyone still there? I'm getting really frustrated. Can't make a cross for the life of me. I have 2 pieces of wood, nails/screws, hook w/white rope, and 3 hooks that actually look like staples. HELP?!

yeah i did the same thing. I thought i had been hit by the bug hard lol

ah, it was the hook on the door in the previous room that i was missing. thanks for that tip, kkf!

to make the cross all i did was click on the wood and it brought the up then i just clicked and dragged piece by piece until they locked into place put the nail in the middle then hammered it down.

I am working on a walkthrough @Prid, but if you prefer to do it, just let me know!

First open the wood. Drag the pieces to the middle to get them look like a cross. Then use the screw and hammer it in.

mkganda, i had to click on the wood and then drag the pieces to a certain spot in the middle of the area before i could place the nail and hammer it. they will kind of click into place when you're near the right spot

ooooooooooh irritating! I had the stupid cross assembled in the wrong part of the screen-must be assembled in the middle. nvm, but thank you anyway.

when you try to build things in this one, like the cross or the grappling hook, you have to drag the items to just the right spot. If you get close, they should sort of "jump" to the right spot in the building screen.

@zoz...lol Yes, I have the bug disease in this one. My hopes are to get out before tomorrow.

Thanks everyone. :)

That was crazy!!!

Okay, I need this ghost to go away. I have the cross now, but how do I use it? I keep dragging it and trying to drop it on the ghost when he comes out.

POP! nvm.

I'm out, I'm out, I'm OUT *singing happy freedom songs* Thank you soo much @everybody for the help! Had to restart so many times and were slowly getting quite tired of this :D
Now, I'm cured from the bugs!!

i cannot seem to get the rope/hook on the deer head in the last room (the one with the dorky guy). Any advice?

You have to zoom on the round window first, put the hook in the window.

@zoz it isn't in that room

Go back to the second room and to the left
Zoom in on the window over that deer head

now I'm stuck again. I don't know why this one has been so hard for me. I only got this far from reading all your comments. I have 2 hooks on ropes.

Oh, yes. Sorry @zoz! Do as kitkatfox says instead :) Zoom on the window in the drum room.

You need three hooks.
One by the door where you got the wood.
One inside the drum (use axe).
One next to the place where you found the axe. You see it, but need to pixel click on it.

THANK YOU Ellie and kkf!!! I thought i'd NEVER get out of there!

OUT! Good riddance! That game did nothing but make me angry. I had to conquer it though. Thanks for all your help!

I love when I get to play with the power players. So much more fun to play live with you all! Thanks again!

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