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Asha’s Adventure Part 3 – The Eiffel Tower Walkthrough

Asha’s Adventure Part 3 – The Eiffel Tower

Asha’s Adventure – Part 3 – The Eiffel Tower is third episode of Asha’s Adventure point and click adventure game series. "Asha has discovered a Magic Globe with which she can now travel all around the World. She’s now in Paris where a golden statue of the famous Eiffel Tower was stolen in a museum. Help her find the statue and continue her journey." Good luck and have fun!

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Asha’s Adventure 3 - The Eiffel Tower Video Walkthrough

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Yay! Loved the last two Asha games!

This might get us stuck! Going in...

so far I have reflector, hammer, glass, spy scope thing, ladder and wine bottle

found a puzzle with flower pictures

placed ladder at eiffel tower but can't go up?

Going in!!! This will be hard!

I think it might be best to tell where to find things in this game.
So far:
Move right from eiffel tower, round blue thing by the cars to the left.
Move forward. Hammer and round red thing by the bikes.

Move left twice from the eiffel tower, get a bat from fountain.
Move forward to get a ladder (by three)and a bottle (lower left corner among flowers)

In the view to the left of the eiffel you can open your spy scope thing on first picture. Dont see anything.

solved first flower puzzle, now have second puzzle

if you hit the tree by the tower with the hammer enough times, a shovel falls

You can also add the red round thing to the spy scope. Still dont see anything.

solved second puzzle and got a torn paper...

where is the flower picture puzzle?

I think I cleaned my bottle of wine? It now has a white top...or did it before?

in the scene with the bikes it is above the right bike

I think we have to get into the restaurant and have some wine...or is that just what I want to do right now lol

Thanks @jo-ann
You can move left by the bikes, take a beaker.

@ellie the scene with the bikes or the scene with the shops?

Where is the bottle?

Nvm, found bottle in flower field.

I started strong but am now stuck...

I have hammer (used), glass, spy thing combined with reflector (can look at first pic left of tower but nothing to see), torn paper and wine bottle

@Jo-Ann where did you use the hammer?
And a hint for the flower puzzle?

Nvm, solved flower puzzle, but you have to zoom out to see you've solved it.

Zoom on eiffel tower and use the hammer three? times on the left tree to get a showel.

Stuck with flower puzzle.

in the scene with the tower, hit the left tree about three times. the shovel falls

The flower puzzle has to do with the scene with the flowers. think of a grid

Thanks @Sneak, i already solved it as well, just didnt know.

I'm so stuck... there are a few hotspots that I can't figure out

scene with river, hot spot on lamp post

scene left of tower, statue is a hot spot and first picture you can look at with spu scope but see nothing

statue in pond is a hot spot and so is the water

@Jo-Ann, a hint please for the second puzzle
?? B, 2, ?? or something

found a mirror

Enter in restaurant. Another puzle

I used shovel in flower field.

The flowers where you found the ladder are the answer to the puzzle.

Put a grid 4x3 on top of them. Number them
ABCD (on lowest row from the left)
And 123 from down to up.

B3=small dark red flower
D1=pink flower in lower right corner
C2= Red small flowers
A3= Dark blue flowers

use the same grid and flower scene

Second puzzle shows you where to dig with your showel. Dig by the flowers on the same grid as before.

@cece how did you get into the restaurant?

can't find a use for the mirror

I was asking about the code on the door of the resataurant?

is there a hint for the code for the restaurant?

Filled glass with water

Only a guess
The code might be if you use the telescope on the picture, but i need something else on the telescope as well can only put red circle.

where did you find the mirror.

Enter restaurant: zoom champagne botlle

@cece, please a hint for the door code.

the mirror is between the cars on the street scene

@cece do you have a hint for the restaurant code?

The code to the restaurant is on the bottle!!

Great, thanks @cece.

Put glass with water at left of statue

thanks cece missed that one!

pulled down a switch inside the restaurant, first view.

trying to catch up.

Mirror goes on second story of Eiffel Tower

glass of red wine! yum!

Used hammer on barrel.

Put mirror at tour

Filled glas with wine as well :)

Where is the mirror??

@ kitkatfox did you go up the ladder?

@ Ellie mirror is on street view between the cars

Put glass with wine on little statue in front of three big wall paintings and now you can use your telescope.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry, i saw your post now. Is the mirror the blue one? Then i had it all the time lol.

glass of water as well... although I don't think I'll be drinking it lol

@Jo Ann no. You can just place the mirror after the ladder is set.

@ellie, I hate when that happens!

shoot...just when we are so close, I have to run

Good luck everyone!

K and F?

where is the glass of water?

Place the mirror high up on the screen when zoomed in.

From the painting?
I have R and X

Solved the code in the restaurant.
You got to cross out the wrongly spelled names.

stuck with R X clue, wine bottle (although used to enter restaurant), hammer (also used), half paper, and wine puzzle.

@SneakSnake lol I saw some were spelled wrong, but I thought that was just a variation of the spelling from what I knew!

lol the wrongly spelled names... no idea. A clue? Like which numbers from top?

how did you get in the restaurant? No code on my bottle!

By the way, put the glass of water next to the glass of wine and see more letters.

Ok, got the names.
All wrong but the second from bottom (if you have the same as i do).

The only correct name is the fourth from the top.

there is a year on the bottle. Use that.

where did you find the glass of water?

@evans there is a year on your bottle (the bottle in your inventory).

Solved the code for the box, same thing you have to zoom out to see you've solved it.

@Ellie fill the glass with wine from the restaurant. I didn't see any water glass

I have the glass of wine, put it down by the paintings but there is supposed to be another glass as well i think, with water.

My bottle has no year. Just a green and white bottle

@evans click it in the inventory. You'll see a slightly larger view of it still inside the inventory. The year is in the bottom right corner of the label

drag it to the center of the screen to see the number, to the lower right.

@Ellie oops! I missed Sneak's other comment. Sorry about that.

My letters are F and K, at box 4 letters. I dont know

Nope. Just big black space there. No date. I am moving on!

There is a glass in the restaurant (if I remember correctly). Fill that glass with water from the little pond with the statue and put it next to the wine glass and see the code for the box (from the restaurant). In that box a second piece of paper. Combined with the first and now I'm stuck.

no problems lol
just let me know when you find that glass...

@evans my bottle had 1867.

Finally found the glass!!
Its in the first view when you enter the restaurant, to the right of the wooden doors, on a small table.

found it! In the tunnel where you hit the restaurant lever

Opened the box as well, and will have a look at this new puzzle/code.

And out, great game again.

you see four letters when you have both a glass of wine and a glass of water by the statue.

I like these games, but I am not very good at them!

Helppppppp sneak!

help with what @kitkatfox?

I guess that the number on first row is 7 and we need to put 6, 8 and 14 on lower row. Thinking about the order.

Congratulations @SneakSnake!!

what do I do with the last paper clue and the lampost?

Ok I'm out, solving the code of the 2 papers is the final part.

Then, is a bug because I have wine and water glasses and I only see k and f letters!!

@kitkatfox, the last paper is not a clue, it's a codebox as well. If you solve it you can open the lamppost and you're out.

@cece wine should show you R and X.

@cece, did you fill your glass with water and did you put the red thing on the telescope and did you place the mirror?

@SneakSnake oh I feel stupid. I didn't realize I could write on the paper. I was looking for a puzzle.

I wonder if Zoz's club has room for one more X|

Oh, I'm out!
Not sure if i understood what i did with the last code, but the bus went in zigzag.

Missing numbers of papers code is s follow:


Out (feels foolish)

Thanks sneak , now works!!. A moment more and I restart game!

Thanks @everybody for the help! I'm exhausted now after looking for that glass of water all over the place, feels like i got hit by that bus lol.

It was really nice playing together with you (you writing comments as well). Thank you for the help!

what happened to you there?
Played an "in-out-code" game lol

And out. Ty Sneak for hint:combine telescope with red lampe. The only one help!

@cece Great job!!

edgar is like Xenon now. Just coming in with the answers to codes lol

I guess there is no need to ask, but anyway...
@SneakSnake... You are halfway through that WT now, right?

@Ellie, Actually I wasn't writing at all. Just having fun looking at all the comments at all those Gazzy Games today.
So if you want to, feel free to write. If not I will.

I entered nos in paper puzzle, still dont know where to go out!!!

sorry about that guys. I went a little busier despite Fridays are usually the days when I have less work to do and couldn't post as much as I'd want to.
Thanks @SneakSnake for saving me the time to look for the misspellings in the wines list. :D

@Ellie, I guess you're not writing, so I start in a few minutes.
Last chance to say the famous words I do.

lol @SneakSnake
I got buzy for some minutes..

I would enjoy to write it if you don't want to do it, but the credits is on you for this game, first out, helping a lot.

You go ahead. I'll save my "I do".

I'm sorry, I didn't see your post. You probably got out by now, but if not. Go right from the eiffel tower. After solving the code click on the lower part of that lamp that is in the middle of the view. There is a hotspot that will open.

Darn, looks like I missed this one live. Are there any stragglers?

Hope no one cares that I set up my ladder by their Eiffel Tower ;) lol


In this game it's hard to tell if you solved a code or not. You have to zoom out to see if you had the correct answer.
Solutions for the codes will be at the bottom of this walkthrough or in the next comment

Eiffel Tower View

GO LEFT (2x), Pond with Statue View
- Take the telescope (between the two little staues on the right).

GO UP, Flower Field View
- Take a good look at the flowers (later you need to know where they are and what flowers where).
- Take the ladder (against the tree in the back).
- Take the bottle of wine (left, to the left of the pink flowers).

GO DOWN, Pond with Statue View
- Clean your bottle of wine in the pond.

GO RIGHT (3x), Street View
- Take the mirror (between the two white cars on the left).

GO UP, Bikes View
- Take the hammer (under the bike on the left).
- Take the red reflector (on the wheel of the bike on the right).
- Zoom in on the codebox in the window and put in the code (with your hint from the flowerfield). If done corectly it seems like nothing happened, but zoom out and zoom in again and see the code box is now a new hint to find a piece of paper by using your shovel. Zoom out again.

GO DOWN, GO LEFT, Eiffel Tower View
- Zoom in on the tower and use your hammer three times on the tree on the left (thanks @Jo-Ann) and take the shovel.
- Put your ladder against the tower and put your mirror on the top part of the tower (thanks @kitkatfox).

GO DOWN, GO LEFT (2x), GO UP, Flower Field View
- Dig with your shovel on the place according to the clue you got from the code box in the window and take the first piece of paper.

- Take glass #1 (on the street between the two doors).
- Zoom in on the code box on the door and put in the code (the code is somewhere in your inventory, thanks @cece). Zoom out and go in.

Hall View
- Take glass #2 (on the chair in the back).
- Click the lever on the left wall.

GO UP, Restaurant View
- Use your hammer on the left barrel and fill glass #1 with wine and now you've got a glass of wine.
- Zoom in on the red panel on the left. Solve the code and zoom out.
- Take the box that appeared to the right of the red panel.

GO DOWN (2x), GO RIGHT, GO DOWN, GO LEFT (2x), Pond with Statue View
- Fill glass #2 with water from the pond and now you've got a glass of water.

GO RIGHT, Three Wall Pictures View
- Put both glasses on the little statue.
- In your inventory; Put the red reflector on the telescope and use your telescope to look at the left picture and see the code for free (FRKX). Zoom out.

GO RIGHT (2x), Street View
- In your inventory; put the code (FRKX) in your box. Zoom out.
- In your inventory; take the second piece of paper from the now open box.
- In your inventory; put the two pieces of paper together.
- In your inventory; look at that paper and see it's a code box. Fill in the code and zoom out.
- Click the lamppost to open it, take the little Eiffel Tower and you're out.


The code box in the window was;
B3, D1, C2, A3.

The flower field was like this;
Dark Blue, Dark Red, xxxxxxx, Light Blue
Light Pink, xxxxxxx, Light Red, xxxxxxxx
Light Red, xxxxxxx, Dark Red, Dark Pink

See this flower field as;
A3, B3, C3, D3
A2, B2, C2, D2
A1, B1, C1, D1

So the code is Dark Red, Dark Pink, Light Red, Dark Blue.

The code box in the window said; shovel on B2 to get paper.
So in the flower field you use your shovel on the B2 part (see diagram above).

Look at your bottle of wine in your inventory and see the year 1867 on it. That's the code.

The only correctly spelled name is the second from the bottom. Cross out the other names.

On the right there is 5 and 4 (together that's 9)
One column back there is 11 and 12 (together that's 23)
From that column two columns back you see 13 and 10 (together that's 23)
So now you know the columns should be 9, 23, 9, 23, 9, 23, 9
So the first missing number on the top row should be a 7 (with the 2 on the second row that makes 9)
The first missing number on the bottom row should be 8 (with the 1 on the first row that makes 9)
The second missing number on the bottom row should be 14 (with the 9 on the first row that makes 23)
The last missing number on the bottom row should be 6 (with the 3 on the first row that makes 9)

Good looking, fast and well done as always :) I knew I could trust you making it like this lol!

Thanks @Ellie,
By the way did you know you had to clean the bottle of wine to see the code or did you do it by accident like I did.

lol @whosis? and what a tall ladder it is!

@Sneak, I didn't realize we had to clean the bottle either. That probably explains evans' trouble. We were lucky with our randomly trying objects everywhere there was a hot spot.

Yeppers @kitkatfox, that's the advantage we have as experienced escapers; we try everything on everything.
And the ladder!? I think it did grow (or the tree it was standing against was mighty big).

I loved this game! Thanks for all the help everyone and GREAT WALKTHROUGH SneakSnake!

Noppers @SneakSnake, i didn't know that. It was a lucky accident during my random trials to find a use for the things as well. It hepled us, but we couldn't help poor evans. Nice to know about it now!

Yeah, this game doesn't have a number on the wine bottle, nor will it let me fill the glass with water. Too bad. Even putting in 1867 for restaurant code doesn't work. Restarted too. Waaahhh! lol

       Anonymous  2/20/10, 12:15 AM  

Wow, i just start playing this game and i think it´s very nice but i must say that the walkthrough is even better!! Very well done SneakSnake, PETJE AF !!!!!

When I zoom in to painting on wall it is a picture of gray... NOTHING BUT A GRAY CIRCLE IN SCOPE EVEN WITH THE RED REFLECTER ON IT! So I guess I can't finish the game causes a bug or something wont let me enter the code and yes I followed walkthrough to make sure I did everything.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Never mind I figured it out... Was suppose to use the mirror on tower first

I'm just curious... are you asking for help or you're just complaining?

Nvm as well. Have fun with the rest of the game!

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