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Escape from Dragonfly Island Walkthrough

Escape from Dragonfly Island

[REPLAY] Karabina-7 - Dragonfly Island Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Karabina-7. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Dragonfly Island Escape Walkthrough

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ok I feel like I'm about half done. and I can tell what i *need* to do...

where's the golf ball?

hi all.

Hi! I'm in.
Have a blue star, a note and a golf club from first view.

Golf ball inside bucket with yellow liquid.

i'm with you ellie just walking back and forth tab works no help

golf ball inside bucket.

there must something to do in the hill with 2 locked cases (3rd scene)... lake is a hotspot.


that was strange

i'm with you ellie just walking back and forth tab works no help

Hi @hbear!

Play golf to get red triangle. Place the star and the triangle on the shelves. Get oincher. Use it to take the rope and let the water out. Get a key.

have red key. wont work on red box though.

ya, what ellie said.. get the key, then get punched in the face lol.. jk, that is part of it but it's at the end. that was the strangest game in a while

rope in lake makes a ladder.

you have to put the rope/string somewhere on the red/blue box view... and you'll get a new item. the new item goes in the same screen.

I cant get to the island to use my key. I'm trying to use the rope to swing myself over, but doesn't work lol.

POP, dropped the rope in the sea in front of the chests, got a ladder.

I'm going to see if there's another ending

thanks for the bucket hint feel stupid now

lol funny end

Why can't i get that blue key??

out with @Rachel's help :)

This can't be the end. I need the blue key, and i havn't got a circle shape for the shelves.

@Ellie, get blue key fast, before it falls down.

Really easy, but fun.

POP, got the blue jey. Had to be quicker to take it lol.

And now i got the end :D

you're right. But there was no place in inventory for a circle, so this might be the end after all. Going to look anyway.

anyone seen suicune?

I would have rather given the wings to the guy in the balloon...

No place in inventory and the note only shows a star and a triangle.

that was a cute game strange but cute i miss suicune hopefully the game is almost done then we can all play together


we click on go. Our legs stay behind but our torso goes forward. Then our legs catch up.

A note written in japanese appears. This is not unusual. Frustrating, but not unusual.

We take the blue star from the right side of the Welcome arch. Proper guests would not do this. We are not proper guests, we are escapers.

Also, there is a golf club. We pick it up and follow ourselves to the right.

The balloon follows us, as well. But this is a strange land, so we ought not be surprised.

There is a blue thing in the foreground, obscured by grasses. The grasses are parted to reveal (can it be?) a golf tee! Now we have the tee and the club. But there is no golfball?

A bucket of yellow awaits us, and we take it and continue to the right.

Shades of 2001: A Space Odyssey! There is a monolith, but this time it is white with cut-outs in the shape of a star, a triangle, and a circle. There is a pincer/plier inside the circle. If you had seen the original movie with me, you would not find this at all unusual. I was convinced I saw a rhinoceros, but I digress.

We cannot take the pliers now, but we can click beyond this scene to the hill island beyond, where we see a pair of locked boxes, one blue and one red. As they are locked and we are keyless, we cannot open them.

So now, what? Examine the bucket of yellow liquid, however distasteful that might be. Pour out the questionable contents and take the golf ball.

The golf ball! Take the ball to the blue tee beside the water tower and hit it with the golf club.

Whoops, somebody's mad! Oh, well, he'll get over it. Meanwhile, we picked up a red triangle that fell from the flag on the balloon.

Now we are very smart and so we put the blue star in the white monolith and then we put the red triangle in the white monolith and suddenly we have the pliers/pincers.

We can go back to the left and use the pincers to take the rope from the spigot on the water tower. Once the rope is gone, we can drain all the water away and look into the top of the tower to find a red key.

Let's take the red key to the red box on the hill island. But how do we get there? Well, we take the rope that we got from the water tower and put it in the water, that's how. Because if you lead a rope to water, you always get a ladder.

We then place the ladder over the water (where the olive green/grey stripes of land are) and we can cross over and use the red key on the red box.

This is a problem. There is a guy with a green hat and no sense of humor staring at us with his blue eyes. Let's pretend we don't see him

Let's take the red key and use it to unlock the red box.

Whoa! Sucker punch! Not only that, but the blue/purple key fell right past our eyes before we could say Rumplestiltskin. But we can click on the down arrow and try it again. And again. OK, and again, until we can finally catch that blue/purple key. And we will catch that key.

And when we catch that key, we'll use it on the blue/purple box to get a pair of angle wings. The guy with the green hat is still just staring at us with his soulful blue eyes.

Oh, what the hell, give him the wings.

After a rather furtive look, he takes the wings and flies away (with the angry balloonist in hot pursuit). Sweetly, he takes the time to come back for a moment to wave at us, making all of our efforts worthwhile.

its amazing how the rope turned into a ladder by putting it in water lol

I love it @zoz!!!

hee hee :D Zoz I wish I had useD your floatinGthrough while I waS escapinG it would have been funnier than it already was lol ... as Said easy peasy :D hee hee :D

       Anonymous  2/6/10, 9:52 AM  

zoz that was good, although I don't think the guy in the balloon got over it.Bummer!

another easy game with an even better commentthrough. You all are fantastic to read! Love it. :D

@zoz...awesome FLOATTHROUGH, and as always, very funny :) my evil twin had fun watching the very serious *stickman* (who feeds him anyway....hehe) get sucker punched...well, that entertainment only lasts so long but it was still fun....lol!!!

In my humble opinion, the best and brightest Walkthroughs aka FloatThroughs aka StoryThroughs, etc. can be found on EG24!!!!

I enjoyed over read your blog post. This was actually what i was looking for and i am glad to came here!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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