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September 3, 2017

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Escapers Final Walkthrough

Escapers Final

[REPLAY] 58Works - Escapers #08 Final is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by 58 Works. You are locked in a room and you have to escape the room by finding and using items with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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Escapers #08 Final Walkthrough



i have 3 blue 1 yellow and 1 brown card and a key

Finally, an escape game!

So far found two blue cards, a yellow one, a brown one, (each color seems to have a different function) and a key I used to open a door and trade for another object. But I must say any game with a robot rocks...

Found another blue...
Use key on door to get another object...

There must be something to him, his arms move... when you click on them...

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 10:11 PM  

it's a camera not a brown card

well im going to possibly need battery a number code and another key it looks liek . where woudl you get water from to put in the glass?

Okay, next to the door... On the scene with the blank white wall and the plant, if you click on the top of the wall there's a secret little nook...

the robot is sleeping shhh. lol

good find michelle i had no idea it was a camera

A stool/bench, an elephant card, an ant card and a ?ID card.

open that brown card.... it's a polaroid. Anyone found the battery?

water with glass from the flower

fill glass with large plant pot

s/d yeah

SO new to escape games... Card with dots on fireplace helps with robot arms

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 10:16 PM  

ty hbear

Stuck on the animal tile puzzle...

oh joy! a screwdriver!

So far:
Glass from inside right window (click right side to open). Fill it in plant pot, door view.

Blue man button - tv view in lower right locker

Blue elephant button - among books on shelf.

Blue ant button, behing "holes in frame" above fire.

Blue frog button - from robot (move his arms like on holes in frame above fire - rlrlrrl)

Key - in plant to the left of tv.

Yellow card on the floor, right of robot.

Brown card - Behind the plant in door view.

Use key in door to get a folded paper.

Dang it I've been searching for a screwdriver ever since I saw that compartment... Grrr.

Put fire out to get SD. Use it to the right of the door.

Awwww, shucks, guess I was too HOT HEADED to find it.

@ Ellie

That's not a folded paper, it's a stool.

ok put out fire got code now i need one more blue card to complete the blue card puzzle. and a key. i suspect the last blue card is in the cabinet beside the fireplace.

ellie, your brown card is a camera. and your folded paper is a stool to reach that high nook

what puzzle

@Rin, ok I'll use my paper as a stool :)
@crromig, where did you get that code?

Used sd on the thing from locker to the right of the door and got a battery.

this is new... you need the screwdriver to open the battery compartments

what goes on top the man or the frog? i cant get my puzzle to work according to the tv instructions

@RC, thanks I figured the camera out.. going to use that stool now.
Need one more battery for the... flat brown thing ( i don't dare to call the things anything) lol.

i got the code from the lighted box once you put the pass card on it. use both batteries from the remote and the light box.

Can't believe I got out without help.

Thanks for the advice on where to put that bench. Hey guys, there's something on the wall in the closet where we got bench... Any ideas?

where do we use the camera at. you cant find polaroid film anymore.

edit error again!
have to restart.

Put the batteries in the r/c and take a photo of the last screen with the 4 dots.

Took a picture of the tv after i turned it on.

Change tv channel to see four dote. They show the size of the things on the blue cards.

Wow! you guy's are quick.
My hint don't count for squat now.

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 10:30 PM  

u have to take one of the battery out of the brown thing and put it in the yellow remote in order to turn the tv on

ok how do the tv color go into the wal box color code?

Camera? Where is it?

only looking for a clue to the red/white squares inside locker to the right of the tv... don't want to brute force.

The last colour code is the weather channel.

look at remote

The camera is in the plant view where you get the water.

@Rin it is behind the flower in the door view.
Looking like a brown card. Click on it to unfold.

rin camera behind plant pot. zoomed in view

Bottom dot is largest =elephant

That was a great little game!

bye bye mr roboto

Ah, thanks everyone!

Look at water source.

that was cool too bad the robot didnt do more. i like those tower robots they are cool too.

I had trouble with those colors, finally got them:
blue, red/gray, white.

and the robot drinks saki straight from the bottle. lol

Nice game! Thanks for the help!

i still can't find puzz;e

Yep, London Tokyo New York folks...

never mind i just quit

I'm too slow today so no more comments in this game.
You guys are Brilliant.

Insert two batteries in the brown flat screen, turn it on and use your yellow card on it. See a hint how to move the switches to the left of the fireplace.
Then you get the puzzle.

Sorry I wasn't any help, I was just excited to comment on my first "new" escape game. Thanks for the help guys!

Out. Fairly easily since there are no number codes. I wasted time looking at the tv pan from left to right of the scenery though pfft.

@ Rin, me too! And my computer is slooooow, so it took a while.

@ oppressed, I agree with you--any game with a robot is a good one.

I tried the TV code AND bruteforcing, nothing worked! What do you do to make the blue tiles cross to work?

@Virginia. See Ellie's post @ 7:36

Forget it, I just hadn't taken the picture.

use the polaroid on the last tv screen, the one with the dots. it shows order of small to large to place the tiles (ant, bug, man, elephant)

Take poloroid pic of tv, do it in that order...
@RC, yes yes more games should def. have robots!
Well, this lady's gotta get to bed! Night night folks...

@Virginia. Sorry that's for the final colour code. Take a picture of the tv with the 4 dots, the elephant goes at the bottom.

Good morning!

Please can someone tell how to open the door to the right side of fireplace

If nothing works, probably have a bug, try to go to other scene and then back, might trigger it back to normal, I had to click several times to activate the 4 pic puzzle even though I put in the correct order.

Sylli, you need the key from the plant to the left of the T.V.

Sylli, that's wrong too. You need the key from the animal size puzzle. Sorry, I can't delete my posts any more :-(

Good morning everyone - live one!
trying to catch up with you

Thanks Martin: D;

the key is gone from the inventory, had assumed was for the door

No problem Martin

To solve I lack even a blue tile forPuzzle

For the 4 picture puzzle:


And then you will get a key to another puzzle next to fireplace.

wünsche dir auch ein schönen Morgen Gabi :-)

cannot find puzzle for animal cards - is it very right side on tv-cubboard - have no key anymore - used it on door where stool is??

To open the puzzle locker you need to turn the switches.
The clue how to turn them you get from the brown "light frame" (that you got from the locker to the right of the door).
Insert two batteries in the frame, put your yellow card on it and you will see 4 arrows, turn the switches like that.

And the locker with the switches is to the left of the fireplace... thats where you'll find the puzzle.

Blue Tile:
TV View: The storage ( right side) under the TV.
Fireplace View: Behind the picture frame which is on top of fireplace. There is also one between books.
Robot View: After you solved the robot puzzle, you will get another blue tile which is located at the chest area of robot.
How to solve the robot puzzle:
Follow the pattern shown on the picture( fireplace):
Look at the black dots:

thanks @ellie - guess it is still early for my brain


TV view
Zoom on the window to the right of the TV. Click on the right side of it to open. Take a glass. Zoom out.

Zoom on the brown locker below/to the right of the tv. Open the right side of it and take a blue Human block. Zoom out.

Zoom on the plant to the left of the TV, take a key from the lower left side of it. Zoom out.

Turn left, door view
Zoom on the plant. Take a brown card from behind the pot, left side. Open it from inventory and click on it twice, see that it is a camera.

Fill your glass with water from the plant pot. Zoom out.

Use the key in the door. Take a stool. Put the stool by the wall, between the door and the plant. Zoom by the ceiling above the stool and take a remote. Zoom out.

Turn left, robot view
Take the yellow card from the wall close to the floor to the right of the robot.
You can move the arms of the robot, but you don’t know the sequence yet.

Turn left, fireplace view
Put the fire out with the water from your glass. Get a red screwdriver.

Zoom on the books to the right in the wall. Take a blue Elephant block from between the two most right books. Zoom out.

Zoom on the frame with dots inside above the fireplace. Click on it to move it and take a blue ant block from behind it. Note the position of the dots. Zoom out.

Turn right, robot view
Move the arms of the robot, you have now seen the clue. Solution at the end of the walkthrough. Get a blue Frog block.

Turn right, door view
Zoom on the locker in the wall to the right of the door. Use the screwdriver to open it. Get a brown ”light frame”. Open it from inventory, turn it around and use the screwdriver to get a small battery.

Turn right, tv view
Open the remote from inventory. Turn it around and use the screwdriver to open the lid. Insert the battery that you got from the light frame. Close the lid and the remote.

Zoom on the TV. Highlight the remote and click on the TV to turn it on. Click three times more to change the channel until you see four dots. Use your camera to take a photo of those dots. Open the camera from inventory and take that photo. Zoom out.

Turn right, fireplace view
Open the remote from inventory, turn it around and use the screwdriver to take out the two batteries. Insert the batteries into the light frame. Press the button to get light. Put your yellow card on the frame. You see four arrows pointing: right, left, left, left. Zoom out.

Zoom on the locker to the left of the TV. Move the switches as in the clue from the frame (pointing RLLL). Press the handle to open. Insert the four blue blocks according to the clue from the TV. Solution below. Get a key. Zoom out.

Zoom on the locker to the right of the fireplace. Use the key you got to see another puzzle. The three squares change colors if you click on them.

To solve this you need to go back to the tv, put the batteries back into the remote (take them from the light frame) and watch the different channels to find a clue to the three color buttons. Solution below.
Enter the correct colors, press the red button and get a handle. Zoom out.

Turn left or right twice, door view
Open the door and zoom on the left side inside it. Insert your handle and click on it to turn it around.
Zoom out and turn left. Exit through the open wall!

Nice and easy :)

Move the arms like the dots above the fireplace. Read the dots from up to down, the left column represents the left arm and the right column the right arm.
Move the arms: left, right, left, right, left, left, right.

Blue blocks
The dots on the photo from the TV have different sizes. They correspond to the sixes of the animals you have. Smallest=ant, biggest=elephant.
The largest dot is on the lower side of the photo.
Insert your animals like this:

Color puzzle
Look at the weather channel.
In London it’s very blue.
In Tokyo it’s red and grey.
In New York it’s very white.
Those are your colors: blue, red/grey, white.

       Anonymous  2/24/10, 12:07 AM  

Very nice game, these are the ones i enjoy most. Thanks Smilemaker

Good game. Almost got out by myself... the only hint I needed was for the robot.

Excellent game..needed a hint with the dots puzzle, thanks Ellie for the WT

OMG, out with no help.

darn. I needed hint about the fireplace picture code, too.

Congratulations to Catalyste and Martin :D (and anyone else who got out with no help).

Excellent game!

Heh, kitkat...I was about to look here for a clue...but then I finally got the mind to take a picture of the puzzle clue on the TV. Hahaha, after that I was out in an instant!


       Anonymous  2/25/10, 3:06 PM  

This was a great game!! Logical, but not too hard. Thanks to the author - more, more!!!

Very nice game,much enjoyed.

Beautiful game, absolutely loved it. More escape games should be like this.

In the walkthrough, Ellie said, "Zoom on the locker to the left of the TV."

It should have said, zoom on the locker to the left of the fireplace.

Thank you @Justywusty87!
You are totally right, my mistake. I hope noone is still looking for the TV in that view lol.

caught this one from the random section

that's the big advantage of WTs - you can play the games, that have one even years later, when nobody else comes for help & you can escape anyway

thx 58 for this phat game ☺
pretty challenging for me

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