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Hidden Alphabets - Cinderella Walkthrough

Hidden Alphabets - Cinderella

Hidden Alphabets - Cinderella is another point and click type hidden object game from Games2dress. "Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden alphabets which are in pictures. Avoid clicking unnecessarily as otherwise your score will get reduced. In 3rd level find the chosen alphabet within given time duration as otherwise chosen alphabet will get disappeared." Good luck and have fun!

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firts one here


cant find v and y on first level

i'm missing E in lvl 1

Y is on the left corner under the bird

V is on the lower bird.

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I thougnt that J was on the tree...

Level 1)
V is on the bird in front
Y is below that same bird


Cant find E lvl 1.

@Ellie you are right :) I delete my post

L M on level 2 grrrr im sucking today

O sorry the E,
it's in the water on the dress.

E hidden in reflection of dress folds. its on the edge of the middle folds. Very difficult to see!

sorry not M W lol omg i should go back to bed

Thank you @dideedi!

Level 2)
L is yellow on the tower to the left of the bird.
M is blue in that same tower.

And thank you @SneakSnake as well :)

Level 2)
W is blue, top left of screen on bowl/fountain thing.

no prob :)

level 2: where is the R?

Im looking for R lvl 2 as well :)

Sakura is out will come back here later.

Level 2)
R is the litte red roses/fowers on the middle right.

Ok, back to this one, waiting for Minoto...
Thanks @SneakSnake for R!

@SneakSnake, i found the k there, but still don't see the R
btw, this music has given me a serious case of Happy Feet, like Steve Martin in "The Jerk"

pop, i was looking at the wrong red flowers. thx!

Ok, I did terrible on third level... going back in.

Level 3 is wicked!

Starting... wish me luck :)

Good luck @Edgar lol!

Help on J on Level 2 PLEASE!

j lvl2 is on the cement around the water. It on the lower part of the screen, to the left of the dress. Green letter.

I have gone back several times to try and get all of them on level 3. Still having issues trying to find 3 or 4 of them....m, c, u

m is in her hair.
u is her necklist
looking for c now...

Level 3
M yellow, in hair of girl.
C green, on the floor, below girls left foot.
U Yellow on top brown part of girls dress.

To help @Ellie, @Edgar or @kitkatfox with their walkthrough writing here is...

Level 3

A. On bottom left white part of hanging dress.
B. On wool ball on the ground, to the left of the basket.
C. On the ground, below girls left foot.
D. White, on the wall, to the right of girls skirt.
E. On the ground in front of hanging dress.
F. On the brush on the chair (left).
G. On the little candle, top right of the screen.
H. On the back of the chair on the left.
I. On the big candle on the right.
J. Pink, on the ribbon, to the left of the hanging dress.
K. Right wing of right bird.
L. Yellow, backwall, between hanging dress and big candle.
M. Yellow, in hair of girl.
N. On the wooden beam, to the right of the girls head.
O. In basket on the ground, the round red/brown thing.
P. On top of (a bit above) the hanging dress.
Q. Flame of big candle on the right.
R. Yellow, above left side of the basket (in bottom left of standing screen).
S. On the floor, in front of girls right foot.
T. Outside window, on roof of the house, next to chimney.
U. Yellow on top brown part of girls dress.
V. Brown, very bottom right part of your screen.
W. Outside window, on roof of castle/tower.
X. On bottom right (pink part) of hanging dress.
Y. Outside the window, in the tree.
Z. On floor, under chair on the left.


Level 1 http://i47.tinypic.com/2ugnm88.jpg
Level 2 http://i46.tinypic.com/2dm5v2w.jpg
Level 3 http://i48.tinypic.com/30jl091.jpg

Thanks for my missing last letters @SneakSnake, it made me go way faster :D

Continuing with the walkthrough started by SneakSnake. Thanks!

Level 1
A. Inside the blue wagon in upper right corner, pink letter.
B. On the bush in the lower left corner, red letter.
C. In the window in upper right corner, blue letter.
D. Among the pink flowers in lower right corner, pink letter.
E. Reflection in the water, thin dark blue lines, on the right side of the dress.
F. On top of the upper yellow bird, yellow letter.
G. Among the yellow flowers to the right of the screen, yellow letter.
H. On the house above the left hand of Cinderella, blue letter.
I. On the left edge of the round cement in the lower right corner, beige letter.
J. On the tree in the upper left corner, brown letter.
K. On the floor to the right of Cinderella, blue letter.
L. On the right side of the window, upper right corner, brown letter.
M. On the castle in the background, blue letter.
N. Above the yellow flowers in the right part of the screen, green letter.
O. Surrounding the opening of the blue wagon, golden letter.
P. Above the fairys right hand, white letter.
Q. The middle ”wheel” to the right of the blue wagon, light blue letter.
R. To the right of the fairys right arm, white letter.
S. Below the door of the blue wagon, blue letter.
T. Below the blue wagon, in the corner of the stones, grey letter.
U. Below left elbow of the fairy, blue letter.
V. On the wing and head of the lower bird, red letter.
W. Water reflection of the dress, blue letter.
X. In the middle of the wrinkles of Cinderellas dress, blue letter.
Y. Just below the lower bird, yellow letter.
Z. To the right of the fairys right hand, white letter.

ty you edgar for pic walkthrough

The rest of the walkthrough (thanks for saving me on level 3 sneaksnake!)

Level 1
A inside the pumpkin carriage
B in the sticks at the bottom left corner of the screen
C upper left window pane of the window by the carriage
D in the fountain in the pink flowers near the bottom right corner of the screen
E reflection of Cinderella’s dress in the water - it is a large, thin, wavy letter in the water to the left of the center of her skirt folds
F above the tail of the top gold bird
G below the left yellow flowers found on the right of the screen
H top of the house over Cinderella’s left hand (your perspective)
I edge of the fountain
J edge of the tree in the upper left corner
K concrete right of Cinderella
L window frame around the middle window pane on the right side
M center window of the castle
N left of the top right yellow flower at the right side of the screen
O around the round door of the carriage
P above the right hand of the Fairy Godmother (your perspective)
Q between the front wheels of the carriage
R leg of bench between the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella
S under the carriage door
T corner tile of the ground right of Cinderella
U left sleeve (your perspective) of the Fairy Godmother
V between the head and wing of the bottom gold bird
W reflection of Cinderella’s dress (left side)
X center folds of Cinderella’s dress
Y under the belly of the bottom gold bird
Z top of bench between the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella

Level 2
A top of the tower near the upper right corner of the screen
B cloud over Prince’s head
C upper left corner to the right of the fountain top
D on the center support of the fountain
E near wing of the yellow bird
F between the wings of the orange bird
G Prince’s shoulder
H arch in the upper right corner of the screen
I in the window just above the yellow bird
J on the right edge of the bottom of the fountain
K right of the small rose buds at the top of the plant in the bottom right corner
L left of the orange bird’s wing (on the top of the building)
M on the supports under the left face of the clock
N bottom of the Prince’s jacket
O around the center clock face
P top of the railing just behind Cinderella
Q above the bottom left rose in the bottom right corner
R the red berries in the bush behind the yellow bird
S on the second railing design from the right
T in the falling right stream of water of the fountain -- about the height of the railing design
U on Cinderella’s left hip (your perspective)
V where the right stream of fountain water splashes
W blue letter on the left side of the design on the top bowl of the fountain
X Cinderella’s necklace
Y bottom folds of Cinderella’s dress
Z on the bottom portion of the railing under the railing design behind Cinderella

oh my! lots of walkthroughs all the sudden! too funny.

Thanks @kitkatfox
Then I'll just stop making level 2... no need for THAT many on this game :D

@Ellie are you sure? Someone might miss something.

Well, you are right... now im having second thoughts and i'm a little bit worried that the walkthroughs of you and Edgar will not be enough...
I better post mine as well since i only had a couple of lettes left to write.

Level 2
A. On the roof of the red to the right, red letter.
B. On the cloud above the head of the man, blue letter.
C. Upper left corner, brown letter.
D. In the middle of the cascade and to the left, white letter.
E. On the wing of the yellow bird, yellow letter.
F. Above the head of the orange bird, orange letter.
G. On the right shoulder of the man, orange letter.
H. In the middle window, upper right corner, purple letter.
I. Above the middle of the yellow bird, yellow letter.
J. To the left of the lower part of Cinderellas dress, on the cement, green letter.
K. In the upper part of the bush in lower right corner, green letter.
L. To the left of the orange bird, yellow letter.
M. On the clocktower, below the left clock, blue letter.
N. Big yellow letter below the waist of the man.
O. Around the clock in the tower, blue letter.
P. To the left of Cinderella, on the lower part of the bush, blue letter.
Q. Among the red roses in lower right corner, red letter.
R. Formed from dots to the right of the yellow bird, among red small flowers.
S. On the ”fence” to the right of the mans right knee, gray letter.
T. In the middle of the right part of the cascade, white letter.
U. On Cinderellas dress, below her left elbow, blue letter.
V. Below the most right part of the cascade, white letter.
W. On top of the cascade in the upper left corner, blue letter.
X. On Cinderellas necklist, blue letter.
Y. Lower part of Cinderellas dress, blue letter.
Z. On the ”fence” close to the floor between the water and Cinderella, gray letter.

Hopefully we didn't leave anyone behind in this one :)

Well, I hope @Prid will do one as well, because I'm not sure this is enough.

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