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Hidden Numbers - Princess and Frog Walkthrough

Hidden Numbers - Princess and Frog

Hidden Numbers - G2D aka Hidden Numbers - The Princess and the Frog is another point and click type hidden object game from Games2Dress. Examine your observing skill by finding the listed numbers which are in different forms. Avoid clicking unnecessarily, as otherwise your score will get reduced. Good luck and have fun!

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12 on level 1? anyone find it?

am i alone here?

POP found it at end of bed

just started, so not yet

pop, nvm

Where is 1?

1 and 8?

8 on lamp still looking for 1

someone please 1 on level 1

Good morning all... starting.

1 is on a bed post at the end of the bed.


Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3

level 1 number 16 plz

plz someone its not on edgars picthrough

This is interesting @Edgar made a mistake!?
I'll take a look.

Level 1) 16 is on the bottom left of your screen, under the chair.

aww thank you :)

I played and found it, but didn't had to.
It's a disappointment because I looked at the picture of @Edgar and it was there as well.
Too bad, I guess @Edgar is perfect after all.

you played it again and never explained where 16 is??? only that edgar is perfect..

in good faith why not post edgars pic again and you circle where 16 is

@Rare---1, I did post where 16 is. One comment above???
Comment on 19:11.

And I didn't played it again, just opened the game to help you and I'm sorry but I thought your thank you was about that comment where 16 was. Again it's above your own comment with thank you.

thank you sneaksnake your comment at 9.11 was not there only the one about edgar

It's ok @Rare---1,
everything is cool.

easy out. Didn't even have to make a wish on Evangeline

Oh @SneakSnake, and I feel so disappointed for such perfection had disappointed you :P
So sorry!! lol.

All the numbers are there, although some of them a little reduced to the size of the originals. Next time I'll have them bigger and more visible. Thanks for the feedback.

how to see hintsssssss

1,9,12 on level 1

i complete level 1......its fantasticccc

i also complete level 2........ but in level 3 i did not find 1

i comleted the game............and i enjoy it very much.......awesome.

Edgar, you are a God among men. Thank you for all your help in finding some of these nearly invisible numbers/letters.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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