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The Impossible Quiz Book

The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 - Close Encounters of the Furred Kind is another funny puzzle game created by Clenn Rhodes for E4. The game, which stars a Cheshire Cat-esque main character, is a series of straightforward questions with often nonsensical or whacky answers. You've got nine lives, which you'll lose in brutal fashion as you make your way through the various chapters. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Tosca]

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I like cats, lol.

       Anonymous  2/5/10, 5:39 PM  

Hi me too

What do you do en level 5??

Don't press Tab.. lol.

I am stuck there too lol...

I tried tab too :-)

Ah Ha, click grayed out arrow at bottom pointing right.

I tried tab as well lol

jeez!! what in the world is this???

On level 6 i clicked on "What".

On level 5 press the lightgrey arrow

where is eastwards? lol

Stuck on 8.

Me too..

Type the letter on keyboard :)

@justy, that doesn't work for me.

Ok, got it but i don't get how that letter is the seventh letter of the alphabet.

I had to press H??

yes, but I have no idea why. Trying 10 now. Stuck there as well lol.

"the alphabet" h is 7th letter in that phrase.

10 is real, you just have to count careful.

What was ten?? I´m on 17

       Anonymous  2/5/10, 5:56 PM  

seventh letter of "THE ALPHABET"

But stuck again :-(

@justy, thanks!
I wasn't including "the" so i thought it would be E.

Now, suddenly 10 worked. I tried the same number before, and it didn't work..

Anyone know 17??

What to do in 14?

Any hints on 17? I am totally stuck!

No idea yet @Erika.

17 anyone?

I should be sleeping, the time is 03:05. Dont know if it´s pm or am?? It's night here in sweden

@Edgar, which one is 14?

certain questions have alternate answers. each time it loads the question it could be random item or count. Such as level 10 (changes) and level 14 (Changes).

If you need help on 17, just think of what your looking at and type it.


SPOILER:You are looking at a sea: (AKA:C):SPOILER

Got 17! Just type S

@Edgar, just click the thing it tells you.

Oops! Meant "C" - I tried typing the word "screensaver"

LOL - 20 is hilarious!

In 16 now thanks.

Thanks justy

I keep failing in 21.

lost in 21 as well.

Not sure of 21 either - will keep trying

I notice that now when I restart i never get level 17 again.
Still that 21...

I don´t know 19?

Hey, I noticed something in 21!
You can drag the dot/point in [21.] but couldn't place it anywhere because I ran out of time.

On 21 drag the Period in the question #21. to make the answer and click it.


This was hard.

I give up, have to slepp. Good luck everyone!!

19 is a tin. Don't know why though.
Great find @Edgar!

Got it! :D

I'm trying to place the dot at 210, so the answer is 2.10, but when i press that one it's still wrong.

Great @Edgar! Please, tell :D

@Ellie, place it right there between the 2 and the 1... just one digit to the left.

Stuck on 23.

24 is funny.

Do you mean like I said: place it on 210 (the second answer) so it looks like 2.10??
The what? Press that answer? I can't get it to work. All the time exploding.

No Ellie, just take the dot and put it one digit to the left, in the same circle where the [21.] is.... make it [2.1]

LOL, Thanks @Edgar!

@Ellie, you're welcome.
Catch me on 28... keep dying there :(

Hey, the description of the game says I'm supposed to have 9 lives, not just 5!
BTW, thanks @tosca.

It takes some time, I pressed the "Please dont press this" and got another restart.

stuck on 32 gonna take screen shot to read it.

for 28 drag skin off the guy and click de liver. (get it?)

what to do on 23?

Is that the one with all te fluff you can press?
Press the number of balls that it tells you to. Then the arrow.

Hmm in 28 I can drag the skin off the delivering guy, but again time runs out without a single idea what to do next.

lol @Justy. Thanks, going to try.

lol number 23 is bubble wrap not fluff.

I didn't have time to read the answers on 32, but i guess it could be letters, like m.
I'm going to it again now.

lol @justy

help on 30!

Got 32 :D

@Edgar, is that the march?
Use arrows.

thanks @Ellie

On 36 now. Getting tired of level 12 lol.

And 37 is another timed one, that i have no idea how to solve.

Solve 37. It just involves a lot of fast clicking.

im up to 46 now.

On 37 just click the red button repeatedly really fast.

When in 23, start pressing the middle leftmost air bubble (it's a little darker than the rest). This gives you sort of an alien that makes the timed levels stop the time, but only works once.

ugh... 47 too hard.. i might give up.

Thanks @Edgar. Needed that for 42. Still stuck there.

Solved 42, died on 43.
On 42 use arrows again.

thanks edgar gonna use that guy on level 47.

died in 40.

Darn timer it took me 10 times to notice on 10 it was there , not fair for a slow mind hehe

40: gentlemans area.

Died in 44.

lol solved 44. Involves movement.

i can't solve 48... i use the alien to stop timer on #47 cause it's too hard for me to rub the rod until lightening hits. anyone solve 48 yet?

How to fix the pipes in 45?

click the holes to put band aid on.
Don't forget the hidden holes.

Move a word.

I don't get 46.

I beat it with a B. Finally.

I did it!! But I still don't get 46. And there are many of the questions that i just did by trial and error.

I could solve 46 until MTWTFS? had a little sense to me. Lost 2 lives in the process :(

At 46, the "words" changes. If anyone gets the word with a lot of t and q, the right answer was B. No idea why.

Don't get it?? How to "rub" the pole in 47??

@Edgar, just move your cursor up and down between the animals. I'm not sure if you need to press the mouse button as well, or how to solve it quick. I stopped the time bomb in that one. It takes long time. Keep rubbing and there will be blue lightening.

Thanks Ellie, hey here's an idea on 46. They could be acronyms. I googled TTIQ and stands for Transexual, Transgender, In Transition, Questioning... so maybe the answer B stands for Bisexual??

Only got as far as 25 or smth, but TONITE , and on this one lil game, i popped my escapegames24 cherry.
My first post after more than a year of playing games on this site for almost every single day.

@Edgar, yes that could be the case, but i think it's a little vague. At least to me.

Welcome to posting @Silva :D

can someone do a hint walk through, i cant get past 12 and am sick of starting over lol

ok, it worked that time thanks anyways

lvl 12: draw a line connecting the dots.
Ellie is working in more than a hint-through right now.

And you were the first one to reply to me, too.
Thx so much. Now, let's go back to bussiness as usual :))
The levels...hopefully by tommorrow we'll have a complete walk-thru!

edgar, gotta clue on 21 divided by 10 no matter what i do it blows up lol

Level 46 is about the next initial letter, for example OTTFFSSEN are digit initials, so the answer is T for ten, MTWTFS are days of the week, MVEMJSUN are planets, ROYGBI are the rainbow colours (Answer is V for violet).
Stuck on 49, solved once with craters but can also be land cracks and something else but dunno what.
On level 50 you are Chris, the cat, and have to shoot the machine from the story, didn't have enough tiime to beat it and can´t get to there again :(

BTW, like Silva, this is my first post too :P

just scrolled up and got the answer thanx

Congrats, tatalhos! Newbie like me.
I've played hundreds if not thousands of these lil games.
Almost every escape game worth a dam on the internet. Never posted tho- always waited for either the complete walkthru or just refresh the page for more hints. (not fair...).

Thank you so much for that explanation! Welcome to posting :D

I'm working on a WT.

@tatalhos & @Silva
Be very welcome, and keep the posting coming!!

Thx so much, I've been playing A LOT (almost every game out there).
Started couple years ago and it was on lazylaces, then after he got married (and he didnt have much time for this) I came here almost every single day.
Just so you know, I'm not good at math :))
So I'll be posting, but I wont be so succesful tho!

lol @Silva, not a math wiz either, I just happen to carry a calculator everywhere :P

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you @Edgar, @Justywusty87, @tatalhos for helping me with solutions and explanations!
Tab key doesn’t work, it makes you loose and start from the beginning :D

Level 1
You want to start this carefully.
Level 2
The (movie)star that does the most shooting is Clint Eastwood.
Level 3
Say the times out loud. The dentist appointment is at tooth-hurty, 2:30.
Level 4
A female lemur is called a femur.
Level 5
To point easwards, press the light grey arrow at bottom, pointing to the right.
Level 6
WHAT is the best thing since sliced bread. Press the word ”what”.
Level 7
It is an ill eagle. Press illegal.
Level 8
The seventh letter of the words ”the alphabet” is ”h”. Press letter H on your keyboard.
Level 9
The correct spelling is BLND PG. Thats because it has no ”i’s”, pronounciated no ”eyes”.
Level 10
Just count the sperms. Sometimes they are 7 and sometimes 8.
Level 11
Count the amount of different letters in assassins. A,S,I,N. That makes 4.
Level 12
Follow the numbers. Press the dors in front of them. Start by number 1.
Level 13
Feet eat corn flakes for breakfast, since corn is a feet ”disease”.
Level 14
A word will be shown to you. Dolphin, Pidgeon or Fork. Quickly press the hand that holds this item.
Level 15
This quiz makes you feel like this >:C
Level 16
It says ”answer this question please” and the answers says ”press the long one”. So press the longest word, press the word ”question”.
Level 17
This is the sea. Write it on your keyboard, but with one letter, C.
Level 18
You can find the meaning of the word ”life” in the dictionary.
Level 19
The one that would win in a fight is a tin. A tin-fight is a kind of a street-fight.
Level 20
Keep clicking on the cat so that it licks it’s fur. After a while you will be taken to the next level.
Level 21
The maths tells you 21/10=, so you need to find that answer (=2.1). Look at the level number 21. Take the dot after number 1 and move it. Put it between number 2 and 1. Then click on the new number 2.1.
Level 22
A baby yoghurt is called a yoglett.
Level 23
At the beginning you are shown a number. Press the same amount of bubbles in the bubble wrap, and then press the bubble arrow to the right. As first bubble, press the slightly darker colored one to the left of the screen. This will give you an alien that makes the time on a timed level stop if you press him. Only works for one level, so choose carefully.
Level 24
The smell that lingers for far too long is fart. Move your mouse cursor over the words ”far too” to make the t move. Press fart.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Level 25
The sand is wet because of seaweed.
Level 26
YES, the sand is wet because the sea weed on it. (Don’t press the ”please don’t press this”, then you will restart the game.)
Level 27
And now the quiz has gone downhill…
Level 28
Drag away the skin of the delivey boy. Press the liver of the man,”de liver” (the dark brown organ).
Level 29
This is obviously a baby yoghurt. A yoglett.
Level 30
To make the cat move, press right and left arrows on your keyboard.
Level 31
The answer to this is NO U. I don’t know why since the pages I got from google were way over my head. But there is something as ”the penny packing problem”.
Level 32
What occurs once in every minute, twice in every moment, but never in a thousand years? The letter M occurs once in Minute, twice in MoMent, but not in a thousand years. Press ”M” on your keyboard.
Level 33
The thing that is wrong with the question is that it is written with the left hand.
Level 34
A man with two donkeys is called biased. Bi=two. Ass=donkey.
Level 35
A lot of pee here. Press the letter ”p” on your keyboard.
Level 36
Bowel movement required. The word ”bowel” is draggable. Move it and press the arrow under it.
Level 37
This level requires a lot of fast clicking. Keep clicking on the red light to the right, to fill the meter above with green color before the bomb goes off.
Level 38
The square root of all evil. All evil is 666 (the number of the devil). The square root of 666 is 25.81. So the answer is 25.81.
Level 39
People die after pigs fly. This is a joke about the swine flu. Nostradamus predicted that when a black man became president, pigs would fly. There is also a saying ”when pigs fly” referring to something that will never happen.
Level 40
Obviously this quiz touched me in my gentlemans area.
Level 41
The cannibals wipes their arses after they’ve ”dumped” their girlfriend. She wasn’t dumped the normal way, but the way you do in the bathroom.
Level 42
Use your left and right arrows on your keyboard to fight. Empty the meter before the bomb explodes.
Level 43
The answer is typecast. Type the word ”cast” on your keyboard.
Level 44
Don’t touch the green button! The word ”mouse” is draggable. Move it and put it on the word ”here”. Press the arrow that shows up.
Level 45
You have to be quick! Press all of the leaking spots to put band aid on them. Drag away the ”ground” part of the word ”underground” to find three more.
Level 46
The answer is the next letter in the sequence. The letters change. If you have ROYGBI, that are the colors of the rainbow, missing a Y.
If you have OTTFFSSEN it is the first letters of the numbers One to Nine. The missing letter is T, for ten.
If you have MTWTFS it is the days of the week, missing letter S.
If you have MVEMJSUN it is the planets, and the missing letter is P.
If you have TIQTIQTTIQ the missing letter is B, because TIQ=The Impossible Quiz (the first of these games). TIQT=The Impossible Quiz Two. And this one is called The Impossible Quiz Book.
Level 47
Here you have to move your mouse cursor up and down along the sparkling pole to the left. Eventually there will be a blue lightning. Do it some more and you will finish the level. I suggest you use your bombstopping ailien here (that you got from level 23).
Level 48
You need 1 key to make something unstable. Don’t ask me why :)
Level 49
Click in the craters around the planet. You will find life in one of them.
Level 50
Keep shooting at the blue eyes.


Some additions to the Walkthrough:

At level 46 it's also possible to get the combination of letters: FFFRRPPHHH, and ...that's a fart.

At level 49 it might be that the word "life" sometimes is draggable and you will find the life behind that one.

For level 31 it seems that there are 100 pennies in a PO(U)ND that's why there's "NO U" answer...One Pound=100 pennies...

Thank you! The easiest explanation is the best one. It's obviuos once you know it, but i didn't notice that at all LOL!

actually a tin wins a fight because (Q.Can a match box? A.No, but a tin can.)

you don't have to cover all the leaks in Level 45.. just the three Under "GROUND"

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