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Miley Cyrus Rescue Walkthrough

Miley Cyrus Rescue

Miley Cyrus Rescue - The Adventures of Cody Jones aka El Rescate de Miley Cyrus - Las Aventuras de Cody Jones is another new point and click type adventure game by inkagames. The evil wizard Black Hat has kidnapped Miley Cyrus and is holding her prisoner in Pisney amusement park, where all the attractions have came to life due to a spell. You are Cody Jones, nephew of Indiana jones and a clever detective. You are the person in charge of saving Miley. Good luck and have fun!

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diner must wait

hi @tosca!
Spanish game, lol. You don't see that very often!

Oh, I want to play lol. Will have to come back later tonight though. Good luck!

Why should I save Miley?
jk I'll play it...

thank you tosca and Edgar for NOT posting FIRST or SECOND comments!!! ;)

no problem @MegiPoland

I'm playing the Spanish version... hope to be able to help if I'm to be helpful, lol
Inside the park now.

I got the ticket, but I can't get in the park?

Ok, simple as that, give the ticket to the guard.

A shot with the camera handled the gremlins in the kitchen... have bottle of wine, a gizmo and a glass from there.

Can't open the gates to Jurassic Land... any hint?

Can't get pass the dinosaur...

Oh, just found a coin in the kitchen as well... missed it the first time.

@Edgar: One of the flames open the gate

Fill your glass with water in the kitchen and pour it on the strange plant... pick up a thorn.

@Edgar, a towel in the kitchen as well.

thanks @nozomicchan

Can't find a glass in the kitchen?

Hi all! @Edgar, how did you get in the kitchen? Door is locked...

POP, glass behind plates.

straighten the painting to get into the kitchen

Where is the glass?

@Jutti, you have to hang the picture straight.

POP found the glass.

glass is behind dishes

glass behind the plates

how do you get past the dinosaur?

combined flower with thorn

Wish I knew Jo-Ann... stuck in the same spot (with 9 items in inventory, let me know if I'm missing something please)

Thanks Jo-Ann! I'm a bit behind you...

Fill glass with water, water on purple flower, take thorn, thorn on dinosaur's tail's tip

still not past the dinosaur. Thought the thorn on the tail was the answer, but no

anybody knows how to get the egg? something with the liana i guess^^

you have to combine the thorn with the blowpipe first

@nozomicchan where do you put the thorn? I've tried a dozen times

hard to find the hotspot in dinotail!

sorry, you have to combine thorn with yellow plant and the blowpipe... :)

no wait...sorry, thorn doesn't work on dinosaur's tail

where is the blowpipe?

You can combine thorn with yellow flower.

blowpipe?? where is it?

Edgar, looks like we are at the same spot.

blowpipe?? where is it?

Wow Way behind

found it.... in front of kitchen door

where do we have to shoot the dinosaur? I'm tired to end up as a hamburger any time lol

@Jo-Ann you mean outside? Can't see it!

yes, outside, you can just see the yellow corner sticking out.

Hi, just caught up. No one got the egg yet?

by the right post for the awning

Blowpipe is on red pole on the right in front of kitchen.

you can use blowpipe on dinosaur tail

Have combined liana + skull and gum with blanket

Got it! Yellow blowpipe behind the post.

Combine thorn, yellow flower and thorn = nite nite dino!

Pick up viking helmet and dino skull.

Tab key works! Helped me find the blowpipe.

can't get the egg..I built a ladder from the stones, now can climb up but still not reach the egg...

I combines liana with skull and chewing gum with the blanket

blowpipe near the asian dude...errrm...on the bottom of the pole on the right, flower with thorn, then thorn with blowpipe

Chew gum (from gumball machine, use coin) and combine it with blanket.

I have to go just when it's getting fun! Good luck everyone!

Take three stones and build stairs with them.

gizmo with helmet

I have the stairs built but not able to go up??

Have egg...go up level on stones and use liana+skull on stone of roof. One of the stones there is a bit lower.

@Edgar, you have to click the first (lowest) stone.

Hello Edgar, take first step

Helmet, where helmet?

thanks SS

thank you volker -i was going crazy!

helmet behind tree in t-rex scene

Hatch egg next...

Thanks @volker, for the egg.

where is the camera?

Thanks @Edgar for the helmet.

Never mind.

lol...gizmo+helmet on throne

Stone of rrof ?????? Where?

gotto go! Will finish it later. See you!

Still can't get the egg... where exactly are you suppose to stand?

Put the egg it the nest, Don't know how to hatch it.

just use egg...

Wow, you have to sit on the egg.

@Seawall, you have to go up first and there use you're rope with skull on the lower part in the background.

got a ladder in the scene with natives...

Thanks SneakSnake; found the area in the background; looks like a v shape sticking into the ground. Have the egg!

Ladder and sticky blanket gets you to woody allen...need to create a potion now.

We have to put the blanket on the window (at the wherewolf place), but I can't use my ladder

where to use blanket and ladder, Volker?

Ok you can use you're ladder if you're close enough to the window.

can't use the ladder...

Just use ladder on wall left of window. Then you can use blanket on window...

Don't forget to take the ladder back.

@volker did you get past Frankenstein?

Stuck...can´t get past shark or monster. Think for Frankenstein´s monster we need potion. But where are ingredients??

Turned Frank into a friendly hippy and made vampire fly away.

Ok in the basement now. To get there you have to talk to the spider and give it something.

hahaha, poor woody! trying to mix these liquids now...guess we need them for frankenstein?

Potion ingredients are in basement under trap door. Spider gives hint on how to open it.

@BuddyB, did you get the book at Frankensteins place? I can't use my ladder there?

Thanks sneak!

omg, my frankenstein became a hippie!!

@SneakSnake, yes use the ladder near spider to get potion recipe book.

O, kept on trying to put the ladder and at some point it worked. In the book is how to make the potion.

oh i hope this is still live will try to catch up

gotta go, will finish it later, have fun and good luck everyone!

And past vampire...nice game!

@volker how do you make purple drops for the potion for the vampire?

Use wine for purple drops.

Just getting started, how do you get past the monsters in the kitchen?

I have a feeling I'm the only one who can't get past the natives to get the ladder.. Help???

Thanks @BuddyB.

For natives throw gizmo and viking helmet on throne. Can´t get past king kong. How to get potion on leaf??

@EnJoy - you need to take the monster's picture.

@Seawall combine helmet and gizmo and place on pedestal next to statue.

Thanks, @Volker, that's the only thing I hadn't tried using. Forging ahead now..

@Seawall, you have to put the helmet on the creature in your inventory and put it on the throne.

@BuddyB, do I have to something with the bat or can I go to the boat?

HELP!!!! SneakSnake.. where is the camera to get past the monsters in the kitchen? I am about ready to quit and wait for the walkthrough

@sneak...found no use for bat. With petrol you get past shark on lake. Afterwards stuck with king kong. You can let leaf fly to his foot. Won´t help much though.

Hard to remember @EnJoy, but I think it was outside the kitchen, somewhere on the left.

Got it.. in plain site, but for the life of me I couldn't see it!

Why doesn't the friendly potion work on King Kong?

I can´t fill my glass with water in the kitchen... anyone can help me!!!!

He has to digest it!! But can´t get potion on leaf and have nothing else to give. Terribly stuck.

Oh sorry...think we should use juvenile potion. That one needs to be digested.

stuck at king kong too can not go back either

Get berry by pier and put potion on berry. Now what?

@diana, maybe you have to stand on different place, sometimes things only work if you're on the exact right place.

Combine berry covered with potion with blowpipe. Give leaf to ape and his mouth opens. Blow in berry -- at least I think so as I haven't accomplished it yet.

h am i supposed to be able to pick up gizmo

Thanks!! Use leaf on king kong and he opens mouth. Shoot berry with potion insie and you get small prince kong

Great @Patricia!

ive refreshed 3 times but cant get gizmo

Berry in blowpipe.

poison berry then put in blowpipw

I cant place the ladder at the werewolf place?

I forgot @reddy. Was it in the kitchen, did you scare the monsters away with the camera?

@Dannielle, you have to find the right spot to stand first.

yes in the oven in kitchen i did scare the creatures

guess its a bug cause i cant grab it

which window?

Enlarge mushroom next to other mushrooms...(hint colours)

And out...nice 1!

How do you get the egg down, i was late to start? x

finished lovely game

Thanks, @volker.
I think the order of colors was important as well.

@nellie: combine liana + skull, go to the higher level and use this on stalaktit.

Now I'm standing on the big drum and do what...?

No prob sneak. Is anyone doing a wt? Else I might fight myself through writing one...but I don´t insist.

help im so stuck!

Out!! Thanks for the hints!!!

Ok forgot to take the clover.

Use clover on bottom of drum first (clover in bushes right of drum)

Good game, I liked it.

duh............ the window INSIDE.....

How do you get past the natives?

i can't seem to make the mushrooms bigger. What exactly is the color code?

Thanks Volker x

@Nellie - see the post at 19:38 for getting the egg down.

@Danielle, you have to look for the right spot to stand before you can use the ladder, keep trying to stand close to the window to put the ladder there.

To pass the natives see post at 19:35 from Volker!

Colour code is on mushroom itself.

enlarge the mushroom so you can take the mirror(follow the colours on mushroom)

@imarealBabe, the colors are on the mushroom and you have to use your potions in the same amount and the same order.

i have... i tried yellow, green, orange, purple?, and green... but it doesn't work.

And out thanks to all of the hints. Thanks everyone!

How do you open the basement door ? The hint given by the spider isn't very clear...

We never used the gun?

I can't pass the shark, either...

Thanks seawall x

where is the mushroom, I saw it but now I cant find it now!

pascale, do you have the fuel?

mushroom was behind Kong, I think

whosis?, no, I have no fuel.

Pascale, you need the fuel for the jetski.

pascale, just click on the painting several times until it's completely upside down

fuel is behind the Count, once you use potion on him

@Pascale, to pass the shark you need the petrol from the vampire(room).
@Danielle mushroom was one screen back from the big drum (where King Kong was if I remember correctly)
@whosis, I did use the king on the black hat man, that was just fun. It said bang and you die.

Thank you, whosis and Seawall.

ok, i was all excited to use the gun and then never had to!

Really fun game, but I can't do any of the potions. I am colorblind and I can't tell any of those colors apart from one another. Kind of sucks. Have fun guys.

Ok I dont remember seeing Kong. How do I get passed Frankie then?

Frankie needs the aggression potion, which is yellow, green, green, then just use the test tube on him

Thanks for all your help guys , really usefull ! :D

Yes, thanks for all the help everyone!

ok I am a little slow I finally got the book. it wouldnt let me take it before!

How do I pass the gorilla ? The green-orange-yellow formula doesn't work on him.

Thanks for the help everyone! Fun Game... Now I must get to WORK!!

Ok, Kong is the hard one, I got a blackberry at the pier, then I made a orange, yellow, orange potion (the rejuvenation potion), and put it on the berry, and then put the berry into the blow pipe. Then I floated the leaf at Kong's foot to open his mouth, then used the blow pipe on his mouth. Sorry, trying to remember correctly.

Ok replayed and noted everything. Walkthrough on the way...

Great @volker and with this comment you now have 13 comments left before it goes on the other page. And there is a new live game! So your evil schemes kind of backfired.

I tried friendly and rejuvenating potion on the gorilla, but neither works.


Start game:

- take as much as ou can get...we are no fans and definately not nice as well!!

Front of Pisney Studios
- talk to giant skeleton on right/ask for ticket
- give ticket to cashier skeleton
- enter studios

Outside kitchen
- take camera right of table
- take blowpipe on bottom of right column
- talk to honourable man about creatures in kitchen
- use painting
- enter kitchen

- use camera on gremlins/you get photo
- take coin on left
- open oven door/you get gizmo
- take vine
- take glass hidden behin plates
- use glass on tap
- take blanket
- go out of kitchen and right

Jurrasic Land entry
- read signs to get knowledge about plants
- use glass of water on purple plant
- take thorn
- take yellow plant
- use left torch to open gate
- enter through gate

POP, suddenly it worked!

I noticed the order is important of the drops, too but see my comment just above (at 20:50)

Whosis, your colors were different from mine. But finally the rejuvenating potion worked.

friwi, sorry didn't think about that.

Walkthrough (part II)

- use thorn + yellow plant
- use poisoned thorn + blow pipe
- read sigh to get wweakness of dinosaur
- use blowpipe and aim well on tip of tail
- take liana from tree
- take viking helmet from behind tree
- take skull from just above dinosaur
- enter cave

- use coin on gum machine
- take 3 big stones from floor
- use stones on wall at the right
- use lowest stone to get to higher level
- combine liana + skull
- aim this at stalaktit in middle of cave roof/you get egg
- leave cave and go right

nest view
- use egg on nest
- use egg to hatch it
- go right

- use gizmo + viking helmet
- throw them on throne
- take ladder from right tree
- go right

Front of horror house
- enjoy your time as long as you like...maybe try to miss another live game like I do writing this? Anyways, there´s nothing here so whenever you´re ready let´s enter the house

- go to window (before red line!)
- use ladder on wall (at bottom of wall)
- use ladder to climb
- chew gum
- combine gum + blanket
- use this on window
- go down, take ladder
- go right

Frankenstein´s monster
- use ladder below book shelf
- climb ladder and take book
- go down and talk to spider
- turn picture on wall upside down
- open door on floor
- enter cellar

Walktrough part (III)

- take 3 flasks
- take dropper and test tube from cupboard
- go up

- read book and create potion (explained later!)
- use potion on monster
- go right

- create new potion
- use on vampire
- take fuel
- go out of house and right

shark lake
- use water jet
- use fuel on jet
- go right

other side of lake
- take berry (second from right/top)
- go right

King Kong
- take leaf from behind you in bushes
- create potion
- use potion on berry
- use leaf on king kong
- use poisooned berry with blowpipe
- aim well inside mouth
- create potion and take mushroom
- go right

- take gun because you just like violence
- take clover from bushes right of drum
- place clover on drum
- place mushroom just left of other mushrooms
- use potion
- climb mushroom
- take mirror
- go right

- just use mirror quickly
Congrats and damn you all for each live game I missed now!! ;)

potion spoiler...

For potions use dropper on flask with right colour and fill test tube.

Potions are all in book.

- friendly potion on monster
- vampire one you might guess yourself
- juvenile on king kong

violet colour is VINE!!

- for mushroom potion on king kong view:

Look at mushroom and create potion by following the colours from left to right


So we all rescued Miley. I'm not so sure that was such a good thing. I say let King Kong have her. ;-)

@sneak: no worries, I have a new improved plan!!
@buddy: fully agree...she´s some kind of kids star, right? Anyways, not very motivating to actually win the game.

@volker, I beg for mercy, don't do it (and I think I know what you're up to and you know it's illegal, so don't).
You may have noticed, but to be solidary I didn't play the new live game as well. So if it means anything to you that I'm here on my knees and doing things like that; Don't use that plan. I'm about to crack. I can't stand the tension anymore. So please, pretty please with sugar on top let me play a live game once in while

lol, very kind of you sneak. Wasn´t a great game we missed anyway.

And no worries. My new plan is perfectly legal! Think I´ll give psychology a chance this time.

But just for the craic..what do you think I was up to? Some input/new ideas are always appreciated!!

'craic'?, Well you are a real patty now aren't you @volker.

The scheme I thought you had in mind I won't give away. It's too dangerous, but it has something to do with leprechauns, potatoes, guinness, shamrocks, Catholic priests and House of Pain.

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