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Multiple of 3: Escape Game 3 Walkthrough

Multiple of 3: Escape Game 3

[REPLAY] Multiple of 3: Escape Game 3 is the final part of the very cute Japanese point & click room escape game trilogy developed by CogitoErgoSum. In this door game, you must help Wan and Nyan return to the real world after they got transported into the world of games due to an email from an unknown sender. In three rooms, locate six resp. nine medals and the golden one. Find and use other items and hints for solving puzzles. There are two different endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


8109 opens jump box. 5 medals so far. lookin for 6th

First! Let's play, it is 10.35pm in Melbourne


@daz, how did you get that code?

ok got 6th . back of plate you take off wall

code . turn lights out and look at letters . e o z n

OK, got the code, combine book, letters on wall and colors of cubes.

turn off the light
look at first letters of words in the book

So far I found;

- Battery next to four cubes on wall.
- Bronze medal in plant.
- Remote under pillow.
- Bronze medal on/in paper on little cabinet.
- Battery on tv.
- Put batteries in remote.
- Use remote on tv.
- Use code from tv on plate on wall.

Thanks @daz and @MegiPoland, but just POP found it.

second room . 9 medals needed. code for pink chest on rubic cube

Only 5 medals
- Plant
- Hanging one
- in paper
- In hole behind plate and behind plate.

Ok 6 (bottom left on door).

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 3:47 AM  

Key on back of plate after it comes away from the wall.

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 3:48 AM  

Thanks sneaksnake, I was missing the one next to the door.

Second room;
- Towel
- Mirror
- One medal under towel rack.
- One medal under cactus.
- One medal behind picture with red symbols.
- Use mirror on that picture to get code.

- One medal from ice cube (use cat skills).
- One medal behind books.

Hi all. Whats the code for dog skill?

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 3:54 AM  

You can take a coat hanger. Pliers/pincers in one of the pink boxes. Code on rubik cube.

- One medal, hanging use dog skills.
- Used nippers to get stick from towel rack.

Martina see 1st comment.

only 7 medals 2nd room ???

:D thx SneakSnake

- Used stick to get medal between book cupboards.
Only 7 medals, @daz did you find the second code?

Use towel in the empty picture.


no not got 3 letter box code yet

I have 8 medals now.
Codes sor far were 384 for box and 3018 for cat scills.

Use code from empty picture on drawers and get medal 8.
Where is 9?

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 3:59 AM  

I have 7 too. Still haven't opened 2nd pink box.

I have 8 medals in second room

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:02 AM  

Thanks got 8 from drawers.

9 must be in the pink box.

Do we have to use the rubic cube again for the second code with letters and a number?

9th is probably in orange box. anyone have code?

H 8 E ;)

@SneakSnake i think we do. I tried e 8 and for third letter all letters that can be used

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:07 AM  

Tried c,8, D.(384) It didn't work.

We're missing a clue. The codes have been obvious and easy so far.

Anyone got the L letter in third room? Stuck...

Have the box open by brute force, the code was something with h7, the letter i cannot remember.

Or h8...

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:08 AM  

Well done sam.

code from rubics cube on second box is case sensitive...

Hello! I love Nyan and Wan.

from cubik

9th is in narrow place between the 1st and 2nd closet

code for box is on the plate on the wall, use mirrow there,
saw all 9 medals, but can't take the one between closets with the hanger

code from cube is 384 = h8E

Anyone the code for the box with the paper roll in third room? Tried "paperroll", "paper", "roll" and "paper roll" so far...

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:10 AM  

The code is from the rubik cube. If you turn it upside down and look, the 3 looks like an E, the 4 like an h, 8 stays the same.

sorry other code was on towel,
plate on wall is for the drawers (use ice there)

In third room i found a pencil

only pen in third room..on laptop

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:13 AM  

In 3rd room use dog to bring down the postbox

In the second room:The code of the 2nd box is the code of the 1st box but up side down.
In the third room: the L is under the computer. You have to break the wall.

just read the comments now,
Where is the stick please?

smash wall under computer for "L"

found L in room 3.
Use cat skills on stones under computer.

stick is hanger ..use pliers on it

How do you get the R in room 3.?

no r. got L... need 2 codes ?????

Daz, where did you get the key for the green chest?

the box you can type in is "olympic"

I see four numbers in the picture with the underlined five, but they work nowhere.

Now in grey room withaout help. Now stuck with fire on L and a pencil

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:21 AM  

sneaksnake, probably need combined cat & dog skill to get the R, height plus strength.

Code for the Nyan and Wan is on the wall...the mixed skill

did find the code for the blue box by accident (is for special end)

those numbers work in the cat/dog skill box

please help get 9 medal in second room, it says to narrow to reach(( hanger doesnt help

Stuck in first room 'cause I can't find the key to open the green chest! HELP.

@Zinha, another hint please. I can see the numbers 5, 4, 9, and 1 written but no clue for the order?

stuck in third room, just sent my postcard... hmmmm

Oh, easier than I thought. Just read along the lines.


@Mop... use nippers/pliers on hanger.

@vix, key was behind plate you took from the wall.

NVM got it.

out! Dogs don't eat tuna!


oh, missing pliers. thx =)

all letters on wall spell 5094 .. just need order

Need a paper to write and send for blue box code..

And Out that was Easy, at last go to the laptop and out.
Two possible Endings.

i can't find the last medal in the second room..?

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:28 AM  

sneaksnake, the first letter of each number is on the top row, going left to right. Take one letter from each row for each number. All are 4 letters.

Where is the paper? I only have a pencil?

How can i send a letter please ?

@Sneak, same here

Thanks anyways sneaksnake!

Letter is in the Blue Box SneakSnake

How did you find the code for the box in the third room?

@cricketer9999, thanks just POP found it.

Houtaru, where did you find a paper?

Behind gold medal there is s hint

5049 not open my box ???????

@Houtaru, I allready got that letter, that was the clue for the box code, but I can't write on it.

POP..thank you.

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:33 AM  

How did you get the code for the blue box?

In the Blue Box is the Paper for the Letter an the Password you get from the paper in front of the treasure...

Thanks @cece.

The hint for blue box is behind the gold medal..

6 x 710 = 4260

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:34 AM  

I wish tuna, lol

Happy end

And out with happy tuna end :)
Thx everybody for the help !!

And Out...Tuna for dog?

for the L letter: punch the stone wall under the computer. You get a parchment.

And the code for the grey box is "olympic", you get it from the parchment.

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:36 AM  

cece, thanks missed that.

Thx everybody for help!

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:37 AM  

Out with happy end too.

That was a good game. Thanks everyone for the hints.

Great Game.

Why should dogs not eat tuna? Out with happy end, but nevver used the clue with the exchanged numbers.

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:40 AM  

You Can Tune a Piano but You Can't Tuna Fish

Ahhh, too bad, my lunch break kicked me out of the life game. Didn't want to eat my pizza cold, so now you're all out...
Anyway, nice game!

..walkthrough soon?

Why inthe bidfisg games they say always :
buy Full ?

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 4:54 AM  

Dont know Tosca, i didn´t give them permission

Yeah!! Tuna, got Happy End!
I love these games.
Only needed help on h8E.

@Bellasmommy are you writing, because I just wanted to start to write a walkthrough?

Need help getting last medal from room2. Thought I had it figured out but I guess not. lol.

where are you stuck Bellasmommy?
hope i can help

Sorry was on phone. second room. only have 8 medals...cant find a 9th.

I love these games!

Out with nice end, but thanks for all the hints! I wouldn't have gotten some of those codes without help!

i restarted the game and am in level 2.
have you opened both boxes yet?

Do I have to send a postcard, if so, where is it?

Okay if you left i understand. I was talking about getting a car. lol. Yes I opened both boxes. I think there is one in the drawers but can't figure out how to get it.

did you get the one between the cupboard with books? you need the long stick to get it. It's between first and second cupboard, looks like a blue O

yes. got that one.

i'm still here, as she just noticed.lol
you have to open the drawers. follow the arrow like the hint on the painting. if they were numbered start with nr. 12, 8,4,3,2 etc.
end with nr.1
hope that helps

Got gold medal and sent postcard for tuna, but where is door out?

Yep!! Did it backwards. lol. Thank you Truus!!

@Jamos, door out is PC.


Solutions for codes at the bottom of every part of the walkthrough.


Plant View
- Zoom in on the plant and take medal #1, Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the colored cubes and take thebattery #1, notice the order of the colors and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the couch, lift the pillow and take the remote. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Cabinet View
- Zoom in on the paper on top of the cabinet and take medal #2. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the book and notice the clue.
- Zoom in on the tv and take battery #2.
- Put both batteries in the remote and use the remote on the tv and see a clue. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Skill Stand View
- Zoom in on the plate and use the clue from the tv to open it. Take medal #3 and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the plate again. Turn it around and take the key. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Door View
- Take medal #4 (bottom left of door).
- Zoom in on the chest and use your key on it and take medal #5. Zoom out.
- Click the light switch (next to the door) and go around the room and see all the colored letters. This is a clue. Switch the light on again.

GO TO THE Skill Stand View
- Zoom in on the skill stand and put in the code and click enter.
- Now you have Dog Skills. Zoom out.
- Use the dog to get hanging medal #6
- Now you have all the medals and go (through the door) to room 2.


For the wall plate
- On the tv it was Top left, Botomm right, Bottom right, Bottom left, Top right.
- Click on that order on the corners of the wall plate.

For the skill stand
- The order of cubes is Green, Blue, Red, Yellow.
- With no light the E is green, the O blue, the Z red and the N yellow.
- In the book you see E is 8, O is 1, Z is 0 and N is 9.
- So the code is 8109.



Big Plant View
- Zoom in on the cupboard and click the books on the second shelf and take medal #1. Take the ice cube. Zoom in on the rubics cube and see a clue. Zoom out.
- Use your dog on the hanging medal and you've got medal #2.

GO RIGHT, Towel Rack View
- Take the Towel and take the hanger.
- Zoom in on the bottom of the rack and take medal #3. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the pink chest and put in the code and take the nippers. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the cabinet and click the cactus and take medal #4.
- Take the mirror from top of the cabinet. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Skill Stand View
- Zoom in on the empty picture and take medal #5 (top right corner). Don't zoom out.
- Use your mirror on the picture and see the code. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the skill stand and put the code in and click enter.
- Now you have Cat Skills. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Door View
- Zoom in on the orange chest, look at picture of the rubics cube on it and put in the code and take medal #6. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the cupboard and zoom in between the first and the second part of the cupboard.
- In your inventory; use the nippers on the hanger and now you've got a stick.
- Use your stick to get medal #7. Zoom out (2x).

GO RIGHT, Big Plant View
- Zoom in on the empty picture and use your towel on it to see a clue. Zoom out.

GO RIGHT, Towel Rack View
- Zoom in on the cabinet and open the drawers in the right order and take medal #8. Zoom out.
- In your inventory; use your cat skills on the ice cube and take medal #9.
- Now you have all the medals and go (through the door) to room 3.


For the pink chest
- On the rubics cube (if you imagine red all on one side) you could see 384 and that's the code.

For the skill stand
- Using the mirror on the empty picture you see 3018, that's the code.

For the orange chest
- On the rubics cube you could see 384.
- On the chest you could see the cube was now use upside down.
- 384 is (looks like) upside down h8E and that's the code.

For the drawers
- On the cleaned picture you see a line going over squares.
- The squares are all the drawers, so open the drawers in that order, starting with the bottom right one and ending with the top left one.

part 3 will take some time.

Ahh.... thanks SneakSnake.

Wooohooo! Now go for Gold Bellasmommy!!
(And later maybe that beautiful car)

lol @truus! And then the third room...o0 the demise.

And out! Thank you Truus!!!



Skill Stand View
- Zoom in on the letters on the wall and see the clue. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the skill stand and put the code in and click enter.
- Now you have combined cat and dog skills. Zoom out.

GO LEFT, Blue Chest View
- Go up and take the R with your combined skills. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the PC and use your cat skills on the stones and take the L. Don't zoom out.
- Zoom in on the PC and take the pencil. Zoom out (2x)

GO LEFT, Corner with Red Ring View
- Use your dog skills on the red ring and now there is a mail box.
- Zoom in on the chest and put the R and the L in the holes. Now there is fire and a handle.
- Use your cat skills on the handle and click yes and take the paper with clue. Zoom out.

GO LEFT, Grey Chest View
- Zoom in on the chest and put in the code and click enter.
- Take the key and zoom out.
- Zoom in on the red chest and use your key on it and take the gold medal. Zoom out.
- You could go out now for the first ending, but we go on.

GO RIGHT (2x), Blue Chest View
- Zoom in on the chest and put in your code (use clue from something from the inventory).
- You have a new paper now. Turn it around and use your pencil on it and see you want Tuna. Zoom out.

GO LEFT, Mail Box View
- Put your paper in the mail box and now you can go out for the real end.

To go out. Zoom in on the PC. Click the screen and click yes.


For the skill stand
- All the words with four letters you could see/make for numbers are five, four, zero and nine.
- The stairs showed you to go from left to right (and every step also go one down).
- So the first word is Five, the second word is Zero, third Four and last is Nine.
- So the code is 5049

For the grey chest
- Every word on the paper is missing a letter.
- All those missing letters together make the word olympic, and that's the code.

For the blue chest
- In your inventory you can turn the gold medal around and see a code. Also notice the medal is now upside down.
- Upside down it says SIX x 710 and that is 4260 and that's the code.

And of course solving this game was an EG24 team effort.

Well done Bellasmommy!!
glad I could help.

And (once again) making this Great Walkthrough was a SneakSnake effort.

WOW! Considering a whole tuna can go for at least $2,000, those are some pretty spoiled pets.

I love these games. They are some of my favorites. I was a bit slow today and needed a couple of hints. All well. Still lots of fun!

@Knotaklu after getting 6 bronze, 9 silver, and a gold. Those pets deserve a tuna!

ive just finished playing this game after about 30 mins or so and i must say i REALLY REALLY enjoyed it!

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 3:32 PM  

These games are wonderful. Love the logic and soooooo cute!! Thanks for the fun!!!

I love these games, and this one was pleasant as always!! Got the tuna as well :)

       Anonymous  2/23/10, 10:59 PM  

Oh, I TOTALLY believe the tuna for a dog...mine goes nuts when I feed it to the cats, then she steals the can and hides under the couch with it. hee hee hee

       Anonymous  2/24/10, 4:36 PM  

That was fun! Thanks for the walkthrough too.

I love these series! I hope the author continues to make these games forever.

i'm out yay!!!! and i got tuna!!!!!

thanks for all the hints

       Anonymous  9/6/18, 3:13 AM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post all 3 parts for the replay - this is the final part - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, CES ☺
& thx SS for the WT

"Normal End" is reached if you don't send the Tuna postcard, just go back to laptop before sending.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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