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Hilg - Alloy is a new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Hilg, who is also creator of Sensor and Wizard Taro game series. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Note: Click the yellow J/E button in the bottom left corner of the text window to switch the language.

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here we go

Anybody here?


It worked for me with the alternative link

Excellent thanks

loading (very slowly)

Hi zazie, justin, and nik

loaded fine for me..stuck with a key,handle,metal part,number memory alloy and memo..

foung orange ball above wine bottles

According to the webpage, The human being is a reed to think about ;)

hi kit :)

key goes to door near plant

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Hi! try to catch up

Also corkscrew, perfume bottle and hammer


click the yellow button for English if you didn't already

i feel like i have a lot of stuff i can't use or combine


Put perfume bottle into metal body

vent over the door in the view of the clock

where did you get perfume bottle?

behind flower on sink


oops srry for the CAPS lol

In the bathroom somewhere left of sink (flower?)

Now have also a ring, two plates with holes, another half yellow ball, cutter remote with the same green dots on its back

Blue red green doesn´t work for me. It just says: look for a hint... Help!

Where'd you get all that stuff?!!

What i wrote lately i found in the sleeping room

Now i have put the plate with 2 holes into the panel on the living room table.

Now i can change the squares on table, but no idea about the positions

Ohh table said OPEN now

sink gives red key (hint on blue card) for order

Where is the metal body where i´m suppose to put my perfumebottle?

I opened the vent

hmm.. where to use the cutter?

Zazie is SELFISH, not sharing ANYTHING helpful!

Stupid me...just found out that you can look at the items by pushing the button besides it...LOL

Well first i put the plate with two holes into the panal on table, then i changed the squares on table to a cross in the middle (only leave the corner tiles as they are) then go to the went abover the winebottles (click the upper corner where you see the door)

@Madde sorry. I had to replay to find it. The body is hanging from the plant pot in the living room

TY KKF! It is much easier now when I found out to look at things. I already had the body but I thought it was a fly or something...

shoe alloy goes to remote

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collected all but 2 things


Put the yellow ball on the bottom drawer in bedroom to open drawer for HINT for cabinet in bathroom

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vents open ..now what?

Opened the safe in cupboard

i've got the corkscrew, hammer, yellow ball, perfume bottle in metal body, a metal plate with 5 holes, a blue hint card with HDDHDDH and a hint card with 1+2x3 = ?
where is the key to the bedroom and where can i find the other things?

Did anybody find what we need to put into the birdie? It's the last think n my inventory (or rather, the first)

There is i winebottle, i opened it and filled the fuel into the man, then put other ball on it as head, he starts moving

Christian, the numbers on the hint is for a number you're missing in three different cases, the symbol is what you input there....

Key is in the sink after you hit the hot and cold water as NIK-NAK said : HCCHCCH

The man needs something else to find his way....

It's H C C, not D D (what is H or C?)
It's not 1+2*3=
It's 1+, 2x, 3= (what can you light up?)

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where did you use the hammer??

But now, the hole in the birdie....how do we stopper it? Then I think we can use the hammer.

2zazie how did you open safe and where is the winebottle?

My man is too scared to go out still. I've tried putting him in the hole, but that doesn't work

for safe(brutal force).. light up top and bottom rows only

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put head on bottle body to make man then put ring on

Corkscrew is the handle of the left box upon cupboard

Patrol robot!

Table is 1st therefore it is "+"
TV is 2nd therefore it is "x"
Safe is 3rd therefore it is "="
from the 1+ 2x 3=

How can we use remote ?
I am missing something on the back ? But where is it ?

anyone use hammer yet?

sorry zaz can't remember you should have 3 alloy cards

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Ah, never mind, not number of dots, the dots are supposed to make a line, that line looks lik a 1, 2 or 3.

zazie,there was one under book right of sink..

thanks for help, now to find out how i can open the table ;) maybe just clicked on the wrong part..
i have the metal plate with to holes in table but it seems i need another thing

I don't remember where I got the remote allow card, below the book in the corner maybe?

Notty put the yellow know on the lowest drawer in bedroom, there are photos, they give you the hint about how to open the cupboard in bathroom, there you put = (upper and down row only) in safe to find bottle.

ahh just figured out that memo..thnx

Notty thisone i have already cry

Stuck with hammer, remote, and assembled doll. Opened door but patrol robot outside.


remote alloy might be under towel on bathroom sink?

stuck with one open inventory slot,
little guy (bottle, harness, wine, head, ring)
open door with guard bot

now what?

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ahahahahaha got it

noodle must be a non english word for drawer? =P

shoe in closet in bathroom left of safe

not noodle: handle or knob i mean LOL

Zazie, shoe is in closet in the sink room (not really a bathroom without a bath-tub or shower), you pick it up into inventory

what about the bird in window?

and out!

thought I had it, the screen said free, (white x was code), but when I got in the corridor, it just said oops!, with an arrow back to the room... Just stuck!

what's pattern for tv?

Nik-Nak you saved me :) Thx
I did not see the shoes...

TV ...X

Zazie, I just replayed, it's the one in the shoe!

Cory How?

O, too late...Corey, what did you put in the birdie hole?

1. Where to use hammer ?
2. Why we opened the vent ?
3. What to to with bird by window ?

help us Cory...

ur welcome zaz :)

Thx anyway Jitta :)

have the questions as Zazie.

I think we have to kinda do some things in order , cause i put an x on tv earlier but didn't work

have same questions as Zazie I meant. I´m tired now...

Yay! Thanks Cory!

And out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a cool game :)

you go cory!!!

Finally outta there!

My code for bathroom closet doesn't work (RRRRBGBGG)? What am i doing wrong?

TY Cory!!

what's the color code to box?

I still can't open the closet in the bathroom. Can anybody tell me please how it's done?

out with some help. I got some of the codes by trial and error, but didn't understand why until I read here. Then I got the TV one.

I can't believe how long it took me to realize that I hadn't used the blue memo. I totally forgot about it.

The "ring" by the way, was a GPS bracelet.

urban try it backwards ..wine glass pics say left to right

thnx cory!! i'm out! :)

i mean right to left lol srry

TY everybody for all help. Have never done this without you all. See you in another game.

excellent game :)

Is someone doing a walkthrough?

It doesn't work in any direction. Is there a button or something to press after inserting color code?

@ Urban no. The light on the cabinet should change color. I think to blue. Then you can open it


nvm, in 100th try it worked :)

Henk Use yellow ball on bottom drawer in bedroom to open. Pictures of wine bottle (red), shot glass (blue), wine glass (green). Note order of wine bottles etc (R to L) and push closet buttons in that order, Mine was RRRRBGBGG.

duh! .. clock showed color code to box ..lol I'm so blonde today :P

Left is a green glas on a card. My whinebottle card gives me a blue glas, a red top of the bottle and a green glas. At the right is a card with a blue glas. SO WHAT IS THE CODE OF DE CLOSET IN THE BATHROOM PLEASE????? Or do I have to do something begore I use the allready given code? What am I doing wrong??? Help me please.

made it out thru the vent ..cool! great game everyone .. cya soon

Whoeahhhhhhhhhh! Thank you Stryboh.

I'm starting a walkthrough now.

henk look at shelf of glasses and wine bottles under clock for order.. then put code in from right to left in closet in bathroom

@Henk Note order of bottles, wine glasses, and small glasses on rack in main room. Start from the right to left and translate each type to a color from the pics.

Arrrgh! stuck, still!!!! driving me nuts! Got the box, yellow stick, then cw: light blue, red, blue, black... and then?
Just oops! What am I missing. Didn't see the little buddy budge or go anywhere... mmh...

color box opens to give you a vase full of water for hole in front of birdie which stops fan in vent

OMG! Thanx a billion Nik! I'd never gotten that one! hurray! Rather wicked end...

please. how can i open the vent?

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And out. TY for hint hammer in door.

@ Seawall : When you are entering the bedroom click on the door, then place the hammer near the ground.

my problem is, how to use the code on the tv.
i have already used the robot, he's gone away but i'm still inside xD
What to do?

Walkthrough part 1

Click the yellow button left of the white text bar. Select English if you don’t read Japanese.

Note the bobbing bird on the window sill
Turn right
Click the coffee table
Get the blue key from the white hole in the table
Note the window pattern on the table top
Click the square to the right of the window pattern to see a hidden compartment with 7 green lights
Click the gold plant pot -- get the robot body from the edge
Click the small table in the corner
Move the flowered book for the first number memory alloy
Open the bottom of the cabinet and get the white paper square from in front of the books
In your inventory, click the blue rectangle left of the white paper to see the about item view
Click the paper and see it is a blue memo
Use the blue key on the door right of the gold potted plant

Enter the bathroom
Click the picture on the wall and see a clue behind it
Turn right
Zoom in on the flower on the sink
Get the glass bottle behind the pot
Zoom in on the faucets
Hot and Cold faucets
Hmmm….Where have we seen something like that before?
Enter the patterned code
Get the red key



Zoom in on the stuff to the right of the sink
Get the white memo peeking out from the top of the blue bag
Look at it in your about item view to see the hint 1+ 2x 3=
Turn 2 times to the cabinet in the bathroom
Zoom in on the boxes on top
Get the handle from the left one -- it is a corkscrew
While still looking at the top, get the hammer from the right of the boxes
Note the cabinet needs a color code, but you can’t do anything with it yet

Turn left
Click the door and enter the living room again
Note the clock on the wall
There is a TV to your left, but you need a remote for it
Zoom in on the wine bottles under the clock
Note the shapes are the same as the hint in the bathroom
Zoom in on the top shelf over the bottles -- get the orange ball
Looking at it in your about item view shows it is really a handle
Zoom in on the door to the left of the bottles
Click the upper corner of the right wall while zoomed in to see a vent that you can’t reach
Click the down arrow so you are still zoomed in on the door
Use the red key to open it

Enter the bedroom
Zoom in on the small drawers on the stand to the left
Click the bottom knob, which looks odd to get the part
The knob is now missing, so replace it with the handle you have
Open the bottom drawer and get the picture hint from inside
Open the second drawer from the bottom and get the second number memory alloy
Open the second drawer from the top and get the box cutters (there’s a screwdriver, too, but you can’t have it. Sorry)
Turn right to face the bed
Zoom in on the light on the shelf
Get the GPS bracelet that looks a bit like a ring
Click right of the pillow to see a down view of the bed
Open the compartment on top of the headboard (it has a blue knob)
Get the remote from inside

Turn right and open the door to enter the living room
Look at the pictures in the about item view
See the colors for each type of glass and a note l and r
Turn 2 times
Zoom in on the glasses/bottles
Make note of the pattern
Turn 2 times and enter the bathroom

Turn left to the tall bathroom cabinet
Enter the color code
If you get it right, the light over the colored buttons will change from red to blue

Hintrighttoleft; bottles red, wine glasses green, shot glasses blueHint


Back up and click the handles
Note the safe
Zoom in left of the safe
Get the leftmost shoe
Look at it in the about item view
Click it to turn it over
Use the box cutter and get the third number memory alloy

Part 2

Now! Time to start using alloy those things! (thanks for the explanation, DRAKONOKARD!)
Look at the bottom right one in your inventory to see the about item view
See the outline on the front looks like your safe?
Zoom in on the safe and place the plate on the green lights at the top
Stare at the lights, and you should see a number in it
Enter the code by turning the correct squares purple
Click the handle and get the vodka bottle

Hintwhite memoHINT

SPOILERthe lights are three, and the memo says three is =SPOILER
SPOILERlight the top and bottom rows (middle row stays graySPOILER

Back up and turn left
Open the door and enter the living room
Look at the top right alloy plate in you inventory
See the table outline
Click the coffee table
Open the hidden compartment right of the 9 squares
Place the plate
Back up once and turn the correct squares gray
It will say open when you have it right


But what opened?
Click the bedroom door and open it, but don’t go into the bedroom
Instead, look up (click the top of the wooden door
Aha! That is what opened!
But you still can’t enter it
Look down so you are facing the bedroom with the door open still
Now, click the door handle to look down
Place you hammer to hold the door back
Click down to go back to the entire door view and then click to look up
Look into the vent
Get the red box and note the fan
Back up
3 times so you are in the living room

Look at the new box in the about item view
Click it to see the top
Hmm…the pattern looks familiar!
Click the 4 pie-shaped pieces to enter the right color combination
Click the edge of the box to get the small pot (your inventory should be full now)

Hintclock, but rotatedHint


Turn right to the couch
Zoom in on the bobbing bird toy in the window
Place the pot in the hole and click the bird’s head to drop him
But what did that change?
Back up and turn left
Zoom in on the bedroom door and look at the vent
So the fan stopped, but why?

Back up and turn left to face the TV
Use the remote, but it won’t work
Look at the remote in the about item view
Click it and see the back side
Well instead of missing batteries, it is missing the last alloy plate!
Place the plate, and use the remote on the TV
Enter the last code
Hit the silver button, and it should say free


Click the door to the right of the TV to leave!
Oh no! you are blocked!

Back up and enter the living room again
Turn right
Well, you do still have a ton of stuff in your inventory!
Look at the robot body in the about item view (it is the third thing down on the right)
Add the bottle, and click it
It says fuel is necessary
Look at the vodka in the about item view
Use the corkscrew on the top and remove the cork
Add the vodka to the robot
Now add the yellow and black ball part
Ah. It is a head!
The little robot moves!
Give him the GPS bracelet
Now release him through the vent

Now you can back up and leave through the door!

Excellent WT asever KKF ! Thx a lot :)

lol you're welcome Zazie. This was a long one.

I'm still laughing at myself for the blue memo thing. I forgot it for so long. All well.

I've got the hint, and even know what colors to push (red, green, blue), but I can't open the cabinet in the bathroom. Please help!

Me too i forgot about it :)

KKF your WTs are always a hit !
(and you are that quick !)

@cyndee no must have looked at several hints first to make the code work.

-The pic in bathroom when you enter room, look behind it.
-The photos from the below drawer in bedroom (where you have to put yellow knob first)
-The shelf with bottles and glasses

@ cyndee...i mean YOU

Zazie, I've looked at all three hints, and it will let me push the buttons, but it won't open. What is the order again???

Sorry, i was away from keybord :)
The code was RRRRBGBGG

When you have looked at all the hints for this code the buttons will "move" i mean, you will see that something is happening while pushing, or you are missing a hint.

And i want to say "thank you" to Megi and Shuchun for all the cool games they posted today....

You are just great ! Merci...


I didn't realize what the heck those alloy cards were referring to when they said "according to memo." Until I was finished completing them. However my complaint is that they weren't exactly in the order of the memo as the second puzzle you had to solve was actually the safe, not the tv.

Thanks Cory for the bedroom door clue. Once you said to open it and not go through, I got the rest from there. :)

"The human being is a reed to think about." Hmm...

oh yeah great yet another jap one we cant do without a walkthough make us brits look dumb :( we need more uk escape games com on peeps get ya brains into gear

vixen, this could be done without a walkthrough. There is an option for English subtitles so we won't be stuck.

The key to escaping any room is cracking the puzzles...and that's a universal effort! :D

However once in a while you will encounter a game where the clues are very obscure....and so this is when we all congregate together and summon Xenon - the code cracker!

wowwwww hats of to you KKF..you desirve a gold screw driver for that WT...im verry impressed...and also free tks to you ;) great job

i'm glad i saved this one for the weekend
I'm also glad kkf wrote such a great walkthrough! I agree you deserve a gold screwdriver!

great game! More like this please.

anyone have a screen shot or something of the door lock control

i'm free...i don't believe it *still pinching myself*...lol!! what an absolutely fantastic game...Hilg always creates very challenging games and this was no exception! I reached about the midway point and found myself hopelessly stuck...haha!! forgot all about the knob in my inventory...lol!!!! once i used that things started to fall into place; but this game was no easy task!!! without the help of cory *that hammer hint was very useful :)*, zazie *never would have thought to look for a vent...lol!*, nik-nak for so many helpful hints and...
@kitkat...you saved me :) thank you for your awesome walkthrough...i am a happy escaper once again ;) the EG4 WT team rocks!!!!!

       Anonymous  3/7/10, 7:27 AM  

Excellent!!!! Thanks KKF for your WT - wonderful, as usual

A great game!! Needed help to use the hammer by the door, and I was a bit sad that I couldn't take that screwdriver.

My vote for the Gold Screwdriver goes to kitkatfox as well!!

Both links are dead.

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