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Bread Girl Walkthrough

Bread Girl

Bread Girl is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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Bread Girl Video Walkthrough

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Hey everybody! Live game!

Love Minoto games. :D

yeah!! Love Minoto - soooo cute ;)

Quick walkthrough..

Use shovel on garden, get briefcase.
Use card on phone, give briefcase to man who appeared, get in doorway.
Take dvd from briefcase.
Play dvd on dentists? tv, get tissue.
Tissue to crying monster.
Get potato. Potato in garden, use shovel, get potatoes. Potatoes to market girl, get nail clipper. Clipper to tiger, get tiger.
Use tiger on caged critter, get tiger with broken teeth. Have tiger teeth repaired by dentist, get tiger. Tiger to caged critter again, get key. Key to lock, free bread girl.

And out, easy game, anyone need help.

Yes I do, can you tell me about the match girl how she ended up on that cd? and the spy guy I wanted to find out that story line LOL these games always bring a smile


Take magnetic card.Go right.Take shovel.Go right.Put magnetic card in telephone.Go left twice.Use shovel on soil.Take secret case.Go to last area and give dude in black the briefcase.Go inside the building and open case.Take DVD disk.Go left thrice.Open DVD player and put DVD in and close it.Take the tissue from the vendor in the TV(how is that even possible?).Go right and give monster the tissue.Take green potato.Go back to first area and put green potato in soil.Use shovel to cover it.Click on plant and take the potatoes.Go right thrice and give vendor potatoes and take nail clipper.Go left and use nail cutter on the saber-tooth tiger.TAKE the saber tiger to last area to destroy the cage.TAKE the tiger again to the dentist and go back to the building to rescue the baby tiger.Take key and go back to first area and use key on the gate.

A busy preparation in the morning was finished.
Girl who went to school
It collided with the boy in the alley.

Meeting end
only one method

Can't wait for MQ#4(Minoto Quiz #4)

I don't know about this one.

We've got a secret service agent, an under cover spy, a van obviously used for covert surveillance, and what looks like a genetically engineered saber tooth tiger all to save a girl who cant climb over a three foot gate...Hummmm

I think I'll just keep my aluminum hat on.LOL

       Anonymous  3/20/10, 11:46 PM  

Sweet as usual ;.)

the logic of these minoto games baffles me every time but you have to love the originality! always a laugh!

well, O.M.G., it's about time! I mean if you can't depend on Minoto on a Saturday, what hope is there for any normalcy?

having gotten that off my chest, so to speak, let me just warn everyone that Minoto seems to be plunging further into the depths of psychological pathology with every episode, imho.

To Wit:

-- we begin with a "bread girl" who is clearly suffering from an oral fixation of enormous magnitude.

--next we get a magnetic card, the description of which is "there are signs used. there are tiny holes." Freud, anyone?

--moving along, we enter a dentist's office. Aside from the obvious implications for Sado-Masochism inherent in the profession, there is a shovel in the office! Good God, could the game makers be more explicit? The presence of the cd player is clearly meant to sooth nervousness - or, perhaps to lull the patient into a false sense of security???

--leaving the Little Shop of Horrors, we find ourselves in a Safari Park, where we encounter a Yeti (Bigfoot) character with a runny nose seemingly surrounded by Easter Eggs (rites of fertility? bodily fluids?).

--also in this scene is a green telephone that takes our "holy" magnetic card, and an animal that is so steeped in denial that it
1. does not realize that it is in dire need of dental work, and
2. thinks that those Uber-long nails are somehow sexy.

Frightening as the thought may be,we move to the next scene, where we find a woman at a vegetable stand. But not just any woman at a vegetable stand, no this woman is a clear representation of the domineering mother - right down to the "M" on her matronly smock. the sunglasses and headband label her as an aging hippie, but the bodyguard on the edge of the screen hints at something much more sinister. Beware.

--returning to the first scene (the one with little Miss Oral Fixation) we can use the shovel in the field to dig up a "Secret case. It was buried in the soil. It is a secret case." A secret case holding secrets of long-suppressed events from childhood, perhaps? We can only wonder.

Minoto Disturb Through, con't

--a Secret Case clearly belongs in the hands of the Secret Service, so we will give the case to the guy guarding Mommy Dearest.

--Mr. Secret Agent Man takes the case into a nondescript factory building. We follow him and find an exotic animal in a cage. International smuggling ring, perhaps? Maybe the DVD in the briefcase will shed some light on things, even though it is a "disk that person on the blacklist's data entered". Sinister, indeed.

--since the Dastardly Dentist has a CD/DVD player, we can see what's on this blacklist DVD. OMG it sure looks alot like Mom, even though her eyes are blacked out. Not only that, but we get a tissue from her! although it ostensibly "obtained it from a suspicious child on the road", we know that child is Mother. After all, it is a known fact that every mother carries an abundant supply of tissues with her at all times. Often tucked into her sleeve.

--the long-suffering runny-nosed Yeti looks like he could use a tissue. But, gag me with a spoon! We give him the tissue and he blows his nose and out comes a Green Potato. I mean, Ewwww! "Because time has passed since it was put out from the soil, it is green". Oh, sure, like the time it spent in Yeti's nose has nothing to do with the color!

--let's put this green "potato" in the field and bury it at once. When we do, something grows. We dig it up and it seems to be "a lot of potatoes. It has grown up in the soil in the arid zone. It is a potato." It seems the girl with the Oral Fixation is surrounded by a zone of rare fertility.

--ok, we'll take the potatoes to the market, where Mom snatches them up immediately (don't ever get between Mom and ripe produce). Once she has the potatoes, she gives us the "free gift" from the greengrocer to occupy our time. This "free gift" is a nailclipper. What kind of mother gives her child a nailclipper to play with? The kind that wears those Jackie O sunglasses, apparently.

Minoto Disturb Through, finale

--Because we are caring individuals, even in the face of Extreme Pathology, we will give the nailclipper to the poor creature with the extravagant yet crippling fingernails. It is a Saber Tiger, and it is possible to move freely by clipping the fingernail. Liberation from bondage, it seems.

--This Saber Tiger looks like it may belong to the same species as the caged animal in the factory. When we take it there, it becomes so distraught that it attacks the cage. "The tiger bit the iron-barred window. Teeth have broken". Clearly, this Tiger is a mother who will go to any length to save her cub (unlike Miami Mom).

--But for now, Tiger Mother has a wicked toothache, so let's take her to the dentist (even though he's kind of scary, he's still the only dentist in town).

--Sure enough, Doc fixed the Tiger's teeth without even resorting to laughing gas (which is kind of a shame, actually) and she becomes a Saber Tiger whose "teeth were treated. In addition, it became strengthened teeth". Don't get in Mother Tiger's way now, or you'll be sorry!

--With her strengthened teeth, Mother Tiger bites cleanly through the iron bars of her cub's cage and it's a Mother and Son Reunion, that, coincidentally, releases a key (just a usual key).

--It may be just a "usual key", but try telling that to the little girl with the bread in her mouth when you unlock the gate to the fence that she was unable to climb over. (Releasing a captive damsel in distress; being a hero; there are soooo many implications here!)

--In her haste to escape the boredom of living in a very small town (only one house) the Bread Girl runs headlong into a boy who looks very much like her. A "cute meet" you might think. But this boy looks an awful lot like her brother. Just saying.

Anyway, A busy preparation in the morning was finished! Girl who went to school (with a piece of bread in her mouth, btw), it collided with the boy in the alley.

Draw your own conclusions. I, for one, find this all deeply disturbing.

@zoz: you are the master of minoto walkthroughs! so fun to do the actual game, then wait for your fabulous walkthrough. puts a smile on my face every time...even if minoto was a day late this week!

       Anonymous  3/21/10, 4:10 AM  

ROFLMAO!!!! I adore Minoto games, but these days the wonderful variety of walkthroughs are even better than the games. Congratulations and thanks!

to @zoz...a pure mastermind.. ur analytical observation powers in literary sense in relation to a game is absolutely mesmerizing!!

I am truly sorry, but there won't bne any Quiz this time :(

Next week, I've got 2 Tests, 2 Assignments/Projects, and I've got to make some animations for a Project on Thursday!

I am very, very sorry! I hope you can wait for next week, cause then, I am free as a Wild Horse ;)


lol @zoz. Personally speaking, I thought this wasn't the best Minoto game, but your vision most certainly upgraded it!

@Prid, That is NO problem at all!!!

Oh boy, you have a busy week,
GOOD LUCK on the Tests/Assignments/Projects!!

@zoz,how the heck do you make weird disturbances in almost every Minoto game?Still.....you make it complete though!I think the ones who always make every Minoto game complete are hot_shot(a.k.a.The Hotshot,hotshot_143 etc. cause I don't have anything to make me cool by name!LOL!),zoz,Prid,Sneaksnake.BTW,I haven't seen Suicune/Sneaksnake for a long time.
@Prid,too bad!Good luck!Can't wait 'til summer!

@Prid, everyone will definitely miss your great Minoto Quiz, but you've got to concentrate on your studies. It just gives us all something to look forward to next week! Good luck on your exams and assignments!

@hot_shot, your walkthroughs definitely make the Minoto games more fun!

as for SneakSnake, I miss him very much; even more so when there is a new Minoto.

I thank you all for the kind words. They will no doubt help me put the Trauma of this Minoto story behind me.

       Anonymous  3/21/10, 7:41 AM  

@Zoz....lol. You are toooo funny! You are truly brilliant at writing your "Disturbthrough". Thanks, also to Emily and hot_shot for your WT's too. It's so much fun playing these games and reading your comments/walkthroughs. LOVE MINOTO!!

       Anonymous  3/21/10, 9:01 AM  

Good quick walkthrough,Emily.

zoz loved it.

Prid good luck.

@Emily your walkthrough is elegantly simple and direct. Nice job!

I think you are right, after this the aluminium hat is needed just in case. There is something alien with the way that girl walks to school (backwards, with a sandwich hard as a brick attached to the her lips). Note that even Minoto call the girl "it" (it collided with the boy...).

ROFL @zoz!!
You spread joy whenever you place a comment :)!!
Thank you for sharing your interpretation of what we just went through, for us to fully understand it! As always, better than the game:D
Minoto is never complete without the comments afterwards.

@Prid, I was looking forward to your minigame, it already feels like a "must" after solving the game. You are totally right when you choose school before this though, and I hope to see you in the next Minoto instead. Good luck!!

Great wt's @Emily (4:th comment lol, that was quick!)and @hot_shot!

Btw, what is the thought behind placing a phone in the middle of the road!? Quite a ludicrous thing to do.

I love these, they are short and sweet, but always make me laugh!

I love this Minoto games, they are soooo cute, they dont make my brains hurt, just simple logic.

       Anonymous  3/21/10, 3:22 PM  

Hee Hee, I thought the "dentist" was a tattoo artist, and the Matchstick girl was crying and her eyes blacked out because she had gotten a bad tattoo! LOVE Minoto, my fav!

love minoto games.. so cute, funny and easy!! ^-^

these are my favorite type of escape games!!!! Please tell me what they are called and if there is a site I can find!!!

The ones like bread girl. These ones in particular. The graphics and searching.

@zoz...ROFLMAO!!! You are brilliant...another great dissertation on the state of the psyche as it applies to Minoto...lol!!!!! I love your creative thinking!!! Almost forgot to play the game...haha!!!

@Prid...you don't ever have to apologize for not giving us a quiz or walkthrough :) I love your quizzes and breaking codes to peak inside a mystery box ;) You rock the casbah!!!!

@Prid I look forward to your quiz (the fun kind of testing!), and hope school is going well this week

@zoz too funny! Thanks for the laugh. although you do make me wonder just a bit about you noticing all the disturbed behavior in the game ;)

I now feel like I need to take a shower. Which isn't very easy while keeping knotaklu's advice about a tin foil hat!

This nauseatingly cute, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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