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Caroline's Adventure 2 Walkthrough

Caroline's Adventure 2

Carolines Adventure 2 - Help Her Find Teddy is a new point and click type adventure game from GirlsGameClub. "Oh no, Caroline's teddy bear has been taken by the dog and now its inside his doghouse, its terrible! Help Caroline to safely retrieve her teddybear back! Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Grzegania]

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Carolines Adventure 2 Walkthrough

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was going to play this one, but that girl's voice is really annoying. Just not my type of game I guess. Have fun, whoever decides to try it. :)

I agree - just annoying

its a very easy game to play. but yes. very annoying listening to the girl talk.

Don't be rude! this girl has down's syndrome.

LMAO @Justy! Well now I feel like a jerk. dammit!


Get rid of sounds. They are annoying.
Turn the lights on.
Check both doors and find that they are locked.
Get the green stool from the pile of stuff.
Place stool below the shelf and climb on it.
Grab everything you can (bird seeds, key and balloons)
Use key to middle door an get the ladder.
Use ladder to get get the second key.
Use that to open the other door.

Second room
Pull the plug on left lamp and click on that lamp.
Now you can take the other stool.
Take a bone from left of cabinet.
Place that in front of drawers and climb on it.
Open top drawer and get a key.
Also take scissors from slightly to the right of girls head.
Use key on the next door.

Third 'room'
Throw bone to the dog.
You missed didn't you...
Ok.. use the bird seeds to remedy this.
Sneakily get the dog whistle.
Combine dog whistle with balloons.
Cut the dogs rope with scissors.
Use combined balloons&whistle.
Get your teddy from the doghouse.

Cannot believe I did this... (I did it :)

Copy/paste error. Not the bone but the stool.
Memo to self 'proofread the fifth time, four is not enough'.

the stool wont come out, for me, how do u get it?

@Peke thanks for the walkthrough. The game was glitchy for me. I thought I had gotten all I could from the dresser since she kept getting down. I missed the scissors.

Bad game even with the sound turned off.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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