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Grape Juice Room Escape Walkthrough

Grape Juice Room Escape

Grape Juice Room Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Sakura. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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is this a live one!? My First!!!

if i can't have wine i guess grape juice will have to do!

grape juice will come fine after being stuck at parlor's.
Let's do this.

Wow.. a live game..

hi all

I'm missing the yellow ball Have anybody found that yet?

i can't work out the shape on the thing on the wall. has anyone seen a clue for that?

Yellow key in puzzle boy - get scissors.
SD behind TV cabinet (left side)

You need ta paint

Virtually nothing worth playing all week and then 6 good games come out in one hour I think I'll just come here on Fridays from now on...just kidding...I am hooked on EG24

not yet zoz :(

use the inked brush on the white thing on wall, got the shape clue

Got yellow ball from wall in door view, use scissors.


there was a brush somewhere, forgot where...
you will paint the clue @zoz

yellow is in door with room, 5 tiles up and 2 across from right hand side

Use inked brush on picture above couch, get the shape for that other puzzle!


wow, thanks @edgar!

Red ball!

How did you get the blue ball out?

       Anonymous  3/5/10, 8:21 AM  

And out without any help. I worked out the code if anyone get's stuck with it.

OUT!! Yippee!

       Anonymous  3/5/10, 8:22 AM  

blue ball, you need pincers/pliers.

stuck with sd..need blue key and blue ball and green ball

Zoom in-between 2nd and 3rd cushions for blue key.

Thanks, found the blue key now

Where to use SD?

sweet... love sakura games

Eraser under couch, left part.

@ Edgar, use SD beside black cupboard

the small black one beside couch

Thank Doris, you've just saved my life!

thanks cricketer9999 now I'll be stuck with code for hours

always stuck on code, seems so easy, but...

@cricketer9999, thanks as well! Sorry, this connection is driving me crazy!

do I have to count the coloured squares? or the white or none? HELP

out too!!
thanks for the hint @zoz!

I'm with you Doris...HELP PLEASE

Everybody must be out by the time this comment gets posted, geez!
Thanks @zoz for final hint, you rock!

look at the hint in the book after using eraser, then take all of the squares that are in dark grey in that book and look at the tv screen and reverse the colors just in that area
e.g. blue becomes white and white becomes blue for the first number, but only in the middle squares. you get an 8

yes, kook, guess we have to stay in here! forever

thx zoz!!!

@zoz...I'm just not seeing it :(

For final code, take the central 9 squares and invert the colors in them... make the blank ones colored and viceversa.

sounds good, Edgar, but I don't see anything

hahahaha...I did it...thanks everyone!!!

@Doris, do it in your mind or draw them down in your notes. It's not very difficult to come out with the numbers.

Doris, zoz and Edgar explain it best, keep trying you will see it

I can't see any numbers at all! Please someone just post the thing!

@Edgar, I'm sure that it is NOT difficult, but for me it's the most difficult thing today! I don't see 8 as first number, I don't see it, arghhh

If I reverse the "blues", I get H. I must be blind and dumb

I guess I am too. Makes no sense to me either!


Turn this:

...into this:

There is your 8!


turn off light using switch by door. go around the room until you see the code for the order of the colored balls and note that

turn light back on and see that you will need an eraser for the clue book

go right and click on the couch between the right and middle cushions - take the blue key

click under the couch and take the eraser

click under the box shaped table and see that you will need nippers for the blue ball

click to the right of the box table and see that you will need a screwdriver

go right and use the blue key - take both grape juices and the nippers.

go back and get the blue ball, then return to the cabinet with colored locks

click to the right of the other cabinet in that view and take the red key- use the red key and take the grape juice and the brush

dip the brush in the beaker with ink on top of the cabinet

go left and use the inked brush on the white thing on the wall to get a shape (which is apparently different in every game). Then go to the little box on the wall to the right of the sofa and enter that shape.

open the box and take the red ball

go right twice and take the grape juice, then do the puzzle on the box and take the yellow key

click to the left of the cabinet with the tv and take the screwdriver

go back and use the yellow key on the yellow lock - take the grape juice and the scissors

go back to the scene with the sofa and click to the right of the box table - use the screwdriver on the wall plate and take the green ball.

go to the door and look at the keypad. notice the arrow pointing right.

back up and click on the wall tile that is the second from the right and the fifth from the floor. use the scissors to take the yellow ball.

use the eraser on the notebook and see that the middle nine squares are dark grey

go to the tv and enter the balls in the correct order.

remember the center 9 squares in the notebook? reverse the colors just in that area
e.g. blue becomes white and white becomes blue for the first number, but only in the middle squares. you get an 8

enter the code in the door and you can drink your grape juice!

Code spoiler

the order of the balls for the tv is BRYG

the code for the door is 8570

Please someone just post the code?!?!?!

YEah, Edgar, now I have got it!!! Ok, with your explanation it was easy, I'm not proud to have it at last!!

And of course, THANK YOU, Edgar!!! I always looked at the 9 center squares and forgot about the others!! OH, what a shame.

Good @Doris!
Now hope evans got that to move myself to the other game I haven't finished :D

which other, Edgar?

The Parlor one Doris

@Edgar.. thanks for the visual hint.. was able to solve after that! THANKS!!!

Great as always -:) Thanks Edgar that yellow ball was hiding very well ..Happy weekend!!

thx zoz & Edgar for the explanation of the color code, I have finally got it (I'd just go through the rest and read the code in the walkthrough) lol

the code for the door was hard!! I always have trouble with them.

Either my monitor's color is going out or that's Sakura's worst rendition of a 'food' I've seen so far. LOL

Love these games.

Think of it as a good fermented old grape juice... you might find it better to taste :P

out with a hint on the door code (I always need that!)

I solved the door code without problems this time, but couldn't find the yellow ball!
Thanks @Edgar for the hint to look at the first wall!

They are boring now...always the same system....but well (rubber for book, knife or scissors for a ball, the items always at the same places....just the final code arghh) but still better than this "find numbers" sh......

i need something stronger than grape juice... lol!...just played Tessh-ie, Gazzy and a few other games that erased my cerebral hard drive...haha!! My poor brain needs a reboot! :D I'm saving Alloy for tomorrow...lol!!!!

Good night all...thank you to Edgar, Ellie, Kitkat, Zazie...*all the usual suspects* ;) for your invaluable help! Take good care and i'll see everyone tomorrow ;)

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