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July 13, 2018

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Kaitai Dismantlement: Chapter Alarm Clock Walkthrough

Kaitai Dismantlement: Chapter Alarm Clock

[REPLAY] Kaitai Dismantlement: Chapter Alarm Clock is another Japanese point & click puzzle game developed by Gam.eBB. In this game, your goal is to dismantle an alarm clock only with your screwdriver. It's the only tool you have anyway. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Opened the back and opened the screws under the rotating thing.

Now stuck.

In top left corner suddenly appeared a yello screw. Lock with spade is open now.

How did you stop the rotating thing?

@urban: try to change the time and see what happens to the rotating thing

I unscrewed the speaker now

activate set-mode. set time to 09:00 and 15:00

I think we have to change the color code under the cover with the heart into flags (hint on the side)

OK, dismantled everything, now the bomb is ticking...

Hm, 7+8=?
and 20-2=?


Oh, and the bomb went off the first time... Darn it!

Horray, out!

I'm writing a walkthrough...

Got the next 3 screws! In back scene, klick on top edge. note the alarm-time. set alarm to 08:21 and time to 08.21 too. turn on alarm and tree screws appear.

I'm here!

Ummm...could you wait to write the walkthrough...

Look at the flags on the right side (back-scene). Look for the letters TIME and note the corresponding colours.

On top of the clock (inside) is a pattern. Set the colours like the pattern and the heart-lock opens.

Oh, a Kaitai!! I love them!
You are already out, so catching up is not an option, but I'll go in to die with that bomb anyway :)

@ catalyste: sure, it will take a while anyway...

Thanks! :) Hope you'll stay to help others though!

Front-side: in set-mode look at the 4 dots under the days. move from sun to sat and note the number of black dots. thats the solution for fthe heart puzzle.

Indide took the cpu-holder away and find another yellow screw on top right.

sure, i'll be around... Need help?

Gah, I'm stuck with that Heart puzzle.

Woo. Top view of clock! Yippie!

I found flags on the left side of clock.

It's all quite straightforward, but how do you dismantle the bomb?

Nevermind about the Heart puzzle, I figured out the solution.

@cata - sun = 4dots --> first column the bottom (4) square is to lit. Mon = 2 dots --> second column the second square is to lit and so on

Yay! Managed to reach the bomb on my own! Now, I keep getting blown up lol.

And out!
Think time for the bomb!

Crap. I'll play later. Gotta go!

Bye guys!!!

Bye @Catalyste!

Is there a hint for the letter code?!

Is it okay to post the walkthrough now?

Remove the battery and look at the front side to see the letters.

I have solved the four puzzles at the back and removed 3 yellow screws ...
I have two green circuit boards, one has two chips. And the lower grey thing left.

However, now I have no idea ... clicking the red triangle does nothing. Cannot click the grey box ... front has nothing ...

What am I missing?

Thanks Ellie! I'm so stupid! I've been looking at it for so long but tried to understand which were the letters from the highlighted pixels!

@Magnus, I think that you need to zoom on the green circuit boards and click on the white things to the right of them if I understand your question correct.
There should be 4 yellow screws totally, One in each upper corner, and one each under the puzzles on the lower halves.

yw @Excel, I did the same thing first lol.

Ellie you're a pro!

...and out...

Walkthrough or better screwthrough-hintthrough

I hope I’ve got the orders right and haven’t forgot too many screws…

Screw the big screw.

Turn the clock and screw four times, take away the back.
Note the rotating thing with two screws underneath. Turn the clock around.

Set the clock (push the set button) to the time the screws were indicating. Solution below.

Turn around after every setting and unscrew.
Take away the rotating thing. Zoom out and remove the plate. Then unscrew the big screw in the yellow circle (click the upper left part in the view with the two little holes).

Now here is something new: look on the upside of the clock and see a hint there.

Look at the front and set both the alarm and the time to the time of the hint. You can hear an alarm. Zoom at the top of the clock and unscrew three times.

Look at the back and zoom on the speaker. Remove the speaker. See the hint.

Zoom out and look at the left side of the clock. See the flags with nationalities. It is a hint for a code.

Now look at the upper black cover with the heart on it. Open it. There are color buttons. Set the colors according to the two hints before (solution below).

Now the heart cover below is open. But before you move out, click on the upper right side in this view and there is another screw in a yellow circle. Unsrew.

Under the heart cover, you see seven rows with four buttons underneath. Well, the week has seven days, and there are the weekdays on the front. So try the weekdays on the front and look at the dots in the upper left corner.
Set the buttons according to the dots in the front (solution below). Unscrew two screws. Remove the thing and unscrew another screw. Click on the lower right side and another screw in a yellow circle.

Now the apparatus to the left is open. Open the cover and see that you need a 4 letter code. Open the other cover below and remove the battery. Then turn around the clock and see that the display doesn’t work properly. It shows a hint (solution below). Turn around and type in the letters. Another screw! Remove the thing and another screw.

Click on the lower left side, and another screw in a yellow circle.

Now all four screws are off, so remove the green board by clicking on the red triangle in the lower right corner. Now it’s bomb time!

Click on the white rectangle, and there it is, the ugly fellow, counting down merciless. But stopping it is easy. Solve the equations and it is over. If you choose to unscrew without solving the equation, your life is over… ;-) Solution for the equations below.

Click on the timer and unscrew. Remove the bomb. Unscrew again, and you are ready!


Rotating thing: Set the time to 9 o clock and to 15 o clock. The rotating thing stops at that position and you can unscrew.

Color code (flag code):
The colors in the flags correspond to the letters, i.e. ‘T’ in ITA stands for ‘white’, so set every button on the drawing under the speaker with a t to white. It should look like this afterwards:

Weekday code:
Sun 4
Mon 2
Tue 1
Wed 2
Thu 3
Fr 1
Sa 4
It should look like this:

Letter code: It is a negative code hint. Look what parts of the display don’t work. Those parts form the letters EHLP.

Bomb equations: Think time! 7+8=15=3 o clock
20-2=18=6 o clock

A great walkthrough @cvkameke!
I love how the unscrambled letter code show HELP :D

@Ellie: Thanks. Yeah, that HELP-EHLP thing confused me a bit, I think I tried 'HELP' first...

lol @cvkameke, so did I. Why just put the given letters in, when there is a possibility of overthinking? :)

@ Ellie: LOL! That's what I thought too. If you play too many of those games, you tend to overthink those things... I'm waiting for the day people around me start to stare at me when I shout 'Horray, a screwdriver!!!' whenever I see one... ;-)

@cvkameke, great job on the walkthrough! I can never get through these things without lots of help; i just don't follow the logic very well.
Anyway, as I said to Molly after her TOE w.t., welcome to the brother/sisterhood of Walkthrough Writers, aka the WWHood
(screwthrough writers welcome, too :oD

hmm the color code doesnt work from me hmmm

the weekday solution doesn't work for me.
in which order do i have to put them?

@Anna, you have to start with Sunday
Sunday = 4 so the fourth from top down should be white. On second row (Monday = 2) make the second white, etc
cvkameke posted the solution, see the x's as grey and the o's as white.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the Walkthrough @cvkameke,
I needed it several times!!

@cvkameke I didn't see the letters in the clockface. I needed your walkthrough on that one!

I got the rest of the codes on my own. so I am not too unhappy.

Alright, I came back and did everything on my own...but I needed help with the bomb! lol

Thanks cvka for the hint.

kitkat, the letters on the clockface are read after you take out the battery.

When looking at the letters, look at the shape of the faded areas, not darkened. You'll see the letters much better.

Wow...nevermind! lol

@zoz: thanks a lot! I always enjoyed (and needed!!!) the wt's of you guys (yes I look at you, kitkatfox and truus) a lot, so I feel very honored to be a fully appreciated member of the WWHood now, and that after only two walkthroughs... ;-)

But I think it is fun to write one. Normally I don't get life games, so I can only read not write wt's

caught this one from the random section

thankful for the WT - thx cvkameke

& thx for all your creations, BB ☺

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These dismantlement games still rock.

Pixel Hunts:
1) On rear, top blue edge (after removing blue back)
2) On rear, left blue edge (after removing blue back)
3) After removing fan, click upper left of green (all other corners had gray pieces to remove to see the yellow screw, this might have been a bug).

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