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Obama Guantanamo Escape Walkthrough

Obama Guantanamo Escape

Obama Guantanamo Escape is a new point and click type adventure game by inkagames. Wicked Bush set a trap to Obama and has shut him in Guantanamo Prison. Help Obama escape from Guantanamo and stop Bush evil plans. Good luck and have fun!

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yay! obama games are fun

how do we get through the lasers in 2nd room?

i'm here i hope.

Evening all ;-)
Hi Lauren, just starting now - hope to catch up soon

gosh its taking me ages to post, hi cromig

he doesnt want to eat the termite. lol

i still cant get through lasers

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u throw baseball at honey

use baseball on spoon

anyone know how to get past lasers??

Lauren, lasers are just down to timing

from memory it was two, then a single, then one long - then run like the wind past them

oohh, ok. i finally did it.

dont try and take spider...killed me and now have to pass lasers again

have no idea how to get the parrot I have the gold in the skull but can't remove the tooth

use the insecticide on the spider

make sure yopu don't have your rambo glasses on when you take on the fulminator with the light saber

come to uncle barack lol

outside now but sorta stuck, never got the parrot for captain jack but defeated the fulminator and used my loaded spider man glove to swing from the tree. now it looks like i have a battle with two henchmen

use tweezers to get gold tooth

how do i defeat schwarzenneger? i cant get light saber out fast enough

I'm stuck outside with no apparent way to get back up into the window. Lauren where did you find the tweezers please?

i think it was in bathroom behind sink

use the light saber as soon as you enter the scene then click again on the fulminator to use the light saber and you will somersault over him and decapitate his head

i figured out how to use light saber in time...click on it in inventory and click on schwarzenegger (not on obama)

Out! Nice game :-)

i dont know what to do now after killing him...cant jump out window and not sure what to do next.u said use insecticide on spider. where is that?

i am outside i am facing the pink goons now what?

i dont even know how to get outside lol

great i can't get back inside either i think i need "Captain" jack sparrow.

i tried putting paintbrush on glasses but it says "good idea, but we must do something first". wat do i do?

nice!!!!!!!!!!!inkagames' games are the best!!!!!!!!!!!(because Minoto's is very short and easy.I hope Minoto makes a game with ALL the characters he used.I hope it's a VERY long game).

get the parrot and then see what happens yo ucan get outsid by givign the signed baseball to rambo. then he will give you the spiderman glove. then load it and aim at the tree.

ok Lauren you get the insecticide from rambo, when you give him the autographed babe ruth basebath. Baseball was from the first room

what paint brush?

thanks crromig, load the spider man glove with the cobweb from the room with the hanging skeleton once you give the spider

Hmmm, what to do with the pink guys? I tried the groucho glasses+mustache, no work

You get the paint brush from jack sparrow after giving him his parrot back...

oops once you kill the spider. I too have the paintbrush but no idea on where to use it. And as I had to restart after being stuck outside and no way to get back up and in, I want to make doubly sure I have done everything possible before I jump through the window again as spidy

cut the paintbrush with the scissors then you can add it to the mask

how do i get baseball signed by babe ruth?

I cut the bristles off the brush, it would seem I'm making a disguise

just drag the pen to the baseball, you have to speak to rambo first

Out. Cute Game.

nevermind...i realized i had to get pen from dead guy on toilet

what to do with pink guys plz!?

ok i got out. anyone want help?

hint for future players: wear disguise glasses after getting outside and then switch to the green rambo glasses in scene after pink guys with guns

ccromig....wear disguise glasses and tell them ur the cook

put ont he disguise to get past the pink gaurds

i love the ending

i dont understand the code for the first room

trampy look at the clock

Thanks! Evil bush is back in the rubber room

Where is the gold tooth ?

Where's the scissors?! Where's the pen?! Why do people keep talking about using items without mentioning where they're found?!

The scissors are given by Rambo, after you gave him the signed baseball. I had to click many times to pick up the pen in the skeleton hand (the skeleton that's reading a newspaper).

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how do you get past the fulminator?!?!

To pass Fulminator, you have to attack him with the laser saber. Read the paper about how to light it on.

I have the tweezers, but still no gold !

get the skull for gold tooth

The gold was from the skeleton head in the room where it hangs

OK, I got the golden tooth but I seem to be stuck outside.

How do I pass the pink guards ?

I'm afraid that I have to restart : I can't disguise and I can't go back inside the building to catch the parrot for Jack !

I cant get the stupid laser saber.

Please help

mmm never mind got it

Can't figure out the codein first room! Don't understand the tanks-hint. Help!

I didn't get insecticide?!?!?

Insecticide's from Jack, not Rambo. You're probably missing tweezers (behind sink).

If you get stuck,...tab works!

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ah let him rot there. dang socialist

I feel like an idiot but i can't pass the laser in second room! help please

I find the premise of this game offensive!

I don't know the rest of you guys, but I find all of these games funnier in Spanish (I mean the ones who also speak Spanish like cece and Full as far as I can tell). Starting it now.

Walkthrough please!

help please i cant get past yoda

On the wall in the bathroom is a note (to the right of the head of the skeletton) that tells you how to pass Yoda.

You need to give him some chocolate with honey.
Find the honey in the first room and the chocolate from the pocket of the skeletton on the toilet. Dip the chocolate in the honey.

I might start on a wt in a while if noone else writes one, but I want to play Sakura first.

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I'll pass. He can stay there for all I care.

how do i untie my hands

Kick on the right wooden pole twice.
Pick up the ball, throw it on the spoon in the honey jar.

1) hit the side of the wooden stand thing with your feet to knock down the baseball
2)use the baseball to hit the spoon in the honey- click the termite
3)take the spoon, honey and baseball
4)look at the poster on the wall- up means 0, right means 3, left means 9, down means 6. thats the code for the door
5) LASERS- stand close to the lasers and wait- they wil flash three times quickly, then pause, then flash one time, then you go
6)enter the room- take the skeletons head- leave
7) move down the hall, talk to Rambo and Jack, find out what they want
6)move down the hallway, go in the door- take the pen and chocolate from the skeleton, the note from the wall, and the tweezers from behind the sink
7) look at the skull, use the tweezers to get the gold tooth, use the tooth on the parrot- give the parrot to jack
8) combine the pen and baseball and give it to Rambo
9) go back to the room with the lasers and go into the room with the skeleton. use the insecticide on the spider twice- get the web- combine it with the spiderman glove
10) combine the chocolate and honey and give it to yoda- get the lightsaber- stand infrom of the bathroom mirror and open the lightsaber
11) go into the room past yoda, quickly click the lightsaber, then Fulminator- go out the window
12) use spiderman glove on tree- use scissors on brush, then bristles on mask- put the mask on
13) walk to the right, tell the pink men you are the chef
14) put on the green glasses. carefully walk in between the mines
15) get in helicopter, win

When you click on things you see three choices: an eye to look at things, a hand to pick things up, and a mouth to talk to things.

Click on the caracters to make the dialogue go on.
Start by having fun clicking on different items and try to talk to them or pick them up. Do this through the whole game and you’ll enjoy it more.

- Click on the right wooden pole to kick it and make the ball move. Do it again and the ball falls down.
- Pick the ballup.
- Drag the ball from your inventory to the spoon in the honey jar.
- Let the hungry Super Termite do it’s job :)
- Pick the ball upp again and go and get the spoon and the honey.

You need a code for the keypad by the door.
Look at the blue board below the clock (using the eye). Note the way the tanks point. It’s different for every game. Look at the clock and get the four numbers where the tanks from left to right point.
- Use the hand on the keypad to the left of the door and enter the 4 digits. Press OK to open the door.

Move right, lasers view
To pass the blue lasers is a matter of timing. Move closer to them. Wait for thre short flashes and one longer. Then pass to the other side. If you fail, just click at ”back to the game” and try again.

Enter through the door in the back wall.
- Take the skull from the ”unlucky prisoner”. Don’t try to take the spider or it will bite and kill you!

Go back and move right, Rambo and Jack view
- Talk to Rambo and ask him about his hobbies. Find out that he wants a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth.
- Talk to Jack and ask him what we are celebrating. Find out that he lost his parrot and that the parrot loves gold.

Move right, Yoda view
The parrot is there, but you can’t take it.
You want that lightsaber above Yoda but he won’t give it to you.

Enter the bathroom
- Take the pen from the hand of the skeleton, and take the chocolate from the pocket of the skeleton.
- Take the letter from the wall to the right of the head of the skeleton.
Read it to find out that you need to be in the bathroom to turn the lightsaber on and that Yoda likes chocolate with honey.
- Take a pair of tweezers from the floor behind the sink.

Go back, Yoda view
- Dip the chocolate in the jar of honey and give it to Yoda. He gives you the Lightsaber.
- Click on the skull in your inventory and choose ”see”. Use the tweezers to remove the golden tooth.
- Give the golden tooth to the parrot and catch it.

Move left, Rambo and Jack view
- Use your pen on the baseball to have it autographed. Give the ball to Rambo and get a pair of scissors, Rambo glasses and a Spiderman glove from him.
- Give the parrot to Jack and get a paint brush, insecticide and a mask from him.
- Use the scissors on the paint brush to get a fake moustache. Then put the fake moustache on the mask to make a perfect mask.

Move left, lasers view
- Enter the back wall room.
- Use the insecticide on the spider twice to kill it. Take the spiderweb.
- Put the spiderweb on the Spiderman glove to get a loaded Spiderman glove.

Go to the bathroom
Do as in the letter: stand in front of the mirror and click on the Lasersaber to turn it on (get a green laser beam from it). This might be a bit tricky, but keep moving around in the bathroom and try it from different locations.

Go back and move right, Fulminator view
The Fulminator will kill you unless you kill him first.
- Drag the turned on Lightsaber to the body of Fulminator, make your ”Star Wars moves” and Fulminator looses his head.
- Take the head.

Move right, outside view
Don’t leave unless you have the Rambo glasses and your perfect mask, you’ll need them both.

- Use your loaded Spideman glove in the tree to get down to the ground.

Move right, guards view
- Before you move any further use the perfect mask or the guards will kill you.
- Tell them that you are the cook and they will let you pass.

Move right, lawn view
- Remove the perfect mask and put the Rambo glasses on to see all the mines on the ground.
- Move carefully between the mines to get to the other side.

Move right, helicopter view
- Remove the glasses and escape in the chopper.

Watch the end video.

I'm sorry @Ann Onyms, I didn't think anyone else was writing a wt, and as so many times before I didn't refresh before posting.
I'll leave mine as well since they are a bit different. Yours is excellent, short and clear.
If I needed a wt that's the one I would use...lol!


Kick on the right side of the wood twice and take baseball and throw it at the SPOON in the jar if honey.You're free!!!!!!Take the baseball and the jar of honey(spoon is optional if you wanna take it or not).Look at the clock.Note that it only has four numbers(0,3,6,9)and look at the board.There are 4 tanks.This has something to do with the clock.When a tank is pointing up,it means 0 cause 0 is at top of the clock.So remember the 4 digit code you just got.Look at the keypad.Type the 4-digit code and before going through the door,make sure you got honey and baseball.Go through the door and go a little close to the lasers(but not too close or you'll die)and once the lasers zapped 4 times,RUN TO THE OTHER SIDE!Once you get through the other side,go through the door.Take skull(the head)and look at the skull.You will see it has a gold tooth.Note that.Note the yellow spider on the spider web(but don't take it or it will bite you and you will die.Get out and go forward.Talk to Rambo and ask him if he has any hobbies.He will say he wants a baseball with Babe Ruth's autograph.Talk to Jack Sparrow.Ask him what is he celebrating.He will say that he's sad cause he lost his parrot and the parrot might look for gold cause his parrot LOVES gold.Remember what those 2 dudes said.Go forward and you will see Jack's parrot(you'll get him later)and Yoga levitating the lightsaber(you'll get the lightsaber later).Go inside the bathroom(what does W.C. mean?)and take pen and chocloate from skeleton.Use pen on baseball so Obama can make a fake autograph of Babe Ruth on the baseball.Take paper from the wall.Read it you'll notice that Luke Skywalker wrote it.He will say that Yoga loves chocolate with honey and he also noticed that you can turn the lightsaber on in the front of the bathroom mirror.Remember that.Dip the chocolate in the jar of honey.Get tweezers behind the sink.Look at the skull and use tweezers to take the gold tooth out.Get out and give chocolate with honey to Yoga and he will give you lightsaber.Take it and give gold tooth to the parrot.Take the parrot to Jack Sparrow and he will give you a mask,a paintbrush and an insecticide.Give autographed baseball to Rambo and he will give you Rambo glasses,Spiderman gloves and scissors.Go left and go inside the room with the spider.Use insecticide on the spider TWICE(once,he's still alve.Twice,he'll die!)and once he's dead,take spider web.Put it in the spiderman gloves.Go back to the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror.Turn the lightsaber on(unequip the mask and Rambo glasses)and get out and go forward.Before going forward,do what i say:PUT THE MASK/RAMBO GLASSES IF I TOLD YOU TO PUT IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!.When you went forward,TAKE LIGHTSABER QUICK AND USE IT ON THE FULMINATOR!!!!!!!!!DON'T JUST STAND THERE WAITING FOR DEATH,DESTROY THE FULMINATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!Once you destroyed the Fulminator,you can take his head whether you like it or not cause it's useless anyway.Go outside the window and use spiderman glove(make sure you put the spiderweb in the glove before using it.Wait until Spiderman's theme song is over before you make your move.Once it's over,go forward and equip the mask(don't go near the the guards without equiping the mask WITH the moustache)and tell them that you are the new cook and that you're getting some fish.Wait until they're conversation is over and go forward.There is sign that says there's a helicopter if you went forward.This is easy!!!!!!TOO EASY!!!!!!!!BUT DON'T GO TO THE OTHER SIDE YET IF YOU WANNA LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Before making your move,remove the mask and equip Rambo glasses.You will see that there are A LOT OF HIDDEN MINES!!!!!!!!!IF YOU STEP ON THEM,YOU'LL DIE!!!!!!!SO TRY TO GO TO THE OTHER SIDE WITHOUT STEPPING ON A MINE!!!!!!!!!Once you get to the other side,take of Rambo glasses and fly the helicopter to the White House.



At the start,it said that Obama was the president of EEUU.What does EEUU mean?Since it can be played in Spanish or English,the Spanish of United Stated is Estados Unidos

That's the reason why some long walkthroughs are split in 2 or 3 parts nathan.

I see now 3 wt's posted here (the short one, the explaining one and I'm sure yours is the funniest, but I don't want to read any of them completely until I've finished the game) so @Cyberjar can be more than satisfied now :D

I knew this because most of the Filipinos(people in the Philippines like me!)know Spanish(the old people are really experts in Spanish but we kids todayonly know a little)and I think whoever made this game accidentaly doubled the letters E and U so at first I thought it was Estados Estados Unidos Unidos.

EEUU stands indeed for "Estados Unidos". The reason for double letters in Spanish abbreviations is to pluralize... otherwise it would be "Estado Unido" got it? ;)

@Edgar since you don't read walktroughs until you finish this game,I also do that too but if I can't finish this game,I'm reading the walktrough!!!!!!!!!

Oh I get it Edgar!LOL!

BTW, since the games maker/distributor is inkagames, should I suppose they come from Perú? It's quite obvious the games are originally Spanish spoken with the feature to play them in English... just wondering.

@Edgar,or maybe Spain/Mexico

OOPS!!!!!!I FORGOT ON HOW TO MAKE THE FAKE MOUSTACHE ON MY WALKTROUGH!!!!!!!!!STUPID LIMITED CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!To make a fake moustache,use scissors on paintbrush and put brush on mask!!!!!!SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!:(

@hot_shot, I believe "W. C." stands for "Water Close". Or would it be "Water Closet"? I'm not sure, lol! Cheers! :)

Good and fun game as always and as it's supposed to be... at least I'd rather see it that way, possibly hidden political premises or not aside.
@hot_shot, I did need to peek to a walkthrough and... I chose yours! Good and fun job. Keep up the good stuff.

out with no help. This one seemed a bit easier than the others in the series. Or maybe I just had a good day?

WHere can I get the fulminator?

@Lydnz Soon Chin Yee
"Fulminator" is not something to get, but someone to take on.

There is a new ending!

You can't just escape after reaching the helicopter, because there is no fuel in it.


Pick the spider web and load the glove.

Go to the next page and talk to Castro. Ask for fuel. He'll only give it if you chase off the reaper. Take the loaded spiderman glove and aim at the top of his sickle. Now he will go away and you can take the fuel. Go to the helicopter and off you are...

how do I get the insecticide? I only have the honey, spoon, spiderman, sable, tweezers, note, skull, pen, golden tooth, scissors and rambo glasses!

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