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Treasure of Big Totem Walkthrough

Treasure of Big Totem

Treasure of Big Totem is another point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to search for a treasure. There are 2 graphic artists working in this project and a new coder. Good luck and have fun!

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Treasure of Big Totem Video Walkthrough

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hi all live game !!!

Used the pick to cut out some stone letters, but can't yet find where to use the shovel...

im out already it took ten minutes maybe.

found hammer and two stone signs

use shovel on beach

Too easy. But great graphics.

Oh, a Rutenberg!!!! Have to play it right away!

can't figure out what to do with cork looking thing at end

i have a shovel a pickaxe and found 2 shapes( used) and a mirror

got it, i'm out

I have 3 stones placed, I found the mirror, the shovel and the rope, and can't seem to find the right place to click as to what to do next.

now i have a rope/vine...

I'm clicking all over the place, with all objects, trying to combine objects, all to no avail. Hints, anyone?

@R C
Use rope on upper branch to let the sunlight comes down in totem (2nd) scene.

I just found another tile behind a leaf (lower right corner) in last (3rd) scene. Missing only one now.

Aaah! Thank you Edgar! I was trying to tie it to the other rope, and it needs to go to the left of that, on the branch, where the leaves are.

Got my last missing tile... a rock under right foot in first scene.

After placing the 5 stones do some digging to take 2 objects out.

Hi all.I'll try to catch up

-grab pick/hammer from boat
-move leaves at bottom left to reveal letter

-grab shovel and letter stone from base of totem
-grab rope from light tree on left, attach to branch of dark tree on right

-use shovel on sand mound to find mirror
-use pickaxe on both rocks to get letter stones

-place mirror in sunlight at base of tree

-move leaves at bottom right to get letter stone
-place all your stones

-there's now another rock in the sand, grab it to get last letter stone

-place the final stone
-use your shovel on the ground
-grab the lid from the hole

-put the lid on the left side of the totem to get key

-open treasure chest

Congrats @R C!

Nice, complete and fast WT. It was nice to play along. See you!

LOL! Thanks Edgar! The early-outers were making me feel dense for not getting it quickly! Thanks to your help, I got out.

Well that was fast.

lol @RC... i know the feeling.

lol, a short and easy(?) game. It took me a long time to place that rope though, and I needed your walkthrough @RC to place the lid, thanks!

I don't find the rightmost letter, where is it ?

R C's walkthrough reminds me not to try making a WT on gotmail games again :)
This was so short, simple and elegant. Kudos R C.

@Pascale, you can only get that letter after you place all other letters on the rocks. Go back to the first scene and pick up a new "stone" from the sand, by her right foot.

Thanks a lot, Ellie. I did that, and there is a hotspot near the girl's feet, but I don't find any other letter (I tried with the pickaxe and the shovel).

Finally found THE right place to click... Thank you again, Ellie !

Is the link broken?

Well, it took me some time before I realised I had to dig twice to get the lid out as well and needed WT-help for the last stone. Thanks @R C.
I agree with @Ellie, short game but NOT easy

out with no help :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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