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Twinkle's White Day Walkthrough

Twinkle's White Day

[REPLAY] Twinkle - Twinkle's White Day Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Twinkle. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from the room successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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Twinkle's White Day Escape Walkthrough

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       Anonymous  3/13/10, 8:46 PM  

going to try this game

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 8:49 PM  

I know i'm going to get stuck on this game. as always

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 8:52 PM  

so far have 4 pieces of candy and a paper with something on that i can't make out, and it looks like we need to collect 15 candies

anyone else playing?

Hi Michelle!
I'm trying as well.

Found 3 candy so far, under pink hat, in the lap of the panda and on the pink cabinet.
Light lamp to see 3/5.
Need order for painting corners.

Screwdriver behind the pink cabinet, zoom to the left. See 1/5 there as well.

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 8:54 PM  

hi sleepypup

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 8:55 PM  

hi Ellie

found another candy under the pillow, and one to the right of the TV, connect the cable there as well.

1/5 behind pink cupboard
2/5 triangle on calendar
3/5 on lamp (turn it on)
4/5 on window
5/5 on door

from the red book for the order of painting corners:


theres a candy behind pic also found sd and scissors and key candy in fridge and under hat on stand

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 8:56 PM  

candy behind picture

Input 1-5/5 shapes in bathroom for another candy.

Use screwdriver to the left of the stove to find another candy.
Open the cupboards in the stove for another candy - code from tv.

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 8:59 PM  

has anyone figure out the 5 shapes in the bathroom

scissors inside bath tub.

@michelle - animlallover - check the shapes each of the numbers is in!

Have all 15 candies, but still one spot free

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 9:01 PM  

hi shuchun & edgar

Thanks @Ellie for TV code. Missed it.

Use scissors on pink cupboard for another candy.
TV code says RGGR... last red is the fire on stove.

Thanks @Shuchun for the picture code!

Use "cleaning spray"? from the bathroom on the cactus for another candy.

Woo Hoo!! Final Code when you open the door (can't believe I finished a Twinkle by myself!)

hi Michelle :)

Find key if you move the chair in front of the desk.

Where should I use the bottle?

Thanks again Ellie, didnt refresh on time.

I can't figure out what the code under the TV is asking for.. The one with the pink green and blue drops?

Hmmm, you get some potion from the fridge and pour it on top of the cactus for a candy. I need to find something to cut the tape on the doors in the bedroom.

Click on the "curtains" to the right of the bath tub for colored drips. Count for code.

I'm missing just one candy... TV cabinet code?

get the TV code from shower curtain.

Find a scissors in the bath tub.

Totally had missed that curtain! Thanks Ellie!

And out, but I don't know what final code Duscharoo talked about. Did I miss something inside? Was so happy to open that door lol.

Same as @pellia... thanks @Ellie

Got bad ending?

check the the hints pink drops green drops blue drops

Thanks @Shuchun! I went back in. Will check around now.

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 9:15 PM  

spoiler526spoiler for tv code

out, hard time finding the plug by the computer.

Thanks @Shuchun!!!
Got out again with Godiva ending! :D

check the the hints pink drops green drops blue drops that outside the door for the cabinet under the tv to get a box of chocolate

@May, Is there a plug by the computer? I can't find it. Or do you mean by the TV?

I think there is another end?? it says the girl has forgotten the present for white day???

A box of chocolates actually.

Oh, thanks again @Shuchun.
lol, I was so afraid of leaving too early this time that I didn't dare to open the door. Got it now!

ah... yes... got the godiva, haha

Hi back!! Sorry, you really don't realize how many posts you miss until the calm after the storm.

@Ellie, sorry, it's the tv, that's where I found my last candy.>_<

That was fun, thanks all for this.
Thanks @Shuchun for posting and for helping... always a pleasure to play with you. Hope to do it again anytime soon.

No problems @May, I use the wrong words all the time :)
I just really wanted to turn that computer on, and got happy when I thought that you did lol.

thanks everyone for the help and tips still learning but it was fun

       Anonymous  3/13/10, 9:33 PM  

lol,that's ok

Thank you Duscharoo for the reminder, I don't know there is a box of chocolate so I went back and played the game all over again..sigh.ToT

where is this box of chocolates at the end?

yw,Ellie & Edgar

It's fun to play with you guys on eg24 and read your wonderful w/ts. see you in the next games soon.

out all by myself with godiva end :)

Apparently I don't know where to look for this chocolate at the end, because I still can't find it. Would anyone like to clue me in? Please?


When you open the door count the colored new drops outside and return to TV cabinet to input that new code.

Nevermind, FINALLY figured it out. use the colors from outside the door on the cabinet under the tv (for anyone else who's too tired to figure it out on their own).

Thanks, @Edgar. :D

You need to find 15 pieces of candy.

Lift the pink hat for piece of candy #1.
Note 5/5 and the shape of the door.

Turn right
- Take the piece of candy #2 from the lap of the panda.
- Click on the corners of the painting until it moves. Continue like that until it falls on the floor. Only keep looking for the right corner to click next, only one at a time will move the picture. Find the piece of candy #3 behind the painting.
- Turn the lamp on and see 3/5, note the shape around the numbers.

Turn right
- Move the chair and find a key.
- Note 4/5 and the shape of the window.
- Take the piece of candy #4 from top of the pink cabinet.
- Zoom to the left of the pink cabinet. Get a screwdriver. Yay!!
- Note 1/5 and the shape around it.
- You can open the red book, but most of you won’t understand it. Thanks @Shuchun for telling that you get the order for the corners of the painting from here: star, flower, heart, cat, star (but, it’s also possible by just clicking as I told above).

Turn right
- Use the key on the drawer to get the piece of candy #5.
- Lift the pillow to get the piece of candy #6.
- Zoom to the right of the TV to get the piece of candy #7. Plug the power cord in.
- Turn the TV on, see three round shapes and a square shape, and the letters RGGR.

Turn right twice
Move forward.
- Note 2/5 and the shape around it.
- Zoom to the right of the sink. Use the screwdriver to get the piece of candy #8.
- Change the buttons of the stove to open the locker below it and get the piece of candy #9. Use the TV code as a hint. Solution below.

Turn right
- Open the top locker of the fridge for the piece of candy #10.
- Open the bottom drawer of the fridge for the piece of candy #11.

Open the blue doors and enter the bathroom
- Take the purple bottle from the left of the toilet.
- Zoom in the bath tub and take a pair of scissors.
- Click on the yellow shapes in the right order to open a hidden panel and get the piece of candy # 12. Solution below
- Click on the yellow shower curtain to the far right in this view to open it. See drops in different colors.

Exit the bathroom
- Use the purple bottle on the cactus to get the piece of candy #13 from the top of it.

Turn left, go down, turn right
- Use the scissors on the pink cabinet to open it and get the piece of candy #14.

Turn right
- Insert the right code in the TV cabinet for the piece of candy #15. Solution below.

Turn right
- Insert all of your 15 pieces of candy into the box on the wall.
- Open the door!

You may now escape, but there is a better ending...

Godiva End
- Count the colored drope outside the open door.
- Go to the TV locker and insert this new code.
- Get a box of chocolate to bring when you leave!


Stove code
The TV shows the four buttons and the colors to turn them into.
RGGR = red, green, green, red.

Bathroom wall
The order for the shapes is from the clues in the room:
1/5: circle
2/5: triangle
3/5: half a triangle
4/5: square
5/5: door shape (rounded upper part).

TV code
Look at the shower curtain and count the drips in different shapes.
Pink: 5
Green: 2
Blue: 6
Code: 526

Chocolate code
Pink: 6
Green: 5
Blue: 4
Code: 654

yw! glad you made it, and on your own :D

@Ellie thanks for the walkthrough! I figured out which one I was missing.

I'm sorry... I did the same mistake as I often do. I just numbered the pieces of candy according to when I found them, not to place in the inventory. I hope you find it anyway.
I'll try to remember this the next time I write :)

Oh, you found it! Congratulations!

:-( service unavailable :-(

oh, didn't see, there is an alternative link :-)

cant find #14 does anyone know where it is. tx

Quick guide to pieces of candy according to place in the inventory:
1-8 = first row in the inventory
9-14 = second row in the inventory

#1: In the pink cabinet (needs scissors)
#2: Under the pillow in the bed
#3: Under pink hat, door view
#4: On the cactus (needs fertilizer)
#5: To the left of the sink (needs screwdriver)
#6: On top of the pink cabinet
#7: In the fridge, top locker
#8: In the fridge, bottom drawer
#9: Inside the drawer by the bed (needs key)
#10: In the locker below the stove (needs code)
#11: Inside the TV cupboard (needs code)
#12: In the lap of the panda
#13: To the left of the TV
#14: On the wall in the bathroom (needs code)
#15: Behind the painting

Scissors: In the bath tub
Fertilizer: In the bathroom
Screwdriver: To the left of the pink cabinet
Key: Move the pink chair

out with 2 ends on my own!

But didn't we play this one before? The curtain thing looked really familiar.

We played a very similar one before. I can't remember the name of it, nut the shower curtain had letters, not drops, and there were colored brads hanging in front of the door to the kitchen.

@Ellie, thanks. Then I feel very good about solving it on my own. I needed help with the other one that was so similar to this one.

yw @kkf!
I just read my previous post again.
Hahaha, "nut"? "brads"??
Should be *but, and *beads!

Thank you very much for sharing this very useful information,
return man 3

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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