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2nd Floor Escape Walkthrough

2nd Floor Escape

EscapeGamesLand Second Floor Escape is another point and click room escape game from Escape Games Land. You are locked on 2nd floor. Find items and solve puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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2nd Floor Escape Video Walkthrough
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i guess jumping out the window is out of the question


have arrows from bed, codes on drawers and right speaker, need scissors and bow for arrows, key on lamp by balcony door

need color code for radiator
hi Zazie!

I hate it , when i dont know what I picked up.

Key, rope and i made a bow.

scissors on dressing table to get rope. why can't we just climb out like we did in Daymare?

Trying to shoot the airplane

Key in balcony lamp and in flowers on table.

Hi zoz :)

this must be an important CD to need two keys to get it

oh no! picked up my arrows and they disappeared!

oh sure, NOW i find the bow! Starting over...

Code for speaker in balloon outside, shot it !
Gives you another key (for door).

Two lenses from drawer where i put the 2 yellow keys.

Or sorry, the lenses came from the stereo equippement after putting CD inside

ok, caught up. trying to use rope for binoculars but no luck

You can change the colours of the heating, but i need a code.

got em! hook from window above radiator; combine with rope

So why couldn't we use the rope to climb off balcony? Can't get drawer code. Tried to use trash can code, blimp code, combine subtract etc. Is this going to be a POP thing?

use binoculars in yard to find color code

got code from looking at blimp but it's not working on drawer
and the rope is back under the bed, lol

Hi all, just starting.

get hook from under the wardrope, attach it to the rope and use it outside to get binoculars

And the doorknob...by entering the colour code

add code from bbq and blimp for drawer code

thanks for color code tip @adivawoman
why is the blimp code not working on drawer???

Finished lunch. going out side to smoke a cig and wait for one of you math people to figure out code. Good game so far.

and out ,add nombers for code , flower bed gives colours for door handle

wow...you mean i actually stumbled into a live game...lol!!! hi zoz, zazie and tosca :) and hello to everyone else too...okay, how can i fumble through this one ;)

thanks @cross78! out with a little help from my friends

You have to add the second code from BBQ :)

OUT !!

out , add 2 numbers together for code ..........SPOILER 5478

Hi all! Going in!

hey there @irish! this one is fun, but the last couple of steps had me stymied!

I did add the codes daz. 4006 + 1472 ? gonna try again. I new it was a POP thing. lol

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@pascale, you need the door handle. look at the flower bed outside

Posting takes a lot of time these days... Thouhgt I might be out by now, but even with two keys in the door it won't open! Guess I need to figure out what to do with the radiator first..

@ Pascale Look at the flowers outside with binoculars to get colour code.

voom in on flowers outside yrbg

why aren't comments posting? has the comments box been taken over by 123bug?

Out! this time I used the calculator and not my fingers. got the right answer :D. Fun playing with yall.

Right.... found the flowers and OUT! All by myself, sorry guys but enjoyed it anyway ;-)

@daz, lmao at "voom in". I like it!

@Pascale, Thanks for the radiator color code tip. I missed that one totally.
And out...

Cu soon guys, it is always fun playing with you !! :)

And out. That was fun while it lasted. Thanks for the hints on the codes.

@zoz. The comments have defuinetly been a little odd lately. I've noticed on some games that the amont of posts on the game page differs to the main page. Right now there are 47 comments on this page, but only 39 showing on the main page!

Well, 48 now of course, errr make that 49 :o)

getting ready to take the plunge off the balcony...lol!!!! POP...now I know where to find color code for radiator :) thank you adiva :)

yay yay yay yay!

I got out on my own! I'm having a good escape day!!!

I was so THRILLED when I got the blimp code - I thought I was going to get out of one - finally - all on my clever little ownio LOL. No such luck.... so thanks @ Zazie for the hint on finding and adding the bbq code.. never would have got that.

Why is it that I can't view the darned blimp with the binoculars? I have to see the code to add and enter it but I can't view it :( Is there a trick I'm missing?

OUT!!! after hint about radiator code, the rest was easy :)

HOW TO ESCAPE THE 2nd FLOOR: *aka Walkthrough*

1. Look under foot of bed and notice a rope twisted around the right bed post...
2. Hmmm...some codes to figure out...first code on left dresser drawer *middle drawer to be exact*...we don't know enough yet so let's keep looking around the room...
3. Look...the right-hand speaker by bed requires a 3-digit code...still not enough information but we'll get there...
4. Turn right and zoom in on the vanity table...hmmm...scissors...now that will be a handy item...
4. Zoom in view available for lamp but don't spend too much time wondering about this ... let's concentrate on the door instead...notice two slots *probably for keys* and a round area *probably for doorknob*...i'm just saying...
5. Turn right and zoom in on bouquet of flowers...yes...it is a key! It's use will soon become apparent...
6. Zoom in on dresser drawers *right side* and notice two areas requiring objects of some kind...let's say keys...that key you found in the pretty red flowers...yup, it goes in one of the holes :) We still need one more though...
7. Notice CD/Stereo system on dresser...we'll come back to that in a minute...
8. Under the hutch or wardrobe closet...you find a bow...but we need arrows so let's go back to the bed...click at the top of the right pillow and behind the bedboard are some arrows...now combine the bow with the arrows...
9. Also...while you are at it...click under foot of bed again and use scissors to cut rope off...
10.Now, from the bed view, turn right 3 times and zoom in on left window...grab the hook and combine with the rope...
11.Zoom in on radiator and notice that you can change colors in four places *at the bottom on the grey areas*...another code but we are getting to the solutions for all codes very shortly...
12.Before you go out the patio door, zoom in on the right-hand light and find another key...this obviously goes in the other spot on that dresser drawer :)
13.Now go out on to the patio and notice some binoculars on the roof of a pagoda...also notice the BBQ...
14.Turn right and ... what? a balloon! shoot with the bow and arrow and there is the 3-digit code for that speaker...woot! *spoiler747spoiler*
15.Now look up and gaze at the blimp, which of course has writing too small for the naked eye...come back to patio level and go left...
16.Use rope to rescue the binoculars by clicking rope on the binoculars...now you have the means to find that color code under the radiator...
17.Turn right from pagoda and using the binoculars, zoom in on flower bed and take note of the flower colors...*spoileryellowredbluegreenspoiler*
18.Now zoom in on BBQ and once again, use the binoculars to get a code *spoiler4006spoiler*...
19.At the moment, you won't be able to see the writing on the blimp so let's go back inside and insert that second key into the drawer...oh cool...a CD!
20.Insert the CD into the CD player amd voila! looks like uber-strength lenses...combine lenses with binoculars and go outside to read what is written on the blimp :)*spoiler1472spoiler* another code...great!
21.We are almost done...remember the radiator? Zoom in under radiator and enter the flower bed code and receive a wonderful little prize...looks like a doorknob...
22.Back to the bed *i know...you are running all over the room* but you are just about out :) Enter that 3-digit code *747* in the speaker and get a silver key...hmmm
23.Now...for the last code, zoom in on dresser by the bed and notice the middle drawer needs a 4-digit code...power of posting gets credit for this...add code from BBQ *4006* to blimp *1472* and the code for the drawer will be *5478*...another silver key!
24.Go to door...insert both keys in slots and place doorknob in area above slots and you have successfully escaped the 2nd floor!

Click left nightstand and see it needs a 4-digit code
Zoom under the bed on the right side and see there is something on the bed leg, but you can’t get it
Zoom over the headboard and get the arrows
Click the speaker to the right of the bed and see it needs a 3-digit code
Turn right
Zoom in on the desk and get the scissors from the tray
Turn left to the bed
Zoom under the bed again and use the scissors on the bed leg to get the rope
Turn right again
Zoom on the door and see it needs 2 key and a handle
Turn right
Zoom under the tall cabinet and get the bow
In your inventory, drag the arrows to the bow to get a loaded bow
Zoom in on the red flowers and get the yellow key from under the center flower
Note you can zoom in on the stereo equipment
Zoom in on the right dresser drawers and see there are 2 places for things
Put the yellow key you found in the left dot
Go right
Zoom in on the left window
Get the fishhook from the bottom left corner
Zoom in on the radiator
Note that you can click the gray squares at the bottom to change the colors
Zoom in on the right light by the door -- get the second yellow key
Go left
Use the second key in the drawer to open it -- get the CD
Zoom in on the stereo equipment
Use the CD in the top machine’s black line
Get the blue circles
Turn right
Go out the door
You can see the binoculars on top of the gazebo, but how can you reach them?

Combine the fishhook with the rope in your inventory. Use the combined item to get the binoculars
Use the binoculars on the grill in the gazebo and see a 4-digit code (you have to back up out of this view by clicking the bottom of the screen. This puts you back inside. ANNOYING)
Go back to the balcony and turn right
Use the bow and arrow on the balloon
See a 3 digit code on the roof
Look up
There is a zeppelin in the sky, but you can’t see it from here
Try the binoculars, and they won’t work either.
Combine the blue lenses (the circle things) with the binoculars in your inventory and get tinted binoculars
Use these to see the zeppelin and get a second code
Go left and then back to be inside again
Turn right
Zoom in on the dresser and try the two 4-digit codes you found
Neither work!
Enter the right code and get the first silver key


Add the numbers together to get the code

Zoom in on the speaker to the right of the bed
Enter the 3-digit code from the roof
And get the second silver key
Turn right
Use the 2 keys on the door, but you can’t escape!!
Oh yeah! You forgot to find the handle. Oops.
The only thing left is the color code on the radiator, but where have you seen a row of colors?

Go back out to the balcony
Turn right so you are facing the roof code
Use the binoculars on the garden at the left edge of the screen
See the color order
Use this to get the handle from the radiator
Turn to the door
Place the handle and escape!

lol irish. I was just behind you with the walkthrough!

I read yours, and it was very funny as always! Great job. :D

@Abigail just in case you are still stuck, you need to use the blue lenses on the binoculars to see the blimp.

You get them from the CD player.

This comment has been removed by the author.

OK, I missed the stop for the second key to get the super zoom lenses :( Thank God for walkthrough people.

@Abigail glad you got out! :)

I think they're getting wise to us.
I'm sure I tried the color code by all the combination's I could come up with.
Only worked after I looked at flowers.
Like the one game where you Blew-up if you hadn't looked at all the clues. My day's of bulling my way through games may be at an end and I;ll have to resort to using math and logic again.
Oh the horrors (Shudder shudder) LOL

Good game. I liked. :)

(Though this made me wanna write a walkthrough how to climb/jump from 2nd floor balcony quite safely :)

I liked this one. I didn't notice the arrow to look up for the blimp at first and was banging my head on the drawer code. And I wondered what was up with the radiator and hadn't noticed you could change the colors, so thanks for the tip about needing a color code. So almost all on my own. :)

lol kitkat! we were probably writing at the same time :) great minds...lol!

@knotaklu...lol!!! you should have seen the trauma i went through trying to make sense of the door code in the game *Eniguma*...haha! making sense of algebraic equations to get the final code...talk about horror :) we'll just weep and wail together...lol!!!!

@Knotaklu yes, I am a bruteforcer sometimes, too (probably more than I should). I like the games that tell you to look for clues so you don't bruteforce all of that for nothing!

@Irish if it has complicated math codes, I usually have to wait for some savior to give me the code!

@kitkat...lol!!! i know what you mean :) i'm just happy we have so many saviors here at EG24 :) remember when: *pfttt...i will NEVER use this subject in real life* hahaha!!!!! obviously, we didn't foresee the escape game...lol!!! perhaps this is really a clever plot to lure unsuspecting children into wanting to learn about math, chemistry, art....lol!!!!!

Out on my own! Nice game! Add my name to the ones commenting the same.
irish, kkf... kkf, irish... how to choose a WT from 2 of my most talented and good friends?? Glad I didn't have to :D

Out. Only needed help with where to find the colour code.

Thanks for posting.

@edgar...thank you so much :D i love to read the witty reparte' between you and ellie...rofl!!!!! you are one of my favorite friends :) actually...i think our little group suffers from collective insanity and bouts of intermittent silliness, but i'm okay with that...lolol!!

irishenigma, I just want to tell you that your witty walkthrough was more fun than the game. Thank you.

thanks to kitkatfox too for her walkthrough, I just read irish's first.

@zilifool...thank you so much :) i have so much fun writing walkthroughs and i'm so glad you enjoyed reading it! eg24 has such a great group of gamers and the diverse walkthrough styles are such a pleasure ... zoz has started a sing-along with Minoto and they are brilliant...if you haven't seen them yet take a look...you will love them :) again, thank you for the compliment :)

Yay!! Out on my own! I refused to believe that the code from the zeppelin wouldn't work and tried it stubbornly way too many times until I went searching for more lol.

Thanks for the two great walkthroughs! I'll have to say as Edgar, glad I didn't have to choose one, but a bit sad as well that I didn't need them. Well, reading them after the game was just as nice.

Thanks you all for the funny and nice comments!

@irish, I went back to the Eniguma and saw your Bedtime Ditty. Thanks for sharing the paths of your mind! I love the *i have a brain, and one of these days i'm going to have it installed*!! Rofl!!

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